LAST CHANCE: Submit Your Comment on ATF Allowing Local PD to Ban NFA Devices


The Obama administration has whiffed on every proposed gun control measure they’ve presented so far at the federal level, and it’s starting to show. In an attempt to be seen as “doing something about gun violence,” the ATF is being pressured to enact new restrictions on some of the most law abiding citizens in the US…and make their announcement coincide with the anniversary of the Newtown shooting. In particular, the ATF is about to close down the public comment period for a proposed rule that would allow local sheriffs (or the equivalent “chief law enforcement officer” in an area) to enact a de facto ban on NFA items in their jurisdictions regardless of state and local laws. Don’t like that? You can still submit your comment at this website here, along with the over 7,000 other comments that have been submitted so far (more than have registered for Obamacare, perhaps?) . . .

There’s little doubt that this regulation will be railroaded through and approved without the regulators even stopping to look at the comments. Especially given the Obama administration’s other gun control failures, and the coincidental timing of the end of the comment period (the Monday before the Newtown anniversary? Really? Could they have made it any more obvious?).

There’s always the hope that the regulators will see the kind of fury that their proposal is stirring up. This regulation could have passed relatively quietly a few short years ago, but with the rising popularity of NFA devices and silencers in particular, the proposed change now impacts more people than ever.

I fully expect this proposal to be made into ATF policy. I also fully expect Obama to ostentatiously trumpet the fact that he made it more difficult for Americans to get their hands on “dangerous firearms” at whatever bloody shirt waiving festival he attends — despite the fact that I can count the number of crimes committed with legally registered NFA firearms in the last decade on one hand. Literally.

It’s political theater, and we the people end up getting screwed over. The only positive thing that might come of this is a re-vamping of the entire NFA process if enough people complain to their lawmakers.

Nevertheless, I’ve made my comment. Have you?


  1. avatar Hannibal says:

    Submitted one… as if it matters.

    What they can’t do with lawmaking they will try to do with interpretation as much as possible.

  2. avatar VBS says:

    Will the ATF have to submit a form 4 every time they coerce someone to saw off a shotgun and then sell to them?

  3. avatar chris c says:

    I submitted mine come on guys keep the comments going

  4. avatar CA.Ben says:

    Comment submitted. We need to focus on not only stopping stricter rules from being enacted, but rolling back current regulations.

    Suppressors should be delisted from the NFA as a matter of public health. We need to batter the ATF and congress with this message until they are again available over the counter at gun stores.

    1. avatar Deft says:

      You can go to places like France and get one over the counter despite strict gun regulations. They view sound suppression as mitigating the hazard to hearing.

      Ridiculous that they are banned because of poaching fears from nearly a century ago, especially considering they are legal to hunt with now.

      Que ridicule.

  5. avatar Deft says:

    Commented, not that it does any good.

    I have some experience with a company that does EIS work for government and private enterprise. Commenting, even public meetings for stakeholders/landowners in say pipeline/transmission line projects is a legal formality and has no impact on policy.

    The decision has been made.

  6. avatar Robert Seddon says:

    In an attempt to be seen as “doing something about gun violence,” the ATF is being pressured to enact new restrictions on some of the most law abiding citizens in the US…and make their announcement coincide with the anniversary of the Newtown shooting. In particular, the ATF is about to close down the public comment period for a proposed rule that would allow local sheriffs (or the equivalent “chief law enforcement officer” in an area) to enact a de facto ban on NFA items in their jurisdictions regardless of state and local laws.
    This attempt does not even closely follow the rules of law, it flagrantly extends it’s middle finger upwards at the rule of law, and also directly at the common sense that once handled these matters. It is a change to save face only, as is the once again flagrant order to have the entire country half staff it’s badge of honor to honor one politician, but not another. Why was this not done for the Iron Lady, Margret Thatcher, who has stood by the United States so strongly, yet it IS done for a politician that has repeatedly insulted the United States in quote and measure.
    This attempt at change has nothing to do with order or human safety, it is a political maneuver at best, and something else unmentionable at worst. Personally, I refuse to follow edicts, as did my forefathers 200+ years ago.

    THIS is what I posted on the website given for this discussion
    Robert Seddon

  7. avatar Dr. Michael S. Brown says:

    After posting, I read at least 20 comments at random. All were against the proposed rule. I wish I had time to go through the published comments and tally them all up. It would be a nice piece of data to publish or use in talking head interviews. Anyone want to volunteer?

  8. avatar Patriot says:

    They don’t give a [email protected], Obama doesn’t give a [email protected], Eric Holder should be in prison.

    1. avatar Gene says:

      Just Holder? Seems more are justified. Then again, who would prosecute? They already show Congress the bird.

    2. avatar Old Ben turning in grave says:

      Probably the most lawless admin in the history of the US. Even Woodrow Wilson and FDR are looking up from Hell and saying “Damn, he can get away with THAT?”

  9. avatar Andy says:

    I doubt my comment will survive the “screening” process, however I will post it here again.
    “Having been unable to persuade the Representatives of our country that more intrusive regulations on Americans would do anything positive, you now resort to backroom regulatory infringements on people who have worked within the system to deprive them of their property. At what point do you guys think the citizens of this country will determine that you all are a corrupt bunch of thug wannabe’s and decide to no longer abide by ANY of your rules? I am waiting to find out the full truth of your “Fast and Furious” gun running scheme to the Mexican Drug Cartels. How many people’s deaths are you guys responsible for in that exercise? I know you exceeded your Waco TX death toll by a large margin.”

    1. avatar Jeff says:

      It’s coming really close to that.

      There are many people in places like Montana that I doubt are abiding by NFA rules at all.

