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The trope the Gun Control Industrial Complex love to peddle is that gun owners are just a bunch of dumb, violent, sister-humping hicks spoiling for a reason to pull the trigger. Yet every time a mass murder event featuring a gun hits the news, the perp is invariably a strung-out lefty whack-job who’d gotten off his meds. Or never got on ’em in the first place. That’s why, in the aftermath of each of these tragedies, MSM talking heads push the disaffected Tea Party, anti-guvmint theory…until that’s proven to be nothing more than a case of hopeful projection. Which leaves the question, why are so many lefties so damned violent? Or think nothing of wishing violence on those with whom they disagree? As an example, there’s the University of Kansas’ David Guth . . .

The wonderful (and horrifying) thing about Twitter is that it gives people an instant outlet for their feelings and opinions. And as with most cross-sections of the general population, there’s a significant sub-group or Tweeters out there on one end of the bell curve who seem to have no internal editor. Or maybe their fingers are just a little too quick for their own good.


Got that? As the news was breaking Monday, Guth defaulted to the standard, comfortable proggy stereotypes when he heard about the Washington Navy Yard shooting. The massacre had to be NRA-related. Somehow. In his fevered mind, a gun was involved, ergo Wayne LaPierre and his acolytes are ultimately to blame.

But it’s not just NRA members who are pissing off the good perfesser. It’s virtually any gun owner really. Well, just about any gun owner here, anyway.

Speaking with Campus Reform on Wednesday, Guth confirmed it was he who sent the controversial tweet.

“Hell no, hell no, I do not regret that Tweet,” he said. “I don’t take it back one bit.”

Guth also doubled down on the statement when other Twitter users pressed him, suggesting it was was shameful to call for the death of children.

“God’s justice takes many forms,” he tweeted in response. 

And on Monday the associate journalism professor echoed those sentiments on his personal blog, called Snapping Turtle.

“I don’t wish what happened today on anyone,” he wrote. “But if it does happen again — and it likely will — may it happen to those misguided miscreants who suggest that today’s death toll at the Navy Yard would have been lower if the employees there were allowed to pack heat.”

So…better to have psychotic lefties shooting up designated gun-free zones than consider allowing people to arm themselves for self defense. All data to the contrary be damned.

“It absolutely appalls me that after Newtown, we could not have come to some kind of sane agreement on something as simple as the number of bullets in a magazine or the availability of assault weapons,” he said.

Keep emoting there, Professor. It’s so cathartic. And never mind the fact that Aaron Alexis didn’t use any “assault weapons” Monday. Juuuust let it all out.

KU, in the mean time, is standing behind their molder of young minds. Their position: what he says on Twitter is his own biz. Now, if he’d dropped N-bombs left and right, said AIDS patients had it coming or opposed gay marriage, he’d likely be out of a job by now. Fortunately for him, he attacked the “right” people so…no real harm done.   [h/t Zack Pike]

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  1. That man’s words are foolish and inflammatory. I would ask that we all remember that we’re better than that.

    Stupidity as powerful as the professor’s is its own punishment.

    • So, if I have the urge to kick him in the nuts that would be wrong of me. NRA member and father and grandfather that I am. I wish no harm to his family, but I’d most gladly stomp a mud puddle in his a@s and walk it dry.

      It’s moments and comments like this that make me start channeling the biker gang side of the family.

    • Agreed. Although, if God’s not busy, if he could see his way to punching this guy in the neck, much obliged.

      • Well, cap’n dipshit happened to leave his GPS turned on on his I-phone. You can mosey on up to his house and let him know how you feel about it.

        I’m not going to post it here for fear of wing-nuts reaching out to him, but it really speaks to the guys lack of fore-thought.

    • This man scares me. If he had the power to imprison or harm us, do you think he would hesitate? Granted, he doesn’t have that power. However, there seems to be a small but vehement minority that feels justified in wishing harm on their fellow Americans. This attitude is what the progressives are trying to cultivate, and nothing good can come of it.

