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Mandalay Bay hotel, Air Force One (courtesy
Dean Weingarten writes [via]:

The explosion of conspiracy theories accompanying the mass killing in Las Vegas can be seen all over the Internet. The theories and their rationals range from the absurd, such as “a 64-year-old man could not have moved 10 bags up to his room alone” to somewhat sophisticated analysis of cell phone recordings that claim to find evidence of two shooters.

I have not seen any convincing evidence that requires a conspiracy to explain the mass murder. I use Occam’s razor to winnow out the theories. That is, when given two explanations, the preference should be given to the simpler, less complicated version.

For any incident, an imaginative mind can create an infinite variety of logically consistent explanations. But only one is true. It usually is the least complicated. For example, I might walk out the door without my cell phone. The simple explanation is that the human mind is complicated and imperfect, and I forgot to put my cell phone in a pocket.

A complicated explanation would be that unknown government agents distracted me with fake bird sounds and a loud car outside of my door, just as I was about to pick up my phone. They knew the timing required by monitoring my movements though the camera in my computer. They needed me to leave the phone to access it so as to substitute a phone with sophisticated tracking devices embedded in it.

There have always been conspiracy theories. The human mind is designed to notice patterns and assign causal relationships. It works for us most of the time. But sometimes the mind creates causality where it does not exist, especially for unusual, complicated, important events that threaten our sense of safety.

The standard explanation is that conspiracy theories serve a psychological need to deny reality. From

University of Massachusetts professor Kirby Farrell is a regular contributor to Psychology Today and the author of a 2015 book about America’s fascination with rampage killings.

He prefers the term “conspiracy fantasies,” not theories.

Farrell said the need to invent — or to believe — elaborate and often unprovable explanations for attacks like the one in Las Vegas is rooted in fear and avoidance. It is an attempt to “sanitize or wish away the inexplicable violence that overtakes certain individuals,” he said.

“Conspiracy fantasies are a kind of sophisticated game people play to prop up or reinforce denial,” Farrell said.

There is more to it than that. In the last 20 years, a number of technological advances and the resulting social changes have accelerated the tendency and motivation to create conspiracy theories.

First, we have found that real conspiracies have existed, and have been effective.

Hitler did create fake attacks against Germans to justify the invasion of Poland. The U.S. government used Mafia proxies to attempt the assassination of Fidel Castro. The Russian government used sophisticated devices to assassinate political opponents in the west.

The common knowledge of real conspiracies is magnified by the prominence given to the concept in movies and TV shows. Consider “Enemy of the State” or “Conspiracy Theory” or “JFK” or, to go a little further back, “Mission Impossible”.

Second, the public has often been lied to by the government, and some of those lies have been exposed. Lyndon Johnson become famous for lying about the Gulf of Tonkin episode.  Barak Obama lied about “you can keep your plan”.  James Comey lied about any real intention to investigate Hillary. The Federal Government did sanction sales of AK clones to Mexican drug cartels.

Third, “Black” operations are known to exist. By nature, they are not widely publicized. I personally know two people that were involved in “Black Ops”. “Black ops” existence has been widely touted.

Fourth, over the last 20 years, the establishment media has been repeatedly caught in lying, creating false narratives, and cover-ups that are blatantly partisan. The Paula Jones story was spiked by major media before it was outed by Matt Drudge. The misdeeds of Harvey Weinstein were covered up by his media pals for decades. Dan Rather was caught using fake documents in an attempt to throw the 2004 presidential election to the Democrats.

All of the above have eroded trust in government pronouncements and media sources.

Fifth, there are real rewards for someone who can prove a real conspiracy. The people who proved the falsity of the Rathergate documents are still touted on the Internet for the heroes that they are. Codrea and Vanderboegh have been lauded for their work in exposing Fast and Furious.

Sixth, there are real rewards for putting out semi-plausible sounding conspiracy theories.  A site will gather millions of hits and much advertising revenue if it creates a plausible sounding theory that is difficult to disprove.

This all happens at the speed of wi-fi waves and electrons transmitted by wire. The access to massive data from thousands of cell phones and sensors gives citizen investigators enormous resources to pick and chose to create plausible scenarios. The lack of data is more grist for the mill, as conspiracy theorists claim the lack of data is significant. “Why haven’t we seen this video?!” is trumpeted as evidence of a conspiracy when the video may not exist, or there are perfectly valid reasons why it has not been made public.

We will not see an end to conspiracy theories. We must live with them.

