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I guess I’m internet famous now. Or at least visible enough that Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action has blocked me on Twitter along with the other writers of TTAG. Which I guess is all well and good since I wasn’t interested in opening a dialogue with her anyway. Or so she thinks. Not true! I’d really like to talk with her. Unlike some of our writers, readers, and commenters . . .

I’m genuinely interested in understanding what makes Moms Demanding Action tick. I’d like to know more which is why I try to follow an equal number of pro-gun & anti-gun Twitter feeds. RF, our boy Leghorn and a militia of TTAG tipsters do the same.

Truth be told, I could be wrong on the whole gun thing and there’s no way to know unless I listen to what my critics have to say. Shannon blocking me shows that she’s not even remotely interested in letting The People of the Gun know what she’s saying, let alone hearing what we have to say.

At the end of the day, I shrug my shoulders and move on. I’m a nice guy. I like my guns. I like my freedom. And I’m open to criticism. I just ask the same of the other side: to listen to what I have to say as I listen to them.

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  1. Just another extension of the disallowing of comments under their videos and the deletion of comments and blocking of users on their Facebook page. If they bury their heads in the sand and refuse to acknowledge anyone who disagrees with them, then from their point of view no one disagrees with them.

    • Like Algore claiming that “every” climate scientist was on board with man-made Global Warming. Then it was “all but one”; now it’s “climate change”.

      As if the concept of climate could exist without change!

      • My climate is changing. Monday 0700 41F – Tuesday 0700 8F.

        Not looking forward to Wed morning most Gore Scientist would forcast neg25F. Thursday will be really bad and by Friday may have to call Algore for warming advice.

      • I dunno. Does the ability to drop a screaming poop machine make a woman a Mom? My Mom did a lot more than just create me – she loved me, nurtured me, taught me, encouraged me, was always there for me, you know, she was my Mom.

    • Hmmm…

      Maybe that should be how we start describing MDA… bullies.

      Bullying is a hot topic these days. Let’s start accurately labeling the actions of the opposition as what they are: bully tactics.

      • They will conveniently label the opposition as misogynist then. They have it all covered man. There’s nowhere to go. They got us by the balls now… Haha

        • NO. You attack right back.
          When liberals call you a racist, you come right back, louder and stronger and point out that it’s THEM being racist for calling you that (since you are a white person, you MUST be a racist to criticize the president).

          When they call you a bully, you come back at them stronger and show that THEY are the bully.

          When they call you a sexist or misogynist, you come back at them and make THEM the sexist for calling you that (after all, the reason they level the charge is that you are a man speaking in criticism of a woman).

        • Dr. Vino: as long as you don’t let yourself get emotional about it. Much of the time, you’ll find that mockery or cool disdain work better. Call me a racist? I’ll laugh in your face. But you have to mean it. Don’t titter nervously and look around to see who might have heard their innate leftist twaddle. Progs absolutely can’t abide not being taken seriously, and they wither in the face of mockery. A good screaming match, on the other hand, is well within their comfort zone.

        • Every time I argue with anti-gunners, I find a way to bring up the civil rights movement. It pisses them off and I usually end up with Martin Luther King Jr being denied his CCW, which highlights our fight.

      • Good idea! From now on libtards(I hate that word anyway. It does an injustice to the real mentally retarded, cause most of them understand these things easily. Children too. it the brain dead that resist reason so gleefully.) equals Antigun Bully! Lets all do that from now on. I will, anyway.

  2. Funny, like Mr. CN said earlier: The anti gun groups “value” our opinions and want our “voices to be heard”; but block the comments and ratings on their youtube videos and now pull this shit…

    Slow clap for the close minded antigunners…

  3. How many of those 2,500 followers (quite a few less than the “million” she proclaims) are pro-gun folks just keeping an eye on MDA?

    Just as a point of comparison, NRA has 192,000 followers.

    • And this is really what the whole thing is about: Raising her own profile and building a donor base so she can run for something.

      • Could be true. I have been convinced it is about lining her own pockets with a cushy job that pays a big salary. Beats the hell out of working for a living, as she previously did as a PR exec for big companies. “Accidental activist” my ass.

    • It seems very likely that Watts will run for office when an appropriately left-Dem district becomes available.

