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“Police said a 73-year-old birdwatcher told them she was raped in Central Park on Wednesday morning,” CBS reports. “Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said she told police them she was attacked at about 11 a.m. in a wooded area near the park’s Strawberry Fields, which serves as a memorial to former Beatles’ singer John Lennon. After sexually assaulting her, the man made off with her backpack that contained a camera, police said. He also tried to steal her watch but was unsuccessful. Eric Ozawa, a college professor and birdwatcher, found the woman and called 911 . . .

He said he noticed a pair of legs sticking out along the path and initially thought it was somebody sleeping. As he got closer, he realized it was a woman lying face down . . .

“It’s shocking that it could happen in the park in broad daylight,” he said. “That someone could rape somebody in her 70s.”

And here’s something new on the story [via]

The woman told the New York Post in an interview published Thursday that the man also jumped on her back, pummeled her, grabbed her throat and threatened to cut her jugular when she screamed.

She said she feels jittery but is mostly enraged.

“Kill him. Cut off his penis. That’s fine,” she told the Post. “Cut off his feet, then hit him over the head. Then give him life in prison.”

Alternatively, if she’d been carrying a gun, she could have shot the sicko before the rape. (Legally speaking, as he attempted to rape her.) Which was not possible given New York City’s de facto ban on concealed carry.


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  1. “The woman says the man grabbed her from behind and raped her”

    Maybe a gun would have saved her and maybe not. Carrying a gun still requires a high degree of ongoing situational awareness, the ability to physically use it, and the right mental attitude. One study concluded that the situational awareness of some people carrying a gun actually decreases as they become over-confident in simply possessing a gun on their person.

    • Point taken. But this was her SECOND encounter with the [eventual] rapist in the same area. If that’s not a heads-up I don’t know what is.

      And, lest we forget, people can do some amazing things during an attack. Like . . . retrieve their gun and shoot the person trying to rape them.

      • Agreed of course that it was her second encounter and it should have been a heads-up. She should have had the common sense Not to photograph him the first time while he was masturbating in the park. True, that a gun on her person might have helped save her during the struggle.

      • Not a fan of the “should have been a DGU” series of posts. Everyone thinks they are gonna be the Punisher, until they are not. A 73 year old woman with a gun? Lets slow our roll with that please while we figure out what we need to do with her car keys.

        She was jumped from behind, and pummeled by a man with a knife. Then had her pack stolen.

        A long line of kung fu kicks, rear elbows, and some sort of diving roll would have had to precede this attack before this 73 year old granny could have made any type of successful gun use.

    • Of course a gun wouldn’t have saved her.

      A gun would have given her the *means* to save *herself*.

      The rhetoric we use makes a tremendous difference.

      • True enough. Just as guns DON’T kill people, neither do they SAVE them. They are tools used by people with intent.

    • “Maybe a gun would have saved her and maybe not.”

      She would at least have had a fighting chance with a gun. We all know how much she had without one.

  2. Get a good description of him and setup a trap. Once caught, take him to a basement for a few hours of fun before calling anyone.

    • Why call anyone??!! Find a good deep hole, bury him up to his chin in hard packed dirt and then spend a few hours of seeing who can get the closest to his head with a car without actually killing him right away!!!
      Oh I forgot to mention filling the bottom 2/3rds of the hole with sulfuric acid!!!!

      • From Pulp Fiction:
        “What now? Let me tell you what now. I’m gonna call a couple of hard-pipe-hittin’ niggas to go to work on the homes here with a pair o’ pliers and a blow torch. You hear me talking hillbilly boy? I aight through wit chu not a damn sight. I’m gonna get medieval on your ass!”

    • Im thinking a pair of pliers and a blowtorch.

      if that happened to a loved one of mine, i can f–king guarantee the consequences will be similar.

      that or rape via cactus….definitely cactus rape. 😉

  3. -“It’s shocking that it could happen in the park in broad daylight,” he said.-

    Why? You live in a city where you’ve been disarmed and made dependent on corrupt and incompetent governmental parents, like children. Why wouldn’t a criminal feel he has the run of the city when he knows he can do whatever he wants without civilian reproach? He knows that all the subjects of NYC can do is call 911, wait 20 minutes, then cower around while the NYPD shoots 9 of them.

    Don’t be shocked when you surrender your rights and suffer because of it.

  4. Hello, Mayor Bloomberg,

    Are you paying attention?

    One of your constituents just had a crime committed against her, and it is all your fault. Yes, you and the city are responsible. Well, in my mind you are anyway.

    I do hope that vote to ban the Big Gulps in your city goes horribly bad for you, and I do hope all of your endeavors and future goals for anyone fail.

    Repeat after me . . . “Epic Fail.”

    Thank you.

    • “City Council Speaker Christine Quinn planned to go to Central Park on Thursday to announce a free self-defense class that will be offered in the park.”

      I guarantee that self defense class is TOTALLY gun free, and I’d be surprised if they teach the use of any weapons at all. Maybe we are supposed to throw our new downsized 16 oz. drinks at our attackers? After all. a 32 oz. drink would be over kill, might accidently hurt an innocent bystander. Anyone else see a running theme here? Oversize magazines… oversize drinks… me thinks his highness the Mayor has a little one?

      • Methinks you are right, he is definitely suffering from Napolean Complex!!!
        A very bad case of it!!! His Highness the Short has a problem only trained mental health people can cure but will take years and years of work, plus figuring how to delete the Tyrannical DNA from his system!!
        I don’t live in NY but have family that have all moved away from NYC and up to the Catskills where it is a lot safer for them!!!

  5. The woman needs someone to go on a PR Jihad with this story and blast it all over the NYC area airwaves. Bloomberg must accept personal responsibility for this attack, but since he is a midget coward, then instead this can be used to undermine any credibility. And where is Bloomy? Oh that’s right, NYC just voted to limit people to 16oz sodas. priorities indeed.

    • You’re right; Mikey is obligated to ensure the safety of New Yorkers since he has revoked The Bill of Rights.

  6. All my life I’ve heard horror story after horror story anout NYC. And somebody is still shocked when something like this happens? What would be shocking is a mob of outraged citizens running a tarred and feathered baa baa Bloomberg out of town.

  7. Rape is a terrible thing, but guns are not the answer. Guns do more harm than good.

    Sure, in a particular situation, a gun MIGHT save the day. But usually it would make no difference and in some case make matters worse.

    On top of that you’ve got all the other down-side possibilities of gun ownership.

    No, gun ownership is not the answer to rape or any other problem.

    About the de facto ban on concealed carry, that sounds like bullshit. Did this woman apply for a permit and get denied?

  8. Facts, mikeybmumblers, facts. Try to keep up, your opinions are not facts. Are you actually starting to believe your own spew? Not a good sign.

    • Well, here’s a fact: The UK has a 4 times lower intentional homicide rate than the US. You can look it up if you don’t believe me. The difference in gun ownership is a major factor in that. Therefore, if the US adopted the UK-type gun control, we’d have fewer intentional homicides.

      How’s that work for ya?

      And, by the way, of course I believe what I say, even when it’s just opinion and guessing.

  9. Robert, I’m not sure why this article offends me and all the armchair quarterbacking we, the Armed Intelligentsia, played after the Batman shooting did not. I think it’s the title. When we talked about Aurora we were thinking about how this tragedy could have been avoided. I feel this article blames a rape victim in the same vein as accusing her having dressed provocatively. We aren’t ambulance chasers, Robert. We don’t prey on the suffering of others; we advice them on how to avoid having to suffer.

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