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Governor Jerry Brown Moonbeam Gun Control Bills Concealed Carry GVRO

It was a mixed bag for gun rights in California yesterday. A pair of gun control bills had been sitting on Governor Moonbeam’s desk with the state’s firearms owners bracing for yet another hit. What they got was a tougher row to hoe on concealed carry while The Gov actually vetoed an expansion of the state’s gun violence restraining order regime.

Brown signed a bill that requires concealed carries to complete eight hours of training plus a “live fire shooting exercise” before getting state permission to keep and bear arms in a concealed fashion. That’s assuming, of course, you live in a California jurisdiction where the local chief law enforcement officer will sign off on your application.

Wendy Wheatcroft, leader of the California chapter of Moms Demand Action, said the legislation would “solidify California’s status as a leader in gun safety. This bill can prevent tragedy before it strikes by ensuring concealed weapons holders demonstrate that they can operate a firearm safely.”

Of course, that wasn’t what the bill was about at all. AB2103 was all about its sponsor, Todd Gloria, being able to demonstrate that he’s doing something about “gun violence” while putting up more hurdles to Californians obtaining a permission slip to carry a gun from the state.

On the positive side of the ledger, Governor Brown vetoed AB2888, a measure that would have greatly expanded the number of people who could initiate a gun confiscation.

AB2888 by Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, would have expanded the list of people who can ask a court for a gun violence restraining order under a 2016 law, a little-known process under which a judge can bar a person from possessing a gun for as long as a year.

The law can now be used only by immediate family members, roommates and law enforcement. Under Ting’s bill, teachers, principals, co-workers and employers would have been able to ask for a gun restraining order for people they feared were a threat to themselves or others.

Color us pleasantly surprised. This sounds like exactly the kind of law a life-long statist and opponent of civilian gun ownership like Jerry Brown would be all over. But against all odds, he decided that giving the power to dime on a gun owner and have the police grab his guns was a bridge too far.

“All of the persons named in this bill can seek a gun violence restraining order today under existing law by simply working through law enforcement or the immediate family of the concerning individual,” Brown said in his veto message. “I think law enforcement professionals and those closest to a family member are best situated to make these especially consequential decisions.”

Go figure.

In short, as is frequently the case, California gun owners are left consoling themselves with the thought that considering the possibilities, it could have been much worse. But it probably won’t take them long to realize that given the ever-more-hoplophobic bent of a supermajority of the state legislature and the virtual certainty of Governor Newsom being sworn in as Brown’s replacement, things are probably only going to deteriorate more.

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    • I warn you and all of America. Commie kalifornia is much like an STD. Infectious and spreads. It’s corruption has already spread WAKE THE HELL UP.

      Now you may take note of the exodus of many folks and business. Mostly due to taxes. Think they drop their lefty progressive hatred of the 2A? Nope, they take it with them. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED AGAIN.

      • Its already happened to Montana, in Missoula and the Flathead Valley. The citidots who can no longer stand CA moved in, drove out the natives(I refer to those of us born here, not the indigenous), and have now done their best to turn those places into the same liberal shitholes they ran away from.
        Did they REALLY run away from CA? Or were they just looking for a new host to infest?

        • “Did they REALLY run away from CA? Or were they just looking for a new host to infest?”

          We wonder this here in Colorado all the time! It’s been an ongoing discussion for years.

        • They like to call that “gentrification.” It’s a real strategy. They go to places like Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, etc. You are not safe from California and New York as long as they are part of the U.S. Look what happened to Florida.

        • They look at it the same as they view Socialism- It didn’t work before because they didn’t do it right… but it will this next time. NOT!!!

      • It wouldn’t be a proper TTAG comment section if we didn’t blame Kommifornia for gun control spreading to free states. My unprofessional opinion points to the strong Liberal Media brainwashing folks to vote stupidly. It seems like all we got is Fox News on our side. But what can we do as individuals? A lot of us are doing what we can: brining in new shooters, teaching our kids to shoot safe, pouring money to gun rights organizations like GoC & CRPA and voting. CA is a lost cause to some of you, but am going to keep fighting.

