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Ah, J&G Sales. Purveyor of fine used (cheap) weaponry, as well as the “new in box” modern variety. I bought my SIG P226 from them, the first handgun I ever bought. And now it seems there’s one more endearing feature to their business: they’re suing the pants off the ATF for trying to enforce the forthcoming “2+ assault rifles in 5 days” reporting scheme.  Make the jump for their press release in all of its glory.

BATFE lawsuit info – Monday August 01, 2011
As many of you may have heard, the BATFE has sent a demand letter to all the licensed firearms dealers in the four border states of Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Texas. This letter requires these dealers to report to the BATFE the names and addresses and serial numbers of all purchases of more than one semi-automatic rifle, with a detachable magazine, over 22 caliber, within a 5 business day period.

The BATF and Department of Justice has made this demand with no Congressional authorization and therefore, J and G Sales has filed suit in the Washington DC federal court challenging the legitimacy of this new regulation. We are being assisted in this law suit by the NRA as well. We hope the outcome of our challenge will be a reversal of this unconstitutional regulation for all border state FFL dealers. We appreciate our customers and your support of the 2nd amendment and will keep you all updated as this case progresses.

This new regulation goes into effect for all purchases that occur on or after August 14th, 2011. The BATFE has issued a new form 3310.12 that FFL dealers have to fill out and return to the BATFE starting on this date and going forward until this is hopefully reversed.

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  1. I bought my CZ 82 from them. Great customer service, great prices and they put their money where their mouth is.

    *sniff* Makes me proud to live in the Copper State…

  2. Its getting ridiculous, the Firearm Owners Protection Act has only turned out to be a machine gun ban.

    The NICS background check is the FBIs own list of gun owners.

  3. Thanks for stepping up, J&G. I will keep that in mind next time I need to order something gun-related.

  4. This executive order is another bone-headed move by the Obama clique. Having successfully used the budget battle to bury the F&F/Gunwalker their illegal overreach will end up in the release of more damaging information into the public domain. Obstructing and lying to a Federal Judge will have much more serious consequences than doing it to a Congressional Committee. At the very least it will result in a summary judgement against the government and worse jail time for officials doing it.

  5. From a reliable source: “the demand letters [requiring dealers to report multiple long gun sales within 24 hours] are showing up on the border gun shops. But as of today, they have only shown up to those gun shops that were involved with F&F. How ’bout them apples?

    • If J&G cooperated with “Fast and Furious” in the furtherance of ATF’s illegal objectives, why wouldn’t they be equally amenable to helping the BATmen implement these illegal reporting requirements?

    • From a reliable source: “Robert Farago is a filthy troll.”
      See how easy that is?

  6. Gotta love J&G. They have guns, money and enough balls to violate one of Ralph’s Four Rules.

    Rule #1: don’t piss off your regulators.

  7. I used to do business with you when I was a dealer. If you feel like delving into the cause of what is really going on, causes that will bring America to it’s knees, Go to the web sight ” non energy-crisis” by Lindsey Williams”,view the vedio, what he reveals will rattle you bones and shake your cage. This can be viewed on utube and can be googled. The guys for real. I like what your are doing. Keep up the good work.

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