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RMR courtesy Dean Weingarten

Kel-Tec extensively used 3D printing to prototype their new RMR-30 carbine, a .22 Magnum that uses the same magazines as the PMR-30 pistol. The carbine has a retractable stock, a 16-inch barrel, and uses a straight blowback action, instead of the delayed blowback of the PMR-30 pistol. The RMR30 required a redesign of almost the entire firearm, even though the magazines are interchangeable . . .

Here is a view of the RMR-30 lower receiver alongside a PMR-30 pistol.

courtesy Dean Weingarten1

The changes were prototyped with 3D printing. As covered last year, Kel-Tec used 3D printing extensively in the development of the PMR-30 pistol, especially the magazine.

The 16-inch barrel will use the energy available in the .22 magnum cartridge much more efficiently than the PMR-30, with a 40 grain bullet exiting the muzzle at 1950 feet per second, according to Kel-Tec specs. The cartridge/carbine package would deliver ballistic performance about the same as that of the FN 5.7 X 28 out of the Five-Seven Pistol.

I asked Toby Obermeit, lead design engineer of Kel-Tec, about the reliability of the ammunition, as rimfire cartridges have a reputation of being less reliable than centerfire. Most of my experience with rimfire cartridges has been with the .22 Long Rifle. “.22 Magnum is a step above the .22 Long Rifle for reliability,” said Obermeit. Toby also confirmed that George Kellgren is, in fact, a genius.

RMR-30 Carbine specifications:

Weight Unloaded             3.8 lbs
Weight Loaded (30 rds)  4.2 lbs
Extended Length             29.9″
Collapsed Length             22.5″
Barrel Length                   16.1″

It will be a while before the RMR-30 is available on the market. Obermeit estimated that it might be available in the third quarter of 2014, but he didn’t give a specific date. As nearly all manufacturers are producing at full capacity to meet the demand generated by the Obama administration, I would expect less incentive to develop new products. On the other hand, high sales levels can mean enough profits to fund research and development efforts.

©2013 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included. Gun Watch

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    • Combined with my PMR-30, I like it for Bug Out Bag or survival use and for just plain fun. The PMR and the 6 magazines that I have weigh practically nothing, even loaded with 180 rounds. Extra rounds take up little space and weigh very little. Toss in a 3.8 lb carbine that’s under 2 feet long and sending 40 grain bullets at 2,000 fps? 30 grain poly tipped varmint bullets at 2,250 fps? Yes, sign me up. .22 WMR is fun to shoot and costs a little less than 9mm these days.

      Sure, there are plenty of scenarios where I’d rather have a powerful centerfire rifle instead, but I do like the idea of a pistol and rifle that not only take the same ammo but take the same magazines. The compact size and extreme light weight are huge bonuses if they’re coming with you on a long trek.

      I’ve been on their list for a T&E sample for a while, and was also told Q3 or late Q3 of this year for production guns. If it runs reliably and shoots straight, I doubt I’ll send it back (given the option to buy it outright).

      • 22 mag SUCKS for survival use unless you eat dogs. The 22 mag is unreliable for animals bigger than dogs and explodes squirrels, rabbits, and other edible small game (especially with those nifty varmint rubber tipped bullets). I’m not knocking it as an effective round for SD or varmint hunting, but for meat hunting,.. this ain’t it.

    • By that logic, three quarters of the firearms ever made shouldn’t have been- very few firearms ever see duty or get used defensively.
      Range use is probably the MOST practical use of all, given most people just want to be able to have some fun with their firearms and get some shots on a target when they can find ammo.
      Specifically, what constitutes ‘practical’ use?

    • .22 Magnum Rimfire has a great purpose: small game hunting when your state only allows rimfire during a certain time of year or whatever.

      Not going to lie, I would try to go hunting with that. We don’t call them “Modern Sporting Rifles” for nothing.

  1. I’m still reading the post, but Toby looks baked in that first photo.

    That is not a criticism of Toby, or of the photographer, really. Just thought it was funny.

    • Exactly! 3rd quarter of 2014 is Kel-Tec speak for “Just in time for christmas of 2024.” The good news about that is we will finally be seeing .22LR/.22MAG in stock by that time!

      • I’m from the future 2/2/22 and 22 WMR ammo is in stock, but starting at $0.31 per round. I’m still holding out for good prices in Christmas 2024… Oh crap that’s an election year!! 😫😫😫

  2. With an MSRP of $400, a street price of $1200, wait times of 3+ years and 6 a month made available to dealers nationwide it is promised to be a hit!

  3. I would love to buy both of these guns, but Kel-Tec doesn’t make enough of either to make them available or at a reasonable cost. How does this company even stay afloat? If they cannot manufacture enough to meet demand, why won’t they license their designs for third-party manufacture?

    • I also think they should outsource some or all of the components that prevent them from meeting demand. If I were them I would still retain control over checking, finishing, and assembling but I’d have no hesitations about outsourcing certain parts of production if I wasn’t willing or able to expand my own manufacturing capacity for whatever reason(s).

