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Ron Veronda is a San Francisco teacher, school principal and public speaker. Mr. Veronda believes he has a solution to the “gun proliferation” problem.

His answer’s based on an index card system developed for his students. The student fills out a “freedom” request (e.g. no homework). They flip the card and write the “responsibilities” they must fulfill to earn their “freedom” (e.g. pass the test). The teacher signs off on the card and the deal begins.

At 1:54 , Mr. Verdona explains how the “freedom/responsibility” index card system should apply to guns.

A straightforward solution to the proliferation of guns would be to create responsibility cards in those communities or states where their collective consciousness is high enough to do so.

Anyone making, selling or purchasing or otherwise owning a firearm designed to kill people would, by law, be mandated to complete a card denoting that they understand their legal, moral, social and financial responsibility for such merchandising, ownership or possession.

Anyone failing to do so would be deemed not responsible enough to have a weapon.

Notice that Mr. Veronda’s admission that his gun rights responsibility cards would only be mandated “in those communities or states where their collective consciousness is high enough.” In other words, he “admits” that most people are too stupid to realize the true genius of his plan.

Like all gun control advocates and many educators, Mr. Veronda believes he’s a better judge of what’s good for “the people” than they are. Unlike the “immature” public, his consciousness is sufficiently elevated (whatever that means) to “deem” who’s responsible enough to have a weapon. Any weapon.

This “teacher knows best” attitude is the basis of all tyranny.

Of course, Mr. Veronda doesn’t see his government-mandated firearms freedom/responsibility card system as tyrannical — even though it’s an excellent example of a government “purity test.” You know; the allegiance-swearing oaths beloved of the current Chinese dictatorship and, historically speaking, the Spanish Inquisition. (Feel free to evoke Godwin’s Law here.)

No freedom is denied by mandating such a card. It’s just placed in a more rational, responsible format.

Set into law, these cards would remind us and hold us accountable for the fact that responsibility for an action always has to match the potential for irresponsibility of the same action.

Might one think twice about buying or selling a pistol or an assault rifle knowing that all you have is on the line?

I’m not sure how the bureaucrats administering this firearms freedom/responsibility card system would hold a gun manufacturer, seller or owner responsible for their actions any more than, say, current laws regarding the criminal manufacture, sale or use of arms. Of which we have plenty. But I have a sneaking suspicion they’d find some novel way to infringe on Americans’ gun rights.

If you need another reason to think twice (or more) about Mr. Veronda’s firearms freedom/responsibility card proposal, clock the educator’s matter-of-fact declaration that “assault rifles” have “no place in a moral, sensible and healthy society.” What’s more, “to think otherwise is foolish and invites violence.”

So you can have your right to keep and bear arms if you fill out a firearms freedom/responsibility card. Excluding any and all arms that the government deems amoral, irresponsible and unhealthy. Decided by authority figures whose opinion you’d be “foolish” to reject.

“This technique could be used wherever individual rights infringe on the welfare of others,” Mr. Veronda concludes. “And from where I sit, there’s no shortage of those.” Mr. Veronda is arguing that your right to keep and bear arms, free speech, free assembly, due process, etc. should be limited by their impact on the wider society, as judged by, well, him.

Mr. Veronda’s spent way too much time making a living by telling other people what to do, and punishing them when they don’t do it. His video touting firearms freedom/responsibility cards fits his personality, but desecrates both the spirit and the letter of the United States Constitution. It reveals the educator as a proto-fascist and an anti-gun rights elitist. Which is almost as redundant — and dangerous — as you can get.

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  1. “…His answer’s based on an index card system developed for his students”

    Right. Because those idiots that wrote that Bill of Rights all those years ago didn’t have a collective consciousness that was high enough to understand how rights would work in this modern civilized world.


    • I didn’t have to read any further than “San Francisco teacher, principal, school principal and public speaker” to know that gun owners were about to take a kick to the crotch. How much later do we have to wait for the San Andreas fault to do its magic?

  2. The danger here is that the majority of teachers these days seem to be spreading this kind of crap thereby poisoning the minds of our future voters, workers, and leaders. I’d like to take him for a peaceful hike through St. Louis, or Detroit, or Chiraq and see how a little consciousness raising works for his sorry ass. Frickin’ elitists.

  3. Isn’t Illinois already doing this with their FOID card? Other states, like my home state of Indiana, each with their own versions of a permission slip aren’t much different.

    Kind of highlights the absurdity of any permit-to-carry scheme, doesn’t it?.

    • The FOID card is basically a revenue generator for the State Police. You fill out the application, give them $10, pass a background check and they send you the card. Then you can buy your gun, after passing another background check. Repeat the process every ten years.

      If you want a concealed carry license, you have to get your FOID card first, then you take the 16-hour class, apply for the CCL, pass another background check (that’s background check #3 for those following at home), then they send you your CCL. Repeat the process every five years.

