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While it’s not yet complete, it appears that Katie Couric’s career — or whatever was left of it — is over, at least as a “respectable” journalist. Couric has been a reliably “progressive” advocate for decades. In this, she simply followed the career progression that has been common in the dominant media for 50 years. Control of the media by one ideology, a “progressive” groupthink, has been a near fatal flaw in our system. but that may finally be coming to a close. Which is far preferable to some of the alternatives . . .

Three months before the rampage shooting at Sandy Hook, Matt Bracken wrote a cautionary tale about a fourth generation warfare response to a “progressive” putsch organized from the White House. “What I Saw at the Coup” is a distopian page turner. It spread all over the Internet as a counter to the claim that armed citizens would be irrelevant against a totalitarian state.

In “What I Saw at the Coup”, a major turning point occurs when a media figure, Cathy Carlsen, is shot by a sniper.

From the story:

The first real jolt indicating a serious problem with the plan came when television reporter Cathy Carlsen was killed in Norfolk, shot dead while covering the commissioning of the Harvey Milk, the Navy’s newest destroyer. That she was killed was bad enough. That it happened on a “secure” naval base—a federal installation—made it much worse. Her blood splattered across the Admirals’ white uniforms made quite a picture.

It’s since been revealed that the Cathy Carlsen character was a thinly veiled reference to Katie Couric.

The dominance of “progressive” media was relied on by the “progressive” plotters in Matt Bracken’s work. That dominance is showing signs of falling apart. The destruction of that dominance makes the possibility of violent societal upheaval much less likely.

The Constitutional system was designed to allow a majority to change the government by vote. That system has been short circuited for 50 years by the uniformity of the ideology and agenda of the liberal media. They decided what the population would know, what was supposed to be important, and what national politicians would be acceptable, or not.

But there is enough independent and new media now, that a Katie Couric type can’t get away with fraudulently pushing of the “progressive” agenda as she has for 25 years. The fact that Couric can be taken down without violence has been noticed. Many people who took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, are relieved.

I have personally known two extremely skilled and deadly men in my life. These people worked for the U.S. military and intelligence system. They killed a great many people. One is dead. He was a member of the “Greatest Generation” and died at the age of 86. It’s unlikely that he would have fought against United States tyranny. His grandparents had been on the losing end in the Civil war.

The other is a generation or two younger and believed that he would die fighting a clandestine war against tyranny. Perhaps something similar to that depicted in Bracken’s work. He did not expect to win or survive. He’s one of the most talented and capable people that I have ever known. Couric’s GunGate makes it more likely that he will die in his bed. And that is a very good thing.

The possibility of a fourth generation war leading to a positive outcome was always a poor bet. Sometimes it’s better to die fighting than to submit. But it’s far better to win at the ballot box than to wonder about fighting a guerrilla war. Winning at the ballot box assumes that change at the ballot box is possible.

Couric’s media implosion shows that, at minimum, blatant lying and fraud on the part of the media can be exposed and punished. That means there’s a real chance to save the Constitution at the ballot box. Exposing media fraud and lies has become one of the highest forms of patriotism.

©2016 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.
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  1. If you believe what you are saying even if you are lying, is not OK? From the Dan Rather school.

    • They identify what they say as truth if it supports their narrative. You have to accept it, otherwise you are a racist.

      • “That system has been short circuited for 50 years by the uniformity of the ideology and agenda of the liberal media.”

        And who owns the ‘liberal media?” Seriously. Look it up. Follow the money. I can’t be more specific here or this will get deleted.

        • Well, is owned by the Koch brothers. The NY Times is a Cheney publication.

  2. That there is a conservative media to counteract that liberal media is not enough, as those voices have failed to penetrate the echo chambers of the hallowed halls of the legislatures in the most progressive states, where lies and false facts are used to justify even greater restrictions on firearms freedoms. In California, Assemblyman Gipson, in a speech on the floor, claimed that removing a bullet button would convert an AR-15 into a fully automatic death dealer. Gipson also is promoting a bill that would redefine “80 %” lowers that look like a firearms receiver into “firearms, requiring that they be purchased only through an FFL and with a background check. Senator DeLeon, in a famous video clip, claimed that an AR-15 can spray bullets at the rate of 30 rounds in a half second. Other states (NY) instead av=oid debate by passing bills in the middle of the night. The media is only half the fight.

