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When I worked at CNN, Edward R. Murrow was long dead. But the ethos forged by the CBS broadcaster’s legacy was alive and well. No self-professed TV journalist would dare not [at least pretend to] be objective. Every “news package” contained a balance of views—no matter how token the opposition. MSNBC couldn’t be any further from this “fairness” philosophy if it was a kangaroo court. Which it is, in a way. In the video above, Joy Ann Reid makes a comment about the “Neo-Confederate thread that runs through the pro-gun movement and the NRA.” That pissed off a lot of people. But host Alex Wagner’s throwaway line about the NRA being the real guys in the black helicopters is the bad craziness here. Up is down, good is bad and the people defending against tyranny are the tyrants. Even in his worst cocaine-fueled frenzies Ted Turner knew the difference between news and opinion. The spawn of NBC blurs the line (so to speak) without even trying to draw it. How the mighty have fallen . . .

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  1. Black helicopters? That’s where my contributions have been going? Confederate? What have these people been smoking along with the kool aid they’ve been drinking.

    • Don’t ever forget that the MS in MSNBC stands for Micro$oft. It is no longer a news organization, it is strictly entertainment, with the sole purpose of dispensing commercials.

      • Miscrosoft was, as I understand it, in on the inception of the MSBNC “news” station, but at some point a few years ago washed their corporate hands of any participation with this joke of a news organization. A google search might pull up more details.

  2. Funny thing is NRA had nothing to do with it ,it was grass roots Coloradans.BUT OF we know checking facts is not the liberal way of doing things, and OF COURSE ‘COMMON SENSE ‘says we must ignore our constituents voices and do what we the politicians’PERSONALLY ‘ know what’s right as we PEE all over the 2nd amendment.Gee ,why are people so upset,is it because we IGNOR THEM and do whatever we want?HMMMMM?

    • White people are the new media demons, we’re told we’re the only race that can be racist, and each and every one of us is racist.

      HELL, Morris Dees is racist, so there’s one. The rest should come easy.

      Especially when they focus in on “Confederates”. Y’know, those CRACKAS.

      • Those Florida Crackas helped feed the Confederacy by driving those cracka cows to feed the army by crackin’ those whips to heard those doggies.

  3. that’s why we, as Americans need to do everything in our power to put NBC and its sponsors (Microsoft) out of business.

  4. Funny – I don’t remember MSNBC being so outraged at the Wisconsin recall election! Or the complaints that recall elections weren’t supposed to be about ‘policy disagreements’, or bemoaning the cost of such a recall effort! Here’s hoping this effort sends a strong & lasting message that our constitutional rights do indeed still matter, at least in Colorado.

  5. The MSM is nothing more than a big ol’ Democrat circle jerk. Nevertheless, I hope that the MSM’s sellout continues apace. It’s killing them, and frankly, I want them dead — ratings-wise, that is. The more they sell out, the less people watch.

    Sure, people are stupid, but they aren’t that stupid.

  6. I would be ashamed to call myself a journalist if I covered stories in the manner Alex Wagner does in the video. There is not even the slightest attempt to hide her bias.

  7. The popular media is simply applying Saul Alinsky’s 5-Step process to the NRA;
    1. Identify
    2. Marginalize
    3. Demonize
    4. Isolate
    5. Eliminate

  8. msNBC recently had a full program in which they pushed the idea that the Boston bombers did what they did because their minds were twisted by right-wing ideas. Even knowing what msNBC is, I sat there with my mouth hanging open. I used to watch them to get in touch with what leftists were telling their flocks of useful idiots, but msNBC has genuinely drifted all the way off into the realm of tabloid stuff.

    Soon: All conservatives are under the control of evil reptiloid aliens from a parallel dimension.

    Not tuning in anymore. I’ll leave them to their few remaining viewers.

    • “but msNBC has genuinely drifted all the way off into the realm of tabloid stuff. ”

      Unfortunately in the age of 500+ channel cable packages there seems to be no limit to how low and stupid your programing is. With the university system indoctrinating millions of new leftists every year there is a steady flow of idiots to watch their programming and get some commercial sponsors. Sure, these young idiots may finally awaken to the realities of life over the ensuing years (job, obligations, kids have a tendency to cause that) and tune off MSNBC, but there is a never ending stream of new graduating idiots and low-info couch-potato moochers to sustain their channel.

      The real damage occurs with the older people. My dad started watching MSNBC a decade ago and now he is a full-on moron. My traditional liberal Cali sister even shakes hre head in how he turned into a angry, hateful, marxist. We all love him, but politics is a no-go area during visits.

    • I kinda wish we were under control of said evil reptiloid aliens from a parallel dimension. They would probably be better than our current administration.

  9. TO: All
    RE: Rank Psychopaths….

    ….all of them.

    Their behavior gets more bizarre every day. The insanity deepens. And I have to wonder just what it’s going to lead up to.

    When their insane pronouncements don’t get them what they want…..what will they stoop to next? Mass murder, perhaps?


    [Be Prepared….the American Kristal Nacht may be coming soon….]

  10. Of course it would be a black woman who would throw out the “neo-confederate” canard. I love it when they adhere so fiercely to the “common sense” talking point. Idiots.

  11. Interesting how they don’t bring up Mayor Mike and his funding of 2A opponents for ‘political backlash’ against 2A proponents. Common sense my hiney.

  12. Nothing sells like fright.

    Especially since 911, the idea has been to keep us too frightened to think so that we’ll be more easily herded.


  13. I used to have a lot of respect for BBC, since they were the paragon of unbiased reporting and a completely objective view. Even CNN used to be good, but BBC was still better.

    But that’s changed.

  14. Alex Wagner is an idiot-Joy Reid is evil-Melissa Harris Perry is crazy-and Rachel Maddow is a weird creature who doesn’t belong to the human race-the MSNBC womyn!!


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