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Haven’t politicians learned anything from the Gabrielle Giffords shooting? It all seemed so obvious in the aftermath of her shooting that the reason Jared Lee Loughner pulled the trigger was because Sarah Palin put up a MyFace post with a target over Giffords’ Arizona district as someone who voted for ObamaCare and needed to be taken down. The imagery was all too clear. As just about every lefty, hoplophobic commentator in the country brayed, the incivility of our political discourse, as exemplified by Palin’s post, meant that the former Alaska Governor had blood on her hands . . .

As the president himself intoned, “At a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized…at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who happen to think differently than we do — it’s important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds.”

So it’s hard to figure that Congressmen Ed Markey, who’s running for an open Massachusetts Senate seat, wouldn’t have gotten that message. Yet there’s his commercial, showing an AK firing at the head of his opponent, former Navy SEAL Gomez. Maybe the rules don’t actually apply when it’s a Democrat’s electoral prospects that are in doubt. But that would be a double standard, wouldn’t it? We await the president’s reminder to Rep. Markey of the importance of talking to each other – even in the heat of a campaign – in a way that heals, instead of wounds.

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  1. As expected from a Massachusetts moron. If All of New England doesn’t wake up they will be the states enslaved to the Government by there stupidity. I for one don’t feel sorry for New Englanders. Liberal and uninformed!

    • littlegunguy, it sounds like you’ve never been to ME, NH, or VT. Your tone is noted, though; feel free to stay where you are.

      • Considering NH is the only state of those 3 to have gone red in the past 3 elections, and it was only once… it’s fairly safe to say the NE is still quite liberal.

        The northern part of NY may be red, but the city still throws the state blue.

        • Show me a firearm or device you can’t own in Maine, but that you can in any other state…

          We’re good-to-go. Focus on MA liberals.

        • Yes, because Mittens Romney had no record of ever flip flopping, and he totally would have taken the high road in regards to gun control after Newtown. Like, for realz, yo.

      • We in NH may have democrat senators. But at least Ayotte is on board with our gun rights. Super0100 is right:stay put.

    • I would say focus on Massachusetts and Rhode Island, not all of New England. Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont aren’t HALF as backwards as Mass and little Rhodie. In fact, you can tell New Hampshire is doing something right because Bloomberg is spending a ton of money in the Boston->New Hampshire television markets to make sure everyone knows NH Senator Ayotte (sp?) voted against background checks and was the ONLY congressperson in New England to do so.

      Markey’s also got a ton of commercials talking about how evil Gomez is because he doesn’t want AWBs or mag cap laws. If there’s any silver lining to all of this, it’s that Bloomberg is wasting money really quickly and still losing the battle!

  2. It thought it was silly for Democrats to whine about political ads after the Tucson shooting–in fact, at any time. Both major parties wallow in the mud and call the other side dirty.

  3. The more you know, the choice is clear. I choose the person (Gomez) who will fight for our rights…all of them. Gomez needs to fight back with an ad describing how Markey is systematically attacking the bill of rights…to make certain people in that slave state know what is at stake.

    • I’d vote for Gomez in a heartbeat. Heck, I may actually be able to as a CA resident since liberals oppose voter ID.

    • Markey is a loser. He lives in Maryland and won’t release his tax filing because it will show his address.

    • Gomez is the guy who wrote Gov. Patrick a slobbering love letter talking about how great he was and how he’d continue Obama’s policies, specifically gun control. Once he became a candidate he magically decided to oppose the federal assault weapons ban. A shit encrusted boot would be better than Markey, but Gomez has extreme RINO potential.

  4. Ed Markey represents everything that is wrong with Massachusetts and National politics. 40 years as a politician, nearly all of it in Washington. Hasn’t had a real job in 40 years.

    As for the comments regarding “New England”, NH, ME, VT are mostly free states. Still. The political climate is changing rapidly in NH getting more Progressive by the day though.

    • Given the treatment Kelly Ayotte has been getting, it sure looks that way. But then, I am not sure where AZ is going to be in 10 years, so it’s not like the cancer is confined to a particular region.

      P.S. I am renaming myself from plain “Dave” that I’ve used before.

