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Ex-wives eh? I’ve got two of them. The split from the first Mrs. Farago was an ugly business, as these things often are. The split from my second wife was a relative walk in the park. It was the marriage that gave me PTSD (true story). Suffice it to say, no guns were used in the making of this picture. (At least by me.) No matter how stressed, angry or depressed I became during the process – or after – the thought of using my firearm for anything other than self-defense or defense of innocent life simply didn’t occur. That’s not the case for rabidly anti-gun Michigan State Sen. Virgil Smith, as reported by . . .

In a statement given to Detroit Police investigators, Smith said his ex-wife, whose name is being withheld by The News, “was banging on the (the) bedroom window,” at about 1 a.m., the Detroit Police report said. Smith said he opened the front door, and that his ex-wife, “kicked the door open and pushed (past) him.

“(The ex-wife) went into (Smith’s) bedroom and observed a female … in (Smith’s) bed. (Smith) stated that (the ex-wife) attempted to attack (the girlfriend),” the report said. “(Smith) grabbed (his ex-wife), they fell backwards, knocking over the television. (Smith) stated that (his ex-wife) attempted to attack (his girlfriend) again.”

Smith told police “he grabbed (his ex-wife) and forced her out of his house,” the police report said. Smith then told investigators he went back into the bedroom to check on his girlfriend, and then returned to the front door, “and observed (his ex-wife) throwing a chair at his house windows.

“(Smith) then stated he did the most stupid thing in his life, he shot (the ex-wife’s) vehicle,” the report said.

Parenthetically speaking, becoming a Democrat was the stupidest thing Senator Smith ever did in his life. A sentiment not shared by all of of our readers I fear, but one that does not obviate the abject irresponsibility, nay homicidal criminality of Senator Smith’s vehicular attack.

I said homicidal. A description Smith’s ex-wife affirms in her account of the incident.

The second police report, containing the ex-wife’s side of the story, was taken by police at 4:41 a.m. Sunday. She said Smith had invited her to stay the night at his house, and, when she arrived, “she was met by a naked (Smith) and an (unknown) female,” the report said. “At this time she became angry and upset, and both started verbally arguing.

“At some point during the argument (Smith) grabbed her by the back of her head and shoved her face first into the carpet. Victim stood up and was struck by (Smith) 4-5 (times) in the face with closed fist causing cheeks on both sides of her face to swell.”

Smith’s ex-wife told police she ran out the front door, and that he chased her with “an (unknown) type long gun and followed behind. She observed muzzle flash (three times) as suspect began firing at her,” the report said.

The ex-wife said she ran into a nearby alley as Smith fired the rifle. She said she went into the nearby home of a friend, “who allowed her to call 911 and clean her wounds.”

The friend later tried to retrieve the ex-wife’s 2015 Mercedes Benz GLA250, but that it was “unable to start due to gunshot damage,” the report said.

Evidence technicians later found three suspected bullet holes in the vehicle’s hood; two in the driver’s side headlight; two in the driver’s side front fender; and one each in the driver’s side door, windshield, and rear driver’s door pillar, the report said.

Ex-Mrs. Smith’s wounds will tell the tale. If so, they’ll be icing on the incarceration cake. Assuming that Senator Smith wasn’t spraying and praying (a blasphemous assertion), the bullet holes speak of an attempted assassination.

As for Senator Smith’s well-earned reputation as an anti-gunner, the word “projection” springs immediately to mind. The Senator believed average Americans are incapable of being responsible gun owners – and then provided more fodder for gun control advocates, ironically enough.

[h/t V3]

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  1. I’ve often thought about researching some of the backgrounds of Democrat senators in my state, Florida. Some of them were elected by some of the most feral and ignorant people on the planet and are all rabidly anti gun rights. One black female senator can barely speak, Arthenia Joyner (guess if she’s black or white).

  2. I sincerely believe that one participant in a terminated marriage should leave town. one or both parties do not get that ex means ended, over, split, terminated, defunct, former, et cetera.

    antigunners with guns, the coworker who accused everyone else of drug use who got caught by the MPs with methamphetamines ( the second time she was found passed out drunk at the base bowling alley on her lunch break ), Jim Bakker & Jimmy Swaggart, I hope there is a holier than thou hell for all of them.

    • Article indicates he invited her over. Threesome perhaps? I kept banging my ex wife for a few months after we separated. Nothing like that anger.

      Now, where is Shannon? :-). Grrrrrr

      • “Threesome perhaps? I kept banging my ex wife for a few months after we separated.”

        While I understand that broken relationships can result in lingering pain and hostility, I also understand that, if you refer to “banging” my mother, daughter, or sister, we will have a problem based entirely on your disrespect of women I am sworn to love and protect.

        Perhaps it would be best to show a respect for women we might not actually feel, and also not provide free material to those who view “us” as misogynistic a $$ holes, prone to violence, etc.?

        • Hey, Sir White-Knight, guess what. Tonight, I’m going to bang your mother, your daughter and your sister. Maybe even grandma too if she’s up for it. And they’re gonna love it.

