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Lagging in the polls, Kentucky Democratic Senatorial candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes is running a campaign ad knocking down clays as she distances herself from President Obama on “guns, coal and the EPA.” Strangely, Grimes’ stance on firearms freedom doesn’t appear on her campaign website’s issues page. I did find this at “As an NRA member, my strong support for the Second Amendment is unquestioned. I am proud of Kentucky’s long-held gun ownership, sporting and hunting traditions.” . . .

Maybe someone should question her support; where she stands on universal background checks, ammunition magazine capacity limits, that sort of thing. And ask her why President Obama thinks her election will help gun control. And whether she rejects the Democrat Party platform’s stance on gun control, which calls for the reinstatement of the “assault weapon” ban and subjecting gun rights to “reasonable regulation.”

Don’t hold your breath. But do withhold your support.

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  1. One question, lady. How do you feel about constitutional carry?

    P.S. Is that joe biden’s shotgun she’s holding?

  2. Oh boy, there is the sporting and hunting traditions again!

    Hey, how about my right to be able to defend myself? Why is that never a campaign platform for Dems? (Rhetorical, no need to answer)

    • Indeed, when I read “I am proud of Kentucky’s long-held gun ownership, sporting and hunting traditions,” my Fudd alarm went off full force.

      • And Marie Antoinette Obuma “Supports the Troops”. When libtards lie to you we are supposed to accept their lies, even if we know its a lie and they know we know. The circle of the democrat political world.

        She runs as a dem then she is a libtard dem. Does not matter what BS she spouts.

      • “… my Fudd alarm went off full force.”

        whoooop, whoooop, whoooop, whoooop …

        or if you prefer …
        Danger, Danger, Danger Will Robinson!

  3. Am I crazy or did the court in California rule that magazine limits are Unconstitutional ??? I could swear I read it a few weeks back don’t remember who is NRA or USCCA one of these sites.

  4. Yeah, right. First time Lundergan Grimes’ party leadership says ‘jump’ her wolf costume comes off to expose her as the sheep she is.

    More political “packaging” and “marketing”.

  5. Why do these folks think that they can get support just by saying “I’m a member of the NRA”? Anyone can join it and it doesn’t mean you actually support the 2nd A. It just means you paid some level of membership dues.

    “As an NRA member, my strong support for the Second Amendment is unquestioned. I am proud of Kentucky’s long-held gun ownership, sporting and hunting traditions.”

    This just screams weasel-words and manipulation, imo. “Unquestioned”? Seriously? Anything a candidate says demands close scrutiny. They categorically have destroyed their own credibility. The “…long-held gun ownership, sporting and hunting traditions…” is always followed with an unspoken “but”. Tired, tired phrases. I believe the people of Kentucky are smarter than this.

  6. This reminds me of Neil “TARP” Kashkari (“Cash n Carry”) here in CA.
    Last we heard of him saying if you want 30 round magazines, he’s not your guy. But now, with 4 bills on Brown’s desk he says he’d veto them – but only when pressed and pressured for a stance….

    • I’d vote for Brown before I’d vote for Kashkari. At least with Brown I know what I’m getting, and it could be worse.

      Kashkari; who knows – HE doesn’t even know.

    • If all my party can do is bring this bone head forward, Repubs in CA are doomed. He just spent a week being homeless and such a “revelation”. Instead he should of spent a month working at various companies learning why many leave CA for less regulation. He lost my vote & support making the statement “I’m not your guy”. Your right, your not for public lawful self protection.

  7. Typical democrat talk….but where have all these well meaning democrats been for the last 6 years…..democrats only care about their section of the trough and what is in it for them.

  8. Same tired old play from the Democrat play book. Dems, during election time “suddenly” move/shift/crawl to the “right” using cliche’s and photo ops like this one thinking voters will fall for it. (Which sadly many still do).

  9. Among Democrats, there are those who sincerely believe in the statist ideology, and there are those who change colors like a cameleon to blend in with their local political landscape.

    I’m not sure which is worse.

  10. “You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

    – Lincoln

  11. Well… truth of the matter is, given the ingorance and misinformation about the NRA (and the 2nd Amendment), just putting the letters “N.R.A.” on your support Website may be enough to assure you’ll never get elected anywhere. But then again, if you don’t have it on your support Website, then you’re not a true supporter! Does this candidate have any voting records we can look at to see what her past priorities have been?

  12. Think about Jim Webb. Ostensibly conservative (sure sounds like it, anyway), he still voted for Obamacare even though he thought it would cause problems. Now, having done great damage to American society, he says he regrets it. Big deal. Where was his courage when we needed it? This is the problem with Democratic candidates who sound conservative. That said, I don’t much like Mitch either. But then, I don’t live in Kentucky.

    • Not much in the way of a good choice for senate in Kentucky this year. Matt Bevin ran against McConnell in the primaries, but was pork barreled in the west of the state by Mitch’s signature dam project, and in the east, the coal unions got behind Mitch as well

  13. Even if (big if) she is genuinely pro-gun, most Washington Democrats are not. Voting for her means voting for Democrat control of the Senate.

    Republicans may not be great, but we are better off with them controlling the Senate than the Democrats. Judicial appointments alone can make a huge difference.

    • A lot of badly needed legislation is voted in party lines so a vote for Grimes is a vote for Donkey Crap Bolshevism.

    • I can make the argument, however, that Pro-gun Democrats were the reason Reid didn’t even bother bringing up the anti-2a bills to the floor of the Senate since he was certain he didn’t have the support.

      • I can make the argument, however, that Pro-gun Democrats were the reason Reid didn’t even bother bringing up the anti-2a bills to the floor of the Senate since he was certain he didn’t have the support.

        Don’t confuse “pro-gun” Democrats with pro-re-election Democrats. Such Democrats know that, in order to get elected, and to stay elected, they need to pay lip service to gun rights during campaigns. The reason Reid doesn’t bring up such bills for a vote is not because such Democrats won’t vote in his favor, but because he knows that when/if such Democrats vote in his favor, they’ll lose their Senate seats.

        As the ObamaCare strong-arming proves: Democrats will vote with their party leaders on demand.

  14. Before the Midterms expect to see more Democrats scramble to distance themselves from the current Administration. Once the elections are over though they’ll quickly fall back into lockstep with their party – one of our local Democrats demonstrated this perfectly over the immigration debate.

  15. It seems that only a minuscule number of people in the world know the difference between skeet and trap. She ain’t shooting skeet.

  16. Don’t hold your breath! Politicians are all the same they tell you what you want to hear and repeat it till you believe it then once in office they turn on US like the jackals they are. Look at their voting records and previous comments then vote for those who better serve US not themselves. If you can.

  17. did anybody see her hit anything, or is this another democrat shooting bull shit,?
    and telling us it is something good for us?

  18. The real damage to gun rights will come from the courts. All those NRA democrats (Reid, Begich, Pryor) voted for Kagan and Sotomayor for the Supreme Court. Do you think lilttle Miss Allison would have voted against them?? And then there’s all those whacked out leftists getting onto the Appeals courts who are sailing through the confirmation process.

  19. Not impressed….after all, President Obola also once posed with a shotgun, although he looked slightly more feminine than Grimes….

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