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Does that look like a lot of gear? Maybe but as Mike says, “This is my winter EDC setup. I’m a large guy and wear coats constantly this time of year. I’m a self employed broker of all things real estate and I’m on the road sitting in the truck or behind a desk at the computer most of my day. I interact with people constantly and no one knows that I carry almost any of these items past the keys and phone.” See it all at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. I love winter time for this reason. I get a shit load of extra storage space. My Bersa actually fits nicely in my Carhartt’s inner pocket.

  2. Eh, looks like more than it is because of the shoulder rig.

    The fixed blade knife (along with the gun and other knife and etc) is pretty goofy though unless he spends the day gutting animals or something.

  3. Unless you spend a lot of time in the woods I don’t really see the point in a fixed blade for EDC, well other than trying to look like you just stepped off the set of SOA.

    Other than that seems pretty reasonable to me.

    • A fixed blade is inherentky more sturdy for more serious edc tasks. You also have no deploymment issues and it cant fold up on your hand if you have to improvise and run the sewing machine on somebody who crashed your draw. A fixed blade for the off hand is an excellent addition to the edc for utility and defensive purposes.

      • More serious EDC tasks? Like what? What does a real estate broker (this guy’s job) use a large fixed blade for on a daily basis?

        On top of that the idea that most people who would bother carrying such a knife as “EDC” actually know how to use it borders on laughable. It’s effectively a fashion statement. Also, crashed your draw so you go for the blade? Is that a joke? So now what, you go for the knife when that draw is equally “crashed”?

        Unless you’re rolling with something like an SOCP in a rather avant-garde position going for your knife when someone is that close is very rarely going to work. They’re too close and will stuff any draw you try to make or knock you the fuck out/stab you/stagger you when you drop a hand to get whatever you’re getting. If they’re close enough to put their hands on you and willing to do so you need a better plan than going for a weapon because that time is already passed.

        Unless you can make space you simply go hand to hand. Eating shots to the face or getting stabbed so that maybe you might get a weapon into the fight is just plain silly.

  4. I wear this same holster daily, with a G19, and carry a BUG, no fixed blade, but this isn’t really that much stuff, given that most of the mass and volume ride the shoulder harness. I’m not even a big guy, and I do require effective concealment. I think most people’s comfort versus pain nexus is what makes this look like a lot to carry. After years of it, or for some individuals naturally, having straps and weight and bulges isn’t ‘uncomfortable’.

  5. As other people have said, it really isn’t that much once you factor in the shoulder holster.

    I can really only get away with a shoulder holster in a winter coat or loose windbreaker. And, therefore, can only use one for concealment when I won’t have to take the coat off in public.

    My shoulder holsters are for a S&W 681 with a 4″ barrel and a kind of crappy generic Uncle Mike’s holster that fits my G26. The G26 would probably conceal better with a better shoulder holster, but a double-stack 9mm between my ribs and upper arm seems a little obvious to me in a sport coat. I really don’t care about printing, but even so, I’d rather carry OWB, usually.

  6. Love the fixed blade, light, spare mags and a decent sized handgun. Would be an excellent idea to add some medical and a wml as well.

  7. The weirdest gun related experiences I’ve ran in to lately were with Real Estate Guys. The worst, I put a crossbow up on Armslist. Guy left me a number on the his email. I call and got his real estate office. I’m thinking, cool,. this is going to be easy, legit, no hassle, etc. I agree to meet the at his office after 5pm as I have a job and this was convenient midweek. I show up, this fidgety skinny guy walks our of his office with a stainless Taurus hanging out of his pants ala mexican holster style. His shirt tail is mostly pulled out. Mentally, I’m saying” Damn, not one of these guys.” Also, keep in mind, were downtown in medium sized town. Cars are constantly passing by. I’m worried the guy might be drunk or something. He wasn’t. The guy waves me in to the office. No joke, dude has an IWI Mini UZI thing in 9mm stuffed in the back of his pants. I’m always packing at an Armlist meet,.. but I was a little nervous to say the least. He ended up handing me the Uzi to check out. Paid me over $200 in rolls of coins. Kept asking me if a crossbow would shoot through a man, could felons own a crossbow, and could it be cocked with one arm.
    Crazy time, man.


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