It’s Tax Time…Get All the Deductions You Can

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  1. I prefer to call my EDC gun a “medical device”. It facilitates the high-speed injection of metallurgical therapy to the recipient.

    • Question – does anyone know specifically what “income” is defined as in Title 26 or anywhere in law?
      I’m not talking about possible “sources” of “income”, but what “income” actually is?
      How can one “source” of “income” -wages for labor, be the same as “income” of – investment dividends?
      How can these different things, be the same “income”?
      Also, is the Title 26 tax a Direct mandatory, apportioned tax or an Indirect uniform, voluntary tax?

  2. hey! it is therapy for that that threat to life disease called a criminal.

    oddly enough, if you look at the definition of disease the federal government uses via the FDA violent criminals qualify as a disease when they show up wanting to enact their violence on you.

    • Per the IRS, deductible therapy is defined as: Therapy – You can include in medical expenses amounts you pay for therapy received as medical treatment.

      Get a doctor to take you shooting. Per their own, extremely broad, definition, you should be in the clear.

      • What if I, as a doctor, take myself shooting as a form of stress relief therapy, would that be deductible?

  3. I don’t see why I cannot deduct my expenses for firearms, training ammunition and training classes as health insurance.

  4. Why not deduct them as dependents? I mean, aren’t you the one responsible for their care and feeding?

  5. Many of us own guns to protect ourselves because the Government won’t. Some taxes are deductible. I don’t see why guns, ammo and training can’t be. BTW I have been going to therapy after my 43 YO son died. Therapist wants me to concentrate on some activity that I find useful. Hmmm.

  6. Dale M.

    Condolences also my Brother, Blessings to you and the Family,

    With Respect to all P.o.T.Ger’s I’d like to re-post this tribute to my Brother “Ozzie”
    D.O.D: February 25th 1985
    First posted earlier when I read the article on Dr. Ossian Sweet (1895-1960) I feel it should be seen here.

    Yes sir Life(Savor) , Exactly…. I was on the “J” train (El train “Elevated”) in Jamaica, Queens NYC had to walk up “The HILL” 168 th. street the first day’s to get to High School. All my friends went to other Catholic schools…I was Alone, white and Norwegian (not that anybody could tell Norwegian, I had brown hair) and petrified! Got into a scuffle 2nd day, (5) kids pounced!, I did good for about .10 seconds maybe, nose bloody, one eye closed, still swinging my garrison belt buckle out! like a mad…kid! Out of nowhere MY later on Best Bud waded into the melee and trounced the bastards! Sent them all runnin’ and bleedin’! Saved my life. His name was Ozwaldo , “Ozzie” and he NEVER saw race, NEVER saw COLOR just good n bad, right and wrong, Just “do the right thing” kind of guy/kid. For (4) long years we had to get past one of the most violent high schools in NY (1974-’78) to get to ours. Back to back often literally.(Ozzie also taught me how to fight). We met each others families, went to Coney Island and Museums etc. when we finally started to drive picked each other up and avoided the “death March”. Ozzie was killed on February 25th 1985 by a skell for whatever reason, I don’t care why? I hate him! Wish he was dead! The loss is still profound… So, present day, all the madness going on, stoopid stuff, I Protect people (all people) It is part of who I am because of Oz. No better friend, no better Human ever walked this Earth!
    Here’s to you Ozzie! immortalized here on TTAG forever! You deserved better Brother! But we will be together again one day. Everybody should have/know an Ozzie in their life. I just wish this wasn’t happening today, Sometimes I ask why? but I know the answers already, no need to tarnish what is written here. It just sucks. So, If you can Ladies and Gentlemen, BE AN OZZIE. Do the Right thing, STAND UP ! for the Right reasons. It would make Oz smile, it would make me smile. Believe it or not we are all in this s*** together, I just wish we acted like it.

    Thank you for letting me re-post it, today hurts real bad.

  7. In many civilized Socialist countries you pay a straight percentage with no deductions according to you level of income. This prevents the rich from avoiding to pay taxes like they do in Capitalvania which requires only the poor working classes to pay taxes.

    Capitalvania is perhaps the most corrupt industrialized country in the world and the worst country to live in for the working man, especially with its almost total lack of social safety net programs. Capitalvania is truly the “shit hole” of the industrialized world, to quote “Herr Drumpf (the Donald).

  8. I’m a therapist and use range therapy with clients when it’s appropriate. I write off my yearly range membership and my reloading equipment. Some people just like to reload because they are more interested, I give them the chance to try it before they spend a lot of their own money on it. I also have my own practice and specialize in trauma and vets and first responders.

  9. The Standard Deduction is now $13,000 Single $26,000 Married. Unless you have enormous medical or other unusual expenses (full auto weapon bought for therapy???), you are likely to be better off taking the standard. I don’t even keep receipts anymore.

  10. Notice to Virginia residents:

    There is a bill pending in the Virginia legislature which would bestow $300 tax credits on anyone who purchases a “firearm storage device” (gun safe), though of no help this year this is something to keep an eye on for next year’s tax season.

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