XM42-M Flamethrrower
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The CEO of X Product’s anti-gun rights rant on Facebook has caused a fair amount of backlash from the 2A community. [Post on the kerfuffle here.] Unfortunately, Ion Productions, makers of the XM42 flamethrower, is caught in the middle of this debacle . . .

X Products has frequently referred to the XM42 as an X product. This is not accurate. X Products is an online retailer of the Ion Productions XM42 flamethrower. That’s it.

I would hate to see a small business that makes a great product hurt because of the poorly written rantings of an industry turncoat. Upon learning about Mr. Malarkey’s diatribe, Ion Productions has cut ties with X Products. They posted the following statement on the situation:

Couple things we need to clarify.

1. We make the flamethrower. X Products is just a retailer.

2. We are incredibly strong supporters of freedom and 2A related rights, and will fight for that right.

If you’ve seen any of our interviews or statements over the years, you’d know where we stand. We know that laws and restrictions don’t stop crimes; physical force does. You can say “You can’t do that, it’s against the rules!” all you want while someone is violently attacking you or your loved ones, but it won’t do a damn bit of help. A few rounds through vital organs WILL.

The only way to a safer America is by educating and equipping every capable person with the tools necessary to defend their life, not by further restricting the good guys. Evil people get their hands on shit regardless how hard you think you make it for them. The stats and facts don’t lie. Population and firearm ownership is rapidly rising, while violent crimes are waning as a whole.

Although X Products has been a big part of helping our product get in front of a wider audience, we cannot continue to work with a company that is owned by someone interested in further restricting law abiding citizen’s rights. To think that if we don’t suggest further limits we’d be “OK” with, they’ll just make laws we’re “not OK” with, is ridiculous. No more. There is no compromise. Not one more inch. Send your support to @gunownersofamerica, a true no-compromise gun lobby.

Law abiding citizens have done nothing wrong; their rights should not be at risk. Enhance our enforcement, enhance our physical security, eliminate criminal empowerment zones (otherwise known as “gun-free” zones). Stand up for freedom, and stop those that try to take it from us.

Dewey @ X Products has been nothing but great to us, so this is an unfortunate revelation. As a very small company that relies on our image to grow, we need to make it clear that our company and product have nothing to do with James @ X Products or his opinions. The only way we see to do that at this time is by ceasing any collaboration with X Products. Unless something drastic changes, this is how it has to be.

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        • No, no, no. This is the seriously the best way to kill fire ants and the most fun.

          If you have an outdoor gas cooker this is best but if you have to do it on the stove but be careful.

          Boil about 2 gallons of water. Really get it boiling. That’s it. Just water. Get it to the fire ant mound and CAREFULLY and slowly pour it into the center of the mound. Keep it as centered and as small a diameter hole as you can. Best time to do this is right before dark.

          Here’s the cool part. Go out the next morning and the 27 ants that didn’t get killed have feverishly worked all night carrying out the corpses of the ones that did. There will be a small mountain of shining copper colored ants. It’s the weirdest looking thing. Tens of thousands of them.

          Do it again to kill those last 27. This works better than any of the poisons because a lot of the time the poison just makes them move. This kills them all. And, for some reason, they will never build a mound there again.

        • WRT fire ants:

          While I love the Ortho commercials, the absolute best way to control fire ants is a pesticide called Top Choice. Broadcast it over your whole yard (ideally, right before a rain), and within two weeks you will have zero fire ants anywhere in the area you’ve broadcast for at least a year. I’ve been fighting fire ants along the Texas Gulf Coast for the last 50 years, and this stuff is like magic.

          Downsides: (1) you have to be a licensed professional to purchase and use it, (2) it’s pricey, and (3) don’t even think of using it on food crops.

        • Klaus, if you are lucky to have the other type fire ants with the small hill with the hole in the center there is an even more fun way to take care of them. Heat a couple pounds of lead until it is melted, try to get it as hot as you can . Carefully pour it into the hole until it is full. wait an hour or so and then carefully dig the resulting casting out of the ground. the tunnels look very much like coral when it is turned upside down. And the ants are quite dead.

      • Ken – No unfortunately I’m in Central Florida too so it’s just the big soft pile of sand normally.

        When I was growing up way up the coast in Navarre Fl though we had one of those. I had collected about 5000 rounds of 7.62 blanks on the Eglin reservation and I poked out the ends of a bunch and collected the powder from them.

        I carefully poured the powder down the center hole until it stopped and them tamped around it and repeated until it wouldn’t take any more powder.

        I poured a trail and lit it off. Fire shot out of the hole higher and higher until the ground suddenly went “WHUMP”

        It raised the ground about 10 inches at the center and tapered down about 3 feet around.

        Never saw one of those little bastards again. The down side was I told my dad (I was maybe 15) and he made me sell the blanks to the Army-Navy store.

    • This. So much this.

      Ion Products, PLEASE build a version of your excellent product that mounts under-barrel. I will buy a truckload

      • They do, just came out. The XM-42 is under the thrower mounted. They are supposed to be working on a pack mounted adapter later too.

        • XM-42 modular. I am not sure if the modular makes a difference but that is the under the thrower mounted

        • I think he means a version that mounts under the barrel of an AR… not one with a tank under the barrel of the flamethrower.

  1. I would love the flame thrower, just not sure where I could use it, Florida is hot enough. But I support the rights of Americans to flame on, even if I don’t currently intend to buy one. You can even attach a bump brace to it, for all I care, and a grenade launcher.

    • “I would love the flame thrower, just not sure where I could use it, Florida is hot enough.”

      Nearly anywhere (where you have permission to do it) after one of Florida’s frequent downpours is usually good-to-go…

  2. Awesome! Way to go Ion. If I ever decide that I’m in the market for a flamethrower, your company is where I’ll be getting it from. I also agree with you about GOA. I am a member and donate to them often. I urge all 2A supporters to do the same.

  3. First off the X products drum magazines are absolute garbage. I have a buddy that works at Brownells and he said they took in at least 15 to 20 of those magazines back for refund and he even asked me if I knew anything about them not working. I said I hadn’t purchased one but I was aware of them not working very well in the Springfield M1A. And just another little side note this guy that owns X products and is the CEO of X products his wife raises money 4 Moms Demand Action. He is an anti Gunner so is his wife the entire company is crap. It’s very unfortunate got the people working there have to be subjugated to these type of employers. But for all we know they may have hired a bunch of anti-gunners to build these magazines as well. That’s probably why they suck.

  4. I would love to find out that X-Products is just a retailer for the Can Cannon. Because I REALLY wanted to launch grappling hooks.

    But, of course, I can’t give the money for it to that douchenozzle.


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