    • Well stated

      For all the back slapping by members of the alternative media, they still are dwarfed by the massive machine put in place over that last 50 years. Granted, a series of small steps do add up and the downfall of Rather and Couric prove the value of the alternative media.

      Still, look at what the main stream media let the Obama administration get away with. Fast and Furious, Black Panthers voter intimidation, IRS targeting, Spying on Reporter’s, Benghazi and the related lies, Iran nuclear weapons deal and its related lies. Clearly, there is still great power in withholding information from the public as the networks and papers have done.

      We are in a better place as this machinery continues to break down and influence wane. Inertia still carries it and we have a long way to go.

      Besides media bias, our own educational system is broken. Our fellow citizens have successfully been dumbed down to the point where feelings trump all logic and a 6’4″ white man can’t claim he is a 5’0″ asian woman and college students can say that his assertion is bogus. When people care more about a twitter feed or latest viral video idiocy rather than a government’s action against them, it will take a lot more than one bubble-headed blonde having her “news” career end.

    • Correct. People in California are generally either convinced one way or the other, or ignorant and dont care to become informed.

      Here is something you wont read about on the mainstream media outlets like NYT or WAPO.
      Couric and director Soetich interviewed John Lott for 4 hours, and failing to get what they wanted, cut all of that from the final film.

      Couric’s film was not a documentary- it was propaganda, pure and simple.
      Partly financed by …surprise- Michael Bloomberg.

  3. I hope that this is a healthy sign of things to come. Not so sure if that will matter due to the current direction of our upcoming election. These ‘journalists’ are less investigators and more ‘media personalities’ anyway. If the public cares so much what actors think about political topics, why should we be surprised when they package approved opinions and sell it like any other product on TV?

    • ” ‘journalists’ are less investigators and more ‘media personalities’ anyway”
      Hard to tell how long we’ve been lied to and by whom.


    • I know, me too. Looks like the new site design is awful. Same junk we see all over the internet with links to “recommended” stories. Can’t seem to read the lead ins. Is that so people can click on every story, because writers can’t create effective copy?

      • Whew, what a relief! At first I thought it was just me. A heads-up that a change was brewing would have been nice.

        • Go back a week ago. There was an “article” about it under the heading “Housekeeping”.

        • There are times when I don’t get to peruse all of the articles as much as I’d like to. So, consequently, I guess I miss things from time to time. Oh well, part of the rich pageantry of life, I suppose. I’ll get used to the new set-up.

      • The redesign is not good. I appreciated the paragraph or two of the story on the main page on the old site. Much easier to decide if I was interested.

        The title and a picture is much less likely to pull me into clicking to read the story.

        I liked the old site better. Sorry.

        • Completely agree.

          A small preview of a story gives me the opportunity to determine whether I am interested enough to continue reading a story. This is especially important to me, as I travel internationally and experience very slow Internet speeds. The requirement to open a new page, with all associated graphics and advertisements can be painfully slow and diminish my desire to open a new link.

          RF should really look into creating a new article that addresses these concerns.

      • I happen to like the new look — but I do miss the buttons that would take me directly from story to story. I read TTAG “cover to cover” every day, and that was a very convenient way to do so.

  4. Winning at the ballot box would certainly be the best option. But sadly, that’s not going to happen. The ignorant, or misinformed, or those simply brainwashed, are the majority at the ballot box. Option #2 may be the only solution. 2008 and 2012 are two recent examples.

    • Unfortunately this is what I think too. So many decry ‘politicians’ and the elected leaders. The jarring fact is many approve of what is happening in and to America. Not all, but far, far too many.

      As you mentioned, the 2012 election made me realize that America was broken and not coming back. Electing vermin like Obama once was shameful, but reelecting him? Utterly despicable.