Objective truth should win in the end. Internet investigations have shown their worth.  I urge everyone to be careful about spreading unproven theories, and to investigate facts for themselves. Be skeptical, be careful, remember Occam’s razor and other rules of logic. Don’t accept a theory, just because you like it, or because it validates your politics. The truth will out, but it will take time.

©2017 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included. Link to Gun Watch

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  1. The officials largely have themselves to blame at this point for much of this. They are sitting on key details and pieces of evidence that would refute much of the theories for no apparent reason. If the official story (single shooter in the 32nd floor of the MB) is basically correct there’s no pending prosecution(s) / investigations to protect.

    Releasing some key details, like (but not limited to):
    1) Fairly comprehensive crime scene photos showing the piles of brass and locations of weapons / magazines / ammo / etc. in the room. The body doesn’t need to be shown.
    2) Complete list of weapons recovered from the room
    3) Information about the state of the weapons when recovered. Were they fired, jammed, in a malfunctioned state? Which had bump fire stocks
    4) Some details about the bullets (calibers) recovered from victims and any other areas/places where they were recovered
    5) Security footage of Paddock moving through the Mandalay Bay
    6) Some financial details on Paddock
    7) More information on what they have found out about him

    • What? The government should *not* be feeding conspiracies you say? Next you’ll be demanding them to have some shred of competence! Bother! Harumpf!

      • Speaking of incompetence, I’m waiting for the next forthcoming timeline revision. The NYT video / audio mashup they put together from the various video clips posted to the web doesn’t jive with the current official timeline. Presuming the NYT didn’t totally bungle aligning all the clips it should be the gold standard timeline at this point.

        • There’s some guy that’s been coming around here recently, saying nuclear weapons are entirely a hoax. I think some people just have a mental disorder when it comes to these things.

      • pffft!
        it was a hoax….that’s bloody obvious!
        people shot with hi-powered rifle rounds don’t jump up outta their hospital beds after a few days and dance an Irish jig…..that right there sez its bogus baloney!

  2. great summary of the situation .
    I have been involved in politics for 4 decades of adult life, I was completely stunned by the media since the latest election. I really was .
    I think Most conservatives like myself thought the media was biased in what stories they cover and the coverage itself. The truth is a lot if it is just completely made up. from ” Russiagate” to the latest phone call to the soldiers widow. Didn’t anyone listen to general gates response? he lost his son , and instructed trump on what to say. when trump said ” he knew the what he was getting into , and signed up for it anyway” like gate told him. the media deliberately lie about it to make it sound like he said ” Hey , don’t be upset , he knew what he was getting into. ” . That level of malicious duplicity and mendacity cannot be called anything but lying. I also noticed the strange way they word the stories to leave out the fact that gates son was killed in combat .
    This sophistry leads nowhere good.

    Since the public has NO real trusted source (I’m looking at you fox news, voice of rove/bush/McConnell/ryan/Koch bros) , they try to put it together the best they can from the footage and clips they can find on the internet of the event. That’s tin and scattered though , so the conclusions go in every direction.

    • 10 years ago I might have thought there was bias in the media, but at least they were reporting news, albeit poisoned with that bias. Now, however, you’re right. So much of it is just pure lies and nonsense.

    • Right, but Russia has demonstrably been impacting both social and political issues here…like, beyond any theories or fantasies, factually, they’ve been able to show multiple instances of it from the “Black Fist” fake training classes to the IRA’s control over the “Boston Antifa” twitter handle. FYI – they forgot to turn off location services and “Boston Antifa” posted from Belarusk Russia.

      But yes, this is the most divisive political environment we’ve ever been in, rife with emboldened ‘nationalists’ (read: bigots) and insane liberal extremists bandying whatever cause gets people most inflamed.

      • nobody said Russia didn’t exist, but contrary to your paranoia , they don’t run our country. mexico influences our elections more than any other counrty. they do it through la raza and dozens of other ” civil rights ” organizations. Mexican national billionaire Carlos slim is the largest shareholder in the new York times. think the NYT influences any elections? AIPAC may have some foreign ties. or at least sympathies. the Canadian railway lobbies us for peats sake.
        also anyone wanting to be anomous in Boston will probably rout their communications through TOR and several off-shor server forms from Russia , Ukraine,or china to prevent being tracked by us law enforcement.