        • California produces people that are anti liberty. California has a school system dedicated to brain washing people away from liberty thus guns and towards statism. They are the largest state producing some of the worst humans who eventually leave to neighboring states with their culture of statism intact. The west coast deterioration has been caused by Californians more than anyone else (including Mexicans). New York has taken over the east coast, especially Florida. It’s always been that way, it’s just now there are tens of millions being produced it overflows to the outskirts.

          What can make people free from tyrannical rule? Guns. What can stop tyrannical rule in the first place?

          You can be pro gun all you want. Modern American culture is what is killing liberty. That culture shift comes from specific locations and has a strong influence on the rest of the world not just America. You can’t keep your self preservation rights in such a situation; you are out numbered and out gunned. You’re not going to start assassinating your oppressors because you value your life more than your liberty. You will die a slave like most of the world does. That is a fact, which is why people rationalize to keep them going.

          “What can you do? That’s just the way it is. Now let me go back to my Facebook.”

          Corporations and the rich have hijacked America and are using the government to produce the desired outcomes. They fund the operations to manipulate direct democracy. They love democracy because they can afford it.

          Spending all your time on guns specifically is a lost cause. Without liberty you won’t have guns unless you become part of the government. If you can’t even get people to support liberty, you can’t get them to defend the human right of self preservation with tools. Then you are going to need a lot of ammo, which California is making sure they know who has it.

          Being a NRA member and Republican does not stop “gun control.” It stops you from impacting the culture that creates gun control. You become your own enemy.

      • As anyone thought about not relying on Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? In other words, build your own shit and stop relying on the masters.

        California will collapse on its own weight if it were to be separated from the structure that propped it up.

      • Texas is fine without California. So much so many people are leaving for Texas.

        California wants to be a statist utopia, let them be free to become another Venezuela. Even China learned they needed to resort to capitalism. Let California learn the hard way by setting them free to fail. Remove the federal constitution completely from California so they can pass all the laws they want, they can swipe the cards down with their own hand. Let them put all their money where their mouth is. It’s the quickest way for Californians to learn… Let them attempt to swim in the river of their making. No U.S. dollar, no U.S. border control, no U.S. military and so on.

        Then Texas can open their arms to liberty minded capitalists who flee from California. Welcome all the successful Asians, like the people who ran from China who are now running from California. Build an environment for small businesses and big factories that California won’t. All the illegal Mexicans can then go to California for safe haven.

        California may have a lot of money, but they spend more money than they have and they plan to spend even more to fix “income inequality.” All the poor can go to Cali for some of that love.

      • Honestly, I don’t give a rat’s taint. Let it secede, expel it, revoke its statehood and keep it as an occupied territory, doesn’t matter to me. Any economic benefits of keeping that fiscal disaster of a state are outweighed by the social damage caused by its citizens, especially the entertainment-industrial complex. We’ll do just fine here in flyover country.

      • The businesses there make the CA economy. If CA seceded, their economy would collapse from the sheer amount of business that would leave to be part of the Union, not part of CA’s own country. Let them secede. The rest of the country would be fine.

    • If you let the socialist people’s republik of Kalifornia to secede from this union it only makes it easier for a foreign power to invade with an armed force and totally take over. Note; the Mexicans own much of Kalifornia and the Chinese own much of the Bay Area driving property prices up and Americans out. Will you wake up and do something about it?

  1. Not a horrible change on the CCW law; as it is now the requirement is “up to 16 hours” of class room and live fire training. Some jurisdictions required all 16, including a proficiency test the same as required of officers, others were 4 hours of class plus written materials on justifiable use of force law in California, plus a live fire training session lasting up to 8 hours to include a safe handling requirement but no shooting proficiency requirement. So the change will have no effect on the may issue counties that issue to some, and limited effect in the “virtual shall issue” counties.

    • The mando class and training was actually fun, i got to use a FBI simulator. It’s paying $300 for the class (plus $65 in range ammo) and $200 for the 2 year CCW lic that kills us.

