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Noveske Rifleworks is one of the premiere AR-15 barrel builders in the United States. I’ve used one of their complete upper receivers for years in 3-gun competitions and even after thousands of rounds the thing continues to out-shoot me. In short, their stuff is amazing and one of the watchwords for quality in the industry. John Noveske was the man behind Noveske Rifleworks, founded in 2001 with the goal of making precision AR-15 rifles, and according to the Oregon State Police he was involved in a fatal car accident late Friday night. Make the jump for the official statement from Noveske Rifleworks . . .

Noveske Rifleworks would ask you to remember the passing of our founder, John Noveske, who died Friday, January 4th 2013 in an automobile accident.

John planned for all eventualities, and wanted to ensure any changes would be as seamless as possible for our customers, dealers, suppliers, employees and friends. While this will be a trying time, we do not expect a change in the day to day operations of Noveske Rifleworks. We would like to thank you for your support as we deal with our loss, and would ask that instead of flowers, you consider a donation to a cause we will announce at later date.

John was more than just the founder of Noveske Rifleworks, he was a loving husband and father, and caring friend.

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  1. No…
    This is a depressing day, among weeks worth of sad days, in our hobby and passion.
    I hope Noveske Rifleworks can carry on proudly in his name.

  2. Rest In Peace. My thoughts to his family, freinds and employees.

    Recently, I have been torn as to what hanguard to put on my AR. The Noveske NSR has been at the top of my list although I have held back because of its cost. In honor of John, his family and employees Im going to forget about my wallet for one day and buy the NSR.

  3. The timing of this fatal car crash concerns me greatly given the recent spike in hatred for all things AR-15. I sure would like to know the details of the crash … a mechanical failure leading to loss of control and the crash would be the worst case scenario.

    I think I’ll go dig in my junk box for my tinfoil hat now.

  4. I read somewhere that he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. If this is true, then this is even more of a damn shame.

    Always buckle up, folks. Life is precious.

  5. Wow.. Absolutely tragic. :/ The industry lost a great man yesterday. My thoughts and prayers go out to their friends, family. RIP John Noveske

  6. God Bless and Rest In Peace. Thank you for the innovation and the hard work you and your company put into the industry and The Second Amendment.

  7. My prayers go out for him and for his family…

    At least he is not nationally well known apart from those of us who know and recognize his brilliance. His family and memory will not have to suffer the Twitter trolls who would disrespect his memory.

  8. More people die from car accidents than guns. Ironic that a firearms maker died this way, but not statistically shocking, sadly.

  9. So sad. I regret not buying the AR15s urged on me by my arms dealer. Though I know they’ll carry on, America has lost a good man. R.I.P.

  10. John was my friend and a true patriot. I can assure you there is no conspiracy as I also know those investigating the accident.

    • I’m sorry for your loss. John struck me as a real stand-up guy every time I saw him interviewed or quoted for articles.

  11. Only 36. Wonder what he would/could have done with more time in mortal form.
    Looks like the lord needed a fine armorer. Old lucifer is in trouble now.

  12. Just heard this mentioned at the range earlier today. Definitely not selling my Noveske now. Hoping those he left behind continue to thrive.

  13. Condolences to his family. I’m sure there’s less than “seven degrees of seperation” betweeen us, as my uncle lives in Grants Pass and loves to go hunting “with the guys”.

  14. Ejected…I dont think so..No seat belt..Maybe not..The guy was a Family Man and concerned with Safety for others not just himself..Yes we do have much to be Paranoid about in these Crazy- Evil times..Not 2 many People tell the truth these days..Sadly, He was an EZ target..2 Young 2 die..I smell an Assassination…

  15. Hard to believe it has been more than 9 years now. Time flies.

    “As long as we live, they too will live; for they are now apart of us; as we remember them.”

    R.I.P. John

  16. Just exactly what were the circumstances of his “accidental” death? It came soon after he published a truthful article about Big Pharma drugs and the mass shootings. The article is on the internet, and makes some startling comparisons about the killers and all the prescribed drugs they were taking.


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