    • Yeah, we are getting the people (“massholes” we call them) who don’t like the disaster that Mass. has become, so they move north. Then, in the very next election, they vote for the exact same policies that didn’t work in Mass., thereby recreating the disaster.

      • I am trying to move from Mass up to New Hampshire soon, so there will be at least one more gun-toting conservative. 🙂 I can’t wait to get there so I can un-pin my collapsible stock and get a flash hider! Massachusetts laws are absolutely ridiculous!

  5. Yeah, they are still “mostly” free states, it’ not like they voted twice for Obama or something. Oh wait…

    • I think that’s mostly because the GOP candidate was Mittens Romney who was just as bad as Obama. If we had gotten any other candidate, there would have been a good chance for the GOP to win states like NH.

  6. Yep, there’s the pres bringin us all together. The last time I heard of such unity were the civil war battles with father agin son. Oh the heartwarming times those were. Try again o & shovel a little faster next time, Randy

  7. I will have the privilege of voting for Gomez — a fat lot of good that’s going to do. The Comintern of Massachusetts is as blue as the water in my toilet.

  8. So what you’re saying is that when Giffords was shot every liberal nutcase immediately blamed Palin, so we should do the same based on even looser implications of violence? No reasonable person would look at this ad and call it a threat.

    You have an opportunity the point out how weak and desperate this ad is – that the AK is clearly full-auto (and therefore not an AW), or that invoking Newtown is completely tasteless, or that Gomez has a good, pro gun record, especially for MA, and that perhaps he deserves our money.

    Instead we get more of the same. Exaggeration and hyperbole. I don’t think it helps, and I don’t like being on the side that reacts positively to it.

    • Wait, Gomez has a good record on gun control? Has he ever held office? The only “record” I care about is how someone has voted in the past – I could care less how they SAY they would vote.

      I’m personally not assuming that because Gomez was a SEAL that he’s pro-gun either. Yes there are a couple of sound bites of him saying pro-gun stuff, but has he ever DONE anything about it? I know I haven’t seen him at any rallys…

  9. Red Sox…

    I am in Texas. I just went to and just came up with a street address and phone number in Chevy Chase, Maryland for a Edward J. Markey. It says he is 65 years or more in age. I don’t know Markeys full name. Is this the guy that will not release his tax return because it will give away an address. Gee, why doesn’t he just black the address out?

    • That’s the guy. I live in Massachusetts and didn’t know who this guy was until he started running for the Senate. He is a carpet bagging free loader who has never had a real job. His opponent in the primary was a steel worker who in his ads said he knows what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck and stand in an unemployment line bit he wasn’t liberal enough for Mass. so he lost. God help us.

  10. Outrage is only reserved for those on the same team. I am not too worried about Gomez however, since he is a former Seal and is the only one in this race who knows what its like to actually being shot at.

  11. Why doesn’t Gomez pull the race card on this white democrat? Oh that’s right, liberals are the ones that are constantly obsessed with race. I’m sure Markey will find a way to call Gomez a racist.

  12. I didn’t get that out of the ad. Even after you pointed it out, I think it’s much ado about nothing. But then, so was the Sarah Palin “target ad” fuss. Maybe I’m just immune to stupid imagery like that. I don’t see it from either side, and I think those that do want to.

  13. Of course comments are disabled.

    It’s not even worth pointing out anymore. The sky is blue. The Sun is hot. Grass is green. Anti-gunners cannot defend their positions from rational debate.

  14. I feel obligated to defend my state.

    The New Hampshire State Constitution includes:

    “[Art.] 2-a. [The Bearing of Arms.] All persons have the right to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves, their families, their property and the state.”

    There isn’t even a whisper of any gun control movement in the state. NH has one of the lowest per capita homicides rates in the country with a very high percentage of armed Granite Staters. Despite being “Blue” at the moment, we tend to be very independent.

    MAIG is targeting Senator Kelly Ayotte for her vote against the Manchin-Toomey amendment, but she is hitting back very hard with well done, effective TV spots. She was previously State Attorney General as was considered very tough on criminals.

    Ayotte is extremely popular with the voters here.


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