      Shannon is a part of the weekly White House-sponsored Gun Control Roundtable meetings, which, though under the watchful eye of the White House Office of Public Engagement (Jarrett) is run by Robert “Bob” Creamer, a left-wing pol media buyer and strategist for years. And HE is, in turn, married to the extemely left-wing Congresswoman from the North Chicago suburbs, Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D). The five groups at the table are MAIG, MDA, Brady, Center for American Progress, and Organizing For Action.

      Of these at least MDA and Brady receive funding from the Joyce Foundation, of which Obama was, until 2002, a board member. Joyce in turn has long ties to the University of Chicago Hospital/Med School, and thus to Valerie Jarrett, Michele Obama, and onward. Joyce also supports some of the work of the ever-tedious Hemmenway. MDA really isn’t an independent organization, but simply a branch of the key Chicago-area players as they push forward their agenda. We should start to call MDA, OMDA; Obama Mothers Demand Action.

      As for Shannon’s sudden appearance on the scene immediately after the Newtown incident, you can be sure she was hired from a stack of resumes and recommendations when the core players decided a new front was needed in the grave-dancing gun control malarkey. Her action is only accidental in the sense of “really? You want to hire me?!”

      • It is interesting, at least to me, that the Joyce Foundation’s Program Director for the Gun Violence Prevention Program is Nina Vinik. In the past Vinik was Fair Housing Project Director of the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Inc., which must have brought her into contact with Valerie Jarrett, in her role with the Chicago Housing Authority. It’s a small world, the anti-gun club.

        • “Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Inc.”

          Roger, remember those; used to call themselves the CPUSA.

  4. Poor naive Tyler. Don’t be fooled. Civilian disarmament advocates are not interested in talking or negotiating. They are interested in dominating you and disarming you. They use many tools to try and dominate and disarm you: legislation, laws, regulation, taxes, demonization in the schools and mainstream media, bans in as many private venues as possible, and yes even their words which they use to try and browbeat you into submission — hoping you will “voluntarily” give in to their demands.

    We, on the other hand, only demand that they leave us alone.

  5. Accidental activist? That doesn’t even make logical sense. No one becomes an “activist” for or against anything without consciously choosing to do so.

    • Accidental activist… sort of like “I am an activist, but only by accident. It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t want it, but responsibility was pushed onto me by events. (sigh, followed by hugs from loving supporters)” These people embrace victimhood in every possible way, don’t they?

      Shannon – as much as I disagree with you on, well, basically everything, I’ve got to say that if you want to change the world, freaking OWN it. Stand up and say what you are about. Own the ambition and embrace it. And at least be honest with yourself, if not with your followers. Accidents happen, true enough, but what we do with it is all on each of us. That’s what we call personal responsibility. Sort of like the People of the Gun being personably responsible, each in our own way, for our own safety and security.

  6. She puts the “Ho” in Hoosier.

    Words alone could not express how much I dislike this woman.

    Dirk, could you PLEEEEEASE get this woman some help???

  7. You should invite them to a dinner discussion at some nice venue and film it, then release it unedited. That way everyone has the opportunity to show that they are interested in dialogue, discussion, and ideas. If they are.


  8. They want to have a discussion, as long as it’s in an echo chamber solely with people that agree with them.

    Then again they probably just blocked TTAG contributors because they want to talk about you guys behind your backs, as if you would never be able to see it because that’s how the internet works.

    • “… they want to talk about you guys behind your backs….”
      You know… that is a lot like a clique of Jr. High girls gossiping about the other girls they don’t like.

      • You’re not too far off in your characterization of them as young girls talking behind the other girl’s backs.

        Except in this case, they are talking about the bad boys they’d secretly love to have for themselves: “Those boys, they just refuse to do what we tell them to do!”

        Meanwhile they hold their noses and go to the prom with the good boys who work at Ace Hardware – but just take one guess as to who is getting a BJ in the parking lot?

  9. New feature for TTAG – little medals or ribbons next to our user names for each of the facebook, blog, forum, etc that we as individuals find ourselves banned from 🙂

  10. They have their brains WASHED out due to public education and the news media….The will to THINK is also gone… Slavery is not a answer and mob rule only leads to more slavery ,,, Look at the peoples of WW2 Russia and Germany they all did think they were right , but were wrong 100 %, thinking they were WISE they became the FOOLS…. IF America will not AWAKE and return to basics , next lots of blood will flow ……..THAT IS the course of HISTORY! It is so very say that it will all END this way….