    • These folks simply don’t get it. It’s a completely different mindset. If something terrible happened to a loved one because of firearms, it would only reinforce my strongly held belief that free human beings should definitely be prepared for all eventualities. It is a basic natural human right.

    • I think we are embracing this wrong here, you see after he starts reading the magazines he gets from his NRA gift membership, that I graciously signed him up for this morning, I think he will have a change of heart about his ideals.

      Two emails he will have fun reading this morning:

      1) Me: Explaining that he inspired myself to renew my membership, and to tell him he should start receiving his NRA materials within the next 2-4 weeks because I gifted him a membership
      2) NRA: Welcoming him as the newest member!

  2. We did come up with a “sane agreement on something as simple as the number of bullets in a magazine or the availability of assault weapons”.

    The number of bullets shall not be limited, and “assault weapons” are to be equally as available as any other type of firearm.

    • Yep. And he used a shotgun which would not have been impacted by the magazine limit they were proposing anyway. Even if they would have gotten both the assault weapons and the magazine capacity laws passed, nothing would have changed the outcome of that shooting. Of course then it would be time to target those scary “assault shotguns” I guess. Chip, chip, chip.

  3. I do believe the feds DID come to a sensible agreement on magazine capacity and “assault weapons”, they did nothing. Which is the only sensible thing Congress has done in decades…..

      • You need to read some HL Mencken.

        The very best government is the one that is totally incompetent, since it keeps ideologues from forcing their brainstorms on the rest of us.

        “The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic.”

        He also said:

        “The only good bureaucrat is one with a pistol at his head. Put it in his hand and it’s good-bye to the Bill of Rights.”

  4. With anti-gunners it’s all about projection. They ARE violent and can actually see themselves getting into parking lot shoot-outs if they had a gun. Their knowledge that they can’t handle a firearm is why they assume the rest of us can’t either.

    • This is true more often than many want to admit. Kudos on breaking out the large brush when it is warranted enough to use.

  5. Yeah – I’m one of those “left leaning gun owners”, (I believe in every amendment of the bill of rights, and busted my hump over the co recalls ) – I feel this stuff has less to do with whether or not you’re ok with , say, gay marriage or healthcare issues than, in this case, the sheltered world of academia.

    Academics , in a way , are people who have chosen to spend their lives opting out of the real world in order to “think about it” without having to interact with it.

    The only reason why a “good guy with a gun” didn’t stop this was because the guards were likely caught by complete surprise with an already drawn shotgun. The rest of the area being “gun free”, well, fish in a barrel.

    Since the anti gunners are now beginning to mumble about shotguns now, maybe this will wake up some fudds.

    • But didn’t you hear? It was a “Police-Style Shotgun”. That may throw the fudds off a bit.

      +1000 about the academics btw. I taught college (part time) for many years and there is nothing worse than a career academic telling you “how it is in the real world”.

  6. After reading the gun control handbook (“Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging”), I have walked away with two observations about the different type of grabbers out there:

    1) Those that truly believe that “Advocates for gun violence prevention win the logical debate, but lose on more emotional terms” (they used the bold for emphasis) are absolutely emotionally compromised by the issue and will never believe otherwise because they are mentally ill/chemically imbalanced.

    2) Those that go along with above mentioned nonsense, but know it to be nonsense are the ones that need to be kept out of policy making positions because they have more nefarious intentions than the first group.

    I suspect David Guth falls into group #1. He is only an Associate Professor after all.

  7. God help this man, he is a danger to himself and anyone near him.
    How can one “intelligent” individual be so misguided and hard headed?

    • Intelligence does not equate to wisdom. He is a storehouse of facts, like a shoebox full of index cards. There is no context there to apply the facts in a meaningful, realistic way.

  8. Actually KU is backpedaling in their support:
    LAWRENCE – The University of Kansas today issued the following statements in response to comments by Associate Professor of Journalism David Guth regarding the Navy Yard shooting in Washington, DC.