      For example, almost all AK parts kits for years would ship to you including all of the full auto FCG parts. Do you guys really think those were thrown away by builders in places like Montana, Utah, Wyoming, etc?

      No, they’re living tucked away in a drawer somewhere.

  10. avatar Open Eye says:

    Added my comments as well. Basically this comes out to increased tax, because we the people have to pay for the added expense that the agencies have to incur as a result of this proposed change.

  11. avatar Jim R says:

    They’ve already made their decision. These comments have no bearing on that and will be completely ignored. They’re going to do what they want, regardless of what we want.

  12. avatar Orton Fallswell says:

    PVC pipes metal washers and steel wool must be banned for the children!

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      And oil filters.

      1. avatar CA.Ben says:

        And extra fluffy pillows

        1. avatar J.K. says:

          And densely stuffed teddy bears!

  13. avatar Alaskan Gunner says:

    Submitted my letter. I talked about how CLEO sign-offs cost $150 in the Municipality of Anchorage (Alaska). For the four people on our family’s trust, this would cost us an additional $600 per NFA item. Alaska law requires the local PD or Alaska State Troopers to sign off on NFA paperwork, but the law does not say they have to do it for free. Maybe this will change.

    1. avatar Jim R says:

      Yes. It will change so that they don’t have to do it at all.

  14. avatar Oddux says:

    Commented. Though I suspect it will do about as much good as voting. Or total FA.

  15. avatar gs650g says:

    The last two election cycles convinced me my voice is ignored. On this I think the rice is cooked.

    1. avatar Gene says:

      So you won’t even try?

    2. avatar Matt in Idaho says:

      The futility of your actions cannot be nearly as disappointing as the thought of making the rest of your life one of inaction, I would think.

  16. avatar Wes says:

    I doubt changing the rules regarding gun trusts will be hailed as a great achievement by the Obama administration. Your average Joe thinks NFA stuff is illegal anyway and a lot of people have no idea what a trust is. Definitely not the stuff that capture the imagination of the media.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      Eh, they’ll act as though they’ve plugged some terrible loophole that was killing the children. Ignorance works both ways.

  17. avatar Rich Grise says:

    Mine’s being screened too. I kept it simple: “Any infringement on the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms is treason against the Constitution of the United States.”

  18. avatar ChuckN says:

    7,000 seems like a good start. Of course I imagine there’d
    be quite a few more if there wasn’t an overt threat of an ATF
    sting or IRS audit as reprisal. But maybe I’m just a bit too
    paranoid, that sort of thing would never happen here.

  19. avatar juliesa says:

    I’m enjoying the Obamacare experience on my attempt to comment. It says I’ve left some required fields blank, but they’re filled in. It won’t take my comment.

  20. avatar Mike says:

    Yeah, submitted it. But not holding my breath.

  21. avatar TangledThorns says:

    Submitted last week. I suspect they will go out of their way to ruin the usefulness of trusts so I went and ahead and bought another suppressor, Advanced Armament Ti-RANT 9 S, even though none of my 9mm pistols have threaded barrels. I do plan on buying a threaded barrel for a future Glock 19 though.

    I even thought about buying another 5.56 suppressor even though I hadn’t shot the one that I just got my tax stamp two months ago for. Ugh. FBHO.

  22. avatar Jeff says:

    Oh that’s cute.

    Yet another Fed website that uses the same CSS style sheet as, Organizing for Action, and Obama 2012 campaign.

    Same color scheme, layout, and fonts.

  23. avatar Tominator says:

    The object is to get rid of ALL guns! Step by step if necessary. The Left never sleeps. You and I can shout VICTORY at the top of a mountain. The Left never heard you. Government is part of that group. They do not hear you. The United States of America is the last bastion of freedom in the world…symbolized by the Statue of Liberty…where a million small hammers are chipping away it’s base.

  24. avatar Scott says:

    Comment submitted

  25. avatar H.C. says:

    Submitted with fingers crossed…


  26. avatar Excedrine says:

    Here is my comment. Not so short, no sweet, but very to-the-point.!documentDetail;D=ATF-2013-0001-0524


  27. avatar Commander Shephard says:

    Made my comment.

  28. avatar Wassim Absood says:

    Yes, although without the right-wing snark.

  29. avatar Steve Hughes says:

    Its rediculious that Oboma is still in office!! He turned over weapons that have killed our own people in fast n furious!! In bengazi!! He more then likely is the head jihadist in our Country!! He doesn’t have the right to put any more gun laws on we tje people!! We.rebuke this notion even to state and county levels!! I want surrender to any law enforcement period!! I’ll die with you or on a local level we can keep our rights!! Id drather from state to county we keep our rights and our local officials stand with us….

  30. avatar Dustin Eward says:

    So many people talk the talk…. The NFA has been around for a long time. How many people abide their loud claim that “When it’s outlawed, I’ll be an outlaw!”

    Balh blah blah. Nobody ever does anything. Vote fromthe rooftops, yadda yadda yadda. Sure you will… You jsut keep drawing new lines in the sand and daring them to cross. then they cross. You draw another… Nothing ever happens. The NFA is a perfect example. How long has it been around, eh?

    Gun owners are cowards and hot air, sadly. They just keep losing ground, never take any back. “Shut up or they’ll make that illegal too…” Yeah, because YOU keep letting them… If they don’t have any reason to fear you, they won’t do waht you say. That’s how it works with guvthugs. And you’re way to domesticated and ‘civilized’ to do wwhat needs doing.

    Work within the broken system, designed deliberately not to work… Sure. Keep doing that. What was the definition of insanity again?

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