  4. Listen up, you gun-toting, un-evolved Neanderthals. These aren’t just index cards. They’re MAGIC index cards. Once you sign one, you are instantly transformed into a social justice loving, Hillary adoring, anti-white privileged beta pajama boy with a very high estrogen content.

    It’s not just magic. It’s magical magic!

    • Plus the all the “right-thinking” people will be in charge, so if they don’t think you should have one, then you don’t get one. In their minds, civil rights are only something they think you should be allowed to do by the people in charge.

  5. My consciousness is already sufficient to understand the moral and ethical responsibilities of firearms ownership without needing a cheat sheet, thank you very much.

    Perhaps if you *need* a cheat sheet for something this simple, fundamental and important, that says something too.

  6. Tyranny card: Read what attempt you wish to make to lord yourself over your neighbors.

    Flip the card and read “run and hide mf”.

  7. Funny how much time anti gunners spend wanting to deny law abiding citizens their natural right of lawful self protection, when less than 3% of our population are or become criminals. Focusing on law abiders instead of criminals Ron, fails in the work necessary to remove criminals from our cities. The revolving door and minimal sentencing in gun crimes fails justice and murders our citizens.

  8. Just another beta male cry baby from cali. Seriously what is in the water there…..oh wait….sorry.
    Not really. People like this make me sick. He’s nothing but a new version of himmler. I will reward you if you rat out others. I’ve got an idea. Instead of pushing your sissy boy beliefs off on others why don’t you let them make their own choices. That’s how kids grow up. Mature. They make choices. Some are right. Some are wrong. Rewards and consequences.

  9. I listened to the entire video. His arrogance is nothing short of breathtaking. It is easy for him to pedal his stuff in Sanfrancisco to a school full of “troubled teens”. Maybe he should take his idea to Montana or Idaho or Texas and see how it goes over there.

  10. Sounds like some of the same crap my old teachers and professors would make us students undergo. These a$$holes try any of their crap outside a classroom where their students need to be totally submissive would get their faces curb-stomped.

  11. “…his consciousness is sufficiently elevated…”

    If it’s that elevated maybe he can pull an Ancient and ascend so he’s barred from contact with species on our level of existence and we don’t have to hear him blather anymore?

    • Yeah, but then some Indiana wannabe will dig up a ring in the desert and all of a sudden he can come back with “probes.”

      Since he’s already working that angle, best to deal with him now, I think.

      • Not to nerd out too hard here but if he ascends he’s barred from doing much in our plane of existence which is a rule that is ruthlessly enforced by the other ascended.

        It’s not like he’d come back as a Goa’uld, Ori or a Wraith. Let’s be real though, this guy just thinks he’s a higher intellect. He’d probably just be a Wraith snack.

        Your comment did make me laugh though. “Indiana wannabe” *snicker*.

  12. How do I get my 5min back. There just is no overestimating the stupid of progtards. Gov;t school teachers really do lead the pack.

    I always laugh when 22years can become “over 4 decades”. Yeah, started in 1989 when hit 2010 it’s been over (span) of 4 decades. As Hillary, liers gotta lie.

  13. It just never stops…lol. like don says, I too worry about teachers spreading this trash. Pure trash. When I argue with a liberal I see many trates in common with them: Double standards and lack of accountability.

    Everything we do and become in life starts with parents and teachers. They aren’t politicians; their supposed to be guides to better our character. I don’t see that anymore with schools or parents. I mean…we live in a day and age where it wouldn’t surprise me if a kid was caught killing and torturing a house cat and a California teacher said: “Billie is just expressing him self. You need to help him and support him”. I know we live in a pussy generation when schools expelled or punished kids for fighting back if they have a bully. When I was in school, I had and many other kids had the same bully. I stood my ground and messed his face up. The teachers turned the other cheek. I grew up in the kip kinckle (if I spelled his name wrong, sorry) frenzy. That was taboo. It was a time when parents or siblings parked on school grounds with guns in the gun racks of their trucks. That to me was normal. I wasn’t very popular but I never let my self get bullied, always had my dad or the schools assistant coach to talk to. I never had any thoughts about a school shooting. I was always more worried about looking good for girls I liked. Lol.

    Teachers these days are politicians not helpers of youth. Fyi, when I was a young man i worked for a middle school. That was… interesting. I once gave good feedback and asked he get a good grade for a report this student had to give. In it he talked about spending time with his dad after his parents divorced. His dad took him duck hunting and he got his first 20 gauge. I told him outstanding and that I was glad he got to spend time with his father. I talked to him about how cool his shotgun was. The teachers wanted to completely dismiss how this was an improvement in his living because he loved his dad and it had to do with guns so I had to fight for a good grade on his behalf.