      As much as I appreciate the optimism in this article, I don’t share it. The Secular-Progressive movement is becoming more militant and strident. There is no compromise. It will not end well.

      • Dean is speculating, like most of us here on a number of topics. Some positive, some negative.

  5. Shady Katie Carwreck will not suffer adverse consequences. In fact, she will be exalted by the left as a paragon of journalistic excellence and an example of what happens when anyone takes on the “vast right wing conspiracy.” And Americans are just dumb enough to fall for that line of bullshit. In fact, they’re more than dumb enough.

    • I agree. I think this article overstates the impact and importance of Couric’s “implosion”. Sure, it seems like a big deal to those of us who are engaged with 2A issues on a daily basis. We’re in a little bit of an echo chamber, though. The mainstream mentions of it have all been more of the “tsk, tsk, should have been a little more careful in your editing, Katie” variety, rather than a condemnation of her biased and slanted film being passed off as a documentary. Most of those people have accepted the explanation, if somewhat begrudgingly, and moved on. Where’s the mainstream coverage of her director talking about breaking federal gun laws, and the bullshit explanations and backpedaling when that was pointed out? Crickets. Katie will come out of this with her reputation among “progressives” burnished, not tarnished, and the folks in the center will have forgotten all about it a month from now.

      The mainstream media is still powerful enough to engineer us two incredibly shitty candidates for our next president, and with the potential for the next POS POTUS to alter the balance of the Supreme Court for a full generation, it hardly matters that alternate media is gaining some traction against the old guard. It’s too little, too late, I fear.

      • Concur. I’ve seen multiple pro-2A outlets make much out of the mainstream media somehow holding Couric accountable for a lack of journalistic integrity, while linking to news articles that amount to, at most, mild finger-wagging for – and this is an almost-verbatim quote – “giving conservatives ammunition to use when they want to complain about imaginary liberal conspiracies in the media.”

        Which, from their perspective, is likely all there is to say on the matter. Obviously, there’s no bias in the media, because their reporting reflects an agenda which is obviously rooted in objective truth, because they agree with it. That’s kind of how bias works – I doubt most members of the media are intentionally suppressing any particular ideological agenda, so much as they’re simply failing to conceive of an ideology that doesn’t agree with theirs.

        The reports of the demise of Couric in particular and the anti-gun slant of the mainstream media in general have been greatly exaggerated.

        • You’re right that it won’t impinge on the progressive conscience (because the progressive movement doesn’t have one), but I think you’re missing the significance of the fact that these shenanigans can be exposed at all.

          Maybe you’re not old enough to remember the bad old days, but when I was coming of age in the ’80s and ’90s, there was no way around the progressive media monolith. Back then I supported the Clinton “assault weapons” ban because I didn’t know any better. If the Sandy Hook atrocity had happened 15-20 years ago, we’d probably be living under Australian style gun control right now, because the general public heard only what the media machine wanted you to hear, and that was all there was to it.

          If they were lying, you had no way to know it. Now we do (at least those of us who are paying attention), and that’s actually a very positive sign.

    • I agree. Most people get their news from the boob tube, and Couric has already been exonerated by the mostly liberal broadcast media, if not celebrated as a bold heroine.

      The smaller minority of people who read online and elsewhere to double check for facts already know Couric is a propagandist.

      So, net-net, no change, despite Dean’s optimism.

      Here is Dana Loesch ripping Couric on the facts:

  6. Our founding fathers did not intend that changes could be made to our government by a simple majority. They purposely designed the republic to make it difficult to make any changes.
    The USA is NOT a democracy (AKA mobocracy). Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. The word democracy is not in the Constitution. A democracy can implement Sharia, or strict biblical law. Democrats (wishfully) call the USA a democracy because a democracy can vote away our rights or vote itself your property. Historically all democracies have committed suicide.
    The USA is a constitutionally limited democratic republic — if we can keep it. #democracy

    • California is democracy in action. Both houses are elected based on population, rather than having the House by population and the Senate by county. You can see where it got us.