  11. Sure maybe Shannon Watts blocked you, but what about Shannon Marmion, Shannon Troughton, or whatever else her name might be this month?

  12. Who was surprised when she announced she was afraid of the Open Carry Texas people because they might shoot or rape her. What? This is just classic. Next she’ll be trying to ban 6’4″ beige men with beards from walking the streets because….she thinks her paranoid rape obsession should determine the law, and her fears trump fundamental rights.

  13. There have been some recent posts by Dads Demand Action For Gun Rights In America on Facebook about some of Ms. Watts allegations about gun owners. If the posts are true, the woman has some serious mental issues and definitely needs counseling. It will not be long before everyone starts to see through her rants and backs away from being associated with her.

  14. Its simple. They want their voices heard… they don’t want your voices heard. In their honest opinion, their voice is “right” and “just” and they are “right,” So your voice should be suppressed.

    We call this… intolerance.

    It is the difference between people like us (who like freedom) and allow everyone’s voice heard and people like them who wish to culturally eliminate us.

    After all, we are not putting a gun in their hands. They are free to own a gun or carry a gun or not own a gun and not carry a gun. They on the other hand don’t want us to own a gun or carry a gun and want to effectively make sure no one anywhere can carry anything that can be construed as a weapon (impossible feat), with exception to LEO and military (who know best).

    They are a gleaming example of the definition of … Bigotry.

  15. Wasnt prohibition the child of a bunch of know-nothing “moms” trying to parent the nation?

    This woman has clearly been brainwashed my Lifetime movies.

  16. Why so shocked?

    An agenda is not something that is open to discussion.This is not about truth, this is about her making a career out of a political position.

    “Truth,justice and the American way” replaced by political correctness, agendas and propaganda.

    It’s all an industry…she chose anti-gun for hers. It could have just as easily been global warming, anti smoking or gay marriage. It doesn’t matter. Her position does not come from some sense of what is right or wrong, it comes from what is “trending” at the moment.

    Take heart. Today your only blocked from her twitter account; tomorrow you will be put up against a wall and shot for not believing her way….

    Irony intended.

  17. The real dilemma is if they put out a Moms Demand Swimsuit calendar with the lovely Ms Shannon Watts in it, do we buy more than one of them and risk helping fund their anti civil rights group?

    • Yes, their idea of compromise is squeezing half a turd into our punch bowl when they would prefer to drop a full turd.

  18. A valid question is. “How much money is Shannon Watts making off her MDA work?”. Find-out the answer to that and you may discover what her true motivation is. This would also explain her banning comments contrary to what she is advocating insofar as “gun control” is concerned. Her intolerance of any “other” points of view may just be the tactic of a conman insuring that the suckers who are sending her money never have a doubt or hesitation about making that “donation” to her “cause”
    I suspect the same is true of multiple other gun prohibitionists.

    Not being naive (or perhaps just being cynical), I suspect many of those we count as “good guys” working to preserve our Second Amendment Rights may be similarly motivated, but find gun prohibitionist comments on their blogs and websites useful in keeping their money flow going because the trolls and idiots who write comments publicly available in these media never fail to “fire up” the readership, as is observed here on TTAG frequently.

    What I think this demonstrates is that those who know their positions are precarious and spurious cannot afford (literally) to brook any dissent or opposition, while those who are sure they are in the right can afford (literally) to let those who disagree with them say what they want. In the first case dissent creates doubt in the minds of the supporters. “Sic semper tyrannis” In the latter case, dissent only reinforces confidence in the cause in the minds of the supporters. “Sic semper libertas”

    • Very interesting. Yeah, it seems likely to me that little trollnet “overlays” are being dropped all over the place, not necessarily for the purpose of introducing dissent and quibbling. No question, that’s what they do.

      But some of them must be there to observe what happens when Button “D” is pushed, in specific areas. The ripple effect is studied and recorded. The Cryptocracy is doing, observing, cataloging. They want to know what happens everywhere when a certain action is set into motion. They want to be able to PREDICT ALL OUTCOMES.

