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Kyle Kashuv is a Parkland student who, just like Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg, was at Douglas High School the day Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 of his classmates. Unlike Gonzalez and Hogg and many other Douglas survivors, Kashuv has been a lone, persistent student voice in favor of gun rights and the Second Amendment.

Despite his support for the right to keep and bear arms, Kashuv didn’t own a firearm and had never fired one. That changed over the weekend when he went to a range with his father. He tweeted stills and video of the range session.

As night follows day, he was attacked on line for daring to fire an AR in a safe and controlled manner. Kashuv no doubt expected the reaction and shrugged it off.

But today, as the Daily Wire reports, when he returned to class, he was informed by Douglas High’s principal that his range trip tweets had traumatized some of his fellow students. And the reaction didn’t end there.

Kashuv was later pulled out of class and interrogated by two school resource officers, Broward County deputies.

Near the end of third period, my teacher got a call from the office saying I need to go down and see a Mr. Greenleaf. I didn’t know Mr. Greenleaf, but it turned out that he was an armed school resource officer. I went down and found him, and he escorted me to his office. Then a second security officer walked in and sat behind me. Both began questioning me intensely. First, they began berating my tweet, although neither of them had read it; then they began aggressively asking questions about who I went to the range with, whose gun we used, about my father, etc. They were incredibly condescending and rude.

Then a third officer from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office walked in, and began asking me the same questions again. At that point, I asked whether I could record the interview. They said no. I asked if I had done anything wrong. Again, they answered no. I asked why I was there. One said, “Don’t get snappy with me, do you not remember what happened here a few months ago?”

They continued to question me aggressively, though they could cite nothing I had done wrong. They kept calling me “the pro-Second Amendment kid.” I was shocked and honestly, scared. It definitely felt like they were attempting to intimidate me.

I was treated like a criminal for no reason other than having gone to the gun range and posted on social media about it.

Kashuv has criticized the Broward County Sheriff and his band of incompetent men on Face the Nation for their lack of action regarding Cruz leading up to his attack and the school resource officer’s cowardly behavior during the shooting. Observers of the Broward deputies’ interrogation of Kashuv today might conclude that sweating him was simply retaliation for his nationally broadcast statements, but we couldn’t possibly comment.

If any of Sheriff Scott Israel’s disinterested deputies had spent half as much time investigating Nikolas Cruz’s extra-curricular activities — a student with a long and demonstrated history of violence and criminal behavior on the Douglas High campus — who knows how many lives might have been saved?

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        • The Clark County Sheriff who said “I take no stance” before Question 1 was passed during the last election cycle and now has proposed and support a ban on ‘Assault Weapons’ and “High Capacity’ magazines.

          The same Sheriff who said (during an AM840 KXNT interview) that “I don’t care what the 2nd Amendment says, my officer’s safety comes first”. Out there. Recorded. Joe can suck it. Wanker.

      • This is reminiscent of a Soviet NKVD interrogation in Communist Russia during
        the 1930’s under Stalin’s reign of terror! View the 1984 movie “Coming Out Of
        The Ice.” Victor Hermann is arrested and while in custody is brutally interrogated
        by a jack booted NKVD thug, brutalized, beat up, and dehumanized. “You will tell
        me of your counter-revolutionary activities, I will hear every one” quipped the
        NKVD interrogator! Victor Hermann is sent afterwards to a Gulag in Siberia. This
        is a true story. Is this what our nation has become, “a Soviet America?”

    • This is typical!
      Just spread the “blame” around (even smearing the blameless) and it makes you look less culpable.
      BTW, did anybody notice that Kyle’s finger was along side the frame of the gun and NOT on the trigger in his photo? Apparently he has been taught the NRA’s “Always, Always, Always” rules of GUN SAFETY!

      –I wonder how many of “Broward’s Finest” practice gun safety and not just “personal” safety. —

    • When will the Broward County Sheriff and his coward Deputies go to a hellhole prison for dereliction of duty? If this was the military with 17 dead bodies these cowards wouldn’t see daylight for the rest of their torturous days. The prison guards and inmates would guarantee it. The bodybuilder prisoners hate perverts and cowards the most.

  1. figures complete cowards when lives need saving but billy bad asses when it comes to badgering a kid daring to exercise his natural rights

  2. Good god. Bad enough the Broward Cowards were so inept, now they’re just straight-up bastards.

    In a perfect world, the Kashuv family would be able to move somewhere better.

    • Nah. In a perfect world, they would be able to sue, fire, shame, and imprison their way to a Broward county where they did not NEED to move.

