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Literally. The man in the picture above was beaten senseless by some 100 blows. Beaten until his face was unrecognizable. Here’s what happened . . .

In December, police said Robert Chmielewski was chasing his sister, who sought shelter in Karen Noles’ home. Earlier that month, Chmielewski and his sister moved in just down from the street from them in a trailer park. The pair apparently got into a fight about her cat. Robert had kicked the cat out, but she let it back in. When Robert discovered this, he allegedly “became angry and violent and grabbed her by the arms and would not let her leave the house,” a criminal complaint said.

“She came down the street yelling for help, and I yelled get in here. Got her in the house, gave her the phone, locked her in the bathroom, and told her to call 911,” Karen said. Chmielewski followed her inside, encountering Karen’s brother, Duane Noles and when officers arrived, the criminal complaint details what they saw:

Through the blinds, [an officer] observed a body on the floor. [The officer] observed the face was extremely bloody swollen, and appeared to be crushed inward…

Lakes Area Police officers Cory Spencer and Jen Paulsen were the first on-scene.

“I didn’t know if he was alive or dead,” Karen said. “All I could do was yell ‘Stop, stop beating him.’”

Police said they breached the door and immediately picked him up. Officer Spencer grabbed the top part of Chmielewski’s body, and Officer Paulsen grabbed his feet and they tossed him to the porch. Duane’s face barely looked human. The X-ray revealed every single bone broken, likely the result of one hundred punches. Duane would spent about a month in ICU, enduring countless surgeries.

The report celebrates the fact that Mr. Noles is a hero. And so he is. But he’s also a man who could have defended innocent life with a firearm, [possibly] preventing the injuries that will no doubt scar him for life. And [possibly] preventing an evil man from continuing the walk the face of the earth. You know, as an unintended byproduct of stopping the threat. [h/t Brian]

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  1. Reminds me of when that adult film star actress was beaten and stabbed by her ex boyfriend.

    Anybody know how she’s recovering?

  2. Unarmed individuals are not a threat, therefore you should kung fu them and call 911 later. Everyone that believes that, raise your left hand.

    • Isn’t it OK if you shoot them in the lower portion of the left leg, as long as you don’t break the bone? From at least 25 feet away so they don’t get powder burns? Shooting with your off hand?

  3. in any of the sane states , no jury would punish you for shooting and enraged person who broke down your door to get ito your house, armed or not. The consequences of a beating this severe are lifelong. he will probably never have another pain free day in his life.

    • I have a nickel says he won’t have many gun-free days in the rest of his life, either. Shoot, the women on either side of him could kick his butt, he needs that equalizer we normally talk about for the ladies.

  4. Having my face serve as a punching bag for a violent criminal is not my idea of being a “hero”. That is why I have one or more firearms.

    Godspeed Mr. Noles … I pray for your full recovery.

    (Note: I mean no disrespect for Mr. Noles. and I am not criticizing him. Unfortunately, Mr. Noles suffered horrific trauma for having chosen to not be armed and I hope that we can all learn from his mistake.)

  5. To paraphrase Connery “isn’t that just like a victim? Bringing an old man to a young man fight.”

  6. How do you get your ass beat that bad by another man? Every man should know how to fight. Or at least wrestle. A double leg takedown and Mr. Chmielewski would have been unable to continue his assault.

    And also, why are the cops so fat?

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