Petanque Balls Paris Knife Attack
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Petanque is to old French guys what bocce is to old Italian guys. Petanque balls are virtually always made of steel with a hollow center. And given the disarmed French civilian populace, a set of petanque balls is about as effective as it legally gets on the streets of Paris when it comes to armed self-defense.

That’s apparently all that was at hand Saturday night when a man using an Afghan identity went on a stabbing spree.

Three of the victims were standing outside a movie theater along the Canal de l’Ourcq when the attacker set upon them with a massive blade and “iron bar,” witnesses said.

The others were randomly targeted in the street.

Paris Knife Attack Petanque
courtesy and Reuters

Seven tourists and locals were injured. A number of people chased the attacker as he moved down the street.

“There were around 20 people chasing him. They started throwing petanque balls at him,” Najah said, referring to the sport popular in France also known as boules.

“Around four or five balls hit him in the head, but they weren’t able to stop him,” he added.

They eventually tacked and disarmed him. The cause of the attack remains a mystery.

“Nothing at this stage shows signs of a terrorist nature in these assaults,” police sources told the Agence France-Presse. They said the attacker was going after “strangers.”

Bien sur.

The attack is just the latest in a long line of knife rampages to go down in France this year. Terrorism, however, has been ruled out in almost every incident.

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  1. “Nothing at this stage shows signs of a terrorist nature in these assaults,”


    I mean, I could go with “there is no sign of a definitive terrorist nature…” but “nothing”?

  2. It’s not terrorism because I say so. If you say it was you are a racist and you will go to jail for your hate crime.

  3. ‘Terrorism, however, has ‘been ruled out in almost every incident.’ – Well now they would say that now wouldn’t they?

    Maybe try petomane balls next time.

    • A pétanque boule weighs 650-800 grams (1.4-1.75 lbs) and is made of steel. If you hit what you throw it at, it is a formidable weapon.

      That said, I can chuck a pétanque boule at about 20 meters per second and I can launch a 15 gram chunk of lead at about 275 meters per second – with better accuracy.

      • By my math that’s ~107ft/lbs of energy vs. ~418ft/lbs out of your .45acp. Personally I think you’re giving yourself a little too much credit on your pétanque boule chucking abilities, that’s more energy than a 100mph fastball.

        • Well, I thought i was giving myself about a 45 mph “fastball” with the pétanque boule. I will readily admit that my fastball sucks, and always has, but I think I can hit 45 – maybe not, never went to the batting cage with my French bacci balls.. (I’ll check my math).

          Well done, however, spotting the .45 acp from the provided data.

        • Perhaps a gravity assisted chuck might reach 100+ft/lbs. Never forget the importance of taking the high ground.

          Personally I’d launch a 10-1/4 gram chunk of lead at ~400 meters per second. I do use the hot stuff though.

  4. I hope they didn’t hurt the attacker with those petanque balls…otherwise, they could be charged with assault and I’m sure the prosecution would be vigorous in that case…especially considering that the victim is a wonderful ‘immigrant’ and possibly a ‘youth’.

    • Not to mention possible collateral damage when throwing their balls around. Know what’s beyond, or in this case around, the target.

  5. Once the tourists stop coming those cheese eating surrender monkeys will have a different attitude toward “non-terrorist muslims”.

    • Muslims have been present in France since the sixties. And what does tourism have to do with the issue? The French economy doesn’t depend on tourism alone, hundreds of French towns don’t see many tourists. Many French are government employees, and whether you visit or not will in no way affect their lives.

  6. My balls of steel are better than your long stabby thing!

    Also, I wonder what would make it terrorism? Would the perpetrator have to be dressed as a muslim? Would he have to be one of the millions of invading migrants? What if he shouted “Allahu Akbar” while stabbing? What if he did all of the above while wearing a large sign reading “THIS IS A TERROR ATTACK!” I wonder if then they would connect the attack with Islamic Terrorism, or more correctly, with Islam itself?

  7. I read somewhere, years ago, that French law would allow you to carry on your person a handgun of .22lr, 25acp or .32acp without needing a permit. The French need to bring that law back.

  8. “THEY SAID THE ATTACKER WAS GOING AFTER STRANGERS”!!! I didn’t realize that terrorists only attacked and killed people they know. Learn something new every day on this site I guess… What kind of convoluted logic is that, especially considering that statement came out of the mouth of “a French authority”. No wonder that country is so screwed up.

  9. The cause of the attack is no mystery at all: it’s Islamic Terrorism, aka Jihad. What’s mysterious is how government enablers can report with a straight face that there’s no terrorist connection. This was the case in the US during the eight excruciating years of Obama. That’s one prime reason why we elected President Trump.

  10. This is the future of the disarmed America that liberals, socialists and worse have in store for the gullible snowflakes they raised in the schools and universities since 1980. I went to college after serving three years of active duty in the Army, and I worked for two years after the service to get the money I needed to go to school. I was five years older than the other freshmen chronologically speaking, but in maturity, responsibility, and common sense (as well as having a good command of English and an understanding of history) I felt at the time the others were children in many ways. The grad assistants and non tenured professors teaching the lower division classes were all very anti veteran and made no secret of that in class. The first week of classes we had been asked to give a little bio so our fellow students would be better acquainted with one another. In every case when I told them I was a veteran you could see their expressions harden. The prejudice against all things military was very apparent. Many of these students are now professors with tenure at universities across the country and they have created an atmosphere in higher education that rewards infantile thinking and conforming to liberal and even communist ideals, and severely discourage any kind of rational, logical, or conservative thought and speech. The shunning and ostracizing began in the 1980’s like an infected paper cut, and now has become a full blown festering abcess which is poisoning the country from within.

    These same liberal socialist “geniuses” want to duplicate the socialist leanings of other nations political structure here in the U.S. and this cannot be allowed to become a reality. We need leaders who are patriots, ones who will lead despite the cries against them, and ones that will not yield power to the liberal class of anti-American antipatriots. 98% of the politicians in this country haven’t got the courage of their convictions to serve and fight for America on the battlefield, in the classroom, or the halls of government. The corruption is so prevalent it makes looking for an honest politician not unlike Diogenes looking for an honest man, (Diogenes of Sinope (c. 404-323 BCE) was a Greek philosopher best known for holding a lantern to the faces of the citizens of Athens claiming he was searching for an honest man).

    So if you don’t want Americans to be reduced to throwing objects to defend against people with deadly weapons, don’t vote for ANY socialist, democrat, communist, liberal or progressive. Stand fast in the face of the enemy, and when they RESIST, you OVERCOME them. If you care about the world your brainwashed children and grandchildren will live in, don’t let these people take control of government at any level. Just look at what they have done to most of the large cities, and states like New York, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and others where democrats have been in majority power for decades. What you will see is decay, ruin, and oppression of the people via excessive taxation, massive welfare overgrowth, sanctuary cities, and many other things like high murder rates, and a death toll from the crime that these places breed that has become a routine number not unlike the body counts of the Vietnam war – but it is happening right here, right now and every day it gets worse.

    We are witnessing the purposeful destruction of the Constitution, it’s values and concepts, the Declaration of Independence, and all the writings of the founders of this nation for the sake of feelings, and denying the normal concepts of innocent until proven guilty by the mobs of screaming, violent rioters who call themselves protesters, (and go by the name of Antifa – another name for modern fascists). These people can never be allowed to become the arbiters of justice. They do not know the meaning of the word.

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