      • i like the fire part of that line for these traitors….. eg line them up against the prison wall with the last word they hear being “FIRE”. sadly i think that is too quick and easy for these sort of traitors and wont set a harsh enough example for those that would follow in their footsteps 🙁

  3. Once they told him he had done nothing illegal he should have gotten up and left. If they detained him then he could ask for an attorney.

    I see a lawsuit on the horizon.

    • He made one bid mistake, should have asked to leave. If they did not release him at that point, then things would have been really interesting.

      • Ah, but he is a minor child. He cannot be expected to know the niceties of law and the difference between custodial and non-custodial ‘interviews.’ In fact, the authorities must assume, in such cases, that the minor child knows NOTHING, and must be TOLD that he has the right to leave, the right to silence, the right to speak with anyone from friend to counselor to elder sibling to parent to priest to attorney before saying anything to law enforcement, and everything else that an adult MIGHT be assumed to know.
        He did just fine by letting these fools establish their blatant disregard for his legal rights.

        • If he is a minor then they had no business questioning him at all. By law, to question a minor you must have a parent or court-appointed guardian present. Officers in multiple jurisdictions have lost their jobs and been tried for this violation. Of course, this is when the ACLU got involved and since this “only” involves a 2A supporters 1st and 5th amendment rights they will be under a rock someplace.

        • He has rights, but because he is a minor he tends to have rights in a school environment, not more.

          And whoever up there said that officers can’t question a minor without their parents knows nothing about the law. Actually worse, they know JUST enough to be extra ignorant. You could literally google “can police question a child without a parent present” and be refuted.

        • “By law, to question a minor you must have a parent or court-appointed guardian present.”

          That might be the law in some states, but not in all. The law in Florida says police can question a minor outside the presence of his parents. It also says the police only have to “try to contact the parents or guardian”.

    • Where’s the ACLU? Busy closing their eyes to this young man’s plight, and to the wanton, illegal treatment to which Trump’s attorney has been subjected.
      In short, neither of those cases fit their narrative, so they remain silent. Cowards and hypocrites.

      • Unfortunately the ACLU is anti-gun and have publicly stated that they don’t think the Second Amendment is an individual right, so they typically won’t defend someone like this.

        • Never mind someone thinks freedom from religion is not an individual right, they will jump right in on that. ACLU outlived its usefulness several decades back. But they still send me requests for money.

  4. Coward County Sheriff’s Deputies will rush right in when a kid tweets about lawfully spending a day at the range, but won’t move an inch when a mass murderer is slaughtering kids!

    • You do realize that these people do not care if they’re sued, the money doesn’t come out of their pockets. Once again the taxpayers will get fooked in the arse.

      • There is a legal concept called “agency”. A person may appoint an agent to perform acts that the principal (appointer) can legally perform. A person cannot legally appoint a person to act as agent to do things the principal is not authorized to do.

        A common example is engaging the services of a real estate agent. You can perform for yourself all the activities that a real estate agent can do. The agent can legally act as your agent to perform those activities. However, the real estate agent cannot do anything you have not authorized in your appointment of agency. This means that if you appoint a real estate agent to acquire property, same agent cannot also purchase an automobile (unless such is part of the agency appointment/contract).

        Should a agent perform an act not permitted under the agency agreement, that agent is totally responsible for all adverse outcomes from the unauthorized act(s). In this instance, you would not be required to accept ownership of the automobile, not pay the agent for expenses (including the price of the car).

        When it comes to governments, every member acts as agent for the public. There are authorities providing the actions that government agents can perform. In simplest form, a police agent (cop) has authority to arrest. However, that agent does not have authority to arrest just anyone. That is normally considered “false arrest”. Such a false arrest is not a power or authority the public has granted the agent (police). Thus, in the case of false arrest, the police would be acting outside of agency. This means the cop can be sued personally, and would be personally accountable (no “limited immunity).

        In short, no government can create agency that authorized criminal acts. That means the taxpayers are not liable for payouts for a court decision holding that the cop acted outside agency, and personally. I have even personally observed a government agent abandoned by the agency, even though the government agent/employee acted fully within the law. The plaintiff in that case did not like an agency ruling, and sued. The agency petitioned for severance from the employee, and was dropped from the case. The government employee was found liable for thousands of dollars in damages, even though the court agreed the employee had followed all required legal procedures. The reasoning was that the employee represented an gigantic government, and the plaintiff was a small business without the resources to sue the government, so it was only “fair” that the small business be permitted to sue the government employee. (there was no money for an appeal).

        If Kashuv can determine that anyone of the entities involved violated their authority, he may be able to successfully sue those persons individually (and the county government is not involved).

        • I guess you are saying that those school officials can be personally sued even though they are government employees. This is because they were operating outside their rules.