  3. There is a little more to it than that. While people have done bad to many for no known reason, I still have to ask, “who benefits here?” The BATF has done some dastardly deeds and no one has been held accountable.
    Sadly, most politicans want total control and that pesky BORs just gets in thier way. They are doing all they can do to make guns(and gunowners) a bad thing. The movers and shakers(players behind the Corpracats) do NOT want an armed citizenry. They have limited firearms in most of the industrialized nations in the world and want the US to go that way also.
    Don’t think that for one second that either political party wants you to have firearms, that is a fight they will enter after they take away other rights(like free press, speech, including the internet).
    Does anyone actually believe that the Republican Party is Godly? The will allow us our beliefs – for now – but the time will come when they will force the issue. Don’t ever trust them. Use them now, but always test what they want.

    • Funny how everyone denounces conspiracy theories. Calls the people who are pointing out the holes in the “official” stories “tin foil hat crazies”, etc.

      Yet we watch hollywood movies and TV shows that show just how easy it is to set up patsies. We also have real world examples replete with how easy it is to blackmail or set someone up.

      And yet we come to cognitive dissonance when we think about a juggernaut leviathan government with unlimited funds and various alphabet soup agencies, along with who knows what foreign provocateurs could actually set it up and execute it?

      Big LOL. It’s ok. Just keep on swallowing the blue pill. There is no spoon.

      • “Yet we watch hollywood movies and TV shows that show just how easy it is to set up patsies.” Um, while I am definitely down for a good conspiracy theory, that statement doesn’t further your argument. Hollywood also shows us how easy it is to clone dinosaurs or survive a disaster in space. That being said, I agree with the remainder of your post!

  4. Occams Razor isn’t that when all things considered the simplest answer is probably the correct one.

    Often misunderstood as such, the Razor is that when looking for answers or a solution, if various methods continue to lead to the same result, path or idea, that idea is probably the most likely to prevail.

    For this example it seems as though he just decided it was something he wanted to do.

    As you can see, that’s not the easiest answer, since there is little to no explanation available or driving force known at this time.

    The easiest answer would be that it was a staged attack by the government to push for more regulation of firearms in an otherwise losing battle by the leftest population.

    Two totally different schools of thought.

    • It’s actually that given _equally likely_ alternatives, the simpler one is probably the truth. A vast conspiracy is rarely equally likely to much of anything, so you’re right in that Occam rarely applies.

  5. Dean’s analysis is dead on. People have a right to be skeptical because government, the media, and many other sources so often lie or present false fronts. At the same time, we want to live in an orderly world where we can count on routine safety. It upsets us to think a a twisted little jerk like Oswald, acting alone, can kill a president or that the Vegas murderer can kill and injure so many by himself. So we try to tell ourselves, “It’s GOT to be bigger than this-but it isn’t, it’s just that some people are evil and smart enough to arrange crimes for their private, twisted reasons.

    • Until the last 20-30 years, a twisted commie like Oswald could easily kill a president. Look at Lynette Fromme and John Hinkley. Oswald gave up an easy and direct kill for an improved chance of escape. It’s a bit ironic that he made the kill in an unnecessarily difficult manner from a distance (unlike Fromme and Hinkley at point blank range), and then he got caught anyway.

      The part that doesn’t fit neatly into the official version of the Kennedy Assassination is Jack Ruby. The best explanation for Ruby is he represented those who didn’t want Oswald to talk, and wanted Oswald’s silence badly enough that Ruby’s life in prison was a fair price to pay for it. Now try to come up with a simple explanation for why shutting Oswald’s mouth was a life or death matter.

    • “It upsets us to think a a twisted little jerk like Oswald, acting alone, can kill a president “…no it doesn’t, because only a fool would believe that narrative.

  6. ANNNNNND…54 year old Kennedy murder information is “MAYBE” being released this week. We have Dubya whining about Trump after plunging America into a totally unwarrented Iraq War. I myself barely missed Vietnam. Simply put-we don’t know shite…

  7. We have pot-stirrers like James Yeager saying that Paddock was Antifa and that Antifa is ISIS. Which, of course, makes him more money. Next up, NASA faked the moon landings to get Congress to pass stealth lunar gun control.

  8. They distracted you with that bird too? Damn, I thought that they only used it on super high value targets like myself.

  9. As soon as the FBI gives me a story that is more believable than some of the conspiracy theories, I will stop believing the conspiracy theories.

    That, however, has not happened.

    • Concur.

