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Next Post wants its readers to know Where every candidate for N.J. governor stands on guns. While most of the Republican candidates are making the right noises on gun rights and we know how the Dems stand —  “I don’t see any need for me or my friends to be carrying concealed handguns” — here’s a RINO in the running.

A spokesman for the former Monmouth County wouldn’t say if there were any gun laws which [Kim] Guadagno would support repealing, but did say she doesn’t believe the state needs any new ones, and certainly wants to reexamine existing gun transport laws.

“I believe because New Jersey has among the strictest gun laws in the country, we should enforce the ones we have on the books,” said Guadagno in an email to NJ Advance Media.

However, the rash of arrests of legal gun owners who obliviously got caught up in New Jersey’s gun transport laws does bear reexamination, she said.

Strictest and strictly unconstitutional. Hey! Here’s something Ms Guadagno might want to examine:

“I, ______ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully, impartially and justly perform all the duties of the office of _____ to the best of my ability.”

The New Jersey’s governor’s Oath of Office somehow fails to mention upholding the U.S. Constitution, which protects the right to keep and bear arms from government infringement. [Note: the New Jersey Constitution contains no similar prohibition.]

Which means the same old anti-gun rights Dem or RINO — which most likely includes the other Republicans paying lip service to the Second Amendment — will have no obligation to restore Garden State gun rights.

Same as it ever was.

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  1. Oh lord…perfect for JOISEY? BTW RF there’s a lot of negative blowback on FB over Illinois’ resident gun traitors Springfield and RRA. It seems they take umbrage at TTAG reporting the TRUTH. Thanks again…my local Illinois gunshop certainly BELIEVES you!!!

  2. As I wrote previously:

    Anti-constitutional politicians should be brought to a town center stock for all to humiliate as traitors.
    Governing for personal gain =’s no mercy.
    Governing for personal gain (also)=’s business as usual.

    Yes, two separate trains of thought… but I was on a roll.

  3. Why, oh WHY do we keep caring about NJ? Leave that mess to them. Evacuate anybody sane, and leave the rest to founder in the slime.

    • Sam, it’s like having a rotten tooth stub in your mouth. If you can’t get rid of it, you also can’t help but stick your tongue into the hole at times, no matter how bad it feels. Need to let the dentist pull that rotten stump. That’s the only cure. No idea how that can happen with New Jersey, of course… I’m just glad I don’t live there – or anywhere near there.

  4. As frustrating as this is, you should look at it in perspective, getting the average republican in NJ to repeal gun laws is no different than a democratic candidate for governor in Montana to advocate repealing shall-issue and to ban 10+ round magazines.

    • No governor can repeal a law unless the Legislature of the state backs him up. In New Jersey, it just ain’t gonna happen, not with a legislature controlled by anti-gun democrats. So all that matters for the people of the gun there is that the Governor doesn’t plan on making things even worse. (assuming that is even possible.)

      • NJ could be made worse.

        They could lower the mag limit to 10 rounds.

        They could institute a possession license instead of just the FID.

        They could require inherited firearms to require an FID and a PTP for handguns.

        They could have registration of firearms instead of just registering handgun purchases/transfers.

        They could make FID cards expire.

        They could actually ban home possession of hollopoints.

        As awful as NJ is, they could and probably will make it worse unless a court stops them.

        • the plan is to prefix anything with “common sense” and never stop. it’s actually fun, so common sense taxes, common sense religion, common sense carbon tax, common sense speech restrictions, common sense book burning. wonder why we never have common sense law repeals or common sense tar & feathering of idiot politicians?

  5. Who can NJ residents vote for that will actually respect their rights?

    It ain’t the GOP, I’ll tell you that.

    Might as well vote Mickey Mouse at this point in NJ. At least if enough people did maybe one of the parties would wonder what they could do to get those votes back. The reason the NJ politicians don’t care about gun rights is because they have no reason to care.

    • This is why I’d like to see NONE OF THE ABOVE added to every ballot for every seat to be filled. If NONE wins, there would have to be a second election and all of the candidates on the first ballot would be ineligible.

      • We share this this idea. The electorate only gets to vote for the candidates the major parties are willing to put on the ballot. No candidate, regardless of his qualifications, will get that far unless he sticks to the party line.

  6. Default assumption on any politician in NJ: They are a liberal regardless of what label they choose until proven otherwise. Then keep an eye on them.

  7. A quick search says the New Jersey Governor has police bodyguards. Someone should tell the police unions about the democrat candidates who said the police aren’t their friends.

