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Let’s count the things that are wrong with this video…

I got:

  • Pointing the gun at his friend
  • Teacupping the handgun
  • NOT keeping his finger off the trigger even when pointing at his friend
  • Calling it a “clip”
  • Flinching for every shot
  • Not getting a high tang grip

How many can you find?

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  1. He might as well be shooting one handed for all the good his support hand is doing up there.

    Also can’t tell for sure from the positioning of the camera but it looks like he is leaning away from the gun like he is afraid its going to come back and bite him.

  2. Welp…looks like “Arms makers for responsible citizens” just got re-christened as the new Glock Fo-tay.

    The one and only time I think I would want to bring Bill Ruger, Sr. back from the grave. Just long enough to slap this guy.

  3. On the plus side:

    He does make it clear he is talking about self-protection.
    He is at the range.
    His shots are almost all center of mass, so with just a little instruction he could be a pretty good shot.

    I actually think our man Trey could be a positive influence on his community’s gun culture. I might advise him to clean it up, emphasize the noble nature of being a protector and REALLY emphasize muzzle control.

    What can I say, I’m a clip is half full kind of guy.

    • He was aiming for the head, so all those center mass shots were way off target. I guess it’s one way for him to always hit center mass by just aiming for the head and hoping he hits something.

  4. I wonder how much the negative comments will be fueled by the knee-jerk reaction against black people who talk the way he does. I have to agree with Tim. If he was taught some basic safety and proper technique, he’d be better. I don’t see why this is so on par with the rest of the IGOTD posts (which usually involve negligent discharges).

    • I think you and Tim are right. With some pointers, this guy would probably be a pretty OK dude.That said, he still broke rules 2 and 3, and I think that’s what the real issue is here. I know it is for me, especially since I know for a fact that Ruger makes sure those rules are in the manual (and the fact that there’s a giant lawyer label on the slide telling you to read the dang thing). At the range I go to, the fact that the slide was locked back would not be an excuse—my keyster would have been thrown out without a second thought.

    • For the record, I have a knee jerk reaction against ANYONE who talks like Trey does. Until he made his comments about defense, I was largely appalled.

      I doubt I am alone.

      One other note – gun folk around here are the nicest folk around AND the most gorram pedantic bastards you will ever meet. We annoy one another to high heavens with nitpicky points.

      I’m sorry Tim, but you are wrong – the Mizdapit Furderharper version of the extractor mechanism was not made until 1921, so your identification of the Blabphart 9mm as having been fielded at the turn of the century could not possibly be right. Maybe you should get your facts straight before you write, it is clear you know nothing about the Blabphart 9mm

      Oh, you know who you are….

      American gun-nut culture is like this. Our pedantic nature bleeds over into safety which is on balance a very good thing. I find it annoying at times, but I think it makes me a safer and more thoughtful firearms owner. Trey would benefit from being subjected to this kind of scrutiny and unflinching critique.

        • Sorry Bob – I was talking about Horace Blabphart, not Mickey.

          Mickey Blabphart rocks – In fact, he gave me one of his kidneys and I did not even need one!.

          He said it was just in case…

      • Trey would benefit from being subjected to this kind of scrutiny and unflinching critique.

        Maybe. Or maybe he’d just shoot the unflinching critic. Accidentally.

    • a living breathing stereotype, wonderful. What is hilarious is the
      hyper masculinity coming off of this guy, until he starts shooting.

      go read the comments for this video on the you tube page, eye melting
      racism. This is on the IGOTD in IMHO because of this guy talks really
      big and then sucks…. terribly.

    • Trey’s use of racially charged language builds the stereotype against him. He takes pride in placing lethal shots at distances far beyond self defense range. He might be an alter boy or a volunteer at the retirement home but he acts like street thug with a dangerous toy in his hands. I would be concerned enough about his antics to alert the range officer and then get the hell out of there.I’ll keep an eye out for Trey on the Smoking Gun in their weekly mugshots lineup. Nice set of gold teeth he has there. They publish shots of million dollar smiles.

  5. oh my god i hate this guy. This is some seriously ignorant ish right here. Part of the reason i don’t go to a particular shooting range in my county anymore..

  6. W.E.B. Du Bois is spinning in his grave.

    That poor corpse must be dizzy by now since the inception of the hip-hop culture and the first airing of BET.

    That said, people of all types and socio-economic back grounds own guns, drive cars, have children…etc etc. In the scheme of things, he seems to be “O.K.”…and with some shooting tips…could be safe and accurate.

  7. A few weeks ago I gave young(er) shooter a tip about trigger control. Had him dry fire a few times to get a feel for it, then had him do it with a single shot. He had been missing a by a wide margin.

    After following my instructions he put the round a half inch from the bullseye.

    I am sure if an OFWG came up to Trey, offered him a quick tip like this – grip, trigger control – and produced magic results then a friend would be made. One has influence over friends.

  8. Let’s count the things that are wrong with this video………………… he is left handed? 😉 lol

    Other than that……

    They did a great job………of re-enforcing every stereotype in the book, with this video. Unbelievable

  9. Wow. As slow as he’s shooting he shouldn’t venture outside the 8 ring at those ranges… but he has some complete misses! Which of course means nothing after you break all kinds of safety rules, regardless.

  10. Aside from everything mentioned above, I see three things wrong with this picture:

    1. No RSO present and stepping up to drop some basic safety instruction on these safety violators (four rules, ya dig?). I wouldn’t shoot at this range.

