Let’s See Bryce Williams’ Sick, Sad Manifesto


“The (Charleston) church shooting was the tipping point…but my anger has been building steadily…I’ve been a human powder keg for a while…just waiting to go BOOM!!!!” ABC News is playing peek-a-boo with Vester Lee Flanagan’s (AKA Bryce Williams’) Unabomber-esque manifesto he sent them before tracking down and murdering Alison Parker and Adam Ward in front of two cameras this morning. According to this ABC post, Flanagan/Williams fingers Dylann Roof as the spark that touched off this pathetic explosion, but anyone claiming to admire the work of Eric Harris, Dylann Klebold and Seung–Hui Cho wasn’t running on a full tank to begin with . . .

In an often rambling letter to the authorities, and family and friends, he writes of a long list of grievances. In one part of the document, Williams calls it a “Suicide Note for Friends and Family.”

  • He says has suffered racial discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying at work
  • He says he has been attacked by black men and white females
  • He talks about how he was attacked for being a gay, black man

“Yes, it will sound like I am angry…I am. And I have every right to be. But when I leave this Earth, the only emotion I want to feel is peace….”

How’s this for a feeling of peace?

“As for Dylann Roof? You (deleted)! You want a race war (deleted)? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE …(deleted)!!!”

ABC and police are reportedly trying to authenticate the screed, but the complaints jibe with those he posted to his Twitter account and comments made by station employees regarding the now dead “disgruntled” employee. But as in all of these cases, the information will be released. Let’s see it sooner rather than later and look the psychosis directly in the eye and see Flanagan/Williams for the sick specimen he was.


  1. avatar Gordon Wagner says:

    Was the deceased perp an SSRI drug user by any chance? SSRI drugs like Zoloft produce violent behavior in a small percentage of users. Check out ssristories.com — there are HUNDREDS of cases, but Congress doesn’t want to focus on the issue since there’s a lot of money in those drugs.

    1. And the media doesn’t want to kill the drug advertising cash cow either so we can’t expect them to dig too deep…

    2. avatar Nate says:

      Or violent people tend to be depressed or anxious and are on SSRI’s defacto because doctors throw them around like candy…..

      1. avatar Don Prather says:

        Yep – a basic rule of statistical analysis is that “Correlation is not necessarily causation.”

        1. avatar DBM says:

          A favorite factoid of my college Statistics teacher was “Its a statistical FACT that the more ice cream Americans eat, the more people in India die”.

          “Correlation is not necessarily causation.” and neither is a casual relationship.

          I worked in a mental institution in college for a few years and except for two patients all of the other patients regardless of diagnosis fully understood the difference between right and wrong. They just didnt care. Some quickly found out that inappropriate behavior got them more drugs and they didnt have to take responsibility for what they did.

    3. avatar brian says:

      How about Video Games? Want to blame them?

      Or Carrots! I’ll bet he ate carrots and that made him a murderer!

      Can it with the “let’s blame an inanimate object we don’t understand” crap.

      He had a manifesto. Drugs don’t make you write a manifesto, being F&[email protected]#! in the head makes you write a manifesto.

      1. avatar David P. says:

        I am with you on this one Brian. There are millions who use ” ” without a single problem or even to positive effect but because there was one person who used ” ” and people are killed then we should ban all ” ” to be on the safe side, you know for the children!!
        Now tell me how replacing “guns” with “SSRI” makes us any better or more credible than people like Bloomberg, Watts, or Brady

        1. avatar Robert says:

          The difference is guns aren’t designed to mess with your brain chemistry like an SSRI is. You can blame an inanimate object when said object literally screws with your brain.

      2. avatar Garrison Hall says:

        Listening to the Fox News talking heads tonight was disgusting. All of them seemed to be one step away from calling for more gun control. In particular, their rank ignorance about metal illness showed they would happily stigmatize anyone being treated for clinical depression as being “dangerous” and see their lives and property regulated by the state. What these “sensible” gun-controls will do is cause people who would benefit from psychiatric help to avoid seeking help. And what that will do so cause a few sick people who really should be medicated but aren’t to start thinking about harming themselves or others. And, of those, an even smaller percentage will act on those sick feelings and do actual harm.

