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Kel-Tec has issued a safety recall on some 2017-made SUB-2000 carbines due to improper heat treating. If your SUB-2000 is among the problem guns (see list of serial numbers here) you barrel could rupture when it’s fired.

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  1. Good on Kel-Tec for being proactive, and owning up and taking the right precautions by letting the public and their customers know as soon as they discovered the issue with the barrels.

    Kel-Tec has its share of haters, but they are an honorable company, with remarkably innovative designs and a sincere company vision to produce unique firearms. And, unlike some gun companies I can think of (who would sell their customers out for a potato chip…), they know their customers are their lifeblood.

    Be safe.

  2. “¡¡¡ KA-BOOM !!! ”

    *(Maybe it’s better to historically retrogress! Go back to Bows and Arrows…And Swords! Never heard about the Greek Hoplites or the Roman legionnaires complaining about their equipment! )*

    • I’ll take the risks of a few ruptures here and there for the social advances guns have bought us. It’s no coincidence that the rise of individual rights in Europe corresponded with the growth of firearms. For the first time in History, a peasant with a few hours of training could defeat a heavily armed and armored knight with years of training.
      And that same factor allows the weakest in our society to protect themselves from predators.

    • Aaron,

      Bow failures can happen and are dangerous in their own right, especially if it happens when you are drawing an arrow with a broadhead.

  3. Doubtful that KelTec is this steel company’s only customer. I wonder what other companies are having this problem and we just haven’t found out yet.

  4. I had considered buying one to go into my vehicle get home bag, but I’ve sorta fell in love with Ruger’s new PC carbine, esp since its a take down.

    I was influenced by the TTAG review to be honest.

  5. Never a big fan of pistol caliber carbines. If you want a short reliable thumper grab an ak pistol and slap a brace on it….

    • There’s an argument for such but I prefer to carry one caliber. A get home carbine stays in the bag and is only a last resort. Having it out without a immediate threat draws the notice of people. People who may want it and who might kill you to get it. Same with EDC in a get home situation.

      Be the ‘Gray Man/Women’, Be unnoticeable, Be invisible and not worth any trouble.

      Of course the other argument is if you have to engage a get home weapon, make sure you have superior firepower.

      What to have is really based on personal philosophy and there is no 100% correct answer.

      Just my opinion.

      • The SUB2000 is the ideal stick-it-in-a-backpack gun. I regard it as a great truck gun and a great general purpose 33 round backup gun. But, then, I mainly bought it because of its cool, minimalist fold-up design.

      • If you really want to have superior firepower, may I suggest a Browning M2 machine gun. Or at least one of the man portable .50 caliber rifles, ala the Barrett for example. I’m just saying.

  6. I had a 1st gen Sub2000. Sadly sold just before Newtown. Coulda’ made a mint…fwiw their pistols were crap(to me) but yeah their rifles seemed OK. I also saw online where some are having problems with the KSG25…they really need to make less plasticy crap.

  7. Hi all,
    My barrel blew out with 3 cracks running down the breach end 2-3 inches. The barrel bushing prevented a full KABOOM. I have detailed picture proof and chrono data. I was shooting Underwood Ammo 9mm +P+ 115gr. I sent the ammo back and it was in spec for its +P+ rating. As for +P+, Kel Tec marketed these rifles to police and their carry ammo which is very often +P+. Now get this MY SERIAL NUMBER WAS FB6xx! My barrel is not listed in the recall ! BTW Kel-Tec did do a full repair at no cost but said don’t shoot +P+ and danced around saying +P was not ok, then said it was, go figure?

    • What did you expect to gain from shooting +P+ out of a carbine (besides imaginary penis size)? That sounds just plain stupid to me and even if it was marketed as +P applicable…that doesn’t mean +P+. People like you are the reason the used gun market can be scary. Only a MORON would shoot +P+ out of anything, nevermind out of a polymer/metal hybred gun of any kind.
      Also, most police supply ammo is NOT +P+. Most cops have a hard enough time with standard recoil.