          If this interpretation is correct, then can the same be done to virtually any government employee that operates outside his written rules? Say, for example, an FBI head or DoJ officer violated his written rules, could they be personally sued? That Fusion GPS thing seems ripe for Republican lawsuits. The question is: who all can be sued?

        • “Agency” applies to anyone. There are also other federal statutes, such as violation of civil rights “under color of law”. Being a government employee does not provide immunity from illegal acts. “Agency” seems to require a two step analysis: was the person appointing the agent acting within the law (or process/regulations); was the agent acting within the scope of the appointment?

          “Agency” does not subject agents to sanctions when operating within established law, even if such law/regulation is perceived to be politically wrong. For instance, there are all sorts of SC approved limits on the second amendment. The argument about absolute RTKBA does not put the government (and its agents) outside their “agency”. However, if a person who otherwise has provided no cause of action should have their door kicked in, and their firearms confiscated simply because some cops know that person has guns, then “agency” would be violated. When cops go to the wrong address and create damage in executing a search warrant, there is a qualified immunity under something like “good faith” action. But there are limits to “good faith”, also. If such limits are breached, then the cops can be sued individually. Suing is one thing, winning is another; judges are part of the government.

        • “Qualified immunity” is not a shield against illegal acts. A cop was once successfully sued because he ate a hamburger belonging to an auto accident victim. The driver was taken to the hospital, and the one of the investigating cops saw an uneaten burger in a bag on the passenger seat; helped himself to it. The driver later sued for theft, and won.

          “Qualified immunity” is not bulletproof. In the case at hand, let’s suppose that police directives specifically state that “no minor person (under the age of 18) shall be questioned beyond name and address and contact information, unless and until either the parents, attorney, or both are present in the room. There are no exceptions.” Then, introduce the report we have here. The questioning is blatantly beyond the scope of authority of the police. There is no “good faith” exception available. The police would be operating beyond their “agency”, and acting as private citizens.

          “Qualified immunity” does not permit commission of crimes, nor does it protect against intentional acts in violation of legal authority. As an example, again, if you are legally walking down the street, violating no ordinance, a cop cannot simply punch you in the face, and claim “qualified immunity”. If there is a BOLO for someone “armed and dangerous”, the cop might be able to successfully claim you look just like the photo, and the cop was taking no chance that you could escape, using less-than-lethal force to subdue you. “Qualified immunity” might neutralize an otherwise valid claim of unprovoked assault.

          “Sovereign immunity” is a whole ‘nuther thing, altogether. But even that can be pierced. Nothing is absolute.

  5. he was informed by Douglas High’s principal that his range tweets had traumatized some of his fellow students. And the reaction didn’t end there.

    My response would have been:

    Did I make them read my tweets? If they are traumatized by my online existence, why are they lingering around my online existence???

      • agree. i have seen a few posts/tweets etc that have made me feel angry because they blatently try to remove REAL rights from people claiming those rights remove the rights of others….. no those rights only restore the balance when someone tries to force your will on them in the first place, they do not infringe on the rights of criminals because in committing a criminal act a criminal looses ALL their rights bar that of the right to a fair and speedy trial. if it takes killing them to stop the infringing of the victims rights during the commission of the crime then still no rights have been violated other than the victims own rights in the first place.
        never have those posts/tweets ever actually harmed me

  6. This bunch is, undoubtedly, the newest incarnation of ‘The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight.’
    As government law-enforcement officers, interviewing a minor, who is neither a victim nor a witness, without parental permission or notification? Check.
    Attempting to coerce and intimidate a minor by using more than one interviewer? Check.
    Implication, by having one interrogator pose questions while another is seated behind, that the person is not free to leave? Check.
    Taking a minor to a place of apparent confinement, and not immediately advising them that they are free to leave at any time, which indicates that they are in fact in custody, triggering Miranda? Check.
    By the implication that a person is not free to leave, thus triggering MIranda, not issuing the appropriate warnings? Check.
    Refusing to allow a recording of the interview by the object of it, in violation of common practice and several court rulings to the contrary? Check.
    Ah, this lad now has pretty much everything that he needs to set himself financially for the rest of his life.



      WHEN REFUSED TO RECORD THEIR QUESTIONS; HE SHOULD HAVE REFUSED TO TALK WITH THEM OR PLACE HIM UNDER ARREST. Hard to fault a teenager for the position they placed him; where only age and experience would have helped in dealing with those officers.

      ps FYI, reminds of time thirty years ago, when I received a call my youngest boy was being sent home from school (wouldn’t say why, and it was more than hour drive to get to his school). WHY? His T-Shirt. One of those with gut pile, showing zombies, glorifying hard rock drug induced life style? Nope. Had a photo of Ruger’s Redhawk revolver, with word ‘Redhawk’ in red letters= that was it, picture of a revolver with word Redhawk. No shoot em all and let god sort it out stuff. Words were said with school principal over than incident. Could go on with even worse tales of public school in Florida.

