OK, first of all, I’m assuming that Philly D.A. Seth Williams owns a gun. Given the law bringer’s bad ass attitude towards the bad guys, I’d bet dollars to [cops’] donuts that Mr. Williams is packing heat. Secondly, well done that man for going after  “straw purchasers”: legal gun owners who buy weapons for criminals. philly.com reports that Mr. Williams’ police posse recently arrested 35 people for this offense, or something similar. “Williams joined Attorney General Tom Corbett and other lawmen at Corbett’s Southwest Philadelphia office to publicly celebrate the success of the Gun Violence Task Force, a partnership involving the Attorney General’s Office, Philadelphia police and the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. Since its December 2006 formation, the task force has opened 1,311 investigations, made 424 arrests, seized 779 firearms and convicted 183 people of straw-purchasing and gun-trafficking offenses, Corbett and Williams said.” The money (election) shot: “There are too many street corners in Philadelphia that are littered with teddy bears and balloons, memorials to the lives that were lost [to gun violence]. If we’re going to change that, we have to go after those that are making a profit off of that bloodshed.” Bravo. Now, NEVER POINT THE BARREL OF A GUN AT ANYTHING YOU DON’T WANT TO DESTROY. Then again, does Williams secretly fancy the AG’s job?


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