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By Johannes P.

Man Haron Monis, an Iranian-born resident of Australia who was allegedly responsible for the terrorist attack on a cafe in Sidney this week, apparently was able to obtain a firearm license, permanent residency in Australia, as well as social welfare benefits despite being a terrorist thug who was, at one point, on Australia’s security watch list. “[S]ecurity officials had told the Prime Minister that a national database showed Monis had been ‘a recorded firearms licence holder within the jurisdiction’ of New South Wales. Federal police are now ‘investigating the origins’ of the entry in the national database, the statement said. At the news conference, Abbott said he also wanted to know why Monis seemed to have fallen off Australian security agencies’ watch lists in 2009.” . . .

So despite all their efforts at civilian disarmament — the background checks, the firearm registration, the outlawing of silencers, the virtual banning of handguns for possession by mere citizens, the gun confiscations — and other policies enacted in the past twenty years down under, they apparently did nothing to stop a lone terrorist (and accused accessory to murder) from acquiring a firearm and taking hostages. As usual, the laws simply ensured that the law-abiding were unable to do much but run away in the face of evil.

Perhaps we ought to keep that in mind the next time demagogues or oppression-minded politicos propose similar “solutions” to perceived problems in the United States.

In other news, reaction by the anti-civil rights crowd in Australia was swift: since the laws on the books didn’t work, pass more of them! Which reminds your scribe of the old maxim that insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

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  1. “Since the laws we passed before didn’t work, let’s pass more stupid laws” is the neverending theme of any government proponent.

    • That’ll be it, they’ll make sure no one can own any gun except one for sporting which they must keep locked at a government-approved location unless using it under the care of police.

    • One common theme I’ve noticed among the left is their attitudes on dumb laws and stupid ideas. They ALWAYS say that their idea didn’t work because it was implemented poorly, or to the wrong extent, or whatever. They NEVER admit that some of their ideas are just dumb, and they ALWAYS blame the implementation.

      • Venezuela and the USSR would have worked if they hadn’t started off so soft! Once the government gets rid of private companies providing services and replaces them with central planning everything will be great! Its all the kidd gloves on the dissenters that’s making it not work!

        Yes, sarcasm imitating reality.

        • This is not sarcasm, they DO think this way. that and they say ” well , capitalism’s not perfect , so we what if socialism has problems too. “

        • And it’s not just about guns, it is about everything. Our education initiative would have worked great if we’d just done/spent 27 times as much, instead of being absolutely counterproductive. Our medical plans, hey, single payer would work wonderfully, trust me, despite the total disaster government “planning” turned out to be. I mean, a billion bucks for a damn website? Are you kidding? Every direction of human endeavor, from either side, government participation in anything is a disaster. Meaning restrict it to areas where there is no choice, such as national defense.

  2. I’ve been weirdly amused by the notion that if something like gun control laws are proven ineffective, we must do more of it.
    I’m a believer in the” If good people arm themselves and get professional training, the crazies will get off fewer shots” theory.

    • I’m a believer in the “If good people arm themselves and get professional training, the bad guys will get off fewer shots” theory.

      Fixed it for you. We can’t afford to stigmatize mental health issues, or people with something as simple as depression will avoid talking to anybody about it for fear of being labelled a “crazy.”

      • Being depressed isn’t crazy. Being a murderous psychopath that wants to kill children and innocent adults eating lunch is crazy.

      • Indeed, there are many that would gleefully label as “crazy” anyone against gun control, or government invasion of privacy, or that would dare to speak out for change in our government. They really howl when you suggest that yes, even in these wonderful times (sarc.) there is reason to fear our elected and appointed “public servants” enough that it might be prudent to arm and prepare for internal or external tyranny by force of arms.

      • I’ll accept “bad guy” but, when I use the term” crazies” I mean it to apply to anyone who seeks to kill indiscriminately as many as possible, not depression or O.C.D.

      • There are plenty of bad guys who are not crazy, and plenty of crazies who do not need to be shot. “Bad guys” is who we need to prepare for.

  3. Three sets of Rule 1’s were broken.

    Rule 1 of government: Protect and enhance natural rights.

    Rule 1 of adulthood: You are responsible for yourself.

    Rule 1 of a gunfight: Bring a gun.

  4. The Lesson: gun control did nothing to prevent a mad man, and known dangerous person, from obtaining a deadly weapon and using it to kill. It did however prevent normal people from exercise their good given right to defend their own lives with a suitable implement.

    The anti-lesson: we need MORE gun control. People have an obligation to submit to the state as the only source of protection of their lives and limbs.

    I see an interesting parallel between statists and the Muslim Extremists®. The Muslim Extremists® believe that even if they lose a battle it is the will of Allah. No matter what happens it is Allah’s will; while statists seem to believe that people have an obligation to take the unnecessary punishment that life dishes out (unless you are a member of a protected class), like being mugged and brutally beaten by a member of a protected class.

    The idea that it’s wrong to try and make your life better, or irreverent it from being ruined unless you have permission to do so from your chosen omnipotent entity gives me the heebie jeebies.

    • Pretty soon, our government will legislatively ban lube to lesson the pain when they, jamal, or extremist kebab come to give us unwanted sexual pleasure. Guns and knives be damned.

      • The jihadi support choice.

        Choose between unwanted sexual pleasure or the sword.

        Isn’t the ‘Religion of Peace’ wonderful?

  5. New poll: In the wake of North Korea threats, 62% of Americans think you should be able to carry a firearm to a movie theater to protect against terrorist threats.

    • We went to the movies today to see The Hobbit. Pretty clear difference between good and evil. And there are NO Beretta(or Taurus) 92 stickers on the movie doors with a red line in ,em…BTW A great movie even with the many made up scenes and characters…

    • The idea that some teenager hacking from a government center in Pyongyang is more of a threat than any garden variety psycho right here is amusing.