      • They make it hard to get a permission slip so the working class does not even think about owning a gun and definitely not carrying one. It’s too time consuming, expensive and difficult to go from unarmed to carrying a pistol everyday. Do you think a single mom has the time and money to get a permission slip to protect her children outside of the home? These dictates are not for public safety, they’re for politician safety.

        As long as Americans think like slaves of the State, they will remain slaves of the State. You must first free your mind before you can free your body. Remember that America is supposed to be the place where free thinkers of the world come for liberty.

      • Up here, the class is $160 and you can bring your own ammo (100 rounds for each gun you want to put on your permit). The permit is $150.The renewal class is $40, no shooting requirement. And my sheriff is virtual shall issue.

  2. A gun rights lawyer who appears on gun podcasts, as a guest, has said Jerry Brown owns a ruger 10/22. And he and Jerry have gone shooting together in the past.

    This seems to be the one saving grace gun owners have in the not so golden state. When Brown leaves office these will get much worse.

    • You can bet your ass when Prince Newsom the Anointed One takes office, things will get a whole lot darker here in California. All the crazy stuff that the legislators passed, but this Governor had the reasonable sense to veto? All of those will be coming back in full force.

      • Newsom…. good topic of discussion for the week considering we’ve had wall-to-wall coverage of guys who either: A) are in to 16-year-old prostitutes, or, B) held down 15-year-old drunk girls and raped them….. oh wait, Kavanaugh is accused of attempting to rape drunk girls in high school, while good old Gavin actually did rape 15-year-old drunk girls in high school…. and college…. and while mayor of San Francisco. But auntie Dianne (a former mayor of S.F.) and cousin Kamala (S.F. District Attorney while he was mayor) said it was okay. Don’t wanna upset the S.F. apple cart after all.

        • Well, at least Cody THOUGHT she was over 18. I wonder if it was a set up to take hm down? Hey, every dayt needs at least one new conspiracy theory, right?

    • Because, Brown is an honest to god public servant. I might disagree with him plenty,but if every politician was like him we would be infinitely better off.

      • Liberals like you are the reason the racist state of California is still a very racist place. The guy you support would never repeal the Mulford Act. Thank you for stating you are happy with the status quo from Gov Brown. This is why I as a black gun owner, and former resident of California, I have a different point of view about the second amendment, compared to white homosexuals, pot heads, and white people in general, in California. Outside of California I have found more white people who think they way I do about the second amendment.

        I’m sure Mr Cramer had a great deal to say about the racist history of California gun control laws. Its to bad more California gun owners didn’t learn about this history.

  3. “This bill can prevent tragedy before it strikes by ensuring concealed weapons holders demonstrate that they can operate a firearm safely.”

    Yes because we all know that Permit holders are the ones committing all the mass shooting.
    California is the Dumb Ass State.

    • All you have to do is give a speech that sounds fantastic and Californians will give up their liberty so a bunch of rich people can own them. It’s easy when there’s bad parents, a bad school system and drugs to help create mentally challenged slaves. Those that don’t conform will get socially punished for resisting assimilation into the slave class.

  4. That photo of the guv makes me think….St. Brown of Moonbeam, Patron Saint of Leftiness (although I could see where he might have some competition for the title from some other national politicians)

  5. If you watch California’s government at work, you will see them bringing a slew of tyrannical bills up for vote every single time they convene. It’s a mountain of fascism… They are a bunch of Nazis sitting in a room thinking of new ways to control the people via armed enforcers and slimy inspectors. Most people appear to ignore what’s going on there because it’s like watching a kidnapper torture a family member to death.

  6. It sucks trying to get a CCW here in Orange County!! I paid for livescan, 10 days waiting to get my guns, 16 hours of ccw training and it was 105 degrees outside during both days, when that was complete they said to take a “random” psychologist evaluation in a city called Encino (I had to look it up on the map), all at my cost! There was nothing in my application, he said I was chosen out of 50 people.

    I cancelled my application, it was too much for me. I looked her up, she’s denied people who have been on the force for 20 years. He was snide about it and said if I ever reapplied I would be required to take a psych eval, so much for it being random! I wasted all of that time and money for nothing, NOTHING.