    Ann Brill, dean of the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications:

    “While the First Amendment allows anyone to express an opinion, that privilege is not absolute and must be balanced with the rights of others. That’s vital to civil discourse. Professor Guth’s views do not represent our school and we do not advocate violence directed against any group or individuals.”

    Timothy C. Caboni, vice chancellor for public affairs:

    “The contents of Professor Guth’s tweet were repugnant and in no way represent the views or opinions of the University of Kansas. Like all Americans, he has the right under the First Amendment to express his personal views and is protected in that regard. But it is truly disgraceful that these views were expressed in such a callous and uncaring way. We expect all members of the university community to engage in civil discourse and not make inflammatory and offensive comments.”

      • Sure there’s that infamous “shouting fire in a crowded theater”… which of course everybody trying to make a point leaves off the key “falsely” .
        In other words speech which is dangerous and false, as opposed to speech which is truthful but also dangerous.

        The 2nd should be treated the same, right to bear arms, except in a manner which is dangerous and reckless.

        • Sure, but his speech actually wasn’t something that wouldn’t be protected. Reprehensible, yes, but not beyond the limits of the 1A.

          So, I’m pretty sure that the only reason they included that statement, wasn’t in reference to the Mr. Guth’s speech, but as an unspoken reminder on the limits of the 2A. (Which, i’m sure to them, exists at a different line than we’d draw here.)

        • Man this guy is absolutely retarded (no offense to actual mentally ill people out there, you are mostly great people, what I mean is this guy is incredibly stupid). Which is punishment in and of itself. We don’t have to punish him any further.

          I do want to comment on the “fire in a crowded theater” thing.. Read up on the ruling that the saying came from. What’s funny is almost NO ONE today would agree w/the ruling.

          Also, the quote is 100% false. The 1st amendment absolutely protects your right to do things like that. What it doesn’t protect you from is the theater owner asking you to leave. Also (more importantly) it doesn’t protect you from the *consequences* of saying it.

        • Your last paragraph (sentence?) is absolutely perfect. Distilled the concept down to bare bones brilliantly.

      • The First Amendment is, indeed, not absolute. That’s why those very same people who wrote that amendment also introduced the concept of copyright, and wrote laws criminalizing libel and slander

    • Is he guaranteed First Amendment protections at the University of Kansas? The Bill of Rights is only supposed to regulate how the government infringes on our rights. My employer absolutely has the ability to fire me for saying something stupid like this.

    • He is free to say what he wants. But the school is also free to fire his a$$ for saying it. Well, hopefully the school is free to do it.

    • “While the First Amendment allows anyone to express an opinion, that privilege is not absolute and must be balanced with the rights of others. That’s vital to civil discourse.

      This position by most universities is what makes them the LEAST free of any place in the United States. They use this as a weapon to punish any statement by a student who happens to offend the tender feelings of the school’s favored pet minorities (gays, girls, blacks, hispanics…. well it’s easier to say any person EXCEPT a white, heterosexual, male).

      As Pragers says….”If you graduate with a non-science degree from a university you are most likely dumber then you were four years ago. If you received a graduate degree, you are now dumber AND dangerous.”

      • Having Masters degrees in Organic Chemistry and in Education, I’m definitely more dangerous. I can teach kids how to make explosives and nerve gas… but I don’t. I also don’t Break Bad, but my students think I do.
        The problem is, MS in Education is canceling out my MS in O Chem. I’m only as smart as when I received my BS in Chemistry…

  9. He just changed the privacy settings on his Facebook page because it was blowing up. I copied the comments left by his “fans”

    • Uhh… how ’bout we just leave him alone? Last time I checked, we still have a right to be an a-hole in America. And we use it…

    • I just sent the following to him via e-mail:

