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Kel-Tec’s plastic fantastic shotty is breaking bad on Kel-Tec’s website. “The time for secrecy is nearing its end,” the KSG preview page proclaims using the Star Wars stylebook. “MSRP has not been officially been set, but we are looking at the $800.00 range.” Yes, well, a new page (thanks guys) pegs the 14-rounder’s price at $880. Even when you consider the real world discount (which may not kick-in if demand’s high), that ain’t cheap. A seven-round Remington Model 870 TAC Desert Recon runs $692. You can get a Benelli Supernova pump for $489. Wait. News flash II: “The KSG will be available by year’s end 2011.” Note to Kel-Tec: that’s under promise and overdeliver. [h/t Phil Jones]

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  1. Now the question is will they make enough of them, or will I have to wait two years after the release to get my hands on one

  2. Neat concept but but thats a lot of bread for a shotgun. Though the bullpup design warrants a lot of merit in a home defense situation I’m perfectly happy with my 590. If sales go anything like I remember the RFB did demand will be far greater than supply. I think Phil Tagami should get the first one.

  3. Just like most of Kel-Tec products, the KSG is an awesome idea. 14+1 rounds of 12 gauge in a package that legally couldn’t be any shorter? Yes please. Every new product Kel-Tec comes out with is innovative and carves out it’s own market. Kel-Tec designs guns that no other company makes, and sometimes they make such a splash that other companies copy them, like with the P3-AT and the Ruger LCP.

    But where Kel-Tec does suffer is in execution. They can’t make enough quantity to meet demand, and they suffer from a reputation of cheap feeling and guns that require trips back to the factory every so often. This of course comes from their desire to produce affordable self defense weapons, but it keeps them from being taken as seriously by the firearms community. When Ruger copied the P=3AT’s design and put their own quality into it they produced one of the hottest selling guns of recent time.

    I’d love to see this happen again, specifically with the RFB and the KSG. These guns are incredibly unique and offer lots of advantages, especially for military and law enforcement, but I can’t see them being purchased in large numbers unless they don’t look like something made by Mattel. I think that Ruger would be a good fit for this, they currently don’t make a .308 semi auto, or pump shotguns. That and Ruger has a reputation for quality and reliability that rivals Kel-Tec’s reputation for innovation. Is all of Kel-Tec’s line up suited for a deluxe version? No, but a few of them really deserve it.

    • “When Ruger copied the P=3AT’s design and put their own quality into it they produced one of the hottest selling guns of recent time. I’d love to see this happen again, specifically with the RFB and the KSG.”Every time I see one of those Kel-Tec bullpus I have the same thought. Ruger caught a lot of flak for “borrowing” from the P3AT, but Ruger got started in the gun business lifting the design for the Standard pistols from the lousy Japanese Nambu design. They’re good at it! (Mini 14 anyone?) Copying existing designs is part of how progress gets made in the world.

    • RFBs have always been available, its just a matter of what you’ll have to pay. If anything it would be due to the income inequality in the US. Regarding reliability, my RFB has been fine. Most people bash KT’s reliability based on their pocket pistols, but any similarly sized gun from another manufacturer has just as many issues. In this comparison the Ruger did worse than the KelTec:

  4. This is a very cool design. I especially like the bottom eject feature, making the bullpup design a possibility for southpaws. My only quibble is the muzzle’s proximity to my ears. At the range I’ll be wearing protection, but in an emergency I’m afraid I’ll blow out my eardrums. It might not make any difference indoors anyway. Just my two cents. Am I wrong?

    My riot preparedness budget is a little tight at present, so I think I’ll be opting for a Mossberg.

    • I sort of agree; it is a cool design, but muzzle blast and flash could also be interesting. I wonder how this thing is going to balance out and how well the multi-magazine tubes are going to feed and work.

    • I regularly shoot a RFB at a 50′ indoor range. It isnt that bad with hearing protection. Shooting a long gun in doors with out hearing protection is going to be a deafening experience regardless of the muzzle’s proximity to your ears.

      • Big difference between .223 and 12 gauge as far as short barrel blast. .30-06 out of a short muzzle is murder on your ears. I can tell the difference between a 30″ barrel vs 18″ barrel with a 12 gauge. One thing about some muzzle blast is you can actually feel it. I am sure shooting indoors would really resonate with a heavy weapon.

    • If bottom ejection is what you are interested in, you might want to look at the Ithaca 37 or Browning BPS pump; but they are a little more money than the Mossberg. The BPS is very symetrical and could be used by Righties and Lefties.

  5. Kel Tecs can be hit or miss when it comes to handguns, but their long guns are much more solid. If you’re looking for an affordable southpaw shotgun, the Ithaca bottom-ejector is a great choice for about $500. The Stevens 350 is a copy of the Ithaca, which runs about $200 at Big 5 stores.

  6. By the way I dont know if you guys knew or cared but the ksg is in the new call of duty so there gonna become impossible to find very quickly kinda like the smith and wesson model 29

  7. Didn’t we already burn this turd in it’s review long ago?

    IIRC, good luck getting it to fire what you want, when you want. Therefore, it ain’t whatcha want for a defense gun.

  8. There is allot to like about KelTec in general….but for some reason, I just can’t see spending dollars on anything they make.

  9. Someone else said it best: every Kel tec owner is really a beta tester. They are a great idea company.

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