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No more knives (courtesy

Perpetually on the prowl for news and data of interest to knife and gun owners, I just ran across this hidden little gem in the archives of the New York Times: “Knife Killings in City Increased 50 Percent in 2008.” Let’s take a minute and connect those dots, shall we?

Read the full article at The Truth About Knives.

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  1. Everyone knows that knife ownership increases your chances of getting cut. The knives also need to be made safer: no serrations or ergonomic grips. There also needs to be a limit on the number and type of knives that the public can purchase. We will all be safer once we have common sense and reasonable knife control. :). Just kidding…

    • Ermmmm…
      I know you’re being sarcastic, but…
      Have you ever noticed how crazy knife control already is in some places?

  2. “There’s no justification for military style knives in the hands of civilians. They’re just too dangerous. We’re not trying to take your knives away, after all we thoroughly support America’s culinary culture. We’re just trying to do the right thing. For the children.”

    Yeah, I can hear it.

  3. Knives in NYC are as common as legal gun ownership is uncommon. Born and raised in Brooklyn, I was all of 11 years old when first nabbed by school security for pulling a knife, (given to me by my dad) in my schoolyard against a pair of teen thugs trying to take my coat. When my dad picked me up, he was advised I would be penalized with a 3 day suspension. The school returned the knife, a 3.5 inch folder to my dad. He took me to breakfast, where he blew my mind by returning the knife to me, saying-‘well done, don’t take no shit from anyone.’ To this day, my eyes get misty when I think of the trust my dad had in me at such a young age. I carried a blade every day after that while in NYC, and still do today-whether I have a gun on me or not.

    • we should encourage that possibility by getting him to fund more things. Maybe if we point out that fluoridated water causes something bad we can get him to fund a campaign against it.

      (pssst…. does anyone know if fluoridated water cause bad things?)

      • Too much will soften the enamel on the teeth, cause yellowing, and lead to early tooth loss. Here in CO, the fluoride in the water (well, and stream) is enough that you shouldn’t get the same fluoride treatments, say as in the East Coast.

        Does that help? It is for the Children, after all!

      • Living in South Florida today, the tap water in BKLYN is one of the few things I truly miss. Never needed a filter, it was clean, crisp and COLD. Gonna have to call dad, have him bottle me some and send it.

      • No, no, no, we need to get him to push banning the incredibly deadly (and easily obtained!) dihydrogen-monoxide. All we need is one quote and his credibility is utterly destroyed.

        • Gad, just think of all the death and mayhem that stuff causes. Billions, probably trillions of dollars of economic damage in the US last year alone. And how many deaths every year…

          Only someone with Bloomberg’s riches and clout can take this menace on. It’s time for MAIDMon (Mayors Against Illegal Dihydrogen Monoxide) to spring into action!

  4. The article is outdated, but the problem with the hoplophobes remains the same. They fear everything and know nothing but another turn of the screws. Never mind that the threads were stripped a long time ago.

  5. in China, knives are strictly regulated, hasn’t stopped mass stabbings, one guy even killed 6 cops in a police station.

  6. You only need to see how Britain is handling this “problem”, and take notes on what NOT to do.

  7. And as hilarious as I find the idea of “gun control” against those of us who can, you know, make guns from raw materials, the idea of outlawing knives when you can make very nice knives from really common steels that are all around you, every day, all day… makes me giggle like a little girl.

  8. Down under, while gun crime is generally down (with the exception of drug gangs and outlaw motorcycle clubs protecting their business), knife crime has increased dramatically. There is a reported stabbing at least several times a week and many more go unreported.

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