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“A man accused of rape, kidnapping, and assault was out on bond when investigators say he again committed those crimes and more,” reports. All those who are surprised this nasty turn of events please raise your hand. Thought not. “Records show [Richard Teremaine] Gore damaged the straps for his GPS tracking device Monday. Investigators say he kidnapped a woman from a home in Little River, SC, either Sunday night or Monday morning by gunpoint and raped and assaulted her at his home in Ash. According to warrants it’s the same woman Gore allegedly kidnapped and rape earlier this year.” Yes, you read that right . . .

Gore assaulted the same woman twice, the last time while he was on bail for the first offense. Who saw that one coming? Hands down.

Judge Sherry Prince reduced Gore’s bond in October from $1 million to $50,000 with a tracking device. He left jail three days later. Now he faces charges of rape, kidnapping, assault on a female, assault with a deadly weapon on a government employee among many others.

I’d like to hear what Judge Prince – and gun control groups – have to say about that.

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  1. I bet he bought the gun he used over the internet through Reddit, at a gunshow, while using

    UBCs would have prevented that crime, convinced him to get his act together, and made his victim a nice cup of tea instead.

    • I’m sure he purchased the gun legally with money he earned legitimately, and he used to be an upstanding citizen until he got the gun. Then the gun possessed him and he turned into a crazy criminal!

      • That’s it! I’ve got it! We need to ban money!

        All firearms are purchased with money. If we just ban money then no one will be able to buy a gun. No one ever uses trade, barter, or theft. For the children.

        You know, I wrote that out with the utmost snark in mind, then scared myself because I can see that coming up as an actual argument from the antis….

    • Wait a minute, aren’t there laws in place preventing this guy from possessing a firearm. What the fvck was he thinking? Didn’t he realize how much more illegal what he (allegedly) would be because he used a pistol?

  2. Same woman twice? I had a cousin that died proving you can’t rape a .38. His intended victim didn’t give him a first, let alone a second chance.

    You would think being kidnapped and raped once would have caused some life style changes in the victim. Like securing your home better and getting a gun.

    • You’d think…

      But I can say with great certainty that my girlfriend probably wouldn’t.

      Men and women are different. And as this piece of trash in the article proves, there should be more good guys with guns around to put rabid vermin down.

      I am not saying that women can’t be dangerous or fight back. But when I taught women’s self defense, one of the first things I had to work with the ladies on was actually trying to/being willing to cause physical damage.

      My theory is that women’s go-to defense mechanism is verbal, hence why women can cut people apart so well with words and generally win arguments with men. Men’s go to defense mechanism is physical, hence why little boys get in so much trouble for fighting and have to learn over time (if they aren’t thugs) that physical comebacks are not appropriate as an adult.

      This is why as my girlfriend gets more interested in self defense and concealed carry I am starting to buy man silhouette targets for her instead of bulls eyes. “Why?” you may ask. Well, because all the accuracy in the world won’t help if you can’t pull the trigger.

      And I saw trained, infantry soldiers freeze up first hand. If 19 year old, piss and vinegar men who had been brainwashed for months to KILL KILL KILL and BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD MAKES THE GRASS GROW GREEN DRILL SERGEANT! can hesitate during that moment, you’d better believe kind hearted women who have never even balled a fist in anger sure as hell can too.

      • Agree with all you said. It’s really hard to turn your weapon on a person. Silhouette targets can help. I’d never seen one til boot camp. But I had the expereince of being raised on a farm and killing livestock and game animals. Even with that background it’s hard to fire on another person.

        • +1 for growing up on a farm.

          I never got that opportunity, but I’ve noticed in my life that farm boys often have abundant amount of common sense and understand the real world at a much earlier age than others.

      • I know exactly what you’re talking about. My wife has made it very clear to me that she would never be able to shoot someone. She has actually said that she would rather just be raped than have to kill someone else. I just had to leave the room at that point. What can you say to that?

