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Sear today, gone tomorrow? No se. But while we await Martin’s 1911 NCO A2 review, Karl sent us this info on the new sear for his combat handgun. Of which I’ll share you with you . . .

I don’t know if you have seen this but it is under patent and in production now. This is the interaction of our A3 Hammer and A3 Sear. It changes the way all guns fire. You see at the top normal sear ledge engagement. Above the centerline and below the sear ledge you see another engagement or point.It is this point now that fires the gun. The sear ledge can be five feet deep as it now is only an additional safety. I have different sears that dictate the pull weight of the trigger. The Sear Spring no longer matters in function at all and therefore cheapened in cost by 80%. The A2 Sears fit every 1911 made . . .

They are different in safety aspects but in function. You cannot see it here but the sear ledge is split which allows mud and debris to pass below the sear hammer ledge and will reduce the chance of malfunction. In combat situation if the pistol say was dropped in the mud and mud impacted the hammer area, detailed stripping of the arm would be necessary that could not be done in the field.

With a Lippard Combat NCO or CQBP you would force some kind of liquid thru there and go on about your business. You could do it with the magazine in place and the weapon loaded as well. In fact the magazine unlike others has a drain hole on the bottom front down edge for this purpose. The NCO swims and the steel doesn’t care where it is or what you do to it; it is after all; Marine Corps.

What is often hard to get across is that the Combat NCO is not a Colorado NCO. It is a “Combat Weapon” designed for Combat. Civilians have their applications for it sure but this gun was designed for combat and to survive all that can be thrown at it. This invention crosses all arms made today. Every gun can use the same technology. There is a lot about the Combat NCO. It takes time to understand it and all the technology of what it does.



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  1. It takes time to understand it and all the technology of what it does.

    To be honest, it’s not at all clear to me from that cutaway view or the model.

    • I’ll explain it:

      Lippard got himself a copy of SolidWorks. He modeled standard 1911 parts and applied the “Fillet” tool. He thinks this is a revolution.

      Of course, Glocks, SIGs and HKs all work just fine when you dunk them in mud and abuse the hell out of them. In fact, that party trick is table stakes for any modern pistol design. Again, Lippard seems not to realize that newer weapons have been built since the 1911 came out.

      • You didn’t even notice the fulcrum sear, which IS a fine example of innovative thinking. The 1911 is still superior to many “modern” weapons, and Lippard’s improvements make it even better. His pistols are accurate without the “race gun” tight tolerances that can affect reliability.

  2. Yeah….

    So what does this dudes uber 1911 do that another uber 1911 does not do? I am still a bit hazy on that part.

    Great marketing I guess. Although most uber 1911 makers don’t need much marketing it seems.

  3. Dunno, but that’s what I love about firearms (and fighting/tactical knives): the innovation and improvements. I was trained to pick up anything on the battlefield and use it’ but that still doesn’t mean I don’t have my faves. Personally, I would love to see an improved Browning Hi Power with a frame that won’t crack with 9mm+P+ rounds slamming it-I love the fit and function of a good and fast Hi Power in my hands, but feel under powered w/o the more powerful rounds. True, the “Mozambique drill”-2 to the chest and 1 to the head works, but I likes 1 shot stop better. De Oppresso Liber

    • I was assigned to a Ranger training unit as a communications technician. Top used to say, “The soldier is the weapon no matter what they have in their hands.” I’m of the same mind with you on that a Browning HP that can take the better rounds would be nice. CZ75 has a great feel to it and work great with +P.

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