  7. I know in some States the police may not question or interview a minor without parental consent and/or parent being present.

    Hopefully someone here with more legal understanding will address?

    • You are correct, but I have no idea what the law is in Florida. The law varies immensely from state to state. I know Louisiana has a parental consent law, as does New York. In California, a juvenile has the right to have a parent or adult present, but the police do not have to advise the juvenile of his/her right (which makes the right pretty close to meaningless).

  8. I’d have just insulted their intelligence and berated them satirically in a low key manner and ended it with a – are we done here? Kashuv has an enormous following, if they harassed him too much, they would regret it.

    • Yeah, you’d have done this or that, so would I. But this is a freaking KID! How dare the cops assault a child with this shit? How DARE they? None of us can force him to sue, but he needs to sue. And somebody should assure prosecution, as well.

    • Christ, and the Sheriff has Clinton ties. That town makes Clearwater look like a non-cult. The entire local government is like a puppet political machine of the DNC! Probably infrastructure from the 2000 ballot rigging fiasco

      • Parkland is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s home. As soon as i heard that was where the shooting was, I knew this one would be different. That is the richest, bluest part of Broward County. And yes, the county government is so screwed up it is unbelievable.

  9. They kept calling me “the pro-Second Amendment kid.”

    But we keep hearing that rank and file law enforcement are pro-2A and pro-gun ownership.

    • Look at the above comments. Broward County is very political and very blue. The sheriff’s department uses that apostrophe in the name because deputies serve at the pleasure of the sheriff. I’m not justifying their actions, but the sheriff is likely to hire and not fire those who step like him.

      Most cops I know, and I know a few since I’m in the field, are 2nd Amendment supporters, and the others are ambiguous. The deputies I know are supporters too, but their bosses have to be careful or else our wonderful governor will work to vote them out. My county’s sheriff is an honest man who will actually respond as backup on night shift, and not accept any abuse of authority. But the fact that he has to be voted into office by an increasingly bluer county means his good intentions are threatened every few years.

      • If you have to put your finger up to see which way the wind is blowing to know how to act on something as fundamental as our constitution, you have no core convictions. This goes for leaders and rank-and-file alike.

        And then we wonder why there are lies and cover-ups and false prosecutions.

        • Your generalizations are just that, generalizations. You can’t judge literally hundreds of thousands of people because of one department, or even only a small group within that department. Well, you can, but you’re wrong.

  10. I can’t wait for someone here to tell me these cops are the “rare” bad cops in the department. That 99.99% of Broward deputies are really conscientious, caring, honorable civil servants who wouldn’t even imagine retaliating against a high school student who challenges the sheriff. That those same 99.99% are doing everything possible to run these bad cops out of the department.

    Go on, tell me.

    (I respect the death and destruction cops can unleash. I refuse to be uncivil to police. I do not, however, trust or hold them in high regard.)

  11. They are interested in a kid at a range firing with supervision,
    but the habitually truant Hoggy Boy doesn’t concern them.
    If that doesn’t let everyone know who they really are, I don’t know what would.

    • Actually, until he told them, they had no idea what he’d done. All they knew was that he’d tweeted something about guns that upset another student–because they never read the tweet themselves. Idiots.

  12. Sounds to me like denial of (3rd, 5th, 6th, 14th) rights under color of law.

    And as the twitterati pointed out: I didn’t realize that Broward law enforcement even knew how to get inside MSD.

  13. Sue the hell
    Out of them if the sorry ass Sheriff Department I’ve done their job to start with they went been 17 dead kids laying down there now they want to hassle a kid because he goes to a gun range could a good attorney sue the s*** out of them

  14. Okay, this just got disgusting. Greenleaf’s not even a cop (civilian security), so we have something more like forced confinement than a Miranda violation.

    Kelvin Greanleaf (unless there’s more than one) was next to Mr. Scot Peterson (yup, none other than the Coward of the County) on the way over to the scene.

    This slime has the nerve to give anyone the third degree about anything. Unforgiveable. At least his partner in pants-wetting resigned in disgrace. This little fascist now torments politically undesireable kids for amusement.

    • . . . and we now enter the interesting grey area wherein one can be both a ‘civilian’ and a ‘law-enforcement agent’ merely by crossing the line between non-aligned regular citizen merely assisting the police as would any good citizen, and an actual ‘agent’ of the police, having been (at least in the past) a direct actor along with law enforcement at law enforcement’s request, or having been given certain permissions and instructions by the police to act in a certain way on their behalf.
      I think that Mr. Greenleaf, or Greanleaf as it may be, can be considered as an ‘agent’ of the police, and that he has to act appropriately in that role. No, no free pass for him in this instance; He was an ‘agent,’ and is liable for his bad conduct.

