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Jen Mioduszewski has returned with another “Keeping it simple” via Everyday Carry.

What’s she got this time:  Well, a “HanksbyHank” hank with a map as the background.  And a HKP30SK (in 9×19), a keybiner, and a Spyderco blade.

Dear Jen:  Please drop a light in your “simple” gear.  You’ll use it on a regular basis.  More so than the blade and definitely more than the knife.

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  1. Use the light more than …… Blade = knife.??????

    Needs a holster……maybe a nice suede clip holster.

    Need to remove to reholster though.

  2. She will use the knife/blade way more than a light. A spare mag? +/- either way.
    Am curious re. how she carries the gun.
    Other wise, a good kit.
    PS Jen, dump the spidey knife. A Kershaw of comparable price is a better tool, IMO.

      • If you use it as part of gunsmithing, that doesn’t count!
        Ditch the leatherman and get a Gerber series 600 multi-tool or even the EOD.
        Wager she doesn’t do much bore looking.

        • No, I have a different light I use when gunsmithing. I’m talking every day, outside the shop. I use a light when doing fire/EMT stuff, when my wife says “Can you help me look for X?” (fill in ‘keys’, ‘phone’, ‘widget’, ‘knitting needles’ and so on for ‘X’), when people enlist my aid to look for things (I’m actually pretty good at finding things in general – I notice small stuff everywhere I look), or when someone enlists my aid to fix something mechanical (the population cohort of people who ask me to fix something during the normal course of my day seems to be expanding geometrically in the last year).

          I have to put a new set of CR123’s into my Streamlight about every week now.

          For gunsmithing, I have a bright LED light that uses a AA battery on my bench.

  3. Seen too many EDC with too much gear to be reasonable. This is too light. Guessing there’s a method of carry off camera. Add spare mag and illumination.

    • Spare loaded mag, a high intensity LED light with a pocket clip, and an IWB holster.
      Spyderco knives are OK but if you want to go the extra mile, a folding karambit, if legal … especially a model that has a solid metal pommel or finger ring loop that can do double duty – like crack a car window as well as put lumps on someone’s gourd.

    • That’s what I was thinking. I regularly need a light but my cell phone has always been sufficient.

      On another note, why do people think a flashlight is more useful than a knife? I use my knife way more than a light – I easily use it a dozen times a day.

  4. I own both the compact P30sk and the P30s. The HK P30sk is smaller than the Glock 19 and way safer to handle or use. The P30 can be de-cocked without touching the trigger while the Glock has to be unloaded to be de-cocked. The P30sk can be loaded or unloaded with the safety in the on position making it light years safer than doing this with an unsafe Glock that has no manual safety.

    The HK P30sk can be carried with the hammer down and the safety on making it one of the safest guns to handle and carry.

    The P30sk has a much safer take down system because the slide must be locked back while the Glock has to have the slide forward and you must pull the trigger. If you forget just one time to check the chamber the gun goes off blasting off your balls or killing some innocent person. Duhhhhh (Full extent of a Glock owners vocabulary)

    And the P30s safety works in the right direction, you thumb it down to take it off. Obviously the engineer who designed this gun was indeed a handgun owner unlike the Moron Engineer that designed the unsafe Glock system. The Glock was designed for Morons and only used by Morons because none understand how the Glock works or its design defects which make it so unsafe to use while the HK was designed for professional people who know their weapon will only go off when they actually need it to go off.

    With the HK P30sk you can carry it with confidence, while with the Glock you carry it and handle it while rivers of sweat pour down off your brow as you wonder “will I fk up and have the gun accidentally go off”? Only a Moron will claim ” I cannot ever make a mistake while handling, carrying or attempting to holster a Glock” (famous last words). Gun owners as a group are getting more intelligent as the people who own Glocks become less numerous by the year, its called Social Darwinism.

    And if Jethro Bodine screams “I am to cheap to spend a few extra bucks on an HK”, ask the Moron how much his life is worth when he buys a gun more likely to go off accidentally and he then accidentally shoots himself or even worse shoots someone else which results in him having to pay big bucks to his lawyer in a law suit and the few dollars more spent on the HK then becomes paltry indeed. But Jethro will say it will never happen to me because I never made a mistake in my life and never will.

    • The only moron here is you. All one has to do is read your slathering of bullshit to figure that out! BWAAAAAAHAHAHHA!

    • Wow, not a Glock fan, but why do people feel the need to insult, denigrate, and intimidate those who have different opinions than their own.

      • “”””””””””””””””””””””””””Wow, not a Glock fan, but why do people feel the need to insult, denigrate, and intimidate those who have different opinions than their own.”””””””””””””””””””

        The difference is that they present “opinions” while I present “facts”. Its opinions that get you killed not facts.

    • OK, I’m actually kinda impressed that you managed to barf up another wall of text over such an innocuous fluff article. You don’t gotta lie to kick it, we all know you’ve never even seen a firearm in real life.

  5. That is a nice setup. I really like my P30SK but find I CCW my Gen 2 Glock 19 a lot more as it is just a little bit larger for the 15 rounds versus the 10 rounds but it is nice to have options. Both use a single clip all kydex holster IWB.


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