        It doesn’t help that she is a trauma nurse. She has seen first hand what a hollow point does to the body, and can’t imagine causing that kind of damage. I’ve given up on arming her, for now. There is no reason for her to carry a gun that she has no intention of using. Maybe her attitude will change in the future.

        I focus, instead, on trying to teach her to keep her eyes open, to watch for danger. Also, as a compromise, since she won’t shoot an intruder, I’m allowed to turn our home into a fortress piece by piece. If I’m not there, at least she can bolt the heavy, solid core, bedroom door and call 911.

        • Fudgesicle,

          I suggest you try this on your wife: Get her to close her eyes and imagine that she is asleep at night and that your are away. She wakes up to a sound and goes to investigate your children’s room where she sees an intruder about to plunge a knife into your child. Then ask her what she would do if she had a gun. Women will defend their loved ones with all they’ve got. They just don’t like to think about hurting anyone because God designed to be nurturers. If you don’t have children then tell her that she might not survive the rape to have any. Or any variation of what I’ve described that will arouse the emotion to protect a loved one. Women sometimes need to feel the emotion to get the logic of self-defense. Good luck.



        • F.A.S.T. Defense. Look for an instructor in your area and get your wife enrolled. There is nothing like a fear-based adrenaline dump to change your perception on self defense.

        • Fudgesicle,

          I am in agreement with David. I was a little apprehensive about guns years ago, but after gaining knowledge and going to the range and learning to use the thing, I found confidence and now love the idea of having that protection, especially with kids. A locked or bolted door doesn’t always keep the intruder out, but a women standing there with a pistol, I think they will think twice…hopefully. A self defense class and some time at a range can be empowering for a women as well. If your wife is open to it, it might be a great thing for the both of you to do together…just an idea…a small knife could be a good start too?

        • One thing that may change her mind is if she has a friend who has been raped and is able to actually tell her about life after rape. There is just too much to say here. Women who say they would rather be raped aren’t thinking about life afterwards or about the damage it causes to others that they love. They don’t know what they don’t know.

  3. It sounded like he attacked the same victim. This victim needs to stop listening to the feel gooder and get some self-defense training to include weapons training and begin carrying an evil gun to stop evil predators like this guy.

    • To be fair, we don’t know anything about the victim. It is possible for even someone with a gun in a purse to be blindsided and defeated.

      • It’s also possible she (wrongly) trusted the system to not be completely fucking broken and let this guy out to hurt her again.

        Fact is, not everyone in the country just understands and accepts that they are responsible for their own safety. They should, but they don’t.

        That’s something that you either learn from your parents or find out for yourself – like cooking. How many people don’t know how to cook anything? Yup.


    A woman was beaten by he EX and she had a restraining order against him.

    Mayor Mike had a little known law passed

    If you have a restraining order in place you must surrender all your firearms and any in the home

    This lady had an 18 year old son who had a rifle as he used to go target shooting and hunting and his rifle was registered with the NYC police department.- in Kew Gardens (Queens)

    The police came confiscated the “weapon” and her ex returned and murdered her.

    This of course never made the news any place as the police could not discuss the case

    • Wait, if I have to put a restraining order on someone I have to surrender MY guns?

      I’m not even going to attempt to understand the logical genius that came up with that….

  5. OK to start with, this scum should be shot dead. With that said, what is assault of a female? Shouldn’t it just be assault? What does the sex of the victim have anything to do with it?

    • You didn’t see the “assault with a deadly weapon on a government employee”? Her gender and her government job both had special legal protections.

      • Less “protections” more after the fact feel good legislation that at best sticks the man with a stiffer sentence while effectively signaling to everyone watching that raping a waitress or a house wife is less wrong than raping DMV clerk.

        For all the people celebrating laws against hate crimes, just know that these laws in no way offer protection. they are simply there to add an extra xx number of months and xx amount of dollars to the sentence.

        People continually ignore the fact that the law is not designed to or capable of protecting the individual. Its purpose is not punishment of the offender whatever you may think and deterrence if it happens is simply a pleasant side effect. The laws only true cause is in fact to preserve order and authority by consent of the people by providing a widely acceptable alternative to “street justice” The law is not there to protect your wife from being raped, it is there to prevent you from taking revenge AFTER she has been raped.