      • All law-enforcement agents are civilians at all times, and act under the auspices of civil law. Fullstop.

        • You and I know that. The law and the courts, however, see it differently, and that makes all the difference. You don’t have to convince ME; It’s those windmills you are tilting at that need persuading.

        • Civilians are government employees not in the military. I am a citizen, not a civilians. Civilians work for me.

  15. The young man should have known he was in the presence of hero gods. He should have licked their sacred boots.

  16. Silly pro 2A radicals that think there can be Government Tyranny in America! No way, it could never happen here! If this proves to be true, I hope legal action is taken. Unfortunately, I doubt the media will come to his defense.

  17. Oh I remember being 17…having cops grill you can be discombobulating. A lawsuit is in order. Oh and private or home school. His HS daze are over at Parkland…

    • I remember being 17 too, that was the year after they put patrol cops inside my high school, and it was the three cops that couldn’t handle being out on the street and all had disiplinary actions taken on them at one time or another. One was a woman who truly thought she was a man and tried to walk and carry herself like one
      She was HORRIBLE. Threatened to ARREST me once for smoking a cigarette on school grounds (I was 18 at the time) and actually pulled her gun once to try and break up a fight between two students. After that, all any cop got out of me while I was a minor was “Fuck you!” When I turned 18 I showed them the exact same respect (or lack thereof) on the street, but I refused to be policed at school (I was faster than them). I grew up in a very blue part of a very blue state (MA) and the policing there was something to behold. I have never seen anything close to it in the 20+ years and three different states since I left. There is a very real reason why their state police look like they are ready to invade Poland.

  18. He should have told them to practice safe sex, and f— themselves. Oh, and while their at it, get him a lawyer. Number 1 rule when in those situations, SAY NOTHING! In fact, he should have been recording them, regardless of whether they liked it or not. If they take his phone, that’s property theft. He can call the cops on these sorry excuses.

  19. This poor kid needs to be removed from this “prison facility” of lower learning immediately. He appears to be in imminent danger , fostered by his teacher, school administrators, ARMED RSOs-from a particular sheriffs department, and some of his peers…This OUTRAGEOUS! Defiantly, There needs to be some serious legal action and compensatory $ damages $ for such malicious acts against this young man!

  20. The proper, though uncivil, response to any and all of this is a politely stated “Why don’t you run outside and play a nice game of hide and go fuck yourself, you know like your buddies did when there was a shooting, to pass the time until my legal guardian and a lawyer get here”.

    I hope he sues their balls off. Oh, wait, that would require them to have balls in the first place. Sheriff Israel needs a public crucifixion.

  21. …you can bet that this kid and his family will be harassed by the local cops for speaking out. this 99% of bad cops gives the 1% of good cops a “bad name”…

  22. I got grilled a few times by the Bronx po-po when I was a young miscreant. At first, I suggested that they perform an anatomically impossible act. It didn’t go over well. Then I learned to be cool, which worked a lot better. Then I became a lawyer, which worked best of all.

  23. “Don’t get snappy with me, do you not remember what happened here a few months ago?”

    As memory serves, your fellow officers didn’t follow up on multiple reports of a deranged kid who publically announced his intent to harm others and then stood idly by while he casually slaughtered a bunch of my classmates.

    Was that snappy enough?

  24. The Sheriff needs to be held accountable for his deputies stupidity. And somebody else said it right… his father should have told them to go piss off.

  25. Don’t you guys know that it is an act of CHILD ABUSE to have a MINOR even in the SAME ROOM as an EVIL BLACK RIFLE!! Why, that poor impressionable yout might just GET BAD IDEAS from inhaling the smell of burnt gun powder and START FANTASIZING about SHOOTING UP HIS HIGH SCHOOL!! THIS MUST BE STOPPED!! And if it takes threats and intimidation to accomplish this result, why the Broward County Sheriffs Department HAS THE RIGHT MEN FOR THE JOB!

    (I think I am channeling Reefer Madness–which, according to what I read recently, is being updated and redone.)

  26. Broward county is 99% liberal democratic. The sheriff’s office was always political and I’m sure politics played in this. I’ll tell how political the sheriffs office was years ago. Sheriff used to have a club of called 5500, if you donated more than $5500.00 for his election fund you get a sheriff’s ID, (not an official law enforcement ID but close) and a tiny sheriff’s badge (about the size of a lapel pin,) in a wallet styled for an ID and small badge. This was to be unofficially shown to a deputy if you get pulled over. Of course it was just a novelty according to the sheriff but every deputy knew what they were and what it meant. But that’s nothing, Broward always been a crooked democrat run county. So it doesn’t surprise me that Kyle was harassed and probably someone up there in the political pool requested it.. Don’t let that end here, use it in the fight for our rights. Tell people of the abuse of power and how the left is way out of control. We’re behind you Kyle, just keep smiling it pisses them off knowing they can’t get to you. .

