Karma Kills Atlanta Armed Robber

Our man John “Death by Statistics” Lott has already blogged this bad boy—before it was revealed that the armed robber shot and killed himself. Lott spun the incident as the story of a concealed carry permit holder (the hotel guy) defending himself against an armed robber, with a side order of “See? It happened near an airport. Guns are banned near airports. How dumb is that?” Still, Lott’s got a brand; aside from lengthy excursions into right wing politics, he sticks to it. From TTAG’s “hindsight is always better after an official update” point of view, ha! “Initially police said the unidentified man was shot by the clerk,” wrcbtv.com reports. “But they say that only one gun was found at the scene and that a surveillance video shows the robber shooting himself as he pulled the gun back.”

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