        Megyn Kelly (who I’m already pissed at) seemed all set to join Shannon and the Moms until Dana Loesch gave her a lesson on the benefits of liberty, freedom, 2nd amendment rights, and the inescapable fact that all levels of government persistently fail to enforce gun-control laws that are already on the books. Dana also firmly and succinctly reminded Megyn that she’d used a gun to protect her life and most assuredly did not want that right further curtailed by government.

        Vester Flanagan didn’t shoot and kill those people because he was mentally. He killed them because he wanted to.

        Gun Up.

        1. avatar Wiregrass says:

          Trump doesn’t do much for me as a candidate, but he does express the frustration that a lot of people are feeling right now and he is exposing how phony FoxNews really is.

        2. avatar HotandEmpty says:

          “Vester Flanagan didn’t shoot and kill those people because he was mentally. He killed them because he wanted to.”

          Evil is a hard concept for some to understand or even accept. It is necessary for the Statist sheeple to have tangible proof that evil doesn’t exist, because with crazy people, the statist can cede personal responsibility for the theater of State protection.

      3. avatar K.A.K. says:


        Pharmaceutical companies and the Government don’t want you to know this…
        Every mass shooting over last 20 years has one thing in common…

        …and it’s not guns…its SSRI drugs…Part II

        Written by Dan Roberts

        Eric Harris age 17 (first on Zoloft then Luvox) and Dylan Klebold aged 18 (Columbine school shooting in Littleton, Colorado), killed 12 students and 1 teacher, and wounded 23 others, before killing themselves. Klebold’s medical records have never been made available to the public.

        • Jeff Weise, age 16, had been prescribed 60 mg/day of Prozac (three times the average starting dose for adults!) when he shot his grandfather, his grandfather’s girlfriend and many fellow students at Red Lake, Minnesota. He then shot himself. 10 dead, 12 wounded.

        • Cory Baadsgaard, age 16, Wahluke (Washington state) High School, was on Paxil (which caused him to have hallucinations) when he took a rifle to his high school and held 23 classmates hostage. He has no memory of the event.

        • Chris Fetters, age 13, killed his favorite aunt while taking Prozac.

        • Christopher Pittman, age 12, murdered both his grandparents while taking Zoloft.

        • Mathew Miller, age 13, hung himself in his bedroom closet after taking Zoloft for 6 days.

        • Kip Kinkel, age 15, (on Prozac and Ritalin) shot his parents while they slept then went to school and opened fire killing 2 classmates and injuring 22 shortly after beginning Prozac treatment.

        • Luke Woodham, age 16 (Prozac) killed his mother and then killed two students, wounding six others.

        • A boy in Pocatello, ID (Zoloft) in 1998 had a Zoloft-induced seizure that caused an armed stand off at his school.

        • Michael Carneal (Ritalin), age 14, opened fire on students at a high school prayer meeting in West Paducah, Kentucky. Three teenagers were killed, five others were wounded..

        • A young man in Huntsville, Alabama (Ritalin) went psychotic chopping up his parents with an ax and also killing one sibling and almost murdering another.

        • Andrew Golden, age 11, (Ritalin) and Mitchell Johnson, aged 14, (Ritalin) shot 15 people, killing four students, one teacher, and wounding 10 others.

        • TJ Solomon, age 15, (Ritalin) high school student in Conyers, Georgia opened fire on and wounded six of his class mates.

        • Rod Mathews, age 14, (Ritalin) beat a classmate to death with a bat.

        • James Wilson, age 19, (various psychiatric drugs) from Breenwood, South Carolina, took a .22 caliber revolver into an elementary school killing two young girls, and wounding seven other children and two teachers.

        • Elizabeth Bush, age 13, (Paxil) was responsible for a school shooting in Pennsylvania

        • Jason Hoffman (Effexor and Celexa) – school shooting in El Cajon, California

        • Jarred Viktor, age 15, (Paxil), after five days on Paxil he stabbed his grandmother 61 times.

        • Chris Shanahan, age 15 (Paxil) in Rigby, ID who out of the blue killed a woman.

        • Jeff Franklin (Prozac and Ritalin), Huntsville, AL, killed his parents as they came home from work using a sledge hammer, hatchet, butcher knife and mechanic’s file, then attacked his younger brothers and sister.

        • Neal Furrow (Prozac) in LA Jewish school shooting reported to have been court-ordered to be on Prozac along with several other medications.