      Seems to me that your lack of compassion, and your lust for the blood of more dead children would make you unfit to be an educator. I’m an NRA member as are most of my family members. We do not wish that anyone’s children be killed. And I have no desire to shoot anyone, unless they are presenting a clear and immediate threat to my family or me. Odds are that I’ll never face such a threat in my lifetime, but in the small sleepy village in which I live (Saylorsburg, PA), there was recently a triple murder less than 5 minutes from my house. A couple of years ago, a family that lives less than 1 mile from my house had a family member killed and eaten by a “pet” bear. They still have that bear, as well as a lion, tiger and other dangerous animals that have gotten loose in the past and might again in the future. And you would deny me the tools to protect and defend my family from such threats. You believe that “gun free” zones are some how safe. Why you don’t see that gun free zones are actually killing fields is beyond my understanding. I have no problem at all with you choosing to be an unarmed victim, unable to protect yourself or your loved ones. But you have no right to ask anyone else to be a victim with you because you are afraid of firearms. When seconds count, remember that the police are minutes away. And the police are not actually “first responders”, the people at the scene as events unfold are the real first responders. Some respond by hiding, running, fighting back or screaming frantically with no clue as to what to do. I imagine you would be one to piss his pants in fear.

  10. Any NRA members should contact his employer and specifically ask what they intend to do about a faculty member that has threatened the life of someones child.

  11. Liberal Antis are always wishing pain and death on people who disagree with them.

    When was the last time you saw 2A advocates saying the same about antis?

    • Really, dude? There are plenty of nutcases on our side, too, who say some nasty and vile things about those with whom they disagree. This professor’s a dickhead, sure, but plenty of pro-2A keyboard kommandos have said even worse things about, for example, Feinstein and Bloomberg.

        • Look on back to when that pro-control congressman from NJ died. There were plenty of folks that were neutral or even sympathetic on the matter, but there were plenty of folks dancing on his grave too.

          Oh, and pretty much everything William Burke, Enitsu and all their friends have said too.

          That’s not to say I’m not disgusted by this. I had someone specifically wish death on my child simply because I was arguing for gun rights. I’ve certainly never seen anyone on our side sharing this guys stature say anything this vitriolic, if that’s what you were talking about.

        • Yup, Blinky, that’s what I’m talking about. I can’t say that I was unhappy that Lautenberg finally had the decency to die, but I never wished harm upon his children, grandchildren or great grandchildren. Taking into account the genes they’re carrying, they’re already pretty much fvcked.

        • I guess James Yeager threatening to start killing people over gun control legislation doesn’t count as “wishing pain and death on people”?

          My only point was that the antis don’t have an exclusive monopoly on asswipe nutbags. They may have more of them, but we have a few, too.

        • Yeager… ok, he is one that you can count… but you can also count him in the loony category, and that is where the similarities between him and the professor stop. The professor is someone that kids, and adults, respect and look up to. Hell, he is paid to educate college students! I am very sure that no one here would want Yeager teaching anyone, let alone your children! And that my friends, is what makes the professors comment so much worse than anything that comes out of Yeager’s mouth.

  12. Anyone who thinks that the Soviet Union fell has never been to an American university. It didn’t fall — it just moved. And given that tuition costs more than most of the students will earn back in their lifetimes, I’d say that those old Stalinists have done a lot better after the fall than they did before.

    • thats why i want to be an educator. i want to fix this. all of it.
      chances are i may not, but i can at least try.

      “books: one adult arm.
      supplies: half an adult leg.
      tuition: your firstborn child.
      knowing that youre financially screwed for the rest of your life: priceless.
      for everything else, there’s the federal government.”

      • “thats why i want to be an educator. i want to fix this. all of it.”
        HAHAHAHAHAHA – that’s a good one! It’s too far gone; the $$$ is too good, and the egos are way too big to fix anything.

  13. This “professor”: plenty of technical knowledge, zero psychological knowledge. In essence, a 50 years old child.

  14. Lowrents, Kansas. The Pimple on the Plains. I work at another university in the state of Kansas and pretty much agree with Micihi’s definition of academia.

