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I’ve heard some stupid sh*t in my life, but this is truly amazing. I know: I should be a bit more decorous leading into this post, so that readers of a more gentle disposition than your humble correspondent can watch Mr. Uygur hoist himself by his own rhetorical petard. But The Young Turks host’s “thought experiment” on guns is all but completely incoherent. He asks us to imagine someone in a room with three guns. And . . . that’s it. In his opinion, that person is in more danger than he would be if he was in the room with no guns. Which tells us  . . .

That Mr. Uygur is batsh*t crazy. Clearly, he believes that guns have some kind of magical, evil property. (Lord of the Rings much?) That they can shoot themselves or somehow seduce non-violent folks into going crazy shooting themselves or someone else. Not to go all anecdotal, but I’ve been alone in a room with dozens of guns and walked away without injuring myself or anyone else. Same goes for a closet filled with poisonous cleaning materials. And a Ferrari Enzo.

After listening to his experimental protocol, Mr. Uygur’s fellow panelist rushes to his aid, trying to make sense out of nonsense. He suggests that it’s crazy to be in a room with three guns because it’s crazy to think someone might come into that room and shoot you. It’s a borderline rational thought. Of which Mr. Uygur’s having none. He clings to his original assertion: it’s “almost inescapable” that guns are more dangerous than no-guns. Unless, as his pal suggests, you need a gun.

Mr. Uygur’s insanity will not be denied. He insists that a pro-gun person alone in a hermetically sealed room with one gun would feel safer if there were three guns in the room. No mention of the “one is none, two is one and three is two” philosophy of tacticool operators operating. They just would.

Now I could go on about the female panelists’ condescending conclusion that average people are incapable of using a gun defensively – despite estimates of tens of thousands of successful defensive gun uses per year. And the fact that the bearded one completely contradicts her in the guise of agreeing with her. But in the land of the blind Cenk Uygur is king.

“If they’re four of us, there’s probably three guns in the room already,” Mr. Uygur opines, returning to his thought experiment like a paranoid schizophrenic returning to his delusion. “And the fourth guy is thinking, I’ve got to get one,” Uygur says. Weird isn’t it? His “analogy” has no context whatsoever. None. We don’t know who’s in the room or what they’re doing. Just a room, four guys and three guns.

In some ways, this “gun room” thought experiment is the perfect representation of Uygur’s views on firearms. There’s no rhyme or reason for its existence. The only point it makes: there isn’t any point. Despite the assumption that something bad’s going to happen, that something is going to happen, nothing does. It’s Beckett’s Waiting for Godot – with guns!

And then the girl completely contradicts herself again, calling non-gun owners paranoid, proving herself wrong without any help. What do you expect in a fact-free zone (kinda like that Uygur’s metaphorical room) where the host can say that the overwhelming majority of NRA members support [expanded] background checks without fear of contradiction. And his pal can say that both Fort Hood shooters are dead.

Like so many gun control advocates, Mr. Uygur lives and works in an echo chamber. More than that, his “room” is completely sealed from outside influence. As a result, his voice is now so important to him, so loud, that the echo is doubling back on itself, driving him nuts. And I don’t mean metaphorically.

There’s only one cure: range time! Cenk you’re invited. Ping [email protected]. Question: is it OK if we bring more than one gun? ‘Cause then you won’t have to beware. It’s a gun joke, we’ll explain it later.

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  1. I’d choose a Five-seveN just for novelty, a Mauser C96 for rarity… maybe a Ruger Vaquero just because they look good… actually maybe a Nambu instead of the Mauser…

    • A Nambu instead of a Mauser? Wouldn’t you prefer the gun that’s actually, you know, good? Or are you going to hand it to Cenk and watch his hand explode when the faulty seer on that Nambu finally goes?

    • They did have firearms and if they were caught with them they were killed on sight. But what do you expect from genocide condoning and pro disarmament.

      • Not only were they shot on-sight if caught hiding one, the Armenians would even beg their Turk neighbors to give them a gun to turn in so they could avoid being beaten. To death.

    • I wonder how free Albania would be if they didn’t have arms in the early 1900s…. my guess is not free at all. Ironic this anti-gun nonsense is coming from a turkish guy eh?

    • The ones at Van did. They got to live a little longer.

      I always wondered about the term ‘Young Turks’. Nobody goes around calling themselves the ‘Nazi Party’ or the ‘Khmer Rouge’.