        • Kevin Rider, age 14, was withdrawing from Prozac when he died from a gunshot wound to his head. Initially it was ruled a suicide, but two years later, the investigation into his death was opened as a possible homicide. The prime suspect, also age 14, had been taking Zoloft and other SSRI antidepressants.

        • Alex Kim, age 13, hung himself shortly after his Lexapro prescription had been doubled.

        • Diane Routhier was prescribed Welbutrin for gallstone problems. Six days later, after suffering many adverse effects of the drug, she shot herself.

        • Billy Willkomm, an accomplished wrestler and a University of Florida student, was prescribed Prozac at the age of 17. His family found him dead of suicide – hanging from a tall ladder at the family’s Gulf Shore Boulevard home in July 2002.

        • Kara Jaye Anne Fuller-Otter, age 12, was on Paxil when she hung herself from a hook in her closet. Kara’s parents said “…. the damn doctor wouldn’t take her off it and I asked him to when we went in on the second visit. I told him I thought she was having some sort of reaction to Paxil…”)

        • Gareth Christian, Vancouver, age 18, was on Paxil when he committed suicide in 2002, (Gareth’s father could not accept his son’s death and killed himself.)

        • Julie Woodward, age 17, was on Zoloft when she hung herself in her family’s detached garage.

        • Matthew Miller was 13 when he saw a psychiatrist because he was having difficulty at school. The psychiatrist gave him samples of Zoloft. Seven days later his mother found him dead, hanging by a belt from a laundry hook in his closet.

        • Kurt Danysh, age 18, and on Prozac, killed his father with a shotgun. He is now behind prison bars, and writes letters, trying to warn the world that SSRI drugs can kill.

        • Woody __, age 37, committed suicide while in his 5th week of taking Zoloft. Shortly before his death his physician suggested doubling the dose of the drug. He had seen his physician only for insomnia. He had never been depressed, nor did he have any history of any mental illness symptoms.

        • A boy from Houston, age 10, shot and killed his father after his Prozac dosage was increased.

        • Hammad Memon, age 15, shot and killed a fellow middle school student. He had been diagnosed with ADHD and depression and was taking Zoloft and “other drugs for the conditions.”

        • Matti Saari, a 22-year-old culinary student, shot and killed 9 students and a teacher, and wounded another student, before killing himself. Saari was taking an SSRI and a benzodiazapine.

        • Steven Kazmierczak, age 27, shot and killed five people and wounded 21 others before killing himself in a Northern Illinois University auditorium. According to his girlfriend, he had recently been taking Prozac, Xanax and Ambien. Toxicology results showed that he still had trace amounts of Xanax in his system.

        • Finnish gunman Pekka-Eric Auvinen, age 18, had been taking antidepressants before he killed eight people and wounded a dozen more at Jokela High School – then he committed suicide.

        • Asa Coon from Cleveland, age 14, shot and wounded four before taking his own life. Court records show Coon was on Trazodone.

        • Jon Romano, age 16, on medication for depression, fired a shotgun at a teacher in his New York high school.

        Missing from list… 3 of 4 known to have taken these same meds….

        • What drugs was Jared Lee Loughner on, age 21…… killed 6 people and injuring 14 others in Tuscon, Az?

        • What drugs was James Eagan Holmes on, age 24….. killed 12 people and injuring 59 others in Aurora Colorado?

        • What drugs was Jacob Tyler Roberts on, age 22, killed 2 injured 1, Clackamas Or?

        • What drugs was ( Sandy Hook) Adam Peter Lanza on, age 20, Killed 26 and wounded 2 in Newtown CT?


        Our Government protects the Huge Pharmaceutical Companies ( that make billions of dollars ) when it should be the other way around.

    4. avatar Jjimmyjomga says:

      SSRI’s helped me a lot when I was blue…I like ’em

      1. avatar HotandEmpty says:

        “SSRI’s helped me a lot when I was blue…I like ’em”

        I like that you have previously said you are not a coward, because you would protect innocent strangers.

        Let me give you a favor that normally runs 350/hr. Never ever say that again publicly that you took an ssri. In this current time in our country, where the law is guilty until paying for your innocence, a subject can’t admit that they are feeling blue without risking your rights. Saying you are depressed is worse than saying you would finish off a criminal after they were on the ground.

        This was a Hate Crime, which was committed by a godless racist Heathen.

    5. avatar Aaron says:

      ah, bull shiite. there was violent crime before SSRIs were invented.

      There’s violent mass murders in parts of the world that don’t even have running water, much less SSRIs.

