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Jamie from Florida carries a Kahr CM9 on the daily. With its 3-inch barrel and overall height of 4 inches, the CM9 is easily concealable and pretty lightweight, too. He also says he has both a Leatherman and a Kershaw Blur. It looks like all his tools are relatively compact.

How do you carry in a non-permissive environment? 9mm or .380 ACP?

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    • Geeze Louise. Looks like the pocket dump reallly took a dump. Nothing worth a hoot here. Move along.

      I’d give the guy $25 for the accessories. . $50 if he included the Kahr. Never mind. On second thought, $25 for it all. And that’s generous.

  1. Cool thing about Zippos is you can use gas and get the flints out of empty butane lighters. I’ve had my “user” Zippo for twenty years…… Those Kahrs are damned fine sidearms by golly. I’ve got one in .40 it’s one of my favorites. I’d carry it instead of the 54-1 but that tt 33 knock off is just to possum guapo not to pack.

  2. Kahrs are seriously underexposed, hidden gems. I own a G43 and a Kahr CM9, and my CM9 is smaller, thinner, lighter, has a better trigger, and is more accurate.

    Kahr’s problem is name recognition. Casual gun buyers don’t know them. They know Glock, Smith and Wesson, Beretta, and possibly SIG.

    The steel framed Kahrs are as well made as Kimbers.

  3. I have EDC’d the same for going on 5 maybe six years? I keep thinking I’ll rotate it out, and even have replacements on deck. The mag release button and slide stop is rusted by salty sweat, but no matter how gunky, linty, or lube neglected… when I pop it out every couple months, it cycles reliably, with a consistent trigger, and the POI is where the lollipops have always said it goes. I clean it up and resume carrying. In other words… no compelling reason to change, because there simply is no better an EDC CCW weapon. Just as good, sure, but better, no way. Kahr pistols are excellent– and when I take it apart for deep cleaning, I realize that its firing system design is super safe and reliable, too.

    If it has one flaw– it is the steep feed ramp, which can cause nosedive jams when racking, especially when riding the slide or overhanding-palming it. You must use the slide stop release, or a perfect slingshot… that idiosyncracy can make it less than ideal for a beginner. But, idiosyncratic quirks can often “inspire” one to have a more realistic, practical involvement with one’s life-saving gear.

    A few years ago, TTAG showed my EDC dump here… and it is almost exactly the same today. That little Kahr is a big part of the consistency. They make a hell of a pistol. The design– like Glocks– has barely been tinkered with for decades now, which speaks to its own “perfection.”

    Be safe.


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