      • As I understand it, the original Young Turks opposed a Muslim fundamentalist government with the largest internal police spy system in the world in order to bring Turkey into the twentieth century. That is the historical association with the term, and why is still has a more positive than negative cachet in the popular culture.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only person dismayed by the fact that this guy’s talk show is named after a genocidal political party.

  2. I have 9 guns in a room with me right now and I want more. None of these guns have harmed anyone since, Korea, WW2 or WW1 depending on the rifle. I feel pretty darn safe right now and don’t feel any paranoia. I think Cenk totally lost his battle with reality on this one.

  3. Oh… THAT guy.

    That guy is a SCREAMING left wing a*hole… I loath to call people out like that but honestly there’s nothing for it with him.

  4. Mr. Uygur lives and works in an echo chamber.

    Negative. He lives and works in a lunatic asylum known as Al Jazeera. He used to live and work in another lunatic asylum known as MSNBC, but something ran down Chris Matthews’ leg, so the Turk got a visit from the turk and was replaced by the Fat Rat, Al Sharpton.

    So there you have it — from Al Sharpton to Al Jazeera in one easy lesson.

  5. Should have been titled “Thought Experiment – Trying To Understand The Pro-Gun Perspective Through The Anti-Gun Perspective.”

    • If your guns have only killed Nazis, then it is arguable that they haven’t killed any people yet…

      • actually if his guns have only killed Nazis then it could be argued that his guns were built only to protect from evil in all its forms

    • Point of fact, many German volk who served in the armed forces during WWII were not Nazis. Many were fighting for the Rhineland rather than the Third Reich, and many were unaware of the atrocities being committed. Unaware of the atrocities, maybe not even agreeing with the rationale behind this war of aggression, they found themselves with a draft notice in one hand and several major world powers calling for the obliteration of them as a people. I do not find it surprising at all that a great majority of these men took up arms instead of being executed or imprisoned for refusing to serve. That isn’t to excuse the whole operation, but understand that many fine young men were lost on both sides of that conflict. You might even call some of them human.

      So your guns may have killed rabid, Tarantino-style, soulless Nazis. But to assume this is to be ignorant of history. Many Germans literally had to make the choice between their country and their principles, and right or wrong many chose to defend their country in the hope that their principles could be rediscovered and renewed after the conflict was over, from a position of strength, rather than allow their country to be toppled and (once again, WWI and the Treaty of Versailles a not so distant memory) be reconstructed by their enemies.

      Sorry…as someone who works closely with Germans on a daily basis, who has a joint German and Austrian heritage, and as someone who generally is a student of history, I dislike the dehumanization of “the enemy” as it were. Some commit truly acts both inhuman and inhumane…slaughter them like the wolves they are. Some are complicit in these acts due to their desire to follow the crowd or safeguard their own hides…slaughter them like the sheep they are. But in the middle are those who are pressed to make serious decisions that are lose-lose no matter how you split it. I would say these young men and women make up the bulk of casualties in any war, on both sides.

      /end rant

      • Errant, thank you for the post. IMHO, most of us here get what you are saying and agree, so dont get hung up on the nazi reference, or the oversimplification of using that snarkily to refer to all Germans-

        Any student of history knows that the SS were reviled by the professional warriors of the German Army, and many, if not the majority came to despise the NAZI party– the multiple attempts on Hitlers life being proof.
        Unfortunately, the StateRunMedia of that time, run by Goebbels ,et al, was very effective, and there was no alternative, as their is today, in the innertubz, and blogosphere.

        So, the point here is about information and education, and this is one more example about how the Left’s own current thinking and “news” reporting has come to take on the same tones and eery parallels,

        in the current version of the traveling circus for prog-tard entertainment that the StateRunMedia has become here in the US, and the freak shows of the truly demented/evil characters in some of the side tents that cluster around them.

        This Cenk character has become a caricature as a borderline evil manifestation of that devolution of the press, and another example of the famous saying; “Those Who Do Not Learn the Lessons of History, Are Doomed to Repeat Them”.

  6. I have four guns in my room with me currently.

    If I were to walk into a room with three guns, I’d keep them pointed in a safe direction, then remove each of the magazines, rack the slide to eject any rounds in the chamber, and then lock the slide back. Fairly simple.

    And since we’re in “imagination-land” I’d be happy at increasing my gun collection by three.

