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This video (annoyingly) automatically starts playing. So to keep it from driving you all slowly insane I have pushed it down the page. Click the “more” link to see it.

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  1. this can’t be a surprise to people. i refuse to accept that peolple can’t see through barry. as long as he holds the oval office he gives power to not only his agenda but schumer,pelosi etc. and of course the biggest threat is who he may appoint to the sc. we cannot accept people sitting on the sidelines this nov. it may well be for all the marbles this time.

  2. Keeping with the “logic” of the left in this country, why don’t they just make it illegal for someone to get shot? That would solve everything. Or better yet, set up “No Getting Shot” zones. They could put the signs right next to the “No Gun Zone” signs.

  3. Is there some way to turn off autoplay? Otherwise it’s going to play every time someone hits the home page ’til it scrolls off.

  4. old story. this was reported more than a month ago. press buried the story apparently.

  5. Anyone else getting the Obama ad every time they click on the link? I really, really hate that ad.

  6. You know why that little anecdote about his first conversation with Obama never appeared in print before, in spite of the fact that Lott has written plenty and that the supposed Obama comment was perfectly germane to all that he wrote?

    Lott just made it up. Do you really believe he never would have used it.

    • I have heard Lott give this anecdote several times since 2008. It may be made up, but the story (as simple as it is) has stayed consistent. It also fits the narrative of Obama’s personality; i.e. being aloof & arrogant about opposing viewpoints.

  7. This is such an odd subject to discuss with my 2A colleagues, especially with the 2012 elections on the horizons. The only gun legislation Obama has signed since comming into office, let me carry a gun in national parks. Though he certainly has been great for gun sales.

    Two choices for President this year. Both are essentially Democrats if you judge them by the laws they pass and legislation they crafted. Only Romney has voted for some sort of gun control.

    In the wake of the Aurora shooting, 2A is going to be one of my guiding decision makers. And these two aren’t going to make it easy.

    • Not quite right. President Obama signed an Executive Order that created a long gun registry for our border states, increasing federal bureaucracy and violating federal law against the establishment of ANY type of gun registry.

      • I stand corrected. I knew I had forgotten something.

        Still, I think the core of my post is accurate. Anyone concerned with preserving 2A, doesn’t have much to work with this election. And it concerns me a bit.

    • there may not be much difference between the figureheads, but do you want schumer lautenberg, pelosi etc. having a say in the next supreme court choice? with romney we have a chance that a better supreme court choice will be made.

  8. Obama’s long term plan is to destroy America and become it’s dictator, then he will launch a domestic Jihad, destroy Israel and eventually engage Russia and China in bid to become a planet wide dictator much as Genghis Kahn did and for the same reasons.
    Where do you think Civil Rights and private ownership of firearms fits in with his plan?
    Don’t believe me? Vote for Obama

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