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Some girls love shoes, purses, and clothing. Give me guns and ammo any time. I love everything about a gun. The weight of it in my hand, the smooth metal against my skin, and the smell of a fresh round going off. It’s pure ecstasy. I wasn’t always like this though . . .

There was a time when I was frightened by even the thought of a gun near me. The media had me believing that guns were bad, they KILL people! While the gun can be used as an instrument, people kill people, not guns.

Where I’m from it’s either “rednecks” shootin’ and drinkin’ while the kids get smacked in the face with rounds being expelled from the ejection chamber or getting shot for pulling up to a red light, where the criminals don’t even give you a chance to “hand over your money” before they shoot you in the face while your children watch from the back seat.

While these examples are extreme, these were the predominate experiences I had with guns, up until a few years ago.

Finally, I had enough of being in fear; fear for my safety and that of my loved ones and got over my apprehension toward guns. I decided to take control of my life and go to take a CCW class where I learned how to properly handle a weapon and to be free from this paralyzingly fear.

I loved it so much that I joined a local conservation club to sharpen my skills. I’ve since started helping teach the concealed carry classes out of there and joined a woman’s shooting league.

I encourage EVERY woman to take back their lives, their courage, and their confidence. To live without worry that you will be defenseless in this scary world we live in and become educated, even if it’s just a self defense class.

And while you’re at it, teach your daughters young. Things are getting worse by the day and while it may be frightening to think of young girls shooting a gun, it’s absolutely terrifying to think of the same young girl in a situation where she is not prepared to take care of herself, and the life long consequences she will have to deal with. That’s if she lives through the ordeal.

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  1. My daughter is 3 and she just can’t wait for her own gun. She is convinced that she is getting one for her birthday and asks me at least once a week about what gun she’s getting.

    We go hunting and shooting together pretty regularly, hopefully this trend will continue.

    • 3 is too young. Just from a purely physiological standpoint, a 3-year-old’s motor skills aren’t developed enough to safely handle a firearm. I mean, sure, basic safety is important to learn, but 3 is too young to actually be shooting. At that age, she’s just pressing the button with mommy/daddy and making the fun noise.

      • Duh, no responsible person would let a 3 year-old handle a firearm. She is great at policing brass though. I think 7-ish is when she’ll get her first rim-fire.

  2. Well said. Learning to handle a gun safely and shoot effectively is incredibly empowering. And here in the USA, we’re lucky to live in the only country in the world that fully (if imperfectly) recognizes the keeping and bearing of personal firearms as an individual right.

    I’ve tried to impart respect for that right in my own children, and I’m pretty sure it’s sinking in. My daughter can run every gun we own. Her favorite one to shoot is the .30-30. She can really rock that thing.

  3. I raised my daughter shooting guns and bows and look forward to raising my granddaughter the same. Everyone in the family can handle a weapon. If they choose to continue that’s on them but so far it’s 100% and I’m convinced that much of that is due to the manner in which they were trained and raised.

  4. Three years after I took my daughter to her first shooting experience she surprised me with a fathers day visit asking me to take her to shoot a machine gun. I found a range that rents the gun and we had a great time. Now she is looking at buying a hand gun. Since she lives in another state I told her to rent several guns and try them out first.


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