  7. Let’s be honest here. The reason the media can get away with this is because your average American is a fucking dolt that believes anything they hear or see on TV or the interwebz because they lack critical thinking and research skills and are mostly too lazy to use those skills if they did have them. As George Carlin said “Think of how stupid your average person is and then realise that half of them are dumber than that .

    The problem ultimately lies in our educational system and the solution is to attend your local school board meetings, get rid of the Federal Department of Education (which shouldn’t exist in the first place) and ultimately to take back education so that we’really teaching facts instead of feeling and progressive propaganda.

    • While I agree completely that most folks simply take things at face value when presented in the media, what’s worse are the people who believe the story because it also fits their narrative and political viewpoint, regardless of whether or not it’s true.

      I think *that’s* what’s really screwing things up.

      While I’ve read that inaccuracies in internet “print” media leads, it doesn’t seem it’d be all that difficult for the FCC to mandate a certain amount of inaccuracies per day/ week/ quarter/ whatever or their license to broadcast becomes temporarily suspended. Or maybe require a retraction message be displayed for the same amount of time the original inaccurate story ran for. Something that hits them in their actual pocketbook (re: ad dollars) rather than having them simply pay fines that are a drop in the bucket and largely happen behind the scenes with the public never really knowing.

      Call it “The Truth in Media Act” and call it a day.

      • “Or maybe require a retraction message be displayed for the same amount of time the original inaccurate story ran for. “

        I actually really like this idea but I would add that the retraction must be placed in the same place for the same time. If you run a top story that’s false, that’s where the retraction goes, not squirreled away in a side bar or on page 12.

  8. Would that a single cyber casualty (wounded, not dead) foretells a sea change in the culture. But it does not. Just as POTG celebrate a victory in a minor court a victory, and declare a loss at a major court, “just a flesh wound”, the statists and authoritarians merely shrug-off the limiting of a single voice in the chorus. Fact is, libbies, loonies, lefties and demoncrats can always field more voters (and thus more demented billionaires funding the groups) than even Trump;s masterful showmanship can overcome (Trump may become president, but the legislatures remain left of left).

    The captive media are a significant element in the irresistible national slide to ignominy, but the inexhaustible supply of MTV mush-brains and illegal immigrants means rational voters will never again mount an overwhelming majority for anything.

    As Dean notes, there is something to be said for fighting and dying, rather than to submit. Or maybe, as the lecherous man who lived among the prostitutes told Nately, “It is better to live on your feet, than to die on your knees.”

    Can anyone remember a nation that pulled itself back from utter decline, without a violent revolution? Spain? Portugal? Rome? France? Italy? Anyone?

    • I guess it depends on how you define “utter decline” and “non-violent”.

      The fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 was pretty peaceful and the USSR was definitely in “utter decline”.

      The others I can think of that are peaceful might not meet the “utter decline” requirement but they are the 2001 EDSA Revoultion in the Philippines, the Rose Revolution in Georgia (2003) and the Orange Revolution in Ukraine (2004/5).

      • Thanks. Had not taken much note of the places you mention. Would have to disagree about Russia. The Soviet Union collapses, but the new Russia is just like the old Russia; no rescue of personal freedom there.

        ‘Preciate you taking time to get the information to us.

        Utter Decline: nation-state government moves from control by the people, to people controlled by the servant government

        Non-Violent: Ballot box returns a nation to its roots of freedom with out armed resistance by the populace.

        • As I said I think it’s a matter of how you define things. Yes, Russia, especially under Putin has reverted to a lot of it’s old ways, however many of the satellite states have gotten much, much better. I don’t think there’s an argument that Poland, East Germany or the non-Crimea part of Ukraine have not fared far better away from Moscow’s domination and I think it’s plainly evident they treat their citizens better than the community puppet governments treated them as well as better than Putin would treat them today.

          It’s also true that when Gorbachev made his announcement to the government before going public that the USSR was going to dissolve some hardliners attempt to launch a coup and there was the shelling of a government building by tanks. Gorby survived the attempt had a number of the people involved in the coup attempt shot, basically summarily, so it wasn’t entirely Ghandi-style non-violent but it was a lot less violent than our own Revolution or that of many of the places you mention.