      Once that’s understood, they know what to do, where and when, to accomplish a specific goal. It’s very simple; what did you IMAGINE all that research money was being spent on?

      • Good point. CONTROL is an ongoing theme with the Gun prohibitionists and I definitely think that plays as much in their machinations as preserving their “revenue stream”.

        I emphasized the revenue stream because I think sometimes we get carried away with the philosophical and argument from logic and overlook the more base motivation of generous salaries and extravagant expense accounts, which is so typical of lobbyists on all sides of any issue. In one sense it’s a perverse sort of pyramid scheme where a few people get a lot of money and luxury by coercing the vaster majority of us to to fret, stew and “contribute” our money to causes they have essentially manufactured. That, too, makes it about CONTROL when you think about it.

      • Yes, sometimes it gets hard to keep in mind the realities of these situations because the passion for our freedom obscures the baser motives involved.

  19. How come her Twitter page has a “No More” sign beneath her pic? Is she campaigning “No More Shannon Watts”? Awesome.

  20. going all the way back to the time some months ago when she was just becoming known, the reason that this former Monsanto marketing person should be considered to have anything relevant to say on this issue is what…?

    • her step-son cowers like a little girl b/c he is afraid to go to a movie theater since Aurora. . . of course, if the fat phucker lost some weight and the dumb buzz-cut, maybe he would grow up rather than getting picked on for his bed wetting.

      • If my mother was busy brainwashing me that every movie theatre, mall, store and public place was filled with crazy people ready to murder me at the drop of a hat, I would not want to go anywhere either.

        • That poor kid must live in a hole under the foundation, and pull the rock back over the entrance after she throws the food in. He’s going to wind up either killing himself or her.

  21. One must realize that as ones identity becomes entwined with a movement as a result of work, reward, recognition and so on, it becomes more and more difficult to walk away from it. To hear, let alone listen and consider arguments that might even suggest that her efforts are part of something that could be just plain wrong becomes impossible. So she build walls and schedules appointments and allows entry within those walls with only those that agree with her.
    There is no time to engage in debate when there are so many items on your to-do list to further the disarmament agenda.
    The issue is settled, so why should she allow a different view within her domain. She also doesn’t want prospective joiners to be sullied or turn away by these same arguments. It is natural to not waste energy on discussions with us because this does not further her cause that has now created a celebrity. She has built the wall, surrounded herself with those that agree and put on the shooting muffs that blocks out dissent above zero decibels. To her, TTAG is as loud as a Mosin.
    What would you expect of someone that has their life wagered on this celebrity.

    • Much of the same could be said of most organized religions. All good things must be taken in moderation lest they cease to be good. We’ve seen this battle play out through history over and over again long before the advent of firearms.

      To most gun grabbers getting rid of the “evil gun” is their religion and they will tolerate no question where it is concerned. To them the bloody shirt is the word and whatever lies or half truths will swell their ranks, their sermon.

      I have no problem with religion(any) or disdain/fear of guns as a personal belief or a guide by which to live your own life but when it’s FORCED on others it becomes a wholly different animal.

  22. It’s OK that they don’t want to hear of any compromize, because I don’t want to either. I used to think such a thing was possible, but have been fully disabused of the notion in the last 11 months or so.

  23. Hey, Tyler, I’m pretty sure that for a nice contribution, Shannon will open everything to you including her legs. After all, she’s just a wh0re.

    If she wasn’t flacking for the antigun movement, she’s be lying for Monsanto — which is what she did before she discovered that Bloomberg and The Joyce Foundation pay more.

  24. Don’t be fooled into thinking that her motives have anything in common with public safety. Debate, understanding, discussion – they are meaningless virtues to her ilk. Make no mistake about it, gun control messaging is a means to her, not an end.

  25. Constantly posting references to this useless organization only helps to increase their exposure in search engines and foster more media attention. I say enough already.

  26. I’ve read most of the comments and I think you guys are underestimating Shannon Watts. She isn’t dumb or brainwashed or clueless. I think she knows exactly what she is doing and I suspect that the posters that have suggested she is raising her profile to become the spokesperson for the anti gun crowd are right on.