      Sure lots of crazy people commit mass shootings and other heinous crimes, but that doesn’t mean SSRIs are causing it. The craziness is causing BOTH the need for medication AND the violence.

    6. avatar Greg says:

      I’d say there are far more defensive SSRI uses then offensive ones. No hard statistics, but I know more people who are on SSRI’s than who own guns.

    7. avatar Eyjafjallajokull says:

      I think Gordon Wagner’s point about SSRI’s is absolutely valid. That doesn’t mean every person who takes them becomes violent, but it IS a known side effect and has played a role in the past with others, no doubt.

      However, I think the bigger factor is the Media’s role in giving these a holes their desired infamy and these are mostly copy-cat acts, as evidenced by his affection for previous psycho mass killers.

    8. avatar Mary Johnson says:

      I have been posting this link for years about the association between mass murderers and anti-depressants. These drugs are so dangerous: http://www.naturalnews.com/039752_mass_shootings_psychiatric_drugs_antidepressants.html

    9. avatar K.A.K. says:

      I completely agree that SSRI Drugs are the real issue in Mass Murders…

      I’ve been studying the mass murders and suicides, brought on by these drugs.
      The pharmaceutical companies make Billions of dollars a year on SSRI drugs and are protected by Our Government. They’d rather steer the public towards looking at guns as the issue, when in fact SSRI drugs are destroying our youth on both ends, that being
      Murderers and the Murdered.
      A lot of these shooters are between 9-24 years old with psychiatric issues to begin with add drugs and you have a bomb.

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    Just like Chris Dorner. Another narcissistic, homicidal Munchausen loser.

    1. avatar B says:

      Not to try to take away from the fact that he was a murdering psychopath, but Dorner *was* fired for not toeing the thin blue line. He reported a colleague for kicking a kid in the head while he was in handcuffs, then quickly found himself on the other side of that line.

  3. avatar Eric says:

    Will this be considered racist and a hate crime?…. Nah. That would be silly……

    1. avatar LongPurple says:

      Notice how fast the “blame the gun” reaction was? They had to distract the attention of the Public from this nutcase writing the initials of the Black victims of another nutcase in the Charleston church murders on the bullets he fired.

  4. avatar Hannibal says:

    Yet when I turn on the TV and flip to CNN what do I hear? “Tell us more about the gun!!!” followed by a 10 minute discussion on how glocks are easy to conceal and were also used by this and that shooter…

    1. avatar DKMII says:

      Really!? Wow, CNN is just worthless. Their stupidity is astounding.

    2. avatar GRW says:

      It’s an AK-47 Wolf its always an AK, remember the memo? FFS we’ve been over this. They carry 12000 rounds and hate everyone and everything, smile at the thing it will kill you, Mother Teresa picks one up she turns into an ISIS commando, gaze upon one you are become death. Stay on message you performing monkey.

      Actually if they learn something and stop calling everything with a trigger an AK more power to them.

      It’s like watching a remedial class in a plucky underdog movie but without the humor, or plot, or point, or.. well never mind, no justifying it. I just think its funny watching highly paid functional retards ask dumb questions and then strain to listen or learn things.

  5. avatar JohnO_inTX says:

    I bet the perp was a Democrat. But they won’t call him a “left-wing nut.”

    1. avatar Hal J. says:

      Confirmed: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3212142/The-human-tape-recorder-TV-murderer-criticized-bosses-appalling-journalistic-standards-reprimanded-wearing-Obama-badge-report-elections.html

      EXCLUSIVE: ‘The human tape recorder’ – how TV murderer was criticized by bosses for appalling journalistic standards and reprimanded for wearing an Obama badge to report on elections

      1. avatar Joe R. says:

        Suicide is not the only option. Hell, evil liberal blue house of satan’s puss (D) cack-sacker Hinkley nearly got unsupervised visits home.

        This one doesn’t fit the narrative, BUT IT DOES FIT THEIR ‘PLAN’.

      2. avatar CLarson says:

        Thanks for posting the link. I notice the UK news organizations consistently report more details than the US outlets. This guy was a real Grade A moonbat. This tragedy should be a wake up call to employers to provide better security for their employees and/or allowing their employees to protect themselves.

  6. avatar Tominator says:

    Why is Louis Farrakhan not in jail?

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      Because jail got off for good behavior.

