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The Daily Caller is reporting that Dianne Feinstein’s D.C. home caught fire late Monday afternoon, closing down the street for part of the day as the fire department worked to contain the flames. The fire was extinguished without any injuries, but it was unclear whether there was much damage to the $6.3 million 1930s-era Washington D.C. home. There was no comment from Feinstein’s staff about the incident, but needless to say there’s a pool running right now over whether she blames the fire on gun rights supporters or opponents of her pro-NSA wiretapping policies. Because we all know that personal responsibility isn’t exactly in her wheelhouse.

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  1. It probably was started when a particularly plump child exploded and sent grease everywhere.

    She eats children you know.

  2. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. Ill put 20 that she blames the Republican party, or those of us of the gun.

    • That’s not a house. It’s a walled compound. Put one hand on the top of the wall and see how many full autos are pointed in your face.

      I said this about Ted Kennedy. Lived in a walled compound. Had an armored limo and sub gun toting bodygaurds. But he claimed to know what a working class American needed for a better life. The only working class Americans that douche knew were the hookers he was abusing.

      • You got me thinking of the bumper stickers you used to see “Ted Kennedy’s car has killed more people than my gun”.

      • Well, if two of your brothers were assassinated, wouldn’t you be a little bit more protective? Denis Leary said it best.

  3. Her net worth in 2003 was about $26 million, making her the 5th wealthiest senator at the time. By 2005 her net worth was estimated around $99 million. Senators must make a lot of money (either that or she’s doing a ton of moonlighting using her BA in History somewhere)! Who knows what she’s worth now, but I’m sure she could just buy another multi-million dollar house.

  4. I always figured a house would fall on her. Perhaps her and other Marxists in government are trying to convert assets into insurance claims because they know what they’re doing to the nation’s economy and the future of private property ownership under the Central Committee.

        • The tune the antis March to: oh wee oh, wee ooh-ooh… she’ll send the atf to get you and your little dog too. That’s why they try to keep the fires far away in Texas, so no one comes at her with a bucket of water trying to save her. I’m sure there’s more.

  5. What a terrible injustice… that the wicked witch of the west wasn’t soaked while extinguishing the fire.

  6. Boys – all I have to say is this shows the power of prayer and having a personal relationship with the Almighty.

    Now time to work on my Shannon Watts(TM)(aka SUNSHINE) turning into a stripper prayer . . .

  7. Probably spontaneous combustion from all the hot air this harridan constantly spews. Actually I doubt the NRA had anything to do with it. It is probably George Bushs fault.

    • So that’s what happened to my AR yesterday…. I was wonderin where it ran off to. Damn thing come in at 0200 I dunno whether to punish it or reward it.

  8. Personally, I don’t like fires, arson, as this is not the way to give justice to this wicked person. I feel she should be voted out, impeached legally. I don’t think arson or violence is the solution as this is too simple a fix for a complicated problem is not the answer. I believe she will get hers as soon as people vote, and see what damage she has caused to freedom and the Constitution and rights to bear arms. This is not the America I grew up in.

    • People do vote, and they vote for her. It’s amazing what dumbing down a population does for the likelihood of a progressive being reelected.

    • You realize what state she represents, right?
      Make sure your campaign to replace her promises lots of free shit and includes ads in Spanish. Also hire body guards, you will need them in some neighborhoods and in general as you canvas the state.

    • She needs to be arrested and tried for treason in a Constitutional court, with people who actually understand the Constitution sitting in the jury.

  9. Diane Feinstein has a 6.3 million dollar home? Oh that’s right… I forget. The government is us.

  10. This is what happens when you hold congress with the beast and summon his infernal majesty in the basement without proper precautions. She was probably sacrificing a copy of Rush Limbaugh’s latest book to conjure another draft of an AWB.

  11. $6.3 million 1930s-era Washington D.C. home.

    Nice to see her afford such a crib as a representative of her area. Sure helps to have hubby make so much money on the sweetheart deals she funnels to him.
    Nancy has her beat, making millions on Visa stock after she helped them get regs passed they benefited from.

  12. I wonder if she had fire extinguishers…or believes that only Firemen should have Assault Fire Extinguishers.

    I can’t say I’m upset by this news. She’s scum and it’s nice to see bad things happen to bad people…

  13. It’s always sad to hear someone losing a home, even if they happen to be Diane Feinstein.

    It’s not like she can’t just buy a new one anyways.

  14. Looks like Karma is finally starting to pay her a visit. But to her, the damage cost will be like us spending fifty cents in a vending machine. Hope Karma does a better job next time.

  15. How does she afford a 6 million dollar home on a Senators pay?

    Secondly, I thought she was the Senator from California, not D.C. Does it bother Californians that she does not even reside in their own state?

    • What makes you (and others who have asked the same question) think it’s her only house? Some of you are acting like owning a house in D.C. precludes owning one in CA.

      • People don’t know that to be elected, you pretty much have to have deep pockets.

        Which is why it’s amazing that Barack was elected because he has zero job experience, zero business skills. With Kerry, I can expect something from someone who married into money.

  16. A shame she wasn’t in it while it burnt to the ground.

    On a lighter note… We should ban fires! Protect the children!

  17. I read in the Ghosts of DC a while back that 100 years ago congress critters lived modestly in boarding houses. Now it seems they live opulently in bawdy houses. Ah, for the good old days when you could walk up to one on the street and converse as they were walking home…


  19. Well, God, I suppose I should have specified that she be IN the house when it caught fire. I swear, you’re almost as bad as Satan with the fine print.

  20. I guess she must have cut corners on fire and electrical codes when it was built. At that value, it was obviously built at OUR expense, through her favorable votes for her and Pelosi’s husbands’ businesses… Too bad it did not go all down, with her and ALL her Congressional thug friends inside – Schumer, Boxer, Pelosi, etc ad nauseum. We could have all roasted some strange fruit over THAT fire!

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