  14. Shouldn’t someone who refuses to own a gun for self protection have to fill out a card indicating that he knows he is putting himself and his loved ones at risk, and that while a 911 call might help, the police are minutes away when the threat is imminent?

    Seems like that is also an important point to be recognized.

    • Not only that, I’ll go one further:

      If you choose not to defend your family against a criminal who commits a lethal force threat, you are by your own choice condemning your community to his recidivism.

      While there may be no legal liability in such a case, I would argue that a case could certainly be made for a moral liability.

      • “… I would argue that a case could certainly be made for a moral liability.”

        This! So . much . this !!!

        A violent criminal who attacks you and goes about his merry way is going to attack another person. We serve society’s interests best if can facilitate the immediate capture of violent attackers.

        While it is always good if YOU are able to survive an attack without significant physical injuries, such an encounter is at best a pyrrhic victory when the attacker goes free to harm the other people in your community.

  15. So what would be on this card? Is he proposing that gun buyers fill out a form attesting that they understand that murder, aggravated assault, armed robbery, etc are morally wrong and unlawful?

    It’s hard for normal people to understand, but there is something out there I call “the bureaucratic soul” which, upon hearing about how some scumbag tortured a whole family to death, is only shocked because that wasn’t voted on in the last planning committee meeting.

  16. Freedom: Self defense.

    Responsibilities: I will not shoot anybody unless they need to be shot.

    Is this good enough?

    • How about the NEED for responsible 1st Amendment Rights. We need Truth to be told by all Public Office holders. Elected and the bureaucrats un-elected. It is about safety and in the public interest that all those who get paid by the people need to tell the truth to those same people.

      No lying about history, no lying to the voters, no teachers / profs lying about the Constitution. And we need those index cards to register any who lie lose their jobs their pensions and go to prison.

      Of course they will scream it is a right just like we scream the 2A is a right. They are libtards to the bone.

  17. Public schools are run like prisons. Any procedure used by the students — whose attendance and compliance are mandatory — is not a fit model for a free society.

    The mind of a leftist. They want the whole world to be run like a public school — or an airline cabin at 35,000 feet.

  18. I wonder what’s on the other side of his freedom of speech card.

    Unless he’s just treating the rest of us like a bunch of children and not holding himself up to the same standards he proposes for everyone else. And THAT can’t be right. Why it would be downright unenlightened!

  19. And would this be applied to other freedoms or rights? Maybe even FDR’s Four Freedoms (Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear)? Maybe voting rights?

    Gun rights are the canary in the coal mine of civil liberties. They’re the easiest to attack because fewer people exercise them, and therefore it’s easier to isolate those who do. But restrictions on the rest are not long in following, because the same paternalistic philosophy that presumes to know that they can preserve your life better than you can will presume to know they can live your life better than you can as well.

  20. His elevated consciousness is elevated right up his ass. What a smug and sanctimonious little tool. This is just another data point on why our public schools have become a new form of child abuse.

  21. Isn’t it about time that we require public school teachers and administrators (including Principles) to carry a pocket sized card with the US Constitution printed on it? You know, to help them realize their duty as educators while in charge of our youngsters for a major part of the day.

  22. Can we require Herr Professor fill out a card before he goes stupidly shooting his mouth off? We’re highly collectively conscious, so we get to do that. That’s how that works, right?

  23. I request, nay, sir, I DEMAND the right to fill out that card as often as I like, just as with my right to own a gun, and you cannot have my gun, and you cannot have my card either. If you consider on that a while, I suspect you’ll discover that idea is just stupid! And you’d be right.

  24. “Anyone making, selling or purchasing or otherwise owning a firearm designed to kill people would … be mandated …”

    None of my firearms are designed to kill people. Rather, they are designed to expel metallic projectiles at a predictable velocity in a predictable direction.

  25. Don’t forget you will need to file out those cards for: hammers, knives, swords, screw drivers,cork screws, forks, spoons, pots, pans, baseball bats, rocks, bricks, automobiles and list goes on according to his ideas because you can kill with anything you pick up and decide to try

  26. Don’t forget you will need to fill out those cards for: hammers, knives, swords, screw drivers,cork screws, forks, spoons, pots, pans, baseball bats, rocks, bricks, automobiles and list goes on according to his ideas because you can kill with anything you pick up and decide to try

  27. Mr. Veronda’s claim: we can reduce criminal attacks with firearms if everyone in a region is required to read and sign a piece of paper when they want to own a firearm. Got it.

    Mr. Veronda once again demonstrates my assertion that the Progressive mind operates on altruism, fantasy, and emotion.

    Alltruism? Reading a card instills firearm ownership responsibility. Check.
    Fantasy? Everyone, including violent criminals, will read/sign the card. Check.
    Emotion? We will reduce gun proliferation … yippee! Check.