        Difficult truth many people (even here) refuse to believe.

  6. It ain’t rape. He is infatuated with her. Just has a kinky way of showing his love, that’s all. Just another misunderstood youth. It is a social issue, not a criminal one. Right? He should be sentenced to life on a psychiatrist’s couch, that’ll fix him.

  7. I think Judge Sherry Prince should be locked in a room with this upstanding gentleman. Because if he isn’t well-behaved enough to be in a locked room with a judge, he shoouldn’t be allowed on the streets.

  8. Drop his bail from 1 mill to 50k? Sure! Just make sure you leave your family jewels at the door. Steep price? Then stay in jail.

    Sooner or later a judge is going to be held responsible for what they do. Here one allows a POS who’s being charged with rape out on chump change and he re-offends with the same victim. Fix the judges, fix the courts, and fix the prisons…..the police can’t do it all on their own.

  9. I am keeping this story for the next gun class I am teaching which is mostly women. Hopefully this is motivation for some who are on the fence about having a gun in the house.

    • I was one of those women. I never even thought of using, let alone owning a gun or knife and now my thoughts on them have completely changed. I think what you will teach those women is great, in my opinion. I hope they adopt the “feel the fear and do it anyway” mentality because it all starts with a class or a little knowledge and then can grow from there…or not, but at least for me it did and they come away with something!

  10. I’ve said it numerous times on TTAG and taken considerable flak for it but here I go again: Multiculturalism is a God Damned Disaster! It doesn’t enhance the lives of blacks or whites. It doesn’t enhance the happiness of Jew, Christian, Moslem, or Atheist. It weakens the educational system. Destroys cohesion within the citizenry. Causes division as evidenced by the news cycle being a continuous loop of Trayvon – Rodney King – Sharpton vs. Hannity – etc, etc! It is truly the problem we face and it is the 900 pound gorilla in the American living room that no one has the courage to address. Why? Because they’re afraid of being called a name……! It was never intended by the founders and the Left knows this (or its intellects do atleast). That’s why they truly despise the US Constitution and will someday attempt to abolish it. Say I’m a racist. Look around for folks to stroke your fur and tell you how morally superior you are. Whistle past the graveyard for another generation as your children turn into little thugs, but remember this as future history will remember: Multiculturalism is a DISASTER! It destroys everything it touches.

    • The problem as I see it is that lots of people think that multiculturalism means (and I know I’m stealing this from somewhere) everyone has to be the same, like a multi-colored rainbow squeezed out of a toothpaste tube. Instead of multiple individual flavors, all of them are pushed into one tube so that every time you squeeze, you get every possible option.

      Basically, they want our society to be fractally multicultural, so that no matter how far you drill down, every group is represented the same at every level, and that is simply not possible. As an example, when you’re busing students for an hour or more cross-county to ensure that every school has an identical racial makeup (like they were when I was in school), you’re taking it too far.

      • Well said! Also the education system is forced to slow to the pace of the less brilliant. Everything is thrown out of balance. No one wants to discuss this for fear of being called a “racist”…….I say who cares what you call me…….history will prove me right. Our nation is unravelling before our eyes. The truth is that Multiculturalism, while well-intended, has proven to be a gigantic mistake. Blacks haven’t been happy since desegregation was forced onto them and most still don’t get it. Whites have divided into various camps of denial, hatred, apathy, self-loathing, etc. If Multiculturalism was working we wouldn’t be having conversations like this. It wouldn’t even come to mind! Nothing succeeds like success. Everyone should quit trying to explain how it really is working even though it doesn’t seem like it is and focus that energy on finding a solution that will enhance the happiness of all American citizens. Remember, truth doesn’t come in white flavors or black flavors or multicultural flavors or segregationist flavors… comes in one flavor……Truth. And the truth is this arrangement isn’t working well. I truly wish it was otherwise. An American can insult me if they’d like. I’ll take it. But no other people’s should criticize us or me. We have given it more of a shot than any nation and it is a disaster. That is the truth.