    • If you are already imagining a room with guns in it, you may as well imagine the one from the Matrix, with shelves of them zooming by while you wear your leather trenchcoat and ray ban sunglasses with no weather or any visible light source. Maybe he could imagine some kind of way that a people who give up the right to have a dissenting opinion can continue to have a functioning representative government while he’s at it.

    • Everything depends on context. Unanswered is the question of WHY there are three “guns” in the room. What, if anything, is there purpose for being there?

      Beyond that, and assuming there was no immediate threat that required the presence of those guns, I agree with your plan of action – unload and check each of the weapons before proceeding, with the proviso that the Ruger on my hip remain loaded and functional at all times.

    • I’m in a room right now with four guns also–and three of them are loaded. Three of them have no safeties, and none have gun locks.

  7. I give you a heck of a lot of credit, Mr. Farago. I couldn’t last more than one minute of that video before my head starting to really hurt from the idiocy.

  8. Just about everything the panel said was just wrong. Factually wrong.
    Example: both Ft. Hood shooters died.

    Wow. Liars. All of them.

    Oh, and I’m increasing my collection by one tonight.
    So there.

  9. Ironic his show is called “the young turks”.

    Anyway his dumbass “three guns vs no guns” argument is… dumb. We are also safer with no pool vs having a pool. BAN POOLS

    • It really is. The original Young Turks defied the government orthodoxy of the day to drag Turkey kicking and screaming into modernity. These idiots, best I can tell, are all-in for the Obama state, to drag the rest of us back to 1917.

  10. I have six pistols, with a sicom M14 and 12 ga’er. Not only that many, but all lock and
    loaded. Just me and my lovely bride. A empty gun is just a short club! gated community, but very, very accessible. God bless the 2nd. Amendment. Be fast and smooth out there, run only if you can and if not go for two for two, now thats gun control!

  11. If I were ever in a hermetically sealed room, I’d definitely feel much safer knowing I had some means of poking a few ventilation holes.

  12. Does this Turkish Twink even have a real job? I just wiki’ed him as I was clueless on what it did. Not much. Another failure of our immigration policies.

  13. More like a ‘thought-less experiment’, I would say…

    That’s how these Liberals think: ‘in a vacuum’, ‘in a perfect world’ — without any context of reality.

    That’s why they come up with these wonderful pie in the sky ideas that just don’t work in the real world.

    Like Socialism.

    • All those stupid variables like wind, landmasses, and solar radiation are making it so hard for them to prove anthropomorphic global warming. Its just so embarrassing that they can’t make a single working model that can predict the warming they’ve been preaching about.

      Guns are the same way, if people were just mindless psycho killing machines like they’ve been saying and predicting this whole disarmament thing would be done already.

      Progressives don’t deal with the real world, they are always gazing towards their theoretical Utopia. Its not the system thats wrong, it would work if all these people didn’t keep fighting them.

    • So many anti arguments using a non-real world prospective, then applying it to the real world? It’s like saying “Imagine you’re in an isolated room containing no hot dogs. Now why do we need hot dog buns U.S.?” That logic makes sense when you have no feedback circuit in your brain saying “Wait, is what I am saying actually rational and does it apply?”.

  14. Duh. Of course you’d be safer in a room with guns. Even if it existed in a “social vacuum” – you might need it to protect yourself from all the straw men that might barge into the room.

  15. I don’t own a gun because it was “cool”. If you want to see a pretty well done (albeit fictional) representation of what happens when only the government has weapons, watch the new CPT. America movie. Hell, just read 1984. These people are ridiculous.

  16. Nice round about way of saying everyone has a gun, therefore I need a gun. Lips knows how people react on DGU….no way regular people can be experts….umm ok. And Criminals don’t to Japan to commit crimes, because criminals commit crimes at home.

    These folks analyze business and marketplace…..really, pure evidence that when this generation get to the helm….its the beginning of the end.

  17. Ok, now imagine you are in a room with an Ares’ Armor 80 percent lower, a Bridgeport and the parts to finish the build. And the daily newspaper. Do you know who won the football game?

  18. ‘Are you safer in a room with three guns or in a room with no guns?’ As far as I know, if you are the only one in the room, you are equally safe either way. Now, if he wants to add that an armed criminal enters the same room, then you would be safer in the room with three guns.

  19. This may be THE most frustrating conservation I have ever listened to. Assuming that these guys have a liberal arts background, it seems that they skipped class on logical fallacy day.