  15. So the guy is going on about availability of assault weapons? An assault weapon wasn’t used…the guy used the type of weapon Joe Biden encouraged people to use… Gotta love it when they talk out their rear…

  16. I’m a life member of the NRA, and I have children. I also own a couple of firearms. I’m personally, very offended.

  17. When I read the tweet, I was just shocked.
    Why you may ask?
    First and foremost he is an associate professor who teaches journalism. As a journalist you would expect or at least attempt to attain thoughtful and deliberate insight into any given story or issue. Simply blurting out something so vulgar and crass it absolutely ridiculous. Now let me be clear, he not only threats the lives of the NRA members and their families, but he had absolutely no thought into what actually happened. Zero, nada!

    Guth single handedly handed us all the ammo anyone needs to discredit him. I mean let’s bring this back to reality folks. As far as we know he was never committed or convicted of any crime. He did a background check. He got a Biden approved shotgun. Where exactly did the NRA even come into play here. I a asking because I seriously don’t see it. Maye he has some divine vision into the cosmos which the rest of us mortals don’t have.

    So really was I shocked.. Nope, I was waiting for some idiot to pop off. I was figuring it would be Piers Morgan, but he got the whole news story wrong, so I guess that counts too.

    • As a journalist you would expect or at least attempt to attain thoughtful and deliberate insight into any given story or issue.

      I just about choked reading that.

    • Have you read anything in the news over the last few years? “Journalists” today can’t even spell the words in their story correctly and you expect some sort of thought on content prior to publishing?

    • Just wrote him a letter:

      Dear Mr. Caboni,

      I’m to you today to let you know the disgust with which I read the comments of your faculty member, Mr. David Guth.

      The attack and subsequent murder of 12 people was carried out by a man with severe mental illness who should have never had access to a firearm. Placing the blame for this at the hands of the NRA and proclaiming that you hope the children of the organization are murdered should cause alarm within your organization.

      It is these warning signs that have been ignored time and time again in these high-body-count killings. I hope that you have a sincere conversation with Mr. Guth to determine his motives and intentions behind his words.

      The lack of control he has shown on the internet does not bode well for his response to a stressful situation in reality.


      (Aww crap – I just read the spelling mistake in the first sentence… Oh well.)

  18. God damn you professor David Guth. The NRA had nothing to do with this shotgun toting nut. Furthermore, he illegally shortened the barrel on it without the proper NFA stamp. I notice you are an associate professor and have silver hair. I take it your colleagues think your work is crap or you would be full prof by now.

  19. I’ve heard it said that college breeds liberals. While that’s half true, I had a professor of mine once put it in perspective:

    “If you come in leaning left, you’ll hear the words of a prophet and come out swearing socialism is the answer. If you come in leaning right, you’ll be faced with such a mountain of bulls* that you’ll come out normal”

    Luckily, I was in the latter category.

    It never ceases to amaze me how people like this are able to spew hatred and get away with it, hiding behind tenure. Tenure was created with the intent of providing a professor with freedom to hold a thought provoking discussion in the classroom, in the hopes of molding free thinkers. It was NOT intended to protect a hate mongrel from spewing death threats from behind a shield of academia.

  20. Why this from a professor? Sounds like something I heard at the school yard when I was two. Truth be told having to put up with infantile people who would wish harm onto others only shows the ignorance of the person on both the subject matter and of the people to which he condemns. I certainly won’t be sending my children to be taught by a professor of such violence.

  21. The reason why he is not out of a job has nothing to do with the group he allegedly attacked. I think that white people (and your many factions such as NRA, lefties, righties, teabaggers, repubes, demococks, etc.) need to take RESPONSIBILITY for the behavior of your own nut jobs! He is looking at this incident, the kindergarten incident, and the movie shooting, and the many, many, many other white with gun travesties and saying “People, we really need to take our own self inventory and fix the problem in the white community.”

  22. Now why cant the next insane bastard with a gun go and smoke THIS asshat? I know I’d stand in line just to laugh at his room temp ass.

  23. See, Kansas UNiversity, your employee has yelled FIRE in the crowded theatre when there is no FIRE, and that is a criminal offence.

    So here is one other solution to the problem, let some local NRA members sit in a open public debate and school assistant Joseph Goebbels protege David Guth on the BOR’s and all that govenrment data that prove him an utter fool and broadcast it on public television.