  28. Illinois already has Mr. Veronda’s exact system in place, known as a Firearm Owner’s IDentification card … which has produced exactly ZERO results in reducing criminal attacks with firearms in Chicago, affectionately known as Chiraq.

    But pay no attention to the failed FOID card system in Illinois: Mr. Veronda knows what is best for us.

  29. I’ve got card for Mr. Ron:

    Freedom: To exercise my rights per the Constitution.

    Responsibilities: According to the Constitution there are none. The 1st has no requirement upon the person, but rather upon the government. The same for the 2nd. The 4th? Nope all the requirements are upon the government the same for the 5th. My only responsibility is to exercise my rights or not, it ends there.

    • There are responsibilities implied by the constitution. The power of Congress to make laws implies the responsibility of the people to obey them. Its power to levy taxes implies the people’s responsibility to pay them. Its power to raise an army and call out the militia implies a responsibility to bear arms in defense of the nation.

      Somehow, I don’t think Veronda was contemplating a citizen’s responsibility to fight when called upon. That might imply that those without guns have a responsibility to obtain one and become proficient with it.

  30. “Many adults in our society have yet to understand the relationship between freedom and responsibility. The deluge of guns in our neighborhoods is one proof of this.”

    Yeah – they are called criminals. They rob people. Murder people. Some with guns, some without. They are not responsible people – no. The “deluge of guns” in your neighborhood has nothing to do with it. The ones creating victims with such machines are, so don’t blame owners of guns. Blame criminals. Epic logical fail.

    “Common sense says that assault weapons have no place in a moral, sensible, healthy society. To think otherwise is foolish and invites violence.”

    So you aren’t really about freedom are you? So much for those ridiculous “freedom” cards. The guy should have said “What I think you should be allowed to do and I approve of at request” cards. There is no freedom in making a request for freedom. Furthermore, the difference between a semi-automatic hunting rifle and an assault weapon is virtually nil. Apparently ownership of one for self defense or fun at the range is not “responsible.” So freedom must not be granted. I was somewhat following along with this tyrant’s rants on freedom and responsibility until this. He basically implies no one can be responsible with a description democrat’s have created – called the “assault weapon.” He states in an unsubstantiated assertive defacto manner, while disregarding the 50 million or so AR15’s floating around in responsible law abiding hands, that this style of rifle he doesn’t like – isn’t moral. Hysterically comical in a demential sort of way. Again the absolute ignorance, intolerance, bigoted nature of leftists creeps out and says “No” to millions of american’s with america’s favorite rifle – the AR15, and similar.

  31. Cant’t really add much but this:

    Opensecrets has him making many microdonations to a Super Pac called ‘ActBlue’.
    It’s a Progressive Campaign Bundling organization. He also on several several occasions gave to the Bernie campaign.

  32. I am responsible for my actions. All of them. I will be accountable for those actions. All of them. I do not need any assistance in being responsible or accountable.

    If you understand and agree, Ron, nod your head and go away. If you don’t understand or if you disagree, please be still I go about my business anyway.

  33. This is great, please apply this to , eating healthy, brushing your teeth, having kids, paying your own way, voting, lots of stuff. Before you can do any of those things you need to understand your responsibility right….oh….you don’t think people would go along with that. Kinda sounds like state control of your freedom when you put it that way.

  34. Just for the sake of accuracy, the Spanish Inquisition was far from the worst, they just got really bad press during the Reformation because every country where the Reformation took root hated the Spanish. The worst branch of the Inquisition was actually the German one; they dearly loved to convict people of being witches if they couldn’t get them for anything else (owning a cat could be dangerous!).

    Then there was the Swiss version, which drowned Papists with the reasoning that since Papists burned people at the stake ‘Protestants’ shouldn’t do the same…..

  35. “Anyone making, selling or purchasing or otherwise owning a firearm designed to kill people would, by law, be mandated to complete a card denoting that they understand their legal, moral, social and financial responsibility for such merchandising, ownership or possession”

    They have these already, I think they’re call like a 4473 or something? Who am I though

  36. Most gun owners, at least that I know, are already aware of the moral, ethical, and legal responsibilities of owning and carrying their firearms.

    Out of curiosity, though, I’d like to know how he intends to differentiate between those who take such responsibilities to heart and those who simply know the correct responses to fill in and couldn’t care less about living by them.

  37. Pass. I think I’d rather follow the plan outlined in the Bill of Rights and US Constitution — written by men in a time where their reality and decisions had life or death outcomes and real consequences for every American.

    As opposed to the alternative, listening to the opinions of a person (and people) whose lives and outlook on the world comes from entitled lives in gated communities where they have no experience with evil and their opinions revolve around projecting their fantasies on everyone else.

    No thanks.

  38. Figures…. The comments have been turned off over on YouTube. Last I looked there were six or seven comments and all of them were against his idea.

    Same with voting, all were down votes before he silenced his opposition.

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