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Delta V Solutions recently announced the release of its updated Gen-2 3MR AR trigger, which offers enhanced performance features for competitive shooters and defense professionals. This new model is an upgrade from its predecessor and is designed to work with standard AR-15 and AR-10 receivers.

The Gen-2 3MR includes a three-mode selector system that allows users to switch between safe, semi-auto, and a third mode that activates the trigger’s advanced assisted-reset feature. The trigger system is engineered for minimal sear travel and a clean break to enhance shooting accuracy.

One of the key features of the Gen-2 3MR is its positive reset function, which quickly re-engages the trigger with the hammer sear, allowing for rapid follow-up shots. The system’s reset speed and travel can be adjusted according to the shooter’s preference and equipment, ensuring a highly responsive shooting experience.

The new trigger system is unitized and can be easily installed as a drop-in component. It features nickel Teflon coated parts for increased durability and smoother operation. The Gen-2 3MR trigger also meets the specifications required by defense agencies, with a consistent 4.5-pound pull rate.

Additionally, the trigger is equipped with a proprietary ambidextrous selector that includes four levers of varying lengths and thicknesses to accommodate different hand sizes and shooting styles.

The Gen-2 3MR is approved by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) and does not classify as a National Firearms Act (NFA) item, making it legally permissible for civilian use.

For more information on the Gen-2 3MR trigger system, visit the Delta V Solutions website.

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  1. Breaking news: The US Supreme Court has granted cert in the Vanderstok DIY ghost Gun case against the ATF.

    • BREAKING 2A and ATF Going to SUPREME COURT ATF Rule on Frames Receivers Ghost Guns PMFs Vanderstok. This makes four 2A related cases SCOTUS has agreed to hear in its current term.

  2. So, who’s gonna pay $350 a pop for basically a duty trigger? Oh, yeah, the ATF, FBI, DHS, IRS… almost anyone who’s specialty is early-morning raids will get in on these babies.

  3. ATF approval means nothing when they can decide on a whim that it’s no longer politically acceptable.

  4. an “advanced assisted reset feature”
    that allows for 5 6 or maybe even 7 empty cases
    to be in the air at the same time…
    sounds suspiciously like a
    “poor mans go fast switch” to me

    • Just because it has an ATF approval letter now, doesn’t mean a thing. This could be another bait-and-switch rug-pull just like pistol braces or Rarebreed’s FRT’s, which also had a letter of approval before the ATF decided to about face and go for the throat. If the law as-written does not suit their agenda, they’ll re-define the very meaning of words until it does.

  5. $350.00 is a bit steep for the general market for what is basically a lower trigger weight trigger. I mean, its only real feature function wise is this “advanced assisted-reset feature” that makes it different from the other lower cost and just a suitable triggers on the market – and even that “advanced assisted-reset feature” probably will not last long before the ATF flips flops again and starts claiming its a ‘machine gun’ with their made up definitions and unconstitutional ‘defacto law’ making.

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