  20. Funny, “Cenk Uygur” is exactly what I wound up spelling when this moronic experiment made me bang my head on the keyboard.

    • I was deployed to Central Asia so I learned this stuff:

      Turks in Turkiye, Uzbeks in Uzbekistan, and Uighurs in western China are ethnically similar, speak almost the same Turkic language, and intermarry freely. Cenk (“war”) Uygur’s name is interesting to say the least. His confiscatory view about people owning guns tends to fit in with the bloody history of the conquerors of the region stretching from Asia Minor to the Hindu Kush border with China.

  21. Im sorry I lasted a little more then a minute.
    Those folks are batshit crazy.
    Why create a nonexistent scenario to prove a non point???

  22. I can only infer that Uygur had been obsessing on three gun. “Should I or shouldn’t I? Would it give me options? Would it improve my skills?” Well, of course it would. A 1911 in 38 Super, an AR target gun with a light trigger, and a Benelli M4 would do.

    You see, this is exactly the wretched reality a guy like Uygur faces with three gun: Yes Uygar, you can only use three guns, one for each role. You have to make up your mind. At first that limitation is upsetting, but once you do you’ll be safer, less stressed. So pick three already.

  23. thinking of lord of the rings Narrator voice :One 1911 to rule them all, one 1911 to find them,
    One 1911 to bring them all and in the darkness bind them MWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

  24. So, if you have 3 bagels in a room, and 4 guys, that 4th guy is going to be like, “zomg! I totally need to get myself a bagel!” Clearly it’s almost inescapable that you’re safer with no bagels in the room. Oh, and 90% of NRA members support background checks for plain schmear.

  25. “hermetically sealed room”. I guess you would soon die of aspxiation if you don’t shoot your way out.


  26. Forget the Dumb Turks, I’m wondering how you fit a Ferrari Enzo into a closet full of poisonous cleaning materials.

  27. Imagine you were in a room with real intellect. Got it? Hint: This isn’t that room. Jesus Christ, what the hell are they talking about?

  28. There were three men and one woman in that room. One in twenty men in the USA are rapists. That number is higher among “celebrity” types. She’d be much safer with a gun.

  29. Idiots. If there are 4 people in the room and there are 3 guns you obviously need to get another gun for the 4 person to shoot. Otherwise some poor bastard is going to get stuck loading mags and miss out on all the fun.

    Also, if there are 4 liberals in the room and one is a woman, how many have a big vagina?

    I’m sorry, that was disparaging to vaginas.

  30. Has anyone ever made a point about TYT’s name? Like, do they have an official statement regarding their name and the Armenian genocide?

  31. who the FUCK are these people?!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? O.o

    Have you read some of the comments on their youtube channel? Someone actually says they encourage all gun owners including police and military to commit suicide?WTFWTFWTFWTFWTF??!?!?!??!?!?

  32. Thank God that there are multiple individuals whom are intelligent enough, willing to, and have the time to analyze this video because I certainly don’t. To me, these idiots are just spewing straight garbage out of their mouths attempting to create a logical and rational form of reason to prove them correct when really they have no idea what their argument even is, much less how to argue it or create proof to prove it. Quit create scenarios that aren’t possible, of course if there is a 100% impenetrable and sealed room with X amount of people in it and there are no guns in it then the people will be safer than if everyone is armed. HOWEVER, that’s not f*cking possible when we put things into to reality and that room is the US! What if one of those individuals is a criminal, then what? Well, compare that room to the US where we have criminals, and guns, and a large portion of the population does own a gun. Marketing scheme or not, I’m not going to be the only one without one.

    ….and I’m not even gonna get started on the idiot who looks like he hasn’t even hit puberty yet, cause his logic on gun free zones and trying to rationalize shootings occurring there due to “connections” is the dumbest garbage that I have ever seen spew out of someones mouth.

  33. If it is scary to think that one person in a group of four doesn’t have a gun, then what is it like when only one of the four has the gun?

  34. So there logic to NOT having a gun at a mass shooting is, “a person with a gun *might* be a bad shot, therefore everyone should be at the mercy of a lunatic”. Even if that person doesn’t hit the shooter and three people escape, that is lives saved.

    James Holmes had 7 movie theaters to choose from when he committed that terrible crime. The six closer theaters allowed conceal carry, that one did not. No, criminals aren’t spending the hundreds of thousands of dollars that they don’t have to relocate in another country and commit crimes. That comment was easily one of the least intelligent anti comments i’ve ever heard.

