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“The University of Kansas’ chancellor knows firing a gun on campus areas with pressurized gas cylinders, rocket fuel and other combustibles might be disastrous, though she frets the school still can’t ban firearms in such places,” the AP reports.

Bernadette Gray-Little, the University of Kansas’ chancellor, told the University Senate on Thursday there are high-security labs and other campus areas where shooting a gun would be dangerous, the Lawrence Journal-World reported. But she says the state’s attorney general has told the school it can’t make those places exceptions to state law.

The exception to the concealed-carry provision is buildings with adequate security measures to bar all guns, such as metal detectors or security guards.

So KU should create adequate security in those facilities, right? In fact, you might say it’s a good idea regardless of campus carry. You know; given that people with ill intent might want to ignite these materials with an illegally possessed firearm. Or by some other method.

As Voltaire pointed out, common sense is not so common.

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    • Ms. Gray-Little was a psychology professor before becoming an all knowing administrator. That probably explains a lot about her warped world view and political leanings. She and others like her are a huge reason why our colleges have become intellectual cesspools and reeducation centers. I’m thankful I don’t have a child going to KU.

      • So…this is the face of aggrieved fretfullness. Fretting must be painful to do.

        “Fret-fret-fret-fret-fret-fret. Guns are evil and no one should be allowed to own one. Fret-fret-fret-fret-fret-fret.”

        “Fret-fret-fret-fret-fret-fret. Why do people keep telling me my head looks like an explosion in a Brillo factory? Fret-fret-fret-fret-fret-fret.”

        • More frets than a double guitar. The Brillo comment, while all kinds of wrong, got a guffaw. Golf clap.

  1. I’m not sure she’s as concerned about safety here as much as attacking campus carry laws.

    • Yep. Incrementalism.
      Ban a few places first with a trumped-up excuse that defies common sense but Feelz, then extend the ban campus wide after proclaiming the limited first test a success.

  2. Voltaire had an even better quote for this:

    I only ever made one prayer, a very simple one: “Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.” And it was granted.

  3. That is my hometown. Berkley of the midwest, abounds with SJWs and gangbangers from Topeka and KC. Can hardly stand to visit anymore.

    • Have you considered visiting an upstanding city with a quality university, like Manhattan and Kansas State?


      (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

  4. That’s a very interesting – and revealing – brooch she’s wearing. I thought I recognized it: that’s a Mayan fertility god, complete with proudly erect phallus. Here is an Etsy link if anybody wants to buy one for his sweetheart. (-:

    • First, I just have to say this: eww!

      Second, most corporate HR departments call wearing a symbol like that a form of sexual harassment and grounds for immediate termination.

  5. Take a close look at that brooch she’s wearing. It is a Maya fertility god, unmistakably masculine.

    (My first post with a link to a larger image is awaiting moderation, most likely because I used a clinical but forbidden word.)

    • But if I look about a foot higher than the brooch, I see a crafty, subversive, untrustworthy, hoplophobic visage that I would consider anti-fertile.

  6. I would ask o’fearful one, active murderer ignoring the law, shooting in high risk classroom, how does ensure safety of flammables? Oh you put them in 1/2 inch steel lockers, problem solved. Now a good guy…fearing for his life and others can take the shot.

    Observation – correction – real life problem solving…something universities don’t teach anymore.

  7. Anyone who wants to see the roots of today’s insane university culture should read “God and Man at Yale” by William F. Buckley Jr. Even if you’re agnostic like me, just read it. You will see stuff from published American economics textbooks in the 30’s and 40’s that will make your jaw drop. Crazy parallels to the Sandersnista crowd.

    As for this lady’s opinion, at least five other states have had campus carry for years. No trouble has ever been caused by a legally carrying student, so wtf is the problem? (Rhetorical question, the broken record answers I’d get from folks like her have left me jaded for years.)

  8. Just when we were done with McKayla Maroney is not impressed memes, now we’ll get Bernadette Gray-Little is not convinced memes.

  9. If she is desperate to institute a rule for the campus to keep all those items safe, why not simply go for a rule forbidding *firing* a gun in those areas? That’ll take care of it, right? Since rules handle all problems?

  10. The one thing I have learned in my life and career is that some of the dumbest people on earth have advanced degrees.

  11. “[…] there are high-security labs and other campus areas where shooting a gun would be dangerous […]”

    It’s almost as if should someone need to fire their weapon there then these sensitive areas have already been compromised. Though it seems the longer you’re in academia the more oblivious to the obvious you become.

  12. Chancellor is leaving in June. This is good news for Kansas University in my opinion. Best wishes for her retirement. Thanks for our attorney general who didn’t lose his critical thinking ability when he was at KU.

  13. She is leaving at the end of this year. No one is paying attention to her. I worked on campus where the places are that she cites as dangerous to fire a gun in. You betcha they are. So is spilling something in those spaces that is extremely toxic. (lab chemicals). These are locked spaces (labs) so an intruder is not getting in and no one will need to have a gun fight there. Unless terrorists attack. They won’t care about gun free zones. KU is where the loony left congregates in Kansas.

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