LaserLyte Pistol Bayonet on Sale for $2.50

Plus $12.95 shipping and handling (flat rate). What’s not to love? Wait, don’t answer that. Oh, go on then. Click here for the green serrated blade above. Click here to get a tan [h/t to IW]


  1. avatar BC; MT says:

    Not sorry to see this going the way of all bad ideas.

    This is the fate I would expect for every rifle-to-pistol abomination but apparently there is a demand somewhere, no matter how demented.

  2. avatar Guywithagun says:


  3. avatar Joe Grine says:

    I’d say it’s about $2.50 more than its worth.

  4. avatar Ropingdown says:

    Au contraire. This is exactly the help required by those who previously couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag.

  5. avatar Tim Tritt says:

    It might make an excellent knife – just grind the rail adapter off and put some duct tape on it – $15.45…. eh?

    You need to think outside the box… less than $16 for what might be an excellent knife. What did it cost before the reduction?

  6. avatar Koop says:

    Gag gift item, only useful for inducing facepalms.

    Internet trolls IRL would find it amusing, though.

    1. avatar John says:

      Wheres mikeb?

  7. avatar ST says:

    Coming to a Democrat’s Senate desk near you:

    “An Assault Pistol is a firearm capable of being carried in the hand with the ability to accept detachable magazines and accept bayonets on forward mounted rails. We must ban these horrible instruments, because when criminals in Mexico order their arms en masse from the BAT-, err, I mean American gun dealers , they simply cannot be allowed to stab people once they are out of ammo.”

    1. avatar Sean says:

      right? I love it. They use these HORRIBLE excuses for logic to support their “argument”, lie, create “statistics”, and ignore the real ones. I kinda like it though, because through all of this support for their idiotic ideology has swayed completely to the other side (finally) and it’s just getting better for people like us (logical and independent thinkers). I mean how can these morons still fight their idiotic fight when in 2014 over 2 million CCW’s were issued in Chicago aka the violent crime and murder capital of the world (during the period when they had basically banned the guns…for everyone but gang bangers and anyone else who could get one easier on the streets) and all forms of violent crime, robberies, car jackings and muders all saw a 20-28% drop in just one year…the lowest they’ve been in 58 years. The hilarious thing is these clowns still think that extreme gun “control” is the smart and sane way to go! So along with Chicago getting much safer strictly due to allowing law abiding citizens to carry guns (think about it…you’re a criminal: there’s two potential targets. One with a gun, one without…who are you going after) and the fact that the 6 states with open carry laws just happen to fall in the top 10 safest states in the country. As of 2014 Vermont (open carry) was #1, and Wyoming (also open carry) was #2 or 3. Then you had areas like California and Chicago that have some of the most stringent gun control laws in the country…yet still every gang in both states is armed to the teeth and can get guns easier and faster than you and I, have extremely high violent crime rates. Personally I think a pistol bayonet isn’t that bad of an idea…in the right hands of course. Bottom line: I have yet to see anyone on the far left (and I’m not a republican) in favor of stringent gun control manage to propose a gun control law that keeps guns out of the hands of criminals. All their laws are geared towards keeping them out of the hands of people with no priors, criminal history, record, etc…because they’ve seen that work out so damn well. Every single place and time they’ve tightened gun laws, the black market/illegal gun ownership has flourished.

  8. avatar Tom says:

    I want a bayonet on my pistol!

  9. avatar cz82mak says:

    Still illegal in MA. πŸ˜‰

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Breathing is illegal in MA.

  10. avatar Monty says:

    Another novelty item for my safe. At that price, it’s worth it just for the laughs.

  11. avatar ObsidianOne says:

    I think you mean green or tan, not tan or tan.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      D’oh! Text amended.

  12. avatar APBTFan says:

    Warning label: “Remove Before Holstering”.

    1. avatar Bill Fletcher says:

      And… “Not Intended For Front Pocket Carry.”

  13. avatar rybred says:

    lol, i just bought 3 of em for the laughs!