    She keeps shouting and trying to get attention and people are starting to listen. Starbucks threw her a bone in changing their policies regarding allowing firearms in their franchises (The change really didn’t count but they did respond publicly). Jake Tapper nixed RF the other night in part due to their pressure and at least felt the need to respond by twitter.

    Maybe there is politics in here future, maybe just a cushy job? I don’t know, but I think we should talk about her less and try to discredit her publicly more. Too bad one of the more effective debaters in this movement couldn’t debate her.

    • Jake Tapper nixed RF the other night in part due to their pressure…

      For the record, the CSGV was the driving force in that stupid mess. I think MDA/Shannon only had one or two tweets in there. Your overall point is well taken, though.

  27. Is Shannon Watts a Feinstein redux?
    Or is it simply Freudian? She doesn’t fear guns as much as she fears her attraction to them? They say that the worst gay bashers are nothing but closet gays afraid of their own sexual yearnings–maybe Shannon is afraid of her yearning for “big guns”?
    Or maybe just cynical business strategy? Maybe Mayor Bloomberg has his hand where Dirk wants to go and is not only telling her what to say but grooming her for public office to advance his political agenda.

    [Dirk, do you really want Bloomie’s sloppy seconds?]

  28. Looks like the battle lines are drawn boys!

    Ironically enough, if anything were ever to actually go down, I would put good money on it that it would be the Anti-Gun crowd firing upon the gun crowd.

  29. I am amazed that I havent been blocked by Shannon Watts and MDA given how much grief I have given them on Twitter. Still more amazing, not getting my account suspended or booted. I got Shannon so pissed off at me she was typing in caps.

  30. Golly, how are we supposed to have a conversation or dialog about ‘common-sense gun control’ if these civilian disarmament folks block us? Is it possible they don’t really to have a conversation, but just want us to shut up, roll over and take it like a man?
    Just a thought…

    • No, that would be “take it like a woman.” As that Colorado Senator said, it is better to be raped than to carry a gun. YMMV.

  31. Shannon has such a strong odor of marketing opportunist coming from her that I can smell it through my computer screen. Add the phrase ‘moms for___’ to a cause, product, or idea and it will get attention and draw in lemmings. Shannon could be shooting for targeting a cushy job, building up her own little empire, or running for political office.

    • “I’ve Been Blocked by Shannon Watts” has all the makings of a radio pop smash. Someone with some connection to rock bands had better hop on it like a duck on a Junebug.

  32. Does anyone want to take one for the team and donate? Then you can request financials from the charity; they are legally bound to provide them to donors.

    Then we’d really see what’s going on. They have a nice McMansion… if you’re into that sort of thing.

  33. I think the banning of pro-2A comments is deliberate strategy. Part of the “Gun Control” line is that gun owners and 2A advocates are dangerous, scary people; thus, no polite, reasoned, normal people are allowed to comment in favor of guns and the 2nd Amendment because it would ruin their carefully set up “othering” of gun owners & advocates.

  34. As Prager says, once the left brands you SIXHIRB, that means that you are a person that does not have the standing to be heard and should be ignored. Of coarse most leftists will brand you SIXHIRB at the drop of a hat and especially if they start losing an argument.

    SIXHIRB = Sexist, Islamophobic, Xenophobic, Homophobic, Intolerent, Racist, and Bigoted.

  35. All I want to say about Ms Shannon is that if she was a getting a bit more (of what she is obviously demanding) at home, she wouldn’t be all up in our faces about our guns.

    It’s really not her fault. It’s her husband’s. If he was in control and giving her, more regularly, what she clearly needs she’d have better things to think about and do with her time than worry about picking at the rest of the planet.

  36. I’m proud to say that I have been blocked from commenting on their MDA/Everytown facebook page. Just because I spoke the truth to show them their lies.

    All of my comments have been deleted too. It’s like I (and the truth I wrote) was never there. So the lies can go on and on without any reasonable counter-point. In their world, the truth is just … not allowed.

  37. I was blocked from Jim Beaver’s ‘like’ page on Facebook. I had refuted several left leaning posts and mentioned liberals should be careful, as collectivists have hijacked the term. He continues to post leftist lies such as the infamous 74 shootings since Sandy Hook. I smh.


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