    • As I understand it, they have invested in more CNC machinery and a factory expansion over the last year or two. Hopefully they can start producing these faster than Ruger can copy them.
      I would go for the carbine but not so much on the pistol.

  4. makes me want an extended magazine, then SBR this thing, because I cant have an MP7… but this is pretty close…

  5. .22 magnum? smfh. Another kel tech gun that you may SEE on a wall somewhere a couple times in 4-6 years 🙂

  6. Kel-Tec extensively used 3D printing to prototype their new RMR-30 carbine, …

    Somehow, I’m missing the news flash here. That’s what 3-D printers are for – rapid prototyping.

  7. Given the long term reliability issues in the Kel-Tec pistol just outlined a few posts below, why is it that folks are now clamoring for a vaporware carbine from the same manufacturer?

    Maybe they should just sell their CAD files – then folks can print their own, and print parts as they break?

  8. KelWRECK has the same disease as Taurus, cranking out latest greatest new models while problems and lack of availability persist with previous ones.

  9. Ruger; just buy KetTec already and solve this vaprogear problem.

    With their innovation and your ability to make their ideas function (LCP), it’s the smart thing to do.

    Get on it.

    Start by making a PMR-type pistol in 22lr.

  10. Yay! Another Keltec product I sort of want, but I will never see in person! Super! I do truly love that Keltec sits around and actually thinks of new and fresh ideas for the marketplace, but for crying out loud, would it hurt them to actually try to catch up with demand for what they already “allegedly” sell before they go off half cocked and start dropping even more new and interesting designs on our heads? I do not understand their business model. Or maybe is it that they don’t have one?

  11. I was really hoping for the headline “Keltec uses 3D printing to increase production 100 fold!”

    …And then I returned to reality and bought something else.

  12. The main appeal here is that because it’s a rimfire it’s still legal in CT, though you can’t buy the full capacity magazines for it.

    • I don’t think it will be legal here in CT because it has a folding stock and a threaded barrel. I already have a PMR30 so mags are not a problem. We need a fixed stock and non-threaded barrel. Kel-Tec, are you listening?

  13. caliber problem, will never buy unless they donate one to my ‘safe queen’ superfund.
    might as well just go with FN5.7, at least you can reload it: all rimfire is going to be priced out of, and hoarded out of existence the way things are going.

  14. “It will be a while before the RMR-30 is available on the market.”

    And the award for understatement of the year goes to….

    • Is not Kel-Tec that does the price gouging… That is left to the secondary Market and SOME of the retailers (the ones sans scruples)…

  15. First let me say 3D printing is the way to go!
    I first learned of the KEL-TEC PMR-30 in December of last year.
    Went looking for one January 2nd. No PMR but I bought the PF-9 at my favorite gun store.
    Two weeks later I was at another gun store in another town and again no PMR but I did buy the
    KEL-TEC SUB-2000 in 40 cal. (LOVE IT!!!!!!). Been checking ever week for the PMR.
    Day before yesterday I happened to stop by my favorite gun store and in the display case was a
    PMR-30. MSRP from KEL-TEC is $415, this one cost me $549. A little mark up but not as bad as the $699 or $899 I’ve seen other places. So far 300+ rounds, no problems as long as you load the
    Mag’s correctly. For all of you out there that want the PMR – keep looking they are there.

  16. I have both a PMR and KSG and will definitely buy an RMR “when” they come available. The only things that I have noticed besides sloooowwww production is that the PMR keyholes 2 or 3 out of every mag and the KSG has to be pumped like you mean it. No candy ass’s need apply…LOL

    • I have the PMR30, PF9 and Sub 2000 in 40 cal.
      Kel Tec advised of problems with Key holing with 40 grain CCI ammo quite a while ago.
      30 or 50 grain CCI are supposed to be ok.
      They initially came out with a fluted barrel on the PMR30. They revised design to avoid key hole issue.
      I called in to Kel Tec with a question about holsters for the PMR30 and was told about the Key Hole issue and they were testing a revision.
      I never noticed an issue with my pistol but three days later a replacement barrel turned up in my mailbox at no charge.
      Kel Tec service is outstanding.
      I will be buying a RMR30 when available.
      Kel Tec is a growing “American” company that will have my business.
      I’m waiting for the good stuff.
      Worth the wait.

  17. As i waited for a ruger p89 which would be 215.00 and and xg1 which never materialized and i see the same thing going on here with Keltec great looking products that finally show up on someones desplay case or on someones table at a gunshow and always way above original mentioned suggested price and the same thing with happen with this company, complete loss of interest on my part and of course many other people will follow suit and lose interest.

    Lots of very pertinent comments here which say it all about the company.

    • F. Y. I.
      The Kel-Tec RMR-30 is now the Kel-Tec CMR-30 and scheduled for release 3th quarter this year.
      This from Chad at Kel-Tec I saw on a youtube video.

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