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I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for CSI. Not CSI: Miami. Can’t stand David Whats-his-name’s overacting. Nope as much as I like Lieutenant Dan, I’m a big fan of the original CSI show. Vegas, baby! Tonight’s episode was of interest to TTAG readers, as it involved a corpse shot with several hundred rounds of everything from .50 cal Ma Duce rounds to .38s. I don’t wanna spoil it for you, but it also involves an outdoor gun range. The episode should be online in a couple of days. When it is, I’ll update the post, so you can see it for yourself.

In the meantime, let me point out that the script has the CSIs, shall we say, express disdain for citizens celebrating their 2nd Amendment rights by shooting fully-automatic weapons. That’s not completely unexpected. Hollywood is not exactly teeming with people that support gun rights. (They are more than willing to exploit guns for their ratings, but they want nothing else to do with them.) However, the show did feature something that caught my eye (in more ways than one).

About 35 minutes into the show, two CSIs visit a gun range in Vegas. The script refers to it as “where the stars come out to play” and suggests that people are passing up seeing Manilow (seems reasonable) to rub elbows with Hollywood types slumming at a gun range. In typical Hollywood fashion, the range is portrayed as some kind of tacky, over-the-top, “Debbie Does Derringers,” Vegas meets the NRA kind of thing. A PA System loudly goads visitors to celebrate their second amendment rights by shooting something, and offering female shooters their first 50 rounds for free. (Wow…what a concept – Ladies Night at the gun range.)

Now, I didn’t expect to find that the show featured a real gun range. And I was (as far as I can tell) right. On the other hand, I was wrong when I assumed that there was no real-world analog to what was featured in the show. To wit, ladies and germs, allow me to introduce to you, the fine folks at the Las Vegas Gun Range & Firearms Center.

If that’s not impressive enough, may I direct you to their photo gallery pages (sample image below)…

Call me a sexist pig, but there is nothing hotter than an attractive female with an automatic weapon in her hand. You do not have to be Freud to appreciate the imagery. Seriously. Undoubtedly, there are other ranges in Vegas. Other gun stores, too. But these guys are on to something. But I don’t think they’ve taken their idea to it’s logical extreme.

I don’t wanna be giving away the store, here, but I’ve got the perfect business model that will bring gun stores and ranges out of the last century and into a 21st Century world of marketing. I have seen the future, and it’s Hooters meets the NRA. Think about it. Guys like guns. Guys like girls. If Hooters went into the gun range business, would anybody come? Um…I’m thinkin’ “Hell yes!,” but then, I’m a guy. Not sure how this would play with the fairer sex. Perhaps “Ladies Night” would have to be a night for gun instructors from Chippendales. Or not. Don’t care. But the idea of babes with bullets is appealing enough that I’m surprised nobody’s yet thought about it. If they do…remember, you heard it hear first. And I want a royalty. Or a free, lifetime range pass. Which ever comes first.

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