    • marine03. You keep saying the problem is multicultarlism. That the constitution will be destroyed. The same constitution that says All Men Are Created Equal.

      You’ve stated what you see as the problem a number of times. How about your solution to the problem? Quit tip toeing and put it out there.

      • Fair enough question JWM. Here goes. Before I start though I should answer that this is above my pay grade. Don’t ask me reduce the national debt. We have elected officials who understand it better than I. Still, they’re obligation is to ME and YOU. We don’t need to have the solution. We need the debt lowered. I use that simply to emphasize that this solution may be wrong. I’m not a sociologist. But your question was fair – here’s my opinion: I think we should re-segregate. For years and years there were 2 sides of town in American cities. There were wealthy people on both sides of “the tracks” but generally blacks bought groceries from black grocers and white bought groceries from white grocers. They still interacted but each culture was allowed to live and learn at their own pace. They policed their own societies too generally. White college kids in the 1920-30-40-50’s considered their favorite weekend activity to cross the tracks and go to black jazz clubs. Blacks considered it a privilege to work alongside whites over the tracks. There was a happy balance. The black family was world renowned for its cohesion until the civil rights movement planted envy in their hearts by whispering how much better they could have it. I could go on but my guess is that segregation could enhance the chances of every child. Chances of education. Chances of happiness. Chances of community. Etc. – That is my gut feeling. The alternatives are much worse.

        • Your solution to save the country and the constitution is to return to segregation? I will give you credit for honesty. A lot of guys try to tip toe around with terms like “certain demographics”. Don’t expect a lot of support for the idea, tho.

        • I’m not sure I agree with forced re-segregation. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s a bad idea. What I would support in your idea, however, is an end to forced multiculturalism. I believe what you would see happen from a sociological standpoint is a sort of natural segregation. People with a shared heritage will tend to congregate together.

          I could be wrong, but if I read correctly I think it’s the benefit of that type of sociological grouping together that you are advocating. That benefit is that when ethnic groups come together with a shared heritage they begin to express a sense of pride in that heritage. And when people have a sense of pride in their past they carry that sense of pride through to their present. Ultimately it’s a win.

        • Marine 03, interesting concept…

          What about multiracial families? Everyone has to live in different parts of town based on the color skin they were born with, or what? How do you put the bigot genie back in that segregation bottle?

          What about mixed race people like myself and my sisters, where do we fall into this utopia? Some of us you couldn’t tell are half Latino, others you couldn’t tell are half Caucasian, who gets to decide who goes where?

          Or, do we half breeds get a leper colony of our own?

        • To answer some of the questions. First, it isn’t “Forced” segregation as someone wrote but rather government sanctioned and government encouraged segregation. The military could go back to white platoons and black platoons. Same training same benefits. Different barracks. If someone who is a certain race wants to work and live amongst another race’s platoon/unit then fine, they can. The gov. just allows and encourages it. Same thing with education. After all, who knows how to teach black children better than black adults? Why must they be be forced to compete scholastically with white kids…..? Has that worked well for either race? Ask yourself that. Segregation is natural as another poster here noted. He’s correct. The problem is fear of being labled. For years I lived in apartment complexes. Most of the black people wanted to be in the building with other black people. However, if the leasing agent dared to show apartments available to blacks near other blacks some would scream “racism” or “descrimination”. This caused a fear of legal trouble or moral labeling so the poor property owner often didn’t know what to do. Segregation ISN’T a dirty word. It makes people happier. If that wasn’t true then we’de long since have every neighborhood consisting of a black family living next to a white family next to some gays next to some atheist next to some Jews next to some Moslems next to some (you get the point). A neighborhood like that would not be desirable to most Americans of any ethnic group, but no one talks about it because the gov. and educational system have told us that to do so is wrong. Their intentions were noble but their experiment has failed. Regarding the question of mixed race families, there’s a simple answer; They get to choose where they live (like everyone else) but there isn’t a governmental and societal threat looming overhead for simply saying, “We will live here because we don’t want to grow up around Polynesians anymore!” No lawsuits. No bussing of students. No affirmative action. All this would have to be sanctioned by the federal government…..although……there is another way it could become reality. That other way is terrible, bloody, destructive and we are racing towards it at record speed. That possibility is what I hope America avoids. But at some point things will get so bad people will say, “I’m just tired of living this way!!!” Consequences be damned. We will change by force. That solution would be a disaster and an end of the USA.