      • Really?

        When that ‘teenager hacking from a government center’ takes down the electrical grid, you may change your mind…

        • Perhaps the electrical grid should never have been tied into a single computer control system? Same with air traffic control. Just a thought.

        • Quite true.

          I doubt we will air-gap our infrastructure control automation, thinking “It can’t happen to US!”

        • Know a man who is a “wheel” at WestPenn Power here in PA and he has been pushing for separation of control systems since the big blackout a few years ago. What he keeps getting told is it will NEVER happen again. Willful stupidity, its not limited to government!

  6. “Jake says:
    December 17, 2014 at 20:12
    Three sets of Rule 1’s were broken.

    Rule 1 of government: Protect and enhance natural rights.

    Rule 1 of adulthood: You are responsible for yourself.

    Rule 1 of a gunfight: Bring a gun.

    Be a responsible adult in a gunfight: shoot first

  7. Actually NSW police have confirmed that the prime minister of Australia, Tony Abbott was wrong on the terrorist having a gun license. There are also unconfirmed reports of the man having a pump action shotgun, which in NSW is not available to a person without a VERY good reason, not just ” I need to get rid of rabbits”.

    The man some how acquired a gun without a very hard to acquire (Category C) license, which of course was illegal which means it won’t happen in real life ever and therefore what had happened just a few days ago in real life was erm… er yeah, we need more gun laws or something.

  8. The Aussie answer to terrorism is to ban guns and import more Muslims. Watch the death spiral there, because it will soon be repeated here.

      • I have zero issue with multiculturalism diversity etc. But I get a bit pissed when certain others seem to expect frictionless coexistence. Change breeds conflict and conflict spurs evolution and development. I’m all about bringing new blood and cultures into the fold but I won’t be rolled over by them.

        • Before being uniformly welcoming to all, we should remember that some cultures are blindingly stupid and insist on their “right” to kill everyone from every different culture. Everyone.

  9. Once the state has institutionalized gun-prohibitions it will never admit that they really don’t serve the stated goal of providing increased public safety. Politicians and supporters of gun-control know perfectly well that disasters like the coffer shop killings or Sandy Hook can’t be stopped by passing laws against gun ownership. So when an armed spree killer descends on a “gun-free” zone and murders people, the state makes the usual banal apologies about the inadvertent “isolated example” and goes right on controlling guns. It does this because the real purpose of gun-control, in it’s various guises, is always to deny the very specific political powers that individual ownership of guns provides.

    Statists (witness the carnage currently going on in Chicago) are perfectly willing to accept the steady casualties from gun assaults on unarmed people as an acceptable trade-off for their need to maintain power. So tenuous is their hold on that power that they cannot trust their own citizenry to own guns. In their wisdom, our nation’s founders understood this fact as an absolute truth. That’s why, of all the “modern” countries of the world, we have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms. And it means exactly what it says.

  10. I’m already waiting for the fallout. I’m surprised the Greens haven’t already provided their input, but they were recently burned by their own Senate Inquiry Into Gun Violence which even after stacking the event they still lost.

    Since the final results won’t be made public until the end of January, and the states railroaded into complying with the suggestions (just like John Howard did by refusing to supply state allocations of tax revenue if the states did not follow his proposed universal gun laws) by about Easter, I am holding off on any large purchases until then.

    Dark days ahead.

  11. I note the terrorist Monis intended to give the evil dhimmis the VP-endorsed double-barreled treatment.

    Apparently, and surprisingly, Shotgun Joe really does have some influence abroad.

  12. Australia as a whole, like Britain, has abandoned individual self-defense. There’s not even much debate about it. Move on, nothing to see here…

  13. Lessons to be learned? The deceased perp was in Australia since 1996 and was well known for his outlandish statements, which conveniently supported whatever the anti-Iran rhetoric of the day happened to be. Was this guy brainwashed once to often? Oz intelligence didn’t have this guy on their radar?! Maybe he was just a regular psycho and not an intelligence asset. But I doubt it from what I’ve read of his adventures.

    • Check the linked articles. Monus fell off the threat radar because his acts were mostly of a criminal nature, which is the state’s responsibility. Despite his statements and views, he was regarded as a looney even by the Muslim community. Since he wasn’t in contact with any notable overseas groups he was considered a minor nuisance.

      There is no real qualification to call yourself a sheik in Islam. It is supposed to mean a person of learning, piety, generous in charity, and one who could lead by example. In reality, it means you have at least one person who is stupid enough to believe you and who will do your bidding.

      • “It is supposed to mean a person of learning, piety, generous in charity, and one who could lead by example. In reality, it means you have at least one person who is stupid enough to believe you and who will do your bidding.”

        Hm. I give a good bit to charity. Got a BS and USAF pilot wings, should fill learning. Led by example most of my life. My bride believes in me (mostly). Guess I gotta work on piety, soon you may address me as “Sheik LarryinTX”.

  14. Anti-gun laws, no gun zones and all similar legislation, rules, decrees, and fiats have one result: Take defense away from law-abiding citizens, and yet somehow, criminals, mentally unsound, and jihadists (terrorists) either do not recognize those laws, or slip between the cracks and use their legally obtained and licensed (or illegally obtained weapons) to wreck havoc on law-abiding citizenry.

    How can this disconnect be addressed to change the minds of politicians who make such laws around this country and the world?

  15. “Man Haron Monis, an Iranian-born resident of Australia who was allegedly responsible for the terrorist attack on a cafe in Sidney this week”

    Yes, it was some other Man haron Monis who did it. Please.


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