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As the man says: the Kimber Solo is the company’s first deviation from their 1911 business. And like many brand extensions by companies with a tightly-gathered remit (think Porsche Cayenne), it’s a hit! The gunmaker’s marketing maven responded to Brad’s recent request for a testing and evaluation model with the not-so-glad tidings that we are WAY behind the curve. “I have about 150+ writers and editors lined up for these Solo Carry pistols,” Steve Buttel told TTAG. “The first day of SHOT show we wrote 5000 orders for them. Currently, they are trickling out of the factory.” That’s both good news and bad news. Bad news for us. Good news that Kimber isn’t rushing the Solo out the door. So . . . six rounds? They better work on getting those spare mags out the door, too. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. A first-year model that’s completely different from anything the company has produced in the past? I’ll look into it after the obligatory recall.

  2. What Ralph said. Unless you’re a died-in-the-wool Kimberite, why not go with something like a PM9? I’d even buy a CM9 (new, smaller model of the proven CW9 design) before the new Kimber.

  3. I’m “a died-in-the-wool Kimberite” and I already ordered my new SOLO, but I have to wait about six months before my new baby will join the rest of the Kimber family (I guess it’s better than nine months and she won’t be as messy).

  4. KIMBER is a Traitor. U “Patriots” have such short memories (which shows ur true mindsets). I CANNOT BUY A KIMBER out here in CA. … thx mainly in part to … KIMBER -and their complacency towards “the people” and SUPPORT FOR the L.A. Police. KIMBER can go bankrupt for all I care.

    What goes around… (ask the DEMS)

  5. I like kimbers. They are good guns. Once you work that break in they bang away all day.
    I will pass on this one as I own a pps and that does that this does. I like my kimbers in .45 anyway….

  6. I got my solo about a month ago, and had to pay ABOVE LIST price for it. I’m really happy with it, after a break-in period like Kimber told me to. Had fte problems with it before I read the info about using ONLY +P 147gr. jhp ammo, if you get one, do this, it is important! I have shot approx. 2 boxes thru it and carry it every day, front pocket in pocket holster. No more problems! Shoots great! Very accurate! GET ONE, YOU WILL LOVE IT TOO!


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