    2. This kid has no real mentor with him, and judging from his conduct, has probably never had one. Someone who knows what they are doing should be up there with him. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to defend yourself. However,

    3. These guys are hooting and hollering about “killin’ a nigga”, murder, death etc like it’s a video game. In my experience those who spend time around death or killing are very serious about it. Despite the tattoos, ghetto grill, and urban lingo, I doubt this kid has spent much of his life around any real violence. It’ll knock all of the pomp and glory surrounding guns right out of you.

    • For point 3, not necessarily. I used to work in a gross anatomy lab and people there regularly joked about death. Not much else you can talk about when your surrounded by aprox 70 dead bodies in various stages of dissection. Also I wouldnt call it urban lingo, i’ve lived in the Chicago area all my life and dont talk like that. Its simply self identifying niggers acting like niggers.

      • Dark humor is common in violent occupations. What is exhibited above is not dark humor, and it’s not a thin line between them. Also, working in an anatomy lab, I’m assuming you didn’t see the people on the gurney being murdered or dying on their way to the table. It might change your outlook. One of my soldiers was much like this young gentleman in his prior Army life, talking unending crap about how he was from the streets, seen murder, blah blah blah. It was probably bullshit, because the first time he was picking chunks out of his hair and zipping up a body bag, that crap didn’t come up anymore. If this kid hooting and hollering can really be that non-chalant about killing, look for his name and picture in the obituaries or the police reports, or both.

        He doesn’t just need an NRA instruction class, he needs a moral compass.

  11. I feel that in the name of accuracy in reporting I should point out that the young gentleman introduced himself not as Trey, but TREY PLUS. Let’s at least get the names right, mkay TTAG.

  12. I don’t know Tre.
    Who here knows anything about him? I don’t.
    What if he was a white kid who spoke proper mid-western English?
    I believe the comment would be more along the lines that he needs proper training.
    For all I know he is just the kind of person the NRA should be reaching out to.

      • HA HA HA
        HA HA HA
        Real funny. Me thinks you should take your act far and wide down the road.
        Far, far away.
        Far away from sensible people.
        Perhaps you will get a chuckle there.
        Let me know where that is so I know where not to go.

        But then I ain’t to bright cause I just feed a TROLL

    • What if he was a white kid who spoke proper mid-western English?
      I believe the comment would be more along the lines that he needs proper training.

      FPSRussia is a white kid with a faux Russian accent, and he catches more sh!t from this site than anyone.

      • FPSRussia is a white kid with a faux Russian accent, and he catches more sh!t from this site than anyone.”
        FPS is someone who presents himself as knowledgeable about firearms. In the meantime he is lousy about personal safety.
        FPS makes money from his videos. As such is a legitimate target of critique.
        Who is Tre, except for some reason decided to share on the World Wide Web?

        • Who cares whether or not FPS Russia makes money?

          You know what FPS Russia and this kid have in common? They both put themselves on the internet KNOWING we will watch them and comment on them.

  13. The big problem I see is lack of muzzle awareness/control. That stuff drives me nuts. But, in all fairness, the gun was clearly unloaded – magazine removed – slide open. Still bad, but not as bad as it could have been.

    He was hitting the target. There are guys that shoot regularly at our local range and they arent doing a lot better than that.

    Last summer I had some nitwit cover me with the muzzle of his Glock fo-tay. I asked him if the gun was empty. He assured me it was, then he checked and it was definitely loaded. This guy was a graduate of the US Army who was getting back into shooting after taking some years off. I would think that the Army would be tattooing things like muzzle control right on to the front of people’s brain, but apparently not.

    • Oops – someone already called it… oh well, I was slacking on my surfing. He probably doesn’t own a holster either…

  14. I’ve shot shoulder to shoulder with YBMs who talked the talk, but they also walked the walk. Almost without exception, they were safe, accurate, and paying careful attention to not punctuating my superannuated white a$$ with their fourties or nines. Trey seems more like a wannabe, acting the fool and all. Will someone straighten him out? Read the obits and see.

  15. This kid’s a fool with a potty mouth who can’t shoot for Sh!t. He’s heading for big trouble with his tough guy attitude.

  16. Aaaaahhh nothing I hate more than people who talk like that… Watching this vid made my ears hurt.

    Last time I went to the range I saw three kids who looked (and talked) almost exactly like this as I was leaving. Except they apparently didn’t have the budget for a new Ruger, they had a HiPoint pistol and were renting a Glock. Also they had no eye/ear protection, ammo, or targets.

    I was kinda glad I was on my way out, I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover but these kids did not look like they had any clue what they were doing. Watching this video makes me even happier that I was leaving.

    Funniest moment I ever had involving “gangstas” and guns was at a gun show, some “gangsta” was trying to buy a bright stainless .357 revolver, except his 2nd form of ID was a speeding ticket…

    “Yo dude, the State Trooper gave this to me just YESTERDAY!”.

  17. “Funniest moment I ever had involving “gangstas” and guns was at a gun show, ”

    I always thought NAZI flags and memorabilia at Gun Shows were a real riot.

    White guy stuff, things to be proud of.

  18. 1. Wut r trigger discipline?
    2. Eyes off target/weapon = safety on.
    3. “Closed casket.”
    4. “Head shot…head shot…head shot”
    5. Tap the magazine back before you load your weapon.
    6. Squeeze the trigger, it’s not a Bic lighter.
    7. .45acp is far superior.
    8. This is gonna take a while…


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