    Not only would he be shown in public as the idiot he is, you will have given a fair shake to both sides, such a win win situation for you.

    Oh and his failure to accept such a remedy should be grounds for immeadiate dismissal as surely there is something in EVERY employees contract stating about INTENTIONALLY harming the school in the fashion he has!

  24. See, if an NRA member or his/her family were threatened in such a situation, the odds of the shooter being stopped would be much higher that if this goober or his children were in the same situation. The NRA member is armed, or has a higher likelihood of being armed.

  25. True. The comments. But I can’t help but think the planet is better off without the defective DNA of this “professor”.

  26. I noticed he is an associate professor.
    That means he does not have tenure.
    I’m willing to bet that unless he has pictures of the dean or board with barnyard animals he has lessened the chances of his sticking around. The folks above him tend to not like waves being stirred.
    To make it even better he is in a specialty that is flat out flooded with highly qualified people. So I’m hoping when he gets the boot he can’t even find an adjunct position.

    • Associate professors do have tenure (in this case, more’s the pity). They have been fired in circumstances not far different from this, however, so there’s hope.

    • “threatening and abusive behavior” – surprise, surprise. I’d say that lends credence to the “projection hypothesis” of hoplophobia. He’s a rageaholic, and can’t imagine that other people aren’t like him.

  27. I suspect that the reason the school backpedaled had more to do with wealthy alumni expressing displeasure than with actual contrition.

  28. Vice Chancellor Caboni,

    I would like to express my dismay at Professor Guth’s irrational statement regarding the NRA and their children. As a professional in the criminal justice field, an adjunct professor of Criminology at Penn State University, and as a member of the NRA I was appalled by the vitriol in professor Guth’s tweet. I would not wish on anyone the horror of what happened in DC, Newtown, or what happens daily in Chicago. Perhaps your Journalism professor should audit a criminology class and learn just what the facts are about violent crime in the US having decreased significantly over the past 30 years as gun ownership has increased.

    Had I made a similar statement, whether in my professional field or as an academic at PSU I would face discipline and/or termination. Perhaps you should review your policies and procedures with regard to such behavior. At the very least you should consider the children in his Journalism class being exposed to ultra-biased gibberish.

    I will leave you with this:

    (inserted a picture of me, my wife and my 9 and 7 year old daughters)

    John Eliyas, MA, IACFP

    • Do you seriously believe that an A&M Land Grant college that considers master’s and doctoral programs in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies in demand is going to review their policies and procedures because of what that clown did?

  29. I have twin 2-yo girls and am a life member of the NRA. This man’s vitriol is offensive in the extreme. It reveals to me that he had no redeeming value whatsoever, to wish such violence on my children. The First Amendment protects his right to run his mouth, but it doesn’t protect him from the consequences. May he soon be looking for a new job where he cannot further poison the minds of young people.

    David Guth
    Associate Professor
    [email protected]
    Stauffer-Flint Hall, room 110

    Let it rip.

  30. Actually, KU has a strict separation of personal and official.

    A lot of right-threaded wingnuts say their pieces with no fear of consequence.

    That said, I should wish that this asshat were teaching something a little less subjective than journalism.

    I love Kansas and like KU, but this is a black blotch of Phredian proportion.

    I hangeth mine head in shame on behalf of my state — over ONE rotten apple.

  31. So, I sent an email to the good Professor at [email protected] . Do what you need to do.

    Professor Guth,

    You Sir, are a very sad specimen for what constitutes a human being. Your sentiments and comments on recent events tells me all that I need to know about the content of your character and the depths of your depravity. May a just and compassionate God have mercy on your blackened soul and may your children, if you have them, forgive the weaknesses that you have allowed to pollute and corrupt your humanity, your rationality and your compassion for innocents. I truly hope that someday soon you will be able to see the error of your misguided ways, be able to repent for your willful ignorance and thoughtless hatred, and that you will come to some sort of modest enlightenment as to how wrong you truly are about many of your fellow citizens.

