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Kel-Tec makes a large range of innovative firearms, from the highly concealable PF-9 handgun to the stow ‘n go Sub-2000, to the revolutionary KSG, a bullpup shotgun that holds a dozen 3″, 12 gauge shells (plus one in the chamber). Come and shoot them! Click here for tickets to the 2017 Texas Firearms Festival on October 30/September 1 at Best of the West Shooting Sports (just outside of Austin).

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  1. Kel-Tec: The company run by those who would rather design and play with cool guns than make and sell cool guns.

  2. I have a Sub2K and I have enjoyed it. Very accurate. The rest of Kel-Tec products are nice but I have no interest in them. None of them are really classified as “battle weapons” like AR(s) are. They are fun to shoot and have their places but I don’t feel like paying some of the prices for them when they are mostly limited-application firearms.

      • Another bug-out gun. Kel-Tec has no battle weapons. To be honest, they need to bring back the metal-bodied Sub2K and the .40 caliber handgun. Buyer’s attitudes are different now than they were when they discontinued these cancelled designs.

  3. Seriously. What’s the fix to the KSG being a jam-o-magic?

    I’m not limp-wresting it either ?

    • There are now at least three generations of the KSG, each with improvements over the last. I have a Gen3 and so far, it’s been jam free. No more sensitive than any other pump I’ve had. Most problems with all of them have been related to “limp-wresting”, as you called it. But you said you’re not doing that. I pump the KSG like I’m mad at it, using a vertical forearm grip to assist that it is done firmly. As I said, so far no jams. And because it holds so many shells, I tend to use a bunch when I shoot it.

      • Same with me. the only jam i had was user error. i was cycling the action really slowly to see how it worked.

  4. Not gonna lie, the KSG and PFR-30 (or whatever the acronym is) intrigue me very much.

  5. Because I own a .22 WMR semi-auto pistol, I’ll never own another .22 WMR semi-auto pistol. 🙂

    It’s just a really hard cartridige for a semi-auto pistol to handle. It’s just so long for its diameter. And then there’s the way the powder burns. If you design the gun for slow-burning rifle powder, then it will fail with fast-burning powder, and vice versa. My 597 has no trouble ejecting and feeding reliably — i think the long barrel makes a big difference — but my Automag II is always looking for that Goldilocks zone. Some ammo is too hot, some isn’t hot enough, some projectiles are too light. Anything different too far from Winchester Super-X 40 gr. seems to cause problems, and I don’t think it’s just the Automag II.

  6. I have both a Kel-Tec PMR 30 and a recently acquired CMR 30. Yes, they are ammo sensitive but I have had no significant issues with either of them. The CMR 30 runs, so far, perfectly with CCI 40gr Maxi-Mags but won’t feed the second round of CCI Gamepoint ammo. Ok, how many other guns out there are ammo sensitive. The PMR30 shoot the CCI Gamepoint and V-max and Winchester WMR without any issues. Also, I have run about 500 rounds of the Maxi-mag through the CMR30 without cleaning it. The CMR30 is also seriously accurate with the 3-9 power scope I put on it. It’s just fun to shoot as is the PMR30.

    • I own 3 PMR 30’s and 2 CMR 30’s , have shot the hades out of them and the only issues I’ve had were with me , in the learning curve on the PMR .
      As someone pointed out , these are greatly effected by the shooter , whether or not they are pushing into the recoil or allowing the pistol to bounce around in the hand . ( Limp wresting ) .
      The CMRs have both ate all I fed them , but I have limited their intake to higher quality ammo with the exception that they have no qualms discharging Armscore 40 grainers all day long . These are very accurate , very fast and very deadly out to 100 yards before their efficiency drops off significantly .
      I run inexpensive red dots on both my CMRs and they are one of my favorites in the tool chest .
      They get a thorough cleaning after about 100 rounds and function ( so far ) flawlessly every time they’ve been ask to .
      I actually carry one of my PMRs ( CC ) 90% of the time now , 29 rounds of 40 grain HV @ 290 fpe , in a package of about 14 ounces , in a full size pistol , is not only comfortable , it’s enough to make me feel safe .
      I have practiced all the malfunction drills enough over the years to not feel threatened with carrying a rimfire pistol and 22 WMR is a very fast , formidable , hot little round , if introduced into a living organism .
      I know Kel-Tec have their nay-sayers , I’ve heard all the negative comments , but I for one am glad they are making guns .

  7. Had a 1st gen Sub2000. I’d get a new one. And a CMR. I wouldn’t get another PF9. It worked OK but wasn’t accurate-and made my hand bleed. Shocking how much better a only slightly bigger Taurus709 is…
    If i was to drop 7 or 800 I’d get a semi auto shotie. Ditto for the AR variants. RFB looks great but I wouldn’t drop that on a Keltec.

    • I would buy a cmr and pmr but def can’t see dropping 600+ for a kel tec . The pf9 intrigued me but I quickly upgraded to the g 43.

  8. Diecast Potmetal = Toy
    A part in a gun that has flawlessly fired 2,000 rounds may crumble without warning at the next shot.
    Not for real defense.

  9. I’ve got the KSB… No issues… Serves the purpose of firepower…

    RDB… Easier to find a Unicorn in heat… 6 months on order and still nothing to be seen…

    Guess it’s Kel Tec’s “secret weapon”…

    What’s up with that kel tec??

    • There are 16 on right now. I have both generations of the sub 2k and an RFB, all bought the same day I decided I wanted them. I understand they may be hard to find at the LGS, but they’re out there any time you want one.

  10. I’m rather fond of my su-16c. Pretty neat, kind of accurate (1-2 moa, depending on the ammo and shooter that day) . I don’t use it as a mag dump machine as it can over heat easily; it’s just a fun little light weight acreage, truck, coyote, range carbine that even my little teenage daughter can run easily. Momma prefers her Mossberg 500 for home defense, but I have no qualms about grabbing the little Keltec first.

    Difficult to find out in the wild, though. I did have to make a special order and wait about 10 days to get it.

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