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The IWA — Europe’s SHOT Show — just concluded in Nuremberg. Here are a few items I found that could be headed to The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave:

Ritter & Stark, the Austrian maker of high end tactical rifles introduced their new SX-1 MTR (modular tactical rifle).

Key features:

T-rail attached to barrel – helps maintain zero
Special treatment for barrel – prevents corrosion and scratches
Modular calibers – .308, 300 Win Mag, .338 Lapua
Collapsable stock with an option to change out and replace with aftermarket stock
Remington 700 trigger with trigger safety
Will maintain 1/2 MOA grouping to up to 5000 rounds for .308 and 300 win mag
Will maintain 1/2 MOA grouping to up to 2000 rounds for .338 lapua
Distributed through Euro optics in the USA
MSRP: ~$7000

CAA showed off their Micro Roni conversion kit for Glock 19/17 into an SBR or non-NFA pistol with arm brace. Two-step assembly. MSRP ~ $250.

Trijicon displayed the MRO Patrol, an update to the original MRO (miniature rifle optic) red dot. Finally coming with caps on both ends and a honeycomb anti-revlective cover.

Additionally, Trijicon is rolling out a new mount.

New from H&K are variations on the popular VP9 polymer line (known in Europe as the SFP9).

New models will include a subcompact (above), a long slide model, an optics-ready version and something called a Maritime.

Surefire‘s adding a civilian version of the Aviator dual output light. Instead of the IR and white light version, it will feature a white light with and a second light available in various color options. This second light is great for keeping your night vision when working in dark environments. MSRP $298


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  1. “Will maintain 1/2 MOA grouping to up to 5000 rounds for .308 and 300 win mag”

    Man, I want that job…

    “New models will include a subcompact (above), a long slide model, an optics-ready version and something called a Maritime.”

    Since it’s a striker-fired pistol, that may mean it has something like the Glock’s ventilated firing pin cup…

  2. Still don’t understand the point of mounting a bipod that way (above the bore). Is it just because that is were the rail is? Anyone know?

    • Supposedly you get a more stable rifle if the center of gravity is lower than the mounting point. That is what their advertisement says. No idea if that actually works, didn’t try one of these yet…

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