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If he isn’t I don’t know who is.

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  1. Wow! Git some!

    This is probably the most I’ve laughed at a Miculek vid. He’s clearly having a good time.

    (Sweet action at 1:40)

  2. Wow. And a 44 Mag. I wouldn’t have thought that kind of control plausible. Very nice and with a solid victory comment and laugh.

      • I doubt anyone who shoots 6 rounds of .44 mag on target in 1.01 seconds would be slowed too much by a heavier bullet. Might stretch his time to 1.11 sec. The guy is awesome.

  3. I am not worthy. He does with a .44 mag wheelgun what most of us can’t do in terms of accuracy and speed with a 9mm semi.

  4. Got to shoot with him and his wife Kay when they came to my clubs uspsa match. Nicest people you’d ever meet. They can both shoot the lights out.

  5. It would’ve been interesting to see him compete with Bob Munden.

    A totally different — but comparable — shooting artiste.

  6. Hot damn, love his attitude
    I have a 29-2 5″ – Tried 180’s at 1500 FPS, ended up using Hornady 300 grain XTP at 1150 FPS and that puts a smile on my face and only good for 18-24 rounds only for the yahoo
    Even with down loaded 44’s there is no way I could do what JM can do or any other revolver
    PS – Make that any firearm, he is also a 3 gun shooter

  7. I wonder if he ever has days where he’s thinking “ah crap, I HAVE to go and shoot today.” You know, like most people feel about their jobs. He’s got a pretty sweet gig!

  8. I’ve got two model 629s, a 6″ and a 3″. I shoot the 3″ with “light” handloads more than any other firearm I own, pretty much every week. I love the .44!


  9. Meh, I could take him.

    But seriously, damn, I didn’t even know something like that was possible. I am in awe.

    • Hey, I could probably take him – if I had a battery of 8″ SP howitzers and a good FO working for me. Or maybe a B-52 strike on call. But you better not miss.

      What does he do when he isn’t shooting – duck into old-time phone booths and put on his red cape and boots to go deal with evil-doers? The man is amazing.

  10. Hickock45 vs. Jerry? Jerry would win speed and up close. but at 80 yards Hickock would show him how its done with a good long range gun like the lcp.

  11. So let me review this…S&W sends him a freaking SACK of .44s. He gets to shoot as much as he wants. He travels all over the world. He has a great family. And he gets paid to live this life. Hmmmm….you just have to love Jerry. God Bless him…

  12. Another really incredible video is the one where he puts six shots on target, reloads, and six more shots, in under three seconds. That 44 mag shooting reminded me of Henry Bowman’s performances in Unintended Consequences and made me smile.

  13. Just shows you how much awe we People of the Gun have for Jerry. 40 comments above mine and not a single Safety Suzie pointing out his booger hook on the bang switch when he showed us his blued S&W 29.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a thread where all the comments were positive. Man is a Living Legend.

    • You beat me too it. Just getting caught up for the week.

      Yeah, at the 00:22 mark, I winced hard enough to nearly spill my coffee.

      The rest of it was great fun though!

  14. I’m still smiling even after taking the time to read all the comments after watching the video. There is something about watching him do the seemingly impossible, clearly enjoy it, but still make it look easy without a hint of conceit.

    Admittedly he did ‘download’ the ammo. . . but 180’s at 1500fps are not exactly target loads.

    I could watch Jerry, scratch that, Mr. Miculek shoot all day and not even be jealous.


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