  8. New Jersey can do a whole lot worse than this yente, and often has.

    She is unqualified on the general principle that females are unsuited to high political office (Margaret Thatcher notwithstanding).

    • Thatcher should not have held office either. The 1988 semi auto long gun ban (over 22 cal)went into effect in the U.K. under her.

      You could keep the ones you already owned at a gun club or you had to get prohibited weapons authority, like someone would have to do to get a handgun or a machine gun today (not gonna get it).

      Thanks to her, Northern Ireland has this law applied to them because parliament applied all laws to them at that time period as the parliament in Belfast was suspended due to the troubles.

      So yeah…. she sucked too.

      • The people hated her too. I have a buddy from over there…if you ever want to wind him up, just mention her name. She was such a nazi she even tried to have parlament ban Iron Maiden completly in the UK because they messed with her in some artwork. One of my favorate ones is of her waiting in ambush with a “assault weapon” for their mascott…she hated them doing this, mostly because the people loved it….my buddy used to call her a “nasty ol bird” and something else I won’t put here.

        • You want some real hate for ‘Maggie’ just listen to some IRA propaganda music. It’s mostly hilarious, while still conveying the extreme hatred for a tyrant and oppresser. Hilarious that is if you don’t think too hard about the fact that they literally tried to kill her…

  9. “We are working steadily to disarm piss ant NJ for the next civil war. We’ve already convinced them to ruin the training of their troopers with bad ammo”

    -None of your fV<king busines prog

    • Believe it or not…There are lots of NRA A+ rated Republican districts in NJ…They’re just out numbered by city Democrats…Illinois has Chicago, New York has NYC, Massachusetts has Boston, California has LA and San Fran.,
      Maryland has Baltimore and the DC burbs, Washington State has Seattle, etc. All Democrat controlled, densely populated areas that control their states’ gun policies…. some of us would rather fight, than switch.

  10. national reception ccw white update covering knifes and make free from assault weapon bands and good

  11. Guadagno = Guano, her opponent in the GOP Primary Jack Me-Off or whatever his name is isn’t any better on the 2nd Amendment. The last Republican governor prior to Chris Christie, Christine Whitman, a virulent anti-Trumper who endorsed Hillary Clinton, was an enemy of gun owners in the Garden State too.

    The fact is N.J. is controlled by the Democrats in the legislature (state assembly & senate), they are close to a super majority in BOTH houses until THAT is rectified the best anyone can hope for is a governor who exercises his/her “veto” power on any additional anti-2nd Amendment bills.

  12. Yeah, just like Massachusetts…Massachusetts has a RINO Governor too…That would be RINO Governor. Charlie “The Barker” Baker…No friend of the US Constitutional-Bill of Rights. Especially, like the 2nd Amendment. No Pro2@ reform (The best we got under Authoritarian DemoCRAP. Gov. Deval Patrick, was Pepper spray, and self-defense sprays don’t require a license from The local police department..Has been an over the counter ltem now since 2014…) Help all RINO’$ to never see their bloated elitist careers in office….Or wind up with a Globalist fake Republican in charge….Rubber stamping the will of the DNC……

  13. The state of New Jersey is clearly in dire straits. Gun owners can’t unite on a common front, and there are simply too few of them. Split out the police who have their guns already, don’t think others should have guns, who vote the union way (which is Democrat) and you lose that group. State teacher and worker unions all vote Democrat, so that’s another large block of voters you lose. All the “takers” of the state, roughly half who collect some sort of state subsidy, vote Democrat to keep the money flowing. And where are the hunter “fudd’s” who should be vocal? Well, there are so few of them left in that state it’s deplorable, not to mention the outdoor PAC groups who have influence over them who support Democrat’s all get them to vote Democrat for that’s who they support. People vote with their pocketbook first. And what about all those public indoor gun ranges that have been popping up over the state in the last two decades that attract thousands of shooters, you’d think they’d weigh some influence on gun owners to want to keep their rights? They have little impact, ranges are there simply to make money on what is an opportunistic situation.

  14. Might be a good time for the 2nd Amendment community to start supporting a true friend that is running for Governor of NJ. Peter Rohrman(L) (that’s me by the way) is a true 2A advocate and a gun owner. If elected, I will use ALL of my power to restore the rights of the law abiding gun owner in NJ. That includes the right to carry, doing away with magazine and ammo restrictions on top of ridding ourselves of the ridiculous transportation laws. The Republican party has left you. I will support you not because I’m pandering your vote – I do it because I’m one of you! -Pete

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