      So far the official investigation has produced a lot of nothing, and in an information vacuum people will seek their own sources. There is plenty of video out there from the incident, and plenty of witnesses that are certain there were multiple shooters. Are they all wrong?

      Where are the forensics? Location of bodies and the angle of recovered bullets in the pavement? Surveillance video of anything significant? Bueller? Anyone?

  10. I dont know about the validity of the conspiracy theories, nor do i care.
    The simple matter of it is, something about the MB shooting stinks. There are too many inconsistencies.

  11. You forgot about the IRS and Lois Learner with no prosecution, Harry Reid and the BLM trying too screw the Bundays and the people that backed him, or fact the democrats give aid and comfort to our enemies!
    there a connection Reid orchestrates the democratic black ops people too ease the investigation into his crimes
    Government and Politics are behind all these theories because you have Bureaucrats making rules that have the force of law without representation,
    Our politicians are the worst, the media backs everything that is unamerican, other wise they would have nothing to say

    • Bundy had his day in court. In fact he had numerous days in court. He lost. He appealed–twice. He lost. Simple fact: you do not get to use public land for private benefit without paying for it. His whole theory that the United States did not own the land, that the county did, although creative, was utter bunkum.

  12. Conspiracy Theory that passes Occam’s Razor:
    Hotel security and law enforcement conspiring to make themselves look more like heroes and less like bunglers.

    Conspiracy Theory that can probably never be substantiated nor discredited:
    He did it at least in part to promote gun control. If that was a goal, proclaiming it in a Dorner style manifesto would have been counterproductive. And nothing we’ve seen from him is counterproductive, he presents a textbook example of a thoughtful man working to achieve his goals.
    The other simple and believable explanation is that he just wanted to see what it felt like to kill a bunch of people.

  13. Following the JFK assassination, conspiracy theories exploded. Recall a book that listed 140 some theories. All boiled down to the same thing. “How could a nobody failure like Oswald kill Kennedy?” There is a part of all of us that needs a conspiracy to explain what we don’t understand. The Las Vegas shooting was discribed as “An act of pure evil.” That’s an explanation that’s hard to deal with.

  14. I have had the privilege to be on the seen of 4 news events. What I saw on the TV the next day bore absolutely NO resemblance to what I saw in person. The new is almost ALL LIES!!
    I have learned to take the topmost subject matter off the news and ignore the rest. President Kennedy is dead. Bobbie Kennedy is dead. MLK Jr. is dead. The hows and the whys are, at this point, unknown and unknowable. Witnesses are dead, scared off, lied, or just forgetful. Evidence has been lost or deliberately destroyed.
    When the police lie to the government, the government lies to the press, and the press lies to the people, what’s left but half baked theory based on poor data?
    Everybody lies. Everybody has their own agenda. If the truth doesn’t forward their cause, selective memory is all they need to spin the story the right way.

  15. Personally I’m getting real damn sick and tired of people getting upset about the lack of gun control and ‘conspiracy theorists’ than they are upset about the deaths and maiming of so many. And that’s what we’ve mostly seen the media devolve into. The news that Google and YouTube was trying to suppress conspiracy theories got more air time than the actually shooting did.

    • How about F all people attempting to beat the rest of us to death with the incident. THIS WHOLE THING IS IN THE LAP OF THE MANDALAY AND VEGAS.



      I hope the survivors and family of the shooter break it off in the a_ _ of MB, and Vegas (what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas AND IN PUBLIC ACCESS COURT RECORDS), and that no cover is provided in discovery. That we learn more of the events surrounding the incident, and that we only hear about the court awards AND NOT ANOTHER FING THING ABOUT OUR RTKABA.

  16. “The standard explanation is that conspiracy theories serve a psychological need to deny reality. ” Ya, BULL FING SHIT.

    F Occam with his razor.

    The best formulation of a strategy is to take your first impression until evidence mounts that makes you absolutely certain that your first thought/action/impression was false. [loosely paraphrased Car von Clausewitz, On War, Rappaport translation.]

    Multiple shooters, cleaner than bump-stock full-auto fire strings, crowd formation providing best kill-ratio attainable.

    Stick with that until they give you something that looks like it’s even close to being “evidence” PERIOD.

    The only thing that makes sense, is that he’s a evil POS (D) plant and that there were many players and the whole thing was put together (in broadest strokes) more than a year ago.

    • The sounds of the MB 10/01/17 shooting sound very much like the shooting in 13 Hours.

      Just saying.

