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 Douglas Anthony Cooper (courtesy

My ex-wife used to do it to me all the time. No not that. Although yes, that. I’m talking about changing the subject. When I finally forced her into a reality check, she’d simply move on (dot org). No concessions. New topic, new titanic struggle to face the truth. writer Douglas Anthony Cooper’s done the exact same thing with his response to my post, Inside the Twisted Mind of a Gun Grabber Pt. 2. The novelist singularly, spectacularly fails to address the issue at hand—the existence of real life defensive gun uses—and sounds off, instead, on the “issue” of home carry. I could highlight the novelist’s ignorance, hoplophobia and military sycophancy and take him down point by point. Instead, I’ll just counter Cooper’s anti-home carry dietribe [sic] with a story ripped from . . .

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A scary night for an elderly woman in the Whites Creek area when three men broke into her home.

Metro Police said the woman was sitting on her couch at home on Brick Church Pike around midnight when three men dressed in black kicked in the door.

The men went through her house, and stole her purse and a television. Police said no weapons were seen.

The woman sustained a minor injury, but did not need medical treatment.

The men fled the scene. No arrests have been made.

I know what Cooper’s thinking: what could she have done with a gun? (Unless she was ex-special forces.) It’s that kind of defeatist defense of defenselessness that makes Cooper a craven cretinous curmudgeon. As for his invitation to share a beer, it’s on! Only after some range time. Ping [email protected].

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  1. I like how he states “what kind of person genuinely wants to impose that kind of hellish life on his fellow citizen?” without a hint of irony.

    How about you tell us bub? What kind of a person are you who wants to impose the hellish life of disarmament on their fellow citizen?

  2. You might also extend an invitation to have him help you clean one of your guns after the range time. That would help him understand that a gun is just a machine and not a Satanic creature.

  3. I won’t give huffpo the satisfaction of a click. Not to mention the fraction of a cent I’m denying them. I will instead, click on every TTAG ad.

  4. Note the extremely cheap hat to hide his “666” tattoo.
    BTW what sort of man poses with his wife’s lap dog in his arms, I wonder how he would react if a Storm Trooper showed up and shot his wife’s dog when he was SWATTED by some fellow Leftist?

      • “Wife” is just a figure of speech, a role description, these days. Before long I’ll be able to have three wives legally if things go in the desired “anything goes” direction. Two of them will have to live off-premises for obvious reasons.

  5. Anyone that even begins to question the merits of home carry has already lost my attention. Where do these people live? Never, Never Land?

  6. Hey, Cooper practices defensive home carry. Instead of a Glock 23, he just carries a compact Greyhound. Can’t put it in a holster, though.

    • If you have a good, comfortable holster and a good cary gun, you can even forget you are carrying. I put my gun on in the morning (never forgetting to pray that I will not need it today) and take it off when I go to bed. Most days I don’t think much about the fact that I have it on me.

  7. Yawn.

    Wake me when the anti-rights crowd starts making sense. I’m tired of trying to explain logic and reality to them like the children they are. I can’t imagine the damaged psyche that has an adult be so terrified of a piece of polymer and metal. Or perhaps, as per usual projection, they simply know how irresponsible and inherently violent they truly are.

    Also, thanks to him for saying I’ not a soldier. A soldier is a uniformed number dispatched to blindly do the government’s bidding. I’m just an American citizen who believes in being prepared and protecting my loved ones.

  8. Hey RF, I saw a woman today looks like your ex-wife based on the pics you have occasionally posted. She and her husband own a gun store in the Portland area.

  9. What an intolerable burden it must be. To be a 24th century Utopian, and
    be stuck here in the 21st with all of us knuckle-dragging neanderthals. Zoiks! To compound misfortune, he doesn’t seem to speak the language.
    Just livin’ the big lie.

  10. Why would you want to choke down a beer with that horse’s @ss? You sit down with dogs, you rise up with fleas. And I’m not talking about the pooch he’s holding.

    • I would say RF is just looking for a free beer but if he is offering range time I assume it will cost RF way more than that in Ammo…….that is unless the HuffPo has access to some of that DHS billion rounds of ammo…….maybe kind of a partner in disarmament kind of co-op if you will.

  11. Dietribe? You mean if I read it I will lose weight? Oh, I get it, I’ll be simmering with anger, and THAT will burn off the calories. OK then, never mind.

  12. All I know is, I’ve been home carrying for years, before I even knew it was a thing, and the only downside is weird looks from people who don’t know me well, and that doesn’t last long. It’s no burden, gives me peace of mind, and will make EVERYONE feel better if it ever becomes necessary. Someone would have a Hell of a time convincing me there’s a disadvantage.

  13. Home carry is just too impractical IMHO. I personally just keep several guns and lots of ammo in each room. Much better and gives me an excuse to buy more guns and more ammo.

  14. What’s funny as hell to me is that people like this actually think they can shame us into feeling guilty about protecting ourselves and our families.

  15. Oh, oh. He used the “Truthers” word to describe your site:

    “Compare and contrast with these Truthers About Guns. ”

    Does he love to hear himself talk (write) or what? Most of the time he opens his mouth (writes) the first word that comes to my mind is “irrelevant”.


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