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It’s only a matter of time before there will be “another Sandy Hook.” I don’t mean a lone spree killer acting out his sick fantasies on innocent children, although that too. I mean a coordinated terrorist attack on a school. Or a mall. Or a public building. Or some other highly populated soft target. The Kenya Westgate mall killings and the Beslan “Hostage Crisis” are not anomalies. They are harbingers of things to come. And when that evil arrives, all the local, state and federal SWAT teams will be too little, too late. Eventually, the good guys will defeat the bad guys. What then? Will citizens arm themselves or will the government crush gun rights in the name of safety? I like to think the former but I fear the latter. As much as a terrorist attack. If not more.

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  1. Looking at what happened after 9/11 I think everyone should fear what laws will be made for our protection following the next attack. I guess all depends on what method is used. Guns = disarmament, planes = strip searches at the airport and a billion dollar industry of security theater…

    • Patriot Act and formation of DHS…awesome. The Bushes of our time did many great things. Gun free school zones, that is the best. Saved many lives of children. Love me some Bush.

      • “Love me some Bush.” Tee-hee!

        Your points stick, though. Everyone railed against Bush, voted for Obama because they hated Bush; now Obama is what I like to call “Turbo Bush”. He took all the worst elements and policies of the Bush years and hit the gas on them like a sumnabitch.

  2. WOW!!! For a second I was afraid I was seeing another astroturf video from MDA but that was absolutely amazing. I wish that could be seen by every American.

  3. A valid point, but the concern at hand isn’t a mass shooting.As you’ve stated, such are ugly yet inevitable events.

    The legitimate danger is our culture shifting.More and more anti individual, pro socialist folk are leaving their urban centers for greener pastures in Red, relatively prosperous states.To compound matters, our school system is cranking out dependent, anti gun sheeple like a factory of collectivism.

    More and more of my young peers are unable to accomplish basic tasks without calling some third party.I jumped a friends car and he looked at me like I was Moses, recalling some ancient knowledge from the crypt.And -Modern Warfare Aside-they’re totally ignorant of history or the vital importance of the Constitution.They’d rather debate which color iPhone is the best , or whether Twitter is better then Spottify.

    Meanwhile, the electorate puts thugs into the Executive branch, who then ensures principled people are fired, routed into retirement, or so fed up with the bull that they leave government service.Which , like milk evaporating from a bowl, only leaves the mold behind to finish the job of governing and defending America.

    That’s a far more serious combination of problems, and it’s all the worse because it’s invisible.We can see Feinstein shaking her moldering fists on TV.We can’t see thousands of anti gun high schoolers deciding who to vote for in their first election.

    • The Truth About People. TTAP. “I jumped a friends car and he looked at me like I was Moses”.

      You SIR get the insight of the day award.

      Spend 30 min waiting for 3rd party to change a tire. When you can do it in 7 min….exception…if the car manufacture failed to provide one. Culture of manufactures skimping.

      • I once shocked and amazed a crowd by beating on a starter with a hard-soled shoe.

        OK, it was only 3-4 people, but still…

  4. Especially since AQ funded Beslan and they said it was a “trial” run for the West. Doesn’t have to happen tomorrow, time is on their side and they only have to be lucky once. The West refuses to acknowledge what Beslan meant and will mean. The only thing that could deter and counter a Western Beslan is the armed citizen. Sadly that is denied with “gun free zones.”

  5. I pray you are wrong. We are not so far gone that our kids would go un-avenged…and God help the politiburo that might try to disarm us.

    Remember what Admiral Yamamoto counseled the Japanese General Staff pre Pearl Harbor: A rifleman behind every blade of grass…

    And after: “I fear we have awoken the sleeping giant…”

    • The “rifleman behind every blade of grass” thing was never said by Yamamoto; it’s one of those internet fabrications Abraham Lincoln so frequently warned us about. (Although to be fair, you may not have meant to attribute it to Yamamoto.)

      But it is a good point.

      There are 180 million-plus armed citizens in this nation and 300 million-plus guns in civilian hands. Any force that does take over the US — whether it’s our own corrupt government or someone else — will do so only if we’re unwilling to defend it ourselves.

      It’s not likely to be an outside force, or even the government. More and more I’m thinking the real enemy has been here for a long time already…because it’s us. When the next 9-11 type shock comes, the general public will be only too eager to give away what few rights they (we) have left.

  6. Are we against politicizing the death of these innocent children, or aren’t we?

    Never mind. The enemies of freedom have already done it and will keep on doing it no matter how high-minded we’d like to be. We have to hit back and hit harder.

    This voiceover hits a lot harder than theirs did.

  7. Excellent video! Thought provoking and sure to win converts to supporting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. I was truly impressed.

  8. The best way to defend against the terrorist threat and the only one to protect the freedoms of American citizens is to end all immigration for at least 50 years, remove all non citizens, and remove all dual citizens. We only face two threats in the United States, the Federal Government and the wave of 3rd world savages we are idiotically inviting here.

    • You should come work in a third world country for a year before you say things like this. I’ve been teaching in Honduras for 2 years and have done missionary work in the country since 2010. It’s the 2nd poorest country in this hemisphere. There are honest, hardworking people that face dangers you can’t even imagine, day in and day out. I cannot begin to convey what it’s like here. Get involved with a volunteer group, take a week off to come see it for yourself. Then you’ll understand. Kicking out immigrants is not the solution.

  9. I had been about to respond to the text in the OP by expounding on how it would be better to die suddenly and violently resisting a terrorist attack with guns than to live disarmed and forever subjugated, afraid and uncertain. Then I watched the video and was left momentarily speechless.

    There is some hope however as more schools begin allowing designated faculty to carry concealed. All it takes is one armed teacher stopping an active shooter and the uninformed masses may sway to the side of reason. Let us hope that the next time some one tries this (because there will be a next time)they try it in a school that has armed staff. It’s only a ‘massacre’ when you don’t have a legitimate defense.

  10. “What society in human history ever gathered its children together, then issued a public guarantee that they would be left completely undefended?”

    That line gave me chills.

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