      If you (most non-operator type people) tried to duplicate the recorded sounds of the shooting with a bump-fire stock, they couldn’t get it done. I believe that statement strongly enough to say that I also believe that Slide-Fire would likely say the same thing.

  17. Anything is possible, so we’ll have to wait for everything to float to the surface. Eventually, most of it does.

    About the only conspiracy here that I could buy into, pending further proof, is that the hotel and L.V.P.D. are concealing deficiencies in their preparation and response to the shooting.

    People’s careers can be impacted if they come off as incompetent. In the hotel’s case, there is potential civil liability. Evidence will be subject to subpoena in later lawsuits. The scene is already under court order to preserve everything, as I understand, precisely to prevent destructions that might muddy the waters as to what exactly happened.

    So I could see insiders playing a little fast and loose with the evidence, possibly altering/destroying some, definitely delaying the release of others.. I don’t see some massive Antifa or ISIS conspiracy, though, or even anything showing that the shooter had help.

  18. I’m grateful for the article and liked it.

    Just want to add that there is a BIG difference between a conspiracy to cover up incompetence and a conspiracy to create a tragedy. A cover-up conspiracy is easier since the entire group would be impacted negatively if the truth was discovered. A pro-active conspiracy to perform some dastardly deed requires pre-event convincing and continual monitoring. That’s a very different animal. Not impossible, but definitely resource and willpower intensive. Anyone with misgivings or who has not entirely drunk the kool-aide is a liability. See also any criminal activity requiring more than one person and the corresponding number of police informants.

    AND there is also a BIG difference between a group misrepresenting or making-up the facts to push a narrative and a conspiracy to make those facts occur in reality. It is very human for the goals to get in the way of honestly representing and perceiving the facts but again, very difficult to actually do something proactively that will harm others.

    Being skeptical is required today more than ever, but don’t forget to be skeptical of your own conspiracy theories too.

  19. Here’s my take on the Mandalay Bay conspiracy theories:

    We all know that the CIA has used LSD on unsuspecting Americans.

    Well, my theory is that all the conspiracy theorists have been experimented on by the CIA and they’re all tripping.

    • Ralph, I have friend I have known since childhood, for over thirty years. He has a high IQ and was the consummate rational skeptic in high school. In college he tried LSD, and had a bad trip apparently. He was profoundly changed after that. He remained a highly-intelligent (generally speaking) guy who earned a computer science degree and earns a six figure salary as a software engineer. He has an savant’s knowledge of cryptocurrencies and has made a lot of money with them. In casual conversation at a party, if he was talking about anything tech related, you might think the guy is a genius, and perhaps in some respects he still is.

      He also believes the earth is flat. As in Flat Earth Theory.

      For him, the whole spherical earth thing is a lie perpetrated by a vast conspiracy of Illuminati and Freemasons or something. For every disproof of this hokum you might offer, he has a conspiracy-based answer. What about satellites that orbit the earth? That wouldn’t work with a flat earth. His answer: There are no satellites, just secret antenna towers. Really tall ones that our skyward-pointing Direct TV antennas and other dishes tune into, apparently. There is no north and south pole, only one continuous wall of ice at the ‘edges’ of the disk-shaped earth. If you go in any direction far enough, you will hit the ‘ice wall’, according to him. He also believes in chemtrails and a whole grab-bag of other conspiracy ideas. Every weather disaster is caused by the vast evil conspiracy with their weather-controlling HAARP facility. Every mass shooting or terror attack is tied in, and features numerous ‘crisis actors’. I won’t even get into his religious ideas.

      His high school self would have laughed his ass off at his present day self. I really believe his brain just got permanently chemically-altered in a way that left him prone to conspiracy theories, and it makes me wonder if most people that are prone to these types of beliefs are that way due to the structure of their brain’s neural pathways. Maybe just a matter of natural variation in some cases, maybe chemically-induced in others.

  20. My only problem with the official narrative of how the incident played out is that it seemed catered to push the anti-2A view of gun ownership in America, down to the fact that he brought 20 rifles to the hotel and apparently swapped between them whenever one ran dry rather than, you know, spending the two seconds it would take to change the magazine.

    What do we learn from this?
    1. Magazine size will restrict casualties because the gun’s useless after the magazine has been expended.
    2. People who have more than one or two guns are somehow more dangerous than those that do not, because they can easily continue laying down fire after their magazines have been expended!

    Those two conclusions are silly, but the antis have been pushing them for years and this incident just added fuel to the fire.