      Plus, they have a long list before Calypso Louie, and the list ahead of him includes Al Sharpton.

  7. avatar James says:

    “Gun culture, NRA, loopholes, easy access, background checks (btw, I got 10 bucks he passed), high capacity clips, cop killer bullets, guns everywhere laws, thinks of the children, doesn’t happen anywhere else (wait something happened in France?), blacklivesmatter; oops on that last one.

    Just like Eliot Rodger, another liberal with a grudge against everyone else, decides to lash out violently because he feels justified in doing it. Our gun control president and media should be celebrating, this was one for social justice.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Well, according to the FBI, only white people are violent extremists.


      1. avatar Joe R. says:

        Bryce may be white. [?]

        We are thru the looking glass people, black is white, white is black. . .

        Rachel Dolezal (NAACP)
        Shaun King (Black Lives Matter)

  8. avatar marty says:

    And you PLASTER HIS CLOSEUP PICTURE helping to immortalize the bastard and all who might follow him

    1. avatar Bob says:

      Yes, TTAG is part of the problem with the media with regards to this.

  9. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    Governor McAuliffe is stating that we need more gun control and that would fix everything. Sooo…how did he get his over capacity fully automatic military grade assault Glock pistol?

    1. avatar Grindstone says:

      The Labor Comissioner for my state was stabbed to death by his son in a fast food restaurant. That deafening silence you hear is the call for more knife control.

      1. avatar Sian says:

        They can only take our knives after they take our guns. See: UK

    2. avatar GRW says:

      I’m hoping police trade in just because he’d then have to justify those programs and keep the antis on board.

    3. avatar sonnyroofy says:

      By lying on the 4473 about not being mentally defective.

  10. avatar Chris. says:

    Which loser douche is this one?

  11. avatar Bob109 says:

    One day, I suspect he will share a cozy, warm room in hell with Dylann Roof. They have a lot in common, i.e., evil bastards, murderers, etc., so it would be a perfect match.

  12. avatar gsnyder says:

    These rare but destructive cases need to be ferreted-out when they occur. It appears he was just a man wandering around, but like a functional alcoholic, the reality lay just beneath a functional veil.

  13. avatar 2maik7 says:

    He is crazy as can be, but to be honest, I don’t even want to read the racial nonsense in response to his racial nonsense that I am sure is either in the comments or teetering at the fingertips of some of the ttag readers. I love my guns and I love my 2A, as well as every other part of the Bill of Rights and Constitution, but if the comments of TTAG users in the past towards homosexuals and legitimate racial issues is any indication then the comments before mine are disgusting. And don’t even pretend that I am saying the blame lays with anyone but this man. I am talking about TTAG commenters past irrational and hateful comments.

    1. avatar Jamie in North Dakota says:

      Blah blah blah, if you hate our 1st Amendment rights so damn much move to England you over sensitive PC freak.

    2. avatar Jjimmyjomga says:

      2maik7…you can go ahead and peek. The comments are not that bad, mostly against liberals, no gay or racial bashing much.

    3. avatar Mack Bolan says:

      Do you need a trigger warning? Fearful of some micro aggression perhaps? Is this not safe enough space for you?

      This killer is what the Social Justice Warriors are becoming. They are increasingly preaching the message of ” Tolerance for me, hatred towards thee” They will play their race card, gay card, gender card, and finally the murder card when everyday people don’t cater to their twisted sense of entitlement.

      So fvck your political correctness, because it’s now literally getting people killed.


      1. avatar Daniel says:

        The truth needs to be known, and whether is good news or bad it needs to come to light. This is a black on white racially motivated hate crime and needs to be treated as such.

    4. avatar DBM says:

      What legitimate racial issues are you talking about? What about Gays? If its a part of a story then its a legit part of the discussion.

  14. avatar Galtha58 says:

    He says he has been attacked by white females ? Wonder what he means by that because it sounds delusional. But, I suppose the rants of a lunatic rarely make sense.

    1. avatar Don Prather says:

      No doubt he is referring to their microaggressive privilege.

  15. avatar Stan says:

    We need gay black racist control.

  16. avatar Erasmus says:

    One thing we have learned is that some murders are important and others aren’t. White policeman kills black person: important! Black person kills white policeman: unimportant. White lunatic kills black people in South Carolina: important! Gay black lunatic kills white people in Virginia: something tells me this one is going in the “unimportant” column. It doesn’t advance the narrative. Except, of course, the gun control narrative.