    • Lack of segregation and multiculturalism (whatever that means) are not the problems. The problem has already gone past the point of no return and it is the lack of nuclear family structure and the family and moral values that are taught to children therein.

      The grand experiment of our country was to grant funds to fatherless “families” and the more kids the more funds you got. Anyone with a two-inch forehead would quickly figure out how to game that system and that it pays well to destroy the nuclear family structure. We are beyond the point of no return because multiple generations have been “raised” like this, with the resulting snowball effect we see today.

      • JAS, I can’t say I disagree, but I don’t know of a solution to make the family unit popular again. Religion was a big factor in the past at keeping husbands at home and solidifying the structure of families within the community. The federal government can’t mandate a return to religious ideals, indeed, it’s forbidden by law. The government could cut off welfare funding and the stipends for multiple children. That might wreck havoc on society as it stands. Wouldn’t it be better to try to create a happier american citizen all around by allowing them to raise their “families” where & how they see fit? I’m not criticizing your observations. They are accurate infact. But the problem must be solved from “downwind” (so to speak). Almost in a way people don’t perceive that it is being done. When they immediately notice an enhancement in their quality of life they will become better citizens. They’ll seek employment. They’ll forego crime & thuggery. They’ll begin to have pride again in their own communities. All I’m saying is the current model is a disasterously failed attempt. If we had segregation without bigotry things would improve for everyone. Was China Town in San Francisco and other cities a bad idea? Of course not. It allowed Chinese immigrant workers in the 1800’s to feel they had a place in this new world they’d come to. In turn they helped us tame the west, build railroads, mine gold, etc. I doubt if they’d been forced to camp out with cowboys things would have gone as well as they did. Segregation isn’t a dirty word. And if I’m totally wrong I’m willing to listen to other suggestions. I do know the current model isn’t making the pursuit of happiness easier for any race. It is destroying the pursuit of happiness and making it impossible. Finally, to RockonHellchild, I reply that yes I was a Marine Corps infantryman. Served honorably with many fine black marines. Many fine Asian marines. Even had 2 full blooded Navajos in my platoon. We were all friends but there were problems from time to time that wouldn’t have occurred if the platoons were segregated. Additionally, if all people were of the caliber of US Marines I don’t think we’de have the problems we have now. Many in society are up to that level. They use drugs. They steal. They lie. They refuse to accimilate. I watched the South Park video and see your point. The black platoons would be used as cannon fodder. Hmmm, perhaps I suppose but Marines atleast virtually pray for war and I doubt being chosen as the first wave would be anything but an honor to jarheads. The potential is there for abuse I’ll admit, but usually the first to fight (those who sustain the highest casualties) are the most elite and toughest unit. Black Generals could easily find themselves commanding white troops who are the spearhead into any attack. I doubt there would be murderous racial problems as expressed in the cartoon. That doesn’t pass the smell test, but I did get a chuckle.

  11. “I’d like to hear what Judge Prince – and gun control groups – have to say about that.”

    Not sure what the judge would say but the gun-control groups would probably point out that everyone agrees our gun control laws suck so the fact that a hoodlum can get out of jail and get a gun within minutes is hardly surprising. They would also point out that there was probably very little preventing the victim from getting a gun of her own for self-defense so either she had one and it wasn’t effective, or she never bothered.

  12. These anti idiots don’t get long as courts do stupid things like that, the public needs to stay armed
    A bank robber in our town recently shot and killed a ww2 veteran while robbing the bank, he had 62 priors.
    How did he get out? How did he get a gun? Must have been universal BC


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