  21. I have come across many provocative videos leading me to question the official story of the “lone gunman.” One is this interesting discussion on Youtube with many infantry veterans saying they know the sound of a belt-fed M-240 bravo when they hear one, and that bumpfire is erratic and doesn’t go 150 continuous rounds, as we heard in Vegas. Here in the comments to

    My question is this. Taking it from a different angle, I would like to know what you guys think about what I consider to be the “smoking gun” that there is more than one shooter: the sound of distant machine-gun fire in the taxi video, right after a short burst which is practically right over him. Some are trying to say it’s an “echo,” but LOL an echo which happens a full 40 seconds later. Also the distant burst is much longer. The firing positions sound nowhere near each other. But the some are also trying to say it was just him running from window to window. I say BS. I say those firing positions are hundreds of yards apart if they’re an inch. What say yall? Does anyone really believe that’s an echo? The distant burst happens at about 44 seconds into the unedited taxi video below.

  22. Cronkite and Brinkley were trustworthy. Don Lemon and Rachel Maddow are not. The times have changed to the extent that no one trusts any side of the media anymore. Does anyone really think that in a “money, money, money” environment like Las Vegas the entire truth will be laid bare for all to see? There are hundreds of thousands of jobs at stake. MGM is a huge global corporation. These people want business as usual. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

    Let the conspiracy theories come forth. The more the better. The truth is not out there. It’s in someones 7 figure paycheck.

  23. Conspiracy theories. Like ANTIFA, and the KKK being conservatives or tea party Republicans??? Like the last few POS shooters weren’t all POS (D) lib/left?
    Like the world, through the UN, don’t have a running 15 year plan to get rid if guns and the U.S. don’t have a pack of liberal globalist FV<Ks that haven't been paid hundreds of thousands, to millions, of dollars by domestic and foreign interests to work subversively, and tirelessly to get it done???
    Conspiracy theories like Hitlery didn't eat her own ass in the election, but blamed atrymp and collusion with the Russians??? Conspiracy theories like the no FISA pee pee dossier not put forth by Mueller's FBI thru broke (D)1<k dain bramage McCain (2nd Place Sore Loser) and Comey running cover, to protect Hillary, Bill, Podesta, Loretta Lynch, and the Clinton Foundation, and the won't-service-her-Weiner, but will pleasure Hillary's private server in the bathroom – Huma Abedeen, ithat can no longer peddle Uranium 1, and the sh_t and influence that they have already sold and already got paid for?


  24. Come on ! There’s been sometime wrong from the very get go! We all know the end result is political agendas to curtail American Freedoms…Especially the 2nd amendment! It’s very deliberate! I’d say American is currently under going a “cold civil war” as we text, and debate these issues. While American citizens in some states are definitely being blocked from “instantly” exercising their 2nd amendment rights…Regardless of Rights to due process, or being charged with a crime, or a fair trial…This whole thing is a farce….Even my elderly dad , who’s a Veteran ,stated he very concerned where things are going…A shadow power in our country is trying to start a militant coupe…The End result with be the end of our Civil Rights and Liberties as we know them …The 1st major target is the 2nd amendment…Where as in, ONLY government officials and their agents can be Armed…(note: this is obviously outside of the Trump Presidency.)

  25. who TF could believe any-thing that the cops/the government or the media says?
    only a total cretin!
    it seems than Weingarten ‘falls into’ that camp….
    i’ll believe “the official narrative” after a year-long investigation by a team of competent and experienced Private Investigators and, then, another year-long inquiry where all the evidence is meticulously examined and ALL relevant witnesses X-examined ON OATH subject to the full penalties of perjury!
    so far: we ain’t even got sworn depositions….all we got is a bunch of conflicting accounts…..

    for the nonce, a hoax is as good an explanation as any….

  26. If there weren’t conspiracy, why are there dozens of code sections (not to mention case law) in the U.S. Code and all state codes? Conspiracies happen every day and the good ones are never detected.
    Why hasn’t anyone explained that it is impossible to “make a living” let alone millions a year, playing video poker. That is as certain as Newton’s three laws of motion.

    Since I own and shoot Slidefire stocks on several platforms, how is it possible to use one on a bi-pod with a scope?
    The shooter’s timing was perfect since the Hearing Protection Act was coming to the floor of the House the week after his murder spree. Now it will never be passed.
    Finally, of the 550 people injured, how many were injured by gunfire as opposed to falls, being trampled, etc. Nobody seems curious/


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