  27. MEMO to every kid in HS

    record all meetings like this example with staff—you are underage and they are NOT —-IMO you’re covered!

    ask for mom or dad that second and shut it till they get there—to rip the staff a new ass

  28. When young Mr Kashuv pulls an attorney out of his holster watch the school break out all of the typical excuses:
    “We must take all concerns seriously. The safety of our students and staff is our top priority.(except when it isn’t) ”
    “Our security officers acted beyond the scope of their authority by questioning Mr Kashuv without a parent, guardian or legal representative present and we are initiating a Special High Intensity Training program to make sure that such a thing never happens again (until some other idiot who’s never heard of the Constitution does it again).”
    “We are unable to comment on this alleged incident because Mr Kashuv is a minor and all investigations and interactions with minors must remain strictly confidential (so that means we can do whatever we want and never have to answer to anybody).
    “We are confident that we will prevail in any legal action arising from this minor (because it really wasn’t important) incident. (Should an outraged jury award Mr Kashuv any damages we don’t care because the settlement will be paid by the people of Broward county and it won’t come out of our pockets. And we’ll tie it up long enough in court to make sure that Mr Kashuv never graduates high school, never gets into college and if he doesn’t go to jail we’ll see him living under a bridge in a cardboard refrigerator box because we’ve bankrupted his family with lawyer fees)

  29. I wonder if this behavior is part of a pattern of harassing politically unpopular students. Let the liberal majority spot the outlier via social media, report it to the school authorities, who then dispatch a political officer to intimidate the miscreant and maintain the social order. I find it hard to believe conservative students weren’t being given similar ‘re-education’ if they were caught saying something claimed to be racist or sexist (or pro-gun for that matter) long before.

    I mean, that’s essentially what happened here, plus. this school is a farm team for liberal causes and is apparently the DNC’s version of Scientologists’ Clearwater turf (sheriff’s in with national Dems, superintendent is in with national Dems, so is the Attorney General IIRC, numerous judges are also, and everybody & their brother has ties to CNN)

  30. “F off until I call my Dad and he gets here with a lawyer” Think it would have continued? Unfortunately he is a young man never faced with this before, but I doubt it will happen again! Lawsuit here> So what if the taxpayers get soaked, it’s wealthy libville there! I think they can afford it.

  31. Time to remove EVERYONE in the Broward County Police organization. It’s poisoned from top to bottom. Pay FHP to fill in until the county can restaff.

    • The best way to do that is find out they are a criminal enterprise (laundering money for organized crime) or nail them for systematic civil rights abuses. The brazen behavior exhibited by the school/officers in this interrogation does seem to suggest a level of comfort/familiarity with this kind of harassment. Given the radical politics of everyone from the school leadership to the local government to the local courts, it is not unreasonable to suspect there is a concerted campaign of official oppression of conservative students on that campus.

  32. One said, “Don’t get snappy with me, do you not remember what happened here a few months ago?”

    Kashuv was there. Where were you?

    • Greenleaf was waiting outside.

      Honestly? That statement could very easily be taken as a threat, seeing as the two officers were carrying guns and the kid had no intention of harming anyone.


    More interesting developments; it would appear Mr. Greenleaf is none other than the Head of Security. At least, that’s what he was telling everyone until the day of the shooting when he was caught on camera hiding outside along Scot Peterson as his students were murdered, then disappeared for a good while until his colleague resigned in disgrace.

    Now he’s back at work, and harassing political undesirables, no less. Quite the piece of work, this guy is. Hopefully his lack of official police employment means he is not shielded by any form of qualified immunity, and Kyle is able to press criminal civil rights charges against him & the school for the illegal confinement & interrogation, as well as civil charges. With some luck, Mr. Greenblatt’s house & pension will fund the education of a future RKBA civil rights activist.

  34. As a Broward county resident, what hits me the hardest is that several Google searches to find someone running against our asshole in power Scot Israel turned up nothing. How the hell is no body challenging him in November after this fiasco?

    • There’s probably a very good reason for that. Either A) The people of Broward County are satisfied with the sheriff they have, or B) anyone who might stand a chance of winning such an election has been “visited” by some semi-official representative of the Sheriff and asked about the welfare of their business/home/wife/children. The people of Broward County may be well-to-do but that doesn’t mean they’re brave.