          The other revolutions I mentioned mostly didn’t take place at the ballot box but via peaceful protest in the streets that convinced the government that it simply couldn’t govern and to step aside.

          • “The other revolutions I mentioned mostly didn’t take place at the ballot box but via peaceful protest in the streets that convinced the government that it simply couldn’t govern and to step aside.”

            Such might be possible in a parliamentary system, but ours has no means for an entire government (meaning elected leaders and major department heads) to resign and be replaced. But “over there”, protests count as “ballot box” because armed resistance was unnecessary.

  9. Until this type of thing happens to all news agencys and journalists who report sensationalism and opinion/propaganda news, it’s an isolated incident that the left couldn’t cover up fast enough, or they intentionally threw her under the bus screaming “See!See! We have ethics! We hold people accountable!”

  10. A lot of flack on gun friendly sites but please show some web links where ANY major media outlet is reporting on this. Same goes for charges being filed against ANYONE associated with the story.

    Until that happens this is much to do about nothing because it will not reach joe public.

  11. I don’t know that anything is better. Look at all the hoopla when an old corrupt hildebeast “locks up” the nomination(but she didn’t). Unbound delegates but where do hear any of that? And these news types sympathize with formerly cute Katie…all that said I hope something good comes out of this sordid BS.

  12. When the media is in bed with a corrupt government, they can get away with blatant lies until the people finally get tired enough of it to call them on it.

  13. Southpark, the cartoon show, did a number on Katie. They quantified the mass of a turd by. its “curec” units. A record one is a bunch of “K.T.Curecs.”
    She gets the D.Rather swiftboat award for marksmanship for this one. All she ever had of any value was a decent pair of legs, now she is just a vacuous motormouth with a mic. She is not even fit to carry Megyn Kelly’s makeup bag.

  14. You guys are living in the bunker. The Trumpmobile just through a rod and Hillary is the next President.

  15. You are way to optimistic. Sure it’s been pulled, which is an improvement over what would have happened 10+ years ago, but has any major media reported it in a way that gives a viewer the impression that it’s anything other than very likely simple editing mistake? Give it a month and it will be like nothing ever happened, as those that like her progressiveness don’t care she was lying and will continue to support her. This minor incident will very quickly pass from the publics mind, and she’ll be right back to doing the same old things.

    The bigger problem is while we have made some positive traction, the left has been prepping the next generation in the culture war. The entire education system has been ramming progressive ideology down student’s throats, to indoctrinate them. Then they are priming those that see start believing all their BS, to be very politically active above all else on those subjects, and ramming those beliefs down everyone else’s throats as well. Worst still they are being programed to believe any fact that is contrary to their view point is false.

    The tide against us may seem to be dropping, but there is a tsunami rapidly heading in our direction.

  16. “I think our governments will remain virtuous for many centuries; as long as they are chiefly agricultural; and this will be as long as there shall be vacant lands in any part of America. When they get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, they will become corrupt as in Europe.” – Thomas Jefferson

    I wish right voting could make the above not true. The only way a population can be “free” is if it is sparse or horrifically violent. People + stability = chains.

  17. No real mention as to the primary factor that has hastened her decline. Love him or hate him, going after trump and completely failing completely in it really shined a spotlight on the media shenanigans media regularly engages in.

  18. “The fact that Couric can be taken down without violence has been noticed.”

    You’re more optimistic than I am. Couric, Bellesiles, (and… are there ANY other recent wins?) are like casino slot-machine jackpots. They happen once in a blue moon and serve mainly to keep the rest of the suckers actively playing a game that generates far, far more losses for them than wins. Then there are the wins we should have had, but were robbed of: David Gregory, Mark Kelly, Fast and Furious, Eric Holder… when all the ducks were in a row to benefit us, and yet nothing happened. Dean, I hope you’re right, but a friend of mine insists that never in history have any peoples succeeded in voting themselves freer, and I suspect it’s going to take more than ballots and YouTube videos to get us through to the other side of oppression.

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