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So Jerry Miculek shoots a balloon at 1000 yards with a revolver, aiming 75 to 80 yards above the target (figuring a 150 ft. drop). In other words, he lobbed the bullet on target like a mortar round. Which is exactly how Karl Lippard [may have] shot his infamous 800-yard grouping with hisย Combat NCO 1911 back in 2011. In the latter case, we never got anything like independent confirmation or convincing video evidence. In the former, GET SOME! Quite why you wouldn’t use a rifle at that distance I have no idea, save sh*ts and grins. Of which Mr. Miculek delivers many. Of which Mr. Lippard delivered none, at least intentionally. And therein lies the tale of two shooters and a whole lot of distance shooting. [h/t SS]

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    • I don’t normally find video of other people shooting entertaining in the least. Jerry making a 1000yard shot with a 9mm is mind-boggling but in-and-of-itself not something that would excite me. That said, Jerry always puts a smile on my face for some reason.

      There is something to be said about the “excitement” someone doing what they love exudes. It’s contagious.

  1. Jerry is my hero. That actually qualifies as an “impossible shot”. From an OFWG who wishes he was that good ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I would love to go shoot with him. Even though it would be like me walking up to Van Gogh with some crayons and asking if we could do some art’s together.

  3. It was pretty amazing that he even hit the steel on the second shot at that range. In all fairness, it doesn’t look like he actually hit the balloon – I think bullet splatter from the nearby hit took it out. Still – astounding shot.

  4. Actually, every shot is a lob. Jerry Miculek’s 1000 yard shot with a 9 mm revolver is an extremely awesome achievement that possibly only he can pull off. Amazing!

  5. I love watching him shoot, I love watching him talk, the guy is a world class shooter and entertaining. Having said all of that, I can’t help but wonder if his hands were restrained, would he be able to talk at all? or is it some sort of master shooter sign language that he uses simultainously with the spoken word? A 1000 yard shot with a 9mm revolver is a mind blowing shot. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

  6. I think no one is in any position to comment on what Jerry does with his hands. They should be insured by Lloyd’s of London. I love watching Jerry shoot and talk guns.

    • I can only hope there is some shadowy underground lab containing frozen 5g buckets labeled “Miculek” “Leslie Nielson” and “Norris.” For the future.

  7. So what would happen if you were to give him a 0.1-0.3 MOA bolt action chambered in 14.5x114mm (loaded with match ammo of course)? Would he be shooting stuff at 5-6 kilometres?

    • Except that a gun that size and ammo would be lucky to get a minute and half each. So about a 3 minute gun if lucky, which at just 3000 yards would give you about 90 inch spread. Bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to accuracy.

      • Are you implying that his revolver is a sub MOA gun even when the bullet is long since sub sonic at 1000 yards?

        My point being that I don’t think it needs to hold MOA or less for Jerry to make it hit.

        • No I am implying that the at 6 klicks it would be almost impossible to walk your shot on that easy, if at all. Which is what he did here. As a military trained sniper I am extremely impressed how well of a correction he makes here, with only two shots needed to hit the steel(it looks like he had a low left hit with the frag hitting the balloon). Jerry Miculek is probably the closest I have ever seen to someone who can “outshoot” a firearm, but he still can’t do magic. What looks like it some time, but not magic

  8. I like Jerry Miculek a lot. However, I fail to understand why you chose to bust on Karl Lippard. I am certain you don’t won’t Karl shooting at you inside 800 yards.

    • Lippard can shoot at me from 300+ yards all day long and I’ll readily bet my life he’ll never hit me, as long as I am not restrained and have some cover to dive behind. When he loses he just has to go away, that’s the bet.

      At 300 meters you have a whole frakkin’ second to react. At 800, you have almost three from the time you see the muzzle flash. Miculek is an amazing shot, and he did it exactly as we all knew it had to be done – lob ’em in mortar-style. The day Lippard has Miculek over to shoot his magic gun, then I’ll believe. I know that day will happen right after Scientology opens it’s accounting department to the general public.

      Lippard’s a steaming pile of tall-tales and ridiculous product claims. We beat that horse to death back in the early days of TTAG, and gosh darn it, were the steaks tender.

      • I’ve read stories of the old west where Indians would see the pioneers/mountain men/army scouts fire at them from 1000 yds out, spot the muzzle flash, and have plenty of time to simply walk to the side a ways and avoid the incoming round. Given the velocity of ye olde black powder pieces, the trajectory wasn’t much better than the nine mm. In fact given the poor aerodynamics of the round lead ball, probably worse. You’d easily have to hold 80 to 100 yds high. But people regularly made hits on buffalo and such with those rifles. But yeah, moving targets and all that.

  9. The closest I ever came to Jerry’s shot was when I got a couple of hits on a 300 meter silhouette with a .45 1911.
    It was strictly a “guns are fun” exercise, with no practical application in mind. It was just plain fun to hold way above the target, touch off the shot, then watch as (SOMETIMES) the pop-up target would drop and rebound up a few seconds after the shot.

  10. Karl Lippard once shot the eye out of a Jack of Diamonds in Des Moines from his office window in Colorado Springs with his Miracle 1911 using no sights at all. Let’s see Jerry beat that!

  11. “Just a matter of finding the beaten zone and then pull the trigger . . . ” He makes it seem so easy. Truly a genius with a firearm. What an enjoyable video.

  12. Saw the video yesterday. He is really good at what he does ๐Ÿ˜›
    He describes it as firing a rocket launcher towards the end of the video.

  13. Jerry Miculek is easily one of the finest shots alive. I enjoy how he makes his shooting appear so casual. The mark of an expert is in his ability to make complex tasks appear simple.

    With Lippard, on the other hand, I know of highly skilled gunsmiths who have a very high opinion of the man’s abilities, both in designing high quality firearms, as well as in the occasional guns that he builds himself. His stock making skills, from what I have been told, are second to none. It is unfortunate that he resorts to hyperbole in the extreme. It diminishes the public perception of his very genuine talents. Sad . . .


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