      • sadly that happens more than most people would like to think in places where a candidate stands unopposed. in those places it takes people who have little to looseand have “balls that clank” to stand up to them and have a strong grass roots following that are willing to work hard and/or fight to the bitter end.
        there is at least one example of this shortly after WWII in one city of the US (forget the name of it right now but some of you may know it) where the local mayor or sheriff was rigging the elections. it ended up being a full blown armed standoff until the people doing the rigging finally backed down

      • Do not know what the election cycle is for a sheriff in Fl, but he was reelected 2 yrs ago with 72 percent of the vote. My location is 4 yrs I know some are 3 yrs.

  35. “Kyle should have responded:

    “Oh, what happened here a few months ago? You mean, when both of your cowardly department’s officers hid while my classmates were murdered? I remember that well.

    Followed by: “Charge me and get me an attorney, or release me to return to my class. You are depriving me of an education for political reasons. ”

    Then shut up. I sure as heck would not go to that office again without a recording device in my pocket. Someone ought to be fired. The state AG ought to investigate.

    • sounds about like what i would have said in a similar situation when i was his age however i have been vocal about lots of issues in politics and for the same sort of reasons as now (i have just learnt more that help back up what i say) since i was 15 though at the time i would not have had the ability for a pocket recording device as they were still quite bulky or insanely expensive….. XT computers were the latest top performers back then

  36. I’d like to see some organisations like GOA, USCCA, The 2nd Amendment Foundation and others get together and fund a first class Law Firm to sue the ever loving crap out of these so-called Resource Officers, the Broward County Sheriff’s Department, and the school administrators that allowed these Bozo’s to come into the school and usurp Kyle’s Constitutional and Civil Rights. These asswipes cannot be allowed to get away with crap like this without some serious consequences befalling them.

    • Fired? He needs to be arrested on RICO and corruption charges along with dereliction of duty and everything else that can be dug up, and thrown into a deep, moist pit.

  37. “Don’t get snappy with me, do you not remember what happened here a few months ago?”

    Oh man would I have an answer to that, one that would very much involve incompetent deputies.

  38. It appears that agents of the county government have conducted a criminal investigation of someone for exercising their 1st Amendment rights. No matter how Orwellian this may seem the Chicago Police we’re party to Federal civil action against them 40 years ago for the same thing. They lost in court. This young man needs an attorney. We need that attorney as well to prevent any government from doing the same thing to any American.

  39. Didn’t the DOJ step in and investigate the Furgeson PD? Why isn’t the DOJ stepping in and investigating the CCSD?

    • DOJ is packed full of leftists.

      Ferguson PD made the mistake of oppressing a saintly black boy who was just minding his own business.

      Broward PD is stuffed to the gills with those of the same political stripe as the DOJ.

      There’s your answer.

  40. Fellow students traumatized???? You have got to be kidding!!!!! I abhor the fact that these kids simply vomit back whatever they are told to say….no mind of their own….so glad my kids were NEVER this gullible or stupid…at least you can fix gullible… can’t fix stupid!!!

  41. “Anyone taking a child into custody must try to notify the child’s parent, guardian, or legal custodian. Florida law says a child can be questioned outside the presence of his or her parents. However, in deciding whether a confession will be admitted as evidence against the child, the judge will consider whether the child fully understands his or her constitutional rights, and whether the parents should have been present to advise the child.
    Children do have the right to consult an attorney before making a statement or answering questions, but in cases of minor offenses, it may not be necessary. However, if your child is charged with a major crime, such as a very serious property offense or a crime against a person, for which he or she could be tried as an adult, or if your child is currently under any type of court supervision, you and your child should definitely consult with an attorney before speaking to the police.
    Your child can be taken to the county jail and held for up to six hours to be fingerprinted and photographed upon a reasonable belief that he or she has committed a crime.”

      • Who said he was accused of a crime? Not even he said the government thugs accused him of a crime. Still doesn’t change the fact that Florida law allows the police to question a minor outside the presence of the parent.

        • If he’s not suspected of a crime, WHY was he being “questioned”?

          He was actually just being intimidated.

          He was braced by thugs and cowards.

          They need to be made to pay a price.

  42. Boward county cowards in CYA Mode, wanting too keep their cushy jobs, Protecting us you know because the F”ing Cowards gotta protect ya know? Anti-American, Anti- Constitution Fascist Democrats

  43. Sounds like the FBI was too busy trying to pin something on President Trump to prevent a school shooting they were warned was coming. Now the Coward County sherriff department is wasting time investigating tweets. Way to make the best use of your taxpayer dollars.

  44. Oh snap that’s nexus firearms in davie, florida. I used to work there. Phenomenal place to get some first time shooter training.