    BTW, the shipping remains the same even if you get more than 1 so my total was $20. eh, not so bad i’m gonna give a couple of em to friends…

  14. avatar Texas Deputy says:

    I bought 6 of each color for $30 + $12.95 shipping. I was going to give some as “gag” gifts, keep a few, and take the rest to a local gun show.

  15. avatar Joel says:

    It’s funny, pistol bayonets were simply sharp flints on the bottom of barrels that prevented the gun from being grabbed without injury, or at least that’s what they were meant for. I blame Japanese video games and anime for these pistol-pig-stickers… Gunblades, dammit Japan… after all, that’s why katanas are so damn popular…

  16. avatar Roadkill6 says:

    Dammit. I promised myself that I wouldn’t spend any more money on “useless gun crap” for a while. I hate you.

  17. avatar John Onderdonk Jr says:
    Or you can spend $20+s/h and get the same crap in Zombie Killing (read neon) Green!!!!

  18. avatar Aharon says:

    How about a new fixed blade SOG knife that comes with built in LED lights?

  19. avatar Ralph says:

    Why would anyone ruin a perfectly good knife by sticking a pistol on it?

  20. avatar Tim says:

    Dang, the Zombie model is still $20.

    But I guess I could make due with buying the double barrel shotgun rail ( ) for $88.00 and fit four pistol bayonets. For less than $100 (before shipping and the cost of the gun) I could get a double barrel, quadruple bayonet stagecoach shotgun.

  21. avatar Veekay says:

    Tactically speaking, in real life close quarter combat, could this prove useful? Seriously curious.

    1. avatar rosignol says:

      It is at least theoretically possible that a situation could exist in which this might be useful.

      Good luck finding a holster.

  22. avatar Dan says:

    I just bought 6. If they’re junk knives, no big loss. If they’re decent, they’ve got a home in my and my friends tackle boxes. Have zero intent to mount on a pistol.

    1. avatar okto says:

      See that rail mount on the back? That’s where your palm goes. Not my idea of comfy.

      I really don’t understand why LaserLyte molded a handle onto this thing, then made it completely impossible to use it as a hand-held knife. Either make it a dedicated bayonet, or make it usable as a knife. Total ergo fail.

  23. avatar twency says:

    Too rich for my blood.

  24. avatar ScottH says:

    I have a light attached to one of these on my Remington 11-87P.

    Bet that knife could go on the rail much like the bayonet on my Mossberg 590

  25. avatar Michael says:

    Was there not a bayonet for the 455 Webley in WW1

    1. avatar killer99 says:

      You are correct sir!

      1. avatar IdahoPete says:

        Righto Lads! Once more over the top! For England and the Queen! FIX BAYONETS! CHAAAAAAGE!

        (Sound of German Maxim MG, with a few background grunts and screams. Fade to wisps of smoke and silence.)

        They look cool, but they will never replace a bayonet on a Garand. Hey, it’s the 9 pounds of wood and steel behind the bayonet that makes the difference. Plus you can always give them the follow-up buttstroke [no obscene comments here] with the other end of the Garand.

  26. avatar Charlie says:

    Nice pigsticker. Expect them to be labelled “cop-killers” for their ability to penetrate kevlar lol. (Did you catch the pun?)

  27. avatar Richard Jensen says:

    I ordered one in each color and the discontinued laser pointer/fisher pen (at $25.00). The $12.95 shipping fee covered it all.

  28. avatar bontai Joe says:

    A knife for only $2.50???? Really??? 50 nickles will buy me a knife that attaches to the light rail on a gun??? I am astounded! I can’t buy a decent burger for that, so I gotta wonder what kind of quality knife I could get for only$2.50 (plus shipping).

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      A discontinued knife.

  29. avatar killer99 says:

    The thing about bayonets, weather on a pistol or rifle, is that you’ll never need one,
    in tell you need one.

  30. avatar Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    Wake me when it’s a Gears Of War chainsaw

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