      • Completely agree. There’s not even a saami spec for +p+, it’s marketed to idiots. Shooter error on that failure.

      • Hi Ed,

        You’re a troll.

        Kel-Tec marketed these rifle to law enforcement around 2001. They made sure it took their same 4 most common police handgun mags.

        Now here’s the issue, Federal has “Law Enforcement 9mm 115gr +P+ JHP” for sale. In the description it states “make sure that your firearm is law enforcement grade”

        So tell me Ed (you troll), how can a company fault a user using “Law Enforcement 9mm +P+” after that company marketed their rifle for that exact application.

        As to why +P+ in a PCC/rifle do some dope work on ballistics for 100-300 yards and see where the +P and +P+ really shine and take advantage of the 16” barrels.

        • Hey SHITHEAD. FIRST +P+ is NOT a common law enforcement round,Period. SECOND, you would be FAR better off learning how to load your own rounds with your preferred projectile and using the brain you claim to have you do some math on a slow burning pistol power that would take full advantage of that 16″ barrel without grossly over-preasuring the chamber. THIRD, just because Federal labels something a certain way doesn’t make it so. What is the definition of “law enforcement grade”? Mil-Spec is a common term but “law enforcement grade” is not a thing, silly boy. A pistol can be +P rated, but NO ONE rates anything +P+ aplicable because as someone else stated there are NO SAAMI specs for it because its just stupid. So, sell the rest of that +P+ ammo and buy a penis pump instead…or a book and try and learn about something before you open your mouth next time.

        • Hi Ed/Troll,

          Since you are such a Mr. Smarty Pants and know so much about the Sub2000, why are you now arguing about how I should now use hand loads in the Sub2000. Kel-Tec specifically says that hand loads will void their warranty. Apparently what I did didn’t void warranty as it was a free repair.

          Now Ed/Troll we need to talk about a serious issue you are having here in this discussion. What is this strange fixation you have with other men’s penises when discussing firearms topix. You my friend need to seriously seek therapy for this condition, not judging Bruh, just trying to help!

          Good Night Ed/Troll

        • I wish Kel-Tec had rightfully told you to shove your sub2k up your retarded ass you stupid son of a bitch. So, wheres my definition of “law enforcement grade”??? You are the Troll here pal. As far as any percived obsession with cock…I just know how to spot someone so obviously over compensating for, ahem, shortcomings. I bet you drive a pick up truck with a 12″ lift and a redneck exhaust too! BTW, Lets see that list of +P+ rated pistols too, chump. Lets face it, anyone who actually types the word “Bruh” is seriously handicapped in the skull….I only hope for humanitys sake you apendix carry a P320 full of that +P+ junk and do jumping jacks.

        • Sam Grove, with all due respect I think you might be a little off here as I couldn’t find a Federal Law Enforcement +P+ loading. Federal DOES make a 9mm +P+ (which as noted also isn’t a real SAAMI spec) but their “Law Enforcement” round isn’t even marked +P. This was only from a quick google so if I missed something please correct me.

    • Ed’s not trolling you; you did that to yourself. I own a sub2k and I would NEVER shoot +p+ ammo through it. I don’t trust it that much. Also you seem to not understand that there is a spec for +p ammo but +p+ ammo doesn’t necessarily have a top end defined.

      TL;DR – you done goofed

      p.s. The idea of any law enforcement officer entrusting his life to a sub2k is laughable. I certainly wouldn’t.

      • Hi PWINKY,

        Google search “Remington 115-grain JHP +P+ No. R9MM4” and click on images and you’ll see their box that has “FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT USE ONLY” printed on it.

        Now this articular from

        The Sub-2000 is designed to complement your duty weapon. It is available in 9mm or .40 S&W and uses magazines from common duty weapons such as the Beretta 92, Beretta 96, Glock 17, Glock 19, Glock 22, Glock 23, SIG 226, and S&W 59.

        BTW Ed you’re still a Troll 😉

        • You REALLY like to keep coming back and showing your ignorance, don’t you? SAAMI IS a real thing you god damn MORON…and I DEFY you to find me ONE cop that carries +P+ in his duty weapon. Like I said, do the world a favor and apendix carry that +P+ shit and while you’re at it…slap your mother for me for raising such a useless flapjack.