  45. If it were my kid, those cops would with they’d never been born.

    They did NOTHING to impede the killer’s activities, yet they come after this kid. It’s pure police state political harassment.

    Start with “name and shame” and do EVERYTHING within the law to make their lives a hell on earth.

  46. What do you expect from the Cowards of Broward? Now that the shooting is over they can go back to strutting around like good little Schutzstaffel while practicing their goose stepping and polishing their medals.

  47. 2 things,
    First, when they told him not to get smart with them and asked if he didn’t remember what happened a month ago, he should have said, “Yeah, that’s when you guys hid outside while Cruz shot a bunch of us, right?”

    Second, he should, instead of asking, TOLD them, whether true or not, “You guys know I’m recording this, right?”

    Yeah, I know- it’s easy for me to say after the fact. But it’s a great fantasy, isn’t it?

  48. ‘Am I free to go”? ‘I will be glad to answer your questions but with my parents and family lawyers in the room with us. BYE.

  49. JEE—ZUSS!!! I thought we lived in the Land of the Free?! One doesn’t want to become a Conspiracy Theorist, but THIS kind of behavior—BY LAW ENFORCEMENT, NO LESS—-as well as the milquetoast school administration, leaves me absolutely aghast! SERIOUSLY???

    This sure as hell isn’t the America I grew up in and defended IN UNIFORM. These particular “officers” have continued to show they are a bunch of cowardly do-nothings with a history of a lack of service. Many of my good friends are LEOs, and NONE of them are the kind of people who would pick on a law-abiding HIGH SCHOOLER for EXERCISING HIS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AS A FREE, LAW-ABIDING CITIZEN.

    I just can’t wrap my head around this. How does THIS happen HERE any more than the vile incident that preceded it! They should be PROTECTING this kid and working to EDUCATE (well, this IS a school…) everyone on all sides of this issue that the gun isn’t the problem. Somewhere I recently read about a ban on knives , and I had to pause in shock! Next, it’ll be long tools, pens & pencils, any form of travel conveyance, and MAYBE EVEN flatware! WE’LL BE DOWN TO COOKING & EATING WITH SPORKS! CUE THE THOUGHT POLICE!!!

    Anyone think I’m kidding?

  50. Many of my good friends are LEOs, and NONE of them are the kind of people who would pick on a law-abiding HIGH SCHOOLER for EXERCISING HIS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AS A FREE, LAW-ABIDING CITIZEN.

    How can you be so certain?

  51. The Children, the left indoctrinates them, crucify them, use them, sexualize them and aborts them.
    The left are child abusers.

  52. Since they confined him and terrorized him they technically committed the crime of kidnapping under Florida state law.
    Florida defines the crime of kidnapping as the confinement, abduction, or imprisonment of another person against her or his will. The kidnapping must be committed “forcibly, secretly, or by threat” and without lawful authority. Furthermore, the person committing the crime must have the intent to:

    hold the kidnapped person for ransom or reward, or as a shield or hostage;

    commit or facilitate the commission of any felony;

    inflict bodily harm upon or “terrorize the victim” or another person; or

    interfere with the performance of any governmental or political function.

  53. First i would have asked for my dad to come before they asked any questions second i would have said I want my family lawyer their also next i would told them I’m leaving if even one other questions i asked was answered no.

    You have the right to leave if they do not respect your rights.

    You are a under age kid your parents are to be called in a thing like this.

  54. He should of asked them were they scared cowards hiding behind their cars like scared little kittens during the murderous rampage from a known 40+ time criminal ..that was covered up so the school,county and sheriff dept could receive more federal dollars to not give troubled kids a police record reflecting on the failures of the above!

  55. The conduct of these three Deputies is just another example of cowardice we’ve come to expect from certain elements of Israel’s gang , they had no probable cause/reasonable suspicion upon which to base their contact of this young man. They were using their authority not to investigate an offence but to intimidate a young man whose conduct seems to be beyond reproach . It seems that certain elements of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office is not in fact serving and protecting but is an force of occupation and tyranny . I believe Mr. Jefferson suggested the remedies to this tyrannical behavior .

  56. He was under 18 I believe they have broken the law questioning him without a parent present.

  57. These were not cops, but just commie cowards of Broward who have badges, The badge numbers need to be taken and posted so others are aware of these coward cops

  58. Oh, so the same chuds who think that installing police and armed guards in every school is a great idea now are angry about getting questioned by those same stormtroopers, huh? I love how “small government” means loving the police state, and then a little manlet wuss like Kashuv can’t take the heat. I support the 2A, but like so many weakling cowards, fools like Kashuv only feel manly when they’re strapped.

  59. Every single person on here with their panties in a giant twist over this will turn around and demand that black and Spanish kids live in prisonlike schools, hypocrites LOL


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