  17. avatar Silver says:

    That’s our world. Violent, insane leftists (redundant, I know) misuse guns, which leads to leftists calling for gun control. Rinse, repeat. Evil creates evil, which leads to evil blaming the good. Everything wrong with our country is squarely in the bloody, twisted hands of leftists.

    Only silver lining here is that since this absolutely obliterates the MSM narrative agenda, this story will likely be brushed away quickly. And what a reflection on the sad state of affairs, when I’m glad that corrupt Pravda media will sweep away two innocent deaths because they don’t fit a narrative.

  18. avatar Aaron says:

    Every loser who shoots random innocents has one thing in common, and it’s not SSRIs. It’s blaming everyone except themselves for their problems.

  19. avatar DMB says:

    Racial Hate Crime.

    1. avatar Daniel says:

      Absolutely. It’s time people woke up and realized black are just if not more racist against whites and they commit lots of hate crimes themselves. It’s time to put an end to white genocide.

  20. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    He is a homosexual black man who hated straight white people and murdered them. I hope he does not survive his own bullet to the head.

    1. avatar DaveR says:

      The implications of your comment are disgusting.

      1. avatar DBM says:

        You may not like what he said but they very well could be true. And contrary to popular belief, liberals in this country are not the only ones with freedom of speech.

  21. avatar mark says:

    Never forget–Obama and his pals (Holder, Sharpton, etc.) have been stoking racial tensions in this country for political gain, he’s been doing it consistently. All these riots, killings, assaults. He owns it all.

  22. avatar Southern Cross says:

    So this fruit-loop is crazy enough to get fired but not crazy enough to get on the NICS prohibited list.

    I’ll bet the FBI is going to work late nights in full CYA mode.

    1. avatar JSJ says:

      They’ll just add another question to the form:
      “are you now, or have you ever been a human powder keg Y/N”

      1. avatar GRW says:

        “are you now, or have you ever been a human powder keg Y/N/I will *** you with a rake if I don’t get my gat in the next 5″

        That version may just get a few more to trip themselves up, no room for the “I misunderstood the question” response.
        Also ask for profession and offer Terrorist as an option that should catch a few chancers.

  23. avatar Don says:

    Given that the tv news is like the minor league for narcissist psychopaths blaming others for their problems i’m not surprised these are his views.

  24. avatar neiowa says:

    Another demtard voter. Hope they can get an absentee ballot to him before a conviction.

  25. avatar C says:

    Some moron who had been told for years that he’s oppressed and should be angry and that nothing is ever really his fault. It’s society’s fault for oppressing him. He can’t be held accountable for his actions. It’s the straight white cismale patriarchy.

    1. avatar DBM says:

      C our country is full of people who blame all of their failures in life on other people instead of themselves. This guy was a worthless piece of crap by his own actions and he blamed whitie for it. Now two young people are dead because of the liberal agenda.

  26. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    Uh NO they won’t be letting this one go-members of the 4th estate don’tchaknow’. I was particularly sickened by Megyn K-it makes me like the Donald. I did catch Sean Hannity for a few minutes and he was great. RIP for the 2 victims and Godspeed healing for the interviewee…and there is no rest for the wicked. BTW why all the zoloft/psycho talk? I see a professional “victim” who hates white folks(and himself-a dead loser). F’up with or without drugs…I have met many similar black men in my life(hanging out in gyms for 45years). All their problems come from the evil white man…

  27. avatar the ruester says:

    We are all adults and we have a right to know the WHOLE TRUTH about every story. It is profoundly, deeply insulting to me when a narrative falls apart and we have to figure it out for ourselves, but if we start accepting them covering our eyes at the bad parts like we were children then we won’t even have that.

  28. avatar engineear says:

    When will the white riots begin burning down the cities?…..oh…never mind.

  29. Wow are people comparing this to black lives matter cause the shooter was black?? This is by far not the same thing…police shooter unarmed minorities does not equal a crazy lone shooter going ham because he’s mental smh get it together people.

  30. avatar David says:


  31. avatar Daniel says:

    A perfect example of a black on white racially motivated hate crime. It’s about time this crap comes to light. End white genocide.

  32. avatar John Coktoastin says:

    Black, racist, violent pole-smoker. Wow, this half man, half animal personifies what’s wrong with black society. Rot you rotten POS.

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