    Do you know what the really sad thing is? It’s that you’ve allowed yourself to become so ideologically isolated, so completely detached from what is real and what is agitprop, so duped by those that don’t know, in the least, what the hell they are talking about. You’ve allowed yourself to become a caricature, a pathetic cartoon; cloaked in the mantle of self- righteous enlightenment and soothing, impotent victimhood.



      • Hopefully not, as when they fire him he’ll lose his KU e-mail account and the sooner than happens the better.

        May their servers repeatedly crash from the load in the interim, though.

        • There’s always the Twitter account and the personal email account that he must have to go along with his blog account. Mail away!

      • You can be pretty well assured that the poor KU IT drones who have to deal with this will be overwhelmed, and it will accomplish little more than to make their already stressed days more stressful. University IT drones are often largely libertarian, and often strongly pro-RKBA/2A. So this is pointless.

        No, the place to take this is to this loathly sociopathic public-money-academic parasite himself. Starting with confronting him with the fact that somebody with children at Sandy Hook Elementary must be/have been an NRA member.

        THAT is what he is celebrating.

  32. Well, my son and daughter have committed their lives to defending their country and this a$$hat’s right to free speech, so maybe they will be in the line of fire. I hope not.
    How can anyone who purports to be peace loving have so much hate?

  33. I foresee some anti-gun zealot such as this committing violence against the NRA or some other symbol of pro 2A ideas. How long can they condone each others calls for violence, wishes for violence, yearning for violence, before some nut actually obliges?


    • They are no more responsible for how another person chooses to act than law abiding gun owners are responsible for how maniacs abuse firearms. “The professor’s tweet told me to do it” is no more defensible than “the voices told me to do it.”

      My gripe with this flatlander clod is that he basically came out and celebrated the Newtown massacre. SOMEBODY with children at Sandy Hook Elementary would have been an NRA member.

      This is sociopathy. But not entirely surprising for a grown man who has never left school in his entire life:

      Appears he’s been real busy being a PR prof, and teaching those mass mediated/big data propaganda skills to powerful Russians.

  34. This person just set a new paradigm for “despicable”. To wish the death of anyone’s children by any kind of intentional violence is the act of a putrid, diseased brain.
    Talk all you want about what the First Amendment Freedom of Speech means, but this person crossed a line that cannot be excused or rationalized by any argument anyone can offer. IF KU chooses not to terminate or discipline him, then they are no better than he is.

  35. Just another intillectual (liberal retard) that thinks he knows what’s best for you.

    Hopes that NRA members children are next.
    I hope he gets cancer and his guts / lower intestines rot slowly so this stupid SOB lingers in pain for several weeks before death and then a warm spot in hell is watting there for him.
    I hate pompous eliteist pricks like this professor.


    • Signed him up for the NRA this morning, unfortunately the only address I could find was the campus address, nevertheless…

  36. “Let it be your sons and daughters”, huh? The big problem with NRA sons and daughters is that they tend to shoot back…
    This goober is just another run-of-the-mill, bottom-feeding (in all senses of the expression) internet troll, so handle him like one: sign him up for gay animal porn delivered to his email and desktop inbox a million times a week, and call it a day.

    • Leave the animals out of this, and stop recommending the further wasteage of public dollars by overburdening KU’s IT services.

  37. He speaks as if someone really cares about what he has to say.He has been in a position of authority way too long,it seems he is having illusions of grandeure.He is just spouting the same old liberal banter,trying to get a rise out of us,idiots like this I ignore,due to the fact that who will care tomorrow?Not me,heck I don’t care now,like I said way too long!Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  38. This only reinforces what I already believe about anti-gun wackos – that they really do wish for the death of innocents so they can do their sick blood dance. Even more repugnant when they wish for the death of children.


  39. Well, this guy obviously believes in 1A. Freedom of religion is in there I think, along with freedom of speech. If my religion is VooDoo, then can I take his tweet as a curse? A curse as dangerous as bullet fired. A threat of harm on my children as sure as if he was trying to kill them by his on hand. That might call for a DGU. Hell,.. I think he might be attempting Mass Murder.