    All this did was made the city safer for criminals. I won’t be able to defend myself against a felon carrying a gun who wants to either rob or kill me, and calling the cops always, always results in waiting no less than two hours for them to show. I hate this place!!

    • Come to America Bro. We actually have freedom. I’m over here banging hookers and smoking dope while ripping off 100 rd mags from my full auto weapon in a vat of Jack Daniels next to the craps table.

      • We are in America, bro. And no, America does not have freedom so long as CA and NY are allowed to go rogue and violate the rights of Americans.

  7. Welcome to the USA of CA.. We really need a conservative supreme court. And fed level pols that will enforce making the violation of civil and human rights a criminal offense.

    Federal troops and US marshals enforced civil rights law on the south to the point of escorting US citizens into US schools under armed guard.

    Trump and the gop need to think of the damage they could do to the dems by perp walking folks like newsome out of his office charged with human and civil rights crimes. It’s too late to charge FDR for the atrocities committed against US citizens during ww2. But it’s not to late to stop further crimes against the people.

  8. ! ! Perhaps a swell idea would be just do away with all Laws and warning labels, no restrictions, guns, drugs, whatever. Eventually it would sort itself out.

  9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: California gun owners should move to Texas. The well spring of legislative diarrhea that has sprung in California has no shut-off valve, and we all know damn well none of those anti-gun laws are getting repealed. California legislators have basically made a sport out of pushing through anti-gun bills.

    If you come here, you can have firearm freedom and (bonus) you’ll offset the influx of gun haters who also came from the Golden Shower State. So tighten up that resume, get on Monster and make it happen.

    • But a lot of pro gun guys are against open carry.

      “How dare you open carry! You are going to ruin what’s left for the rest of us. You must hide your gun like it’s child porn. Your tactical element of surprise is much more important than you conditioning the public to not be scared of guns. You stupid poopy head.”

  10. The requirements for my CCP in N.C. were the same – 8 hours class time, plus shooting proficiency (50 rounds, 5 at a time, 7 yards, any ammo except reloads). At least half the class time seemed more like a sales pitch for the instructor’s own brand of CLP, range membership, and anything else he could think of from his gun store (which is where the class was held). If I remember correctly it was $100 for the class and $125 for the permit application (renewals are currently $75). The shall-issue law requires permits to be approved or not within 45 days, mine took 94. Permit holders are no longer required to purchase the state-mandated $5 retail pistol purchase permit nor wait up to 2 weeks for the background check, although private sales, long guns and ammo have no such requirements (except at WalMart and whataDicks). And this is all in North Carolina! At least it’s an open-carry state, though a lot of people just carry concealed without a permit and stow their gun while driving a car. I used to do it, too, and went through all the bullshit just for peace-of-mind and the purchase ease with the permit. I still ignore gun-free zone signs unless they have metal detectors. I suppose most people are law-abiding so long as it isn’t too inconvenient or dangerous.

  11. “But against all odds, he decided that giving the power to dime on a gun owner and have the police grab his guns was a bridge too far.” Probably because the bigger the list of who can report, the more likely someone would try to get one on Brown and he’d have the cops rooting around in his underwear drawer!

  12. Actually Governor Brown used go somewhat pro2nd ammendment. He’s a known gun owner. He’s tried to resist these types of bills before but apparently he began folding as it became a political liability in a state flushes with liberals. Its about to become worse for us in California. Mr. Progressive (Gavin Newsom) is likely to win the governorship. He wont veto any anti gun legislation. I bet hes gonna go after semiauto weapons (likely rifles first).

  13. Didn’t you say there was some good news for gun owning Californians? First I expected some pro-rights bill to pass, but then I remembered this is California. Over there it is good news that they didn’t get all that the gun grabbers wanted, just most of it – at least this time.
    Like – “Hey, the mugger stole all your money, your phone and your watch. He also broke your arm. But here’s the good news! He didn’t break your legs! You should be grateful!”

  14. Virtual certainty? Geez! Hold a good thought out for us at least! We really are trying here. John Cox still has a little time to kick Newsom’s a**!


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