          But seriously, you DO realize that the term “banging” has been colloquial slang for “consensual sex” for like decades now, right grandpa? There is no violence implied by the term. Even if there were, the internet doesn’t need you tone-policing us all to make sure we don’t say anything bad about women. They’re humans too, they can take care of themselves. They don’t need a big strong man to shield their delicate feminine constitutions from the slings and arrows of daily life. This is the 21st century. get over yourself.

      • The article indicates she said he invited her over. Who the hell knows what really happened? I don’t think I’d trust anything either of those idiots says.

    • yes – Pops is chief judge of child division and it is his former seat that Virgil the 3rd now occupies. Cannot wait to see if Daddy intervenes improperly

  3. An anti-gun politician owns a firearm (I know, I’m surprised too), discharges it at his ex-wife’s car (so evidently not in fear of his life if he is shooting property) and also possibly at his ex-wife as she flees.

    But it’s other gun owners who can’t be trusted. Right……

    • According to her version, he did all of this while NAKED.I wonder if he was still naked when the police arrived? and was it captured on the dash cam?

  4. I guess the good senator knows first hand the type of people who shouldn’t have access to guns, especially shotguns, as he shaves one every now and then.

  5. An anti-gun politician committing a crime with a gun…

    This is my shocked face

    • No kidding here. This plays right into the common anti refrain about people being law-abiding gun owners right up until they aren’t.

      Prediction: This joker will seek absolution at the altar of Bloomberg, and they will welcome him with open arms and media coverage. He’ll go on an even more vigorous anti-gun campaign, crying crocodile tears into every microphone he can find while claiming that if it can happen to him, it can happen to anyone. Moment of passion, senses taking leave, etc.

      It’s a play right out of the preacher-get-caught-with-underage-girls playbook.

  6. Definitely projection. Must think that everyone that owns a gun thinks exactly the way he does. He is the one who should never have a firearm in his possession. Great example of a Progressive Hypocrite.

  7. I am going to go with niether of them are telling the full truth but I find his more believable . The begining of his side of the story seems more plausable. Why would any one decide to except an offer from an EX that they had problems with, and even if they stupidly did, once they showed up and the EX greated them at the door naked with another why would you then go inside. A crazy EX showing up and attacking the new girlfriend sounds more likley. From there I’d guess he was alot more rougher with her then he was saying he was. Now when it coms to weather he was shooing at her or the car I it sounds like those 10 shots were a tight enough croup that she would have been hit by one of them if he was shooting at her

  8. Whatever-a gun for me but not for thee. He’d fit in real well in Chiraq. I got a few ex-wives RF-I get it. Only one had a gun. She is bat-shite inzane and I’m lucky she didn’t shoot me. It’s pretty sad to see her rant and rave on fakebook 30 years later…(she’s still amazingly hot for an old lady).


  10. “Parenthetically speaking, becoming a Democrat was the stupidest thing Senator Smith ever did in his life.”

    Robert, I think this is perhaps the best sentence I have seen written on this site, ever. I can’t stop laughing because it’s just so perfect on so many levels.

  11. Does anyone think that these gun-running, wild shooting dem’s do it
    as a push for gun control?

  12. We need to start cataloging these clowns. The gun runners, the homicidal loons, the wife-beaters, drug-runners, etc. Make sure of their tie-ins to the anti-gun movement, their anti-gun votes.

    Then we need to produce some web video ads. 2016 is coming.

  13. The most common element binding every antigun advocate is their lust for violence, whether obvious or subconscious.

  14. Seems as if many rabidly anti-gun politicians are anti-gun because they know they themselves cannot be trusted to control their impulses, to be rational, to be responsible. And some others believe that guns are not for others, but they are special and the rules don’t apply to themselves.

    There have been multiple stories such as this one about anti-gun politicians, including the famous one a few years ago about the DC local politician who railed against guns but shot some kids robbing his home.

  15. This dolt is the poster child for about 100 things NOT to do. Don’t democrats have a vetting proces….oh yeah, never mind.

    • Wayne County voters were used to voting for his name before he was born, that’s all the vetting this overgrown drunken frat boy needed.

  16. “FOX 2 learned Smith wasn’t cooperative at first and didn’t come out of his house to speak with investigators after it happened. Reports show when police contacted him around 8 a.m. Sunday, he refused to speak without his attorney.”

    Hmmm, where was SWAT that so frequently storms in on just a hint of firearm use?

  17. Anyone remember the D.C.-based columnist who extolled the awesomeness of gun control for everyone ELSE but shot a skinny dipper in his D.C. pool and was not arrested?

  18. The existence of people like the senator are one of the primary reasons the rest of us need and should be allowed to own guns.

  19. Maybe the good Senator’s constituents are noticing that their emperor has no clothes. Literally, he has no clothes.

    Just when you think the Anthony Weiner, Bob Filner & Leland Yee stories can’t be topped, along comes a naked anti-gun Senator Smith with guns-a-blazin’ at an angry ex-wife. Note to self: stop underestimating the stupidity & hypocrisy of liberal Democrats.

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