  40. Liberalism is the mother of self-entitlement, a right to be selfish and self-centered.
    It’s the right to say, and do anything, even the right to break the law, if necessary.
    That fuels their belief that they’re superior, and therefore, more entitled than others.
    I think most liberals are angry because life is not the way THEY think it should be,
    which means that someone else is responsible for it not being the way they want.
    If they don’t get the G.I. Joe with the kung-fu grip, well, it’s temper tantrum time.
    As is the case with childish liberalism, it’s adults who have to clean up their mess.
    The bad news: This K.U. Ass. Prof guy is the tip of the academically Left iceberg.
    What’s beneath the surface is far more dangerous than what’s showing above.

  41. Wow… What a lot of really nasty generalizations about higher education, academia non-dittoheads and intellect.

    I guess maybe a large portion of “us” are cud-chewing, sister-humping, book-eating, toothless billhillies after all.

  42. Okay, I have revised my forecast on this guy from “Left-wing Academic Blob” to “Full on Nutjob”

    David Guth ‏@DWGuth 16 Sep
    #NavyYardShooting The blood is on the hands of the #NRA. Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters. Shame on you. May God damn you.

    AJ ‏@Flidais68 16 Sep
    @DWGuth Shame on you, I bet you think of yourself as a christian while you are asking God to damn people and wishing their children dead.

    David Guth ‏@DWGuth 16 Sep
    @Flidais68 God’s justice takes many forms.

  43. David, David David, off your meds again? You need some professional help buddy. We certainly wouldn’t want your violent thoughts to ever lead you to act out. Ever consider voluntary commitment?

  44. David Guth is now an honorary member of the NRA, courtesy of the NRA sign-a-friend-up program, it truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

  45. This man in no way personally represents a realistic threat to me and my family, beyond the assault on my ears and sensibilities. However, he may have just given some lunatic a new idea. Therein lies the real threat, the malice with no face or name until its too late. Meanwhile, how will this man really feel if such should come to pass? Proud? Appalled? Will he feel vindicated, and post more hate?

    His statement about “nuance” in his tweet is utter BS, it was pretty clear. Now something he said in anger over a national microphone can’t be taken back, and he’s desperately trying to minimize the damage. And in the process he can’t resist blaming US for not “getting it.”

  46. What a strange statement. His whole psyche is quite a twisted oddity. So I support the NRA because they support gun owners and speak for the gun owners and manufacturer’s as a lobbying force in Washington, otherwise I basically have no voice there. So… The NRA (made up of many members) are responsible how? A stranger used a gun that may or may not look similar to mine to kill people and I am responsible because I don’t want to give up my gun rights and because I don’t want further regulation on my ability to buy, sell, trade, firearms? He is not responsible for his actions, I am responsible because I should give up my gun rights and I don’t want to… sure. Got it.

  47. File under: Major Irony

    I checked Guth’s LinkedIn page and … get this … a book he helped write is being released in a SIXTH EDITION in late 2013. Without further comment, please take note of the title:

    A sixth edition of a textbook he co-authored with Associate Professor Chuck Marsh, “Public Relations: A Values-Driven Approach,” will be published in late 2013 by Allyn & Bacon of Boston.

  48. For what it is worth, the response I got (as I sure many other have) from the Chancellor at KU.

    Thank you for writing to me regarding the repugnant comments made by a member of our faculty on his personal Twitter account. The comments were inflammatory and in no way represent my views or the views of the University of Kansas.

    In order to prevent disruptions to the learning environment for students, the School of Journalism and the university, I have directed Provost Jeff Vitter to place Associate Professor Guth on indefinite administrative leave pending a review of the entire situation. Professor Guth’s classes will be taught by other faculty members.

    What I ask is that you not allow the comments by a lone professor impugn an entire university, and the thousands of students, faculty and staff who are part of our community.


    Bernadette Gray-Little

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