    As a 23 year old Los Angeles lifetime NRA member, they represent my interests very well.

  35. Like so many all gun control advocates TV “news” halfwits, Mr. Uygur lives and works in an echo chamber.

    Fixed it for ya.

  36. I have two guns with me in the room as I type this. Dangerous place? Not until someone enters the house with ill intent.

    • Why? It makes sense, haven’t you watched The Lord of The Rings? A gun nearby will whisper to you and when you finally grab it, the world turns dark and evil is homing in on you.

      In the original cut of the movie, the One Ring was instead a 1911 made out of mithril which Sauron used to enslave the world (being the guy with the only gun kinda made it an advantage). Due to pressure from the NRA they had to replace it with a ring.

  37. I’m in a room with considerably more than 3 guns, they seem to be sleeping or perhaps comatose since nothing is happening, they aren’t reacting to my presence.

    As for being sealed in a room with 3 guns, my thoughts are that at least I have 3 guns to entertain me until someone comes along to talk with. Three books would work too, I just wouldn’t want to be alone in a room with nothing to do.

    Here’s a thought, if I walk into a room that already contains 3 guns, it now contains 5 guns. I wonder if that skews the experiment?

  38. So, tell me again how importing hordes of immigrants from alien cultures with no ties to traditional America, traditional Americans or our freedoms is a good thing. We should have ended all immigration in 1820. Every wave of immigration since has been destructive to our values and our freedoms.

    • I find that ironic, Americans at the very core are immigrants. You are essentially what would happen if you gave immigrants their own country.

  39. Problem: 3 guns in a room with 4 people. Solution: Add 1 (or more) guns, until everyone is equipped.

    Now, is that too obvious? Or are these people just mindless propagandists?

  40. “It’s Beckett’s Waiting for Godot – with guns!” – PREEEEEE-CISELY!

    The first thing I thought of was a surreal Beckett scene: Sealed Room, Four Guys, Three Guns. Cue rambling, simultaneous monologues.

    But back to reality, This whole exercise seems to me like an unfiltered and unchecked irrational panicked thought that made its way to the surface of consciousness, was given voice and as soon as it was uttered, it fizzled and sputtered having run out of intellectual and rational momentum.

    And now it must be defended.

  41. I will be honest.

    If I was in a room with three guns I would go crazy. Mainly due to the fact that I can’t stand odd numbers, so make it four instead of three and everythings alright.

  42. Is anyone surprised to hear insanity coming from someone who named his show after a political party that perpetrated a genocide (the Young Turks)? I imagine someone with a CNN show called the Hitler Youth would also have some pretty batshit things to say.

  43. If I were in a room full of socialist liberal progressive tyrants yes, I’d want to be in control of the guns, simply to avoid being robbed, threatened, and eventually killed for disagreeing with them on anything.

  44. OMG, I am in so much trouble! Here I sit in a room with six guns and I think those two Eeeevill Assault rifles in the corner are conspiring to get me!
    I just realized there are two cats here also, they might scratch me to death or shoot me with those guns. Help, Help, I am surrounded by dangerous things. Do you think the will find me and get me if I hide in the corner and make no noise?

    • I’m scared too! I locked up my ammo because the New York Times told me I would be safer. But when I came home I noticed the door was unlocked. I then found 00 Buck and empty beer cans laying next to my evil 12 GA shotgun! I think my Mossberg went out to Walmart and stocked up on ammo and beer! I decided the safest thing to do was to find a room in my house without any guns. To my horror I realized every room in my house has guns! Lots of them! What do I do? How can I be safe??????????? OMG! There is one of those evil guns inside of my waistband!! Helllllpppppppppppppppppppp………………….

  45. ? WTF? With this logic a man in a room is in danger if a steak knife exists in the room with him – or a fork, or a pencil, or any sharp object or dangerous chemical or household cleaner. Why don’t we all live in white rubber rooms where we can hurt ourselves or anyone else. Reality check anyone? This guy needs to grow a pair and accept that living beings undertake risks and everyone eventually dies.

  46. Gotta hand it to you, Mr. Farago, you have single-handedly quadrupled the number of people who even know who “Cenk Uygur” is.I would have never even heard of him were it not for your post.

    if an anti-gun nut prattles about nonsense in a hermetically sealed room, does it make a sound?


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