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Do you want to be hacked to death by a machete? I’m thinking no. Would you risk being hacked to death by a machete-wielding madman if you knew a homicidal hacking was in the offing? Also no. So, if there were machete-ready thugs hanging around polling places would you think “screw voting, it’s not worth it?” Let’s go with yes. Unless you really wanted to vote. At that point, you’d probably want to have a gun. Then you’d have a fighting chance to participate in the electoral process without bloodshed (yours). Of course, the government thugs in question might also be armed. So maybe you don’t want to risk getting shot. But then, neither do the government thugs. So if you were armed, the fascist bastards might not mess with you. Especially if millions of people like you were armed. At that point, the thought of intimidating voters with physical violence might not even arise. As it doesn’t here in the U.S. See how that works?

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  1. What is the famous saying here in the states? The second amendment protects the first? Prime example of where it woulda been useful…

  2. What was that bit about disarmed citizens getting overrun by tyrannical forces? I believe we keep being told that never happens. Resident antis? Hello?

    • No no. They keep saying it could never happen HERE. This wont convince them for one second that they are wrong, because it happened half a world away. For some reason, the gun control crowd thinks our government is immune to the temptations of man. I, for one, think exactly the opposite.

      • The discussion that can come from this actually presents an intriguing opportunity to attack the cognitive dissonance of the antis. When they insist that it couldn’t happen here force them to explain why.

        The questions can run in this general order. Is it because we are in the US and they are in Africa? If yes, what makes their government and ours different, both after all came from British colonialism? Oh it is the people and traditions, well what sets those people aside from us… are you perhaps inferring that it is because they are black? Why Mr. Anti do you hate black people?

        The conversation probably has a few extra steps but with a little work you might actually be able to demonstrate at least some of the racism that gun control stems from.

      • It has happened here: Southern Democrats keeping newly freed Americans away from the polls by any means available. Different deal todoay right? Well, it doesn’t happen as widely or in the same way, but how about Democrats physically forcing Republican poll monitors out in Philly? Then having those presincts report more than 100% turnout of eligible voters with zero votes for Romney (given some of the presincts, you would expect 90%+ for Obama, but if you ask a few thousand people if they would rather eat ice cream or sh*t, you will get at least a few votes for sh*t; our species is just onry that way). So, anyone who says it can’t happen here is dishonest, uninformed, or both.

    • I appreciate you guys keeping me in line here. I think the new American way is turning into a bad case of ego that leads to many of us flat out refusing to learn from other countries’ mistakes.

    • Right. It can’t happen here in the next two minutes. Technically, they’re correct.

      Mainstream Americans – and I don’t think we’re precisely that – do not grasp how close we actually are to the situation described above.

  3. When I was in Kenya there was absolutely strict gun control. Anyone carrying a pistol risked being shot on sight. I suppose that’s why they tend to have these brutal machete hacking rages during election seasons.

  4. OT: That fellow pulling at the bloodied man’s shirt really should have some gloves on, this is Africa afterall. No wonder HIV is still a massive problem there when even first responders don’t take standard precautions.

  5. One guy was crying wrongfull DMU(defensive machette use) but he didn’t have a leg to stand on, Randy

  6. While I’m fully in favor of the right to keep and bear arms, I think proponents overstate it’s tyranny-deterring properties. There are plenty of countries where damn near everyone is armed, which are in a perpetual state of war. I don’t think the guns are to blame, but nor do they do much to avert bloodshed when you have populations of people who want to rip each other to shreds and who think that violence is an appropriate problem-solving tool.

  7. I was in Mombasa Kenya in 1982. Place was a mess then. Still a mess. Shame. Africa could be so much more to the world than chaos, tyranny and senseless violence. Don’t know what the solution is. If there is one…

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