        • Hi “Ed the Troll”

          I’m really getting tired of doing your homework for you but here is a link to a NEIA Associates study showing the kinds of bullets police shoot and their effectiveness. 9MM +P+ is listed there (4 brands) while also having the highest stopping potentials between 88%-91%

          What is that old saying “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”
          Open your eyes Bruh

        • Show me SAAMI specs for +P+ or fuck off already you sorry stupid son-of-a-bitch…god damn. People like you are the reason abortions need to stay legal. NEIA Associates is a fuckin joke and I REALLY hope you cling to that +P+ hard…idiots like you don’t deserve good ammo anyways.

          What is that old saying “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”
          Open your eyes Bruh

          Well, at least three other people here have told you that you went full retard on the +P+ ammo and that most cops DONT use it…but you keep on keepin on “Bruh”. You friggin turd.
          Make sure not to forget to slap you mom for me REAL HARD. Jerkoff

        • Hi “Ed the Troll”,

          I have a present for you, since you think NEIA Associates, (that is made up of Street Cops, Sheriffs, Chief of Police, and former FBI agents with hundreds of years of combined experiences) is a joke about the street use of police using 9mm +P+ ammo. BTW Ed that is very Trollish of you!

          That’s right “Ed the Troll” this very website we are on says it was the Illinois State Police 9mm 115 GR +p+ load that “earned a good reputation as being an effective 9mm round for law enforcement use”

          Enjoy that present Bruh 😉

  8. Just FYI, if yours is on the list, they will send you a return label that you can print. Just dont wait too long to use it. Have your shipping box ready to pack it up when you print out the label. Mine went out today, now we wait.

  9. Dang. Been eyeing the gen 2s really hard lately. Hard enough to find a G19 version, but this won’t make it any easier.

    • Seriously, been eyeing the g22 ones on gunbroker. Now I have been messaging sellers asking them to check the serial numbers of their stock. I don’t feel like buying a sub2000 only to have to send it to keltec right away.

  10. I just bought one this week, haven’t even picked it up from the FFL yet, I hope its a 2018 manufacturing date, would hate to go through the hassle of a return before my product even arrives.

  11. My 2017 Sub 2000 purchase is on the list and will find its way back for upgrade. I think you can’t fault Kel Tec for acting fast in the best interest of their customers. About 2 weeks before they will send me the label to ship in and a week to fix. I have a few of the Kel Tec guns – CMR-30, PMR-30 and SU-16C. All innovative guns that are a lot of fun to shoot. Plus lots of after market parts for pimping. And anyone thinking of buying a Gen 2 Sub 2000 go ahead a grab one. Visit M*Carbo and Red Lion Precision for some essential upgraded parts and you will just love that gun!!

  12. Just a quick message to both “Sam Grove” and “Ed” on this forum. Hey guys, I don’t have a dog in this fight, and I think each of you have shared a few valid points. All I wanted to say is THANK YOU for the entertainment I’ve gotten out of reading your responses to each other! Holy Jeez…! I found myself crying from laughing so hard. To Sam Grove: Even though I believe you made some very good points, I personally tend to be more conservative in my shooting. I rarely sacrifice personal safety in order to wring out the last bit of performance from a cartridge. But that’s just me talking.

  13. Jeeze. Too many experts on here who are assholes. +P+ is absolutely used in law enforcement because it is one of the most effective loadings. Manufacturers absolutely were known to produce the +P+ specifically for law enforcement. Any firearm marketed to “Law Enforcement” should handle the high pressure rounds that are used in Law Enforcement unless the firearm has a specific not rated for law enforcement disclaimer. It therefore should be expected that firearms marketed to law enforcement are made to withstand the higher pressure rounds. Sam Grove is absolutely correct. Ed is a really stupid contentious left wing troll and should be banned from these forms. The other assholes who agree with Ed